What Are the Real Secrets to Success Using YouTube for Marketing

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					What are the Real Secrets to Success
Using YouTube for Marketing?
By: Dale Leonard

                                  How many times a week do you visit YouTube? Or watch a video from
                                  YouTube that has been posted on Facebook? If you are like most
                                  people, you watch them several times a week. As a business owner,
                                  you need to realize that this is not a fad. Millions of businesses are
                                  now using YouTube for marketing as it is one of the easiest ways to
                                  generate traffic and attention for your website. However, YouTube
                                  marketing requires a little thought and a whole lot of determination
                                  for it to work. Truthfully, thousands of businesses have tried using a
                                  video marketing strategy only to have poor results. What is it that
                                  makes one business do better than another with video marketing? The
                                  following are some of the real secrets to success that will help you in
                                  creating a more successful YouTube strategy:

                                  Work Hard and Work Smart

                                    If you ever heard someone say that video marketing was easy, you
probably heard wrong or whoever told you this was really not being honest and upfront. This strategy is
going to require that you give it everything for the outcome to be a surge of traffic to your website, and
you are going to have to practice your time management skills. It is very easy to get caught up in the
production of new videos, and if you are not careful, valuable time could be wasted producing videos
that are inefficient.

Listen and React Appropriately

The most successful YouTube marketers have learned that success only comes from listening to what
their target markets want. What are people saying about your business? What feedback have you
gotten on the first video you post on YouTube? The next step is to react to the feedback appropriately.
Whether the feedback is good or bad, you have to take part in the discussion about your business. By
doing this, you are taking a further step in proving yourself to the consumer. No matter what, though,
you have to react appropriately and positively. Anything less than this and ignoring feedback is only
going to hurt you and your business.
Try Something Unique

A lot of businesses that are new to YouTube marketing spend too much time trying to do what every
other business has done. This is putting your business at risk. Instead, you need to try something
completely unique. Unique videos are the videos that tend to go viral. Instead of perusing through the
YouTube videos to see what is possible for you to do, look at it with another angle. Try viewing other
YouTube videos to see what hasn’t been done before. This is what is going to put you at the top and
drive traffic to your website.

Learn to be More Social

Top YouTube marketers spend a lot of time on social sites and not just looking at what everyone else is
posting. Designate time every day to respond to the posts of others. How many unanswered posts do
you have on your Facebook page or Twitter account? To be successful in this marketing campaign, you
have to be social or you are not going to gain the trust of your target market. Just an hour a day is all it
takes to build this type of online trust and prove yourself worthy to your prospects.

Use Videos to Build Anticipation

Some of the best video marketing campaigns have used anticipation to keep the attention on their
business or project. This takes some imagination, but it works. The key is to get their attention and leave
the viewer wanting more. It is similar to any weekly television drama. You leave things at a cliffhanger
moment and everyone is talking about it and waiting to find out what happens next.

Make it Humorous and Your Video will be Shared

People love to laugh and, if anyone says otherwise, they are probably closet humorists. Videos that
make people laugh are the ones that get the most shares. However, you do want to make sure that the
humor you use in your video is straight-on humor. Anything considered vulgar or too dry is not going to
be successful. No matter what business you are in, you should be able to find something humorous to
get the attention on your business.

Utilize SEO in Your Title and Description

When you are giving your videos a title and writing their description, you must use keywords that will
help your videos to be found by your target market. In this sense, it is no different than any other
marketing strategy. However, you do want to be careful not to overstuff your videos with too many
keywords. Using just one or two is going to be sufficient to provide you with positive results.

Set Your Goals High

As with any strategy, you have to set goals. With over 4 million YouTube videos being watch every day,
how much of that traffic do you think it is possible to get? For most, the realistic number of views is
going to be low in comparison to the number of videos that get viewed. However, if you received 10,000
views on your first YouTube video, set a goal for your next video to receive double the amount of views.
By setting goals, you are going to stay more focused and work harder to create the videos that are going
to get you the response you want.

YouTube marketing success may not be as easy as you once thought. However, if you can follow some of
the above tips, your business will get to enjoy the benefits. Along with those tips, take advantage of all
of the tools provided by YouTube, including free music to upload to your video. The better the
experience your viewer has in watching your video will inspire them to visit your website and look for
more videos from your business.