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When applying for a job or submitting a resume blindly to a company, you should always
include a cover letter. You can submit the cover letter along with the resume in person,
by mail, e-mail or even post it to an Internet job board.

Cover letters are used to introduce yourself and your resume, while clearly stating your
desire to apply for a job position in a new company or make yourself available for a job
position within a company. The cover letter is the formal introduction that provides a
brief explanation of your job field, experience, areas of expertise and relevant knowledge
in relationship to the job being applied for. The cover letter should highlight key points in
the resume and specifically should address all items within the summary of your resume.

The cover letter writing articles below provide helpful tips, advice and guidelines for
developing a professional quality cover letter. All content has been provided by industry
leading professional resume and cove letter writers. You can visit our sponsor sites for
more information on their background, publications and services offered.

Writing a letter of advice can be a difficult, but also rewarding experience. It is a unique
opportunity to pass your wisdom on to someone you care about. If a friend, family
member, or work colleague approaches you for advice, it is important to be careful and
considered in your response. It is likely that your comments will be taken quite seriously,
so if you don't feel confident in the advice you can offer the person, you should politely
respond that you are not well suited to give such advice.

Below we will offer some tips for writing your letter of advice. To ensure that your letter
is not misinterpreted, it is worth putting some extra effort into your English grammar and
writing style. White Smoke is the perfect tool for giving your letter of advice this
finishing touch. As an all-in-one solution, White Smoke features a grammar checker, a
spell checker, a thesaurus, an online dictionary and special enrichment features to make
your online letter writing stand out.

Tips for writing a letter of advice

• Allow yourself time for a considered response, but do respond as soon as you are able
• No matter how you feel about the predicament of the person, respond respectfully and
• Do not criticize, and avoid discouraging language
• Only give advice relevant to the specific issue, and keep your writing concise and to the
• Keep channels open for further consultation should the person require more help

By following these simple tips for your letter of advice, you are half way there. However,
you also need to ensure your advice cannot be misinterpreted in any way. This requires
solid proofreading, with attention to grammar and style. White Smoke Writing Software
is the most complete writing tool available for this task.

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