5 Items You Should Have in Your Survival Gear

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					5 Items You Should Have in Your Survival
By: Michael Ruiz

                                                            One thing a person should be prepared for is
                                                            the future. There is no one that can be sure of
                                                            what kinds of situations they will have to
                                                            someday face. This is why having a decent
                                                            cache of survival gear is always a good idea.

                                                            Thankfully, a good amount of quality field and
                                                            survival gear can be purchased from many
                                                            different military equipment stores. Below is a
                                                            list of a few items most people should consider
                                                            adding to their collection of survival gear.

1. A Solar Charger

If you someday get lost, being able to use your cell phone may make the difference between being
found or not. Unfortunately, most cell phone and mobile device batteries run out very quickly. If there is
no electricity available, you will need to have a solar charger to recharge the phone. It may take 11
hours of sunlight to recharge a phone using such a device, but it will certainly be well worth it if it helps
you be found.

2. A Firestarter

Starting a fire on your own may seem simple enough after watching enough movies and cartoons.
However, in real life, it can be almost impossible. This is why bringing a firestarter with you into the
wilderness is extremely important. Whether it is fire paste or a piece of flint with a striker, a quality
firestarter should be part of anyone's field and survival gear. Simple matches will often not suffice.

3. Military Grade Footwear

In harsh environments, tennis shoes will not last long. Even more sturdy cowboy boots can wear out
rather quickly under the right conditions. This is why a sturdy pair of military grade footwear is an
important part of any survival cache. Army boots are designed to not wear out and can help a person
traverse through extremely harsh geography and weather conditions. You can purchase a pair for a
reasonable price at nearly any store that carries military uniforms and clothing.

4. A Water Purification System

If you become lost or lose access to city water sources, you may at some point be forced to rely on other
sources of water such as creeks or the rain. Unfortunately, many sources of water such as these are
filled with harmful bacteria or contaminants that must be removed. The only way to do so is by using a
water filtration system. Thankfully, many such portable systems can be purchased from stores that sell
survival gear. Options include items such as water purification powder and bucket filtration systems.

5. A Pair of Binoculars

If a person becomes lost or has to travel through unfamiliar territory, having a pair of binoculars is
extremely important. It can help a person see what lies far ahead. It can also help a person avoid any
dangers that may be too far away to see with the unaided eye. Having a pair of night vision goggles can
also be very useful. Seeing your surroundings at night in most places is nearly impossible without them.