Introduction to Traffic Engineering_2_ by hcj


									Introduction to Traffic

        Yang Xiao Kuan, Ph.D.
          He Yu Long, Ph.D.
          Associate Professor

      Transportation Research Center
Civil & Environmental Engineering College
      Beijing University of Technology
                Spring 2009
Course Outline
   Total credit hours = 40
   Credit = 2.5
   Teaching approach = English with
    Chinese explanation
   Text book = Traffic Engineering
   Course Characteristics --- compulsory
   Final score --- based on final exam,
    homework and attendance
    Objectives of course
   Help students lay solid foundation of traffic
    engineering as a whole
   Help students get general knowledge of
    traffic engineering from both theory and
   Lead students to traffic/transportation
    professional world
    Chapter 1. Introduction
   Definition, scope and goal
   Objects of traffic engineering
   Background of traffic engineering development
   Some basic concepts in traffic engineering
   Main elements in traffic engineering
   Characteristics
   Challenges traffic engineers face
   References
     1.1 Definition, scope and goal

   Definition of Traffic Engineering --- It is the phase
    of transportation engineering that deals with the
    planning, geometric design and traffic operations
    of roads, streets and highways, their networks,
    terminals, abutting lands, and relationships with
    other modes of transportation
   Transportation Engineering is defined as a
    discipline applying technology and scientific
    principles to the planning, functional design,
    operation, and management of facilities for all
    modes of transportation
   Transportation mode includes: land, rail, water,air
    and pipe (refer to Table 1.1 on page 8-9)
   The focus of this course is on surface (land)
    transportation and connection with other modes
   Scope of Traffic Engineering --- surface (land 陆
    路) transportation; relationships and connection
    with other modes of transportation
   Major modes of surface transportation ---
    automobile, bus, truck and bike
   Goal of Traffic Engineering --- explore how to
    provide for the safe, rapid, comfortable,
    convenient, economical, and environmentally
    compatible movement of people and goods.
   Safe --- public safety
   Rapid --- time value and customer service
   Comfortable/convenient --- level of service
   Economical --- social cost
   Environmental --- clean air and sustainability
   Movement = mobility

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