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					          SUBMARINE SYSTEMS
CABLE&WIRELESS    The Submarine System Engineering (SSE) division of Cable&Wireless

                  Worldwide is a world-leading team with specialist experience in all
                  aspects of the engineering and management of submarine cable projects.

                  We distinguish ourselves by utilising the vast experience,         Drawing on our current experience and the contract negotiations
                  skills and engineering knowledge gained over a lifetime            we regularly undertake, C&W Worldwide is in a position to provide
                  of ensuring that the Cable&Wireless Worldwide group’s              expert support to any planned new submarine cable system,
                  best interests are always being served and transferring            based on the most up to date technical and commercial

                  the same level of dedication, service and expertise                technology available from suppliers across the industry.
                  to other carriers in need of that level of support.
                                                                                     We will help you minimise risk and maximise value from the
                  Our involvement in many projects worldwide has resulted in         project, by providing advice and support relating to any and all
                  unparalleled success. The C&W Worldwide SSE whole-lifecycle        aspects of a submarine cable installation and the related activities.
                  approach combines industry-leading consultancy and design

                  services, with custom development and integration capabilities,    C&W Worldwide has many years’ experience covering all
                  to deliver submarine cable solutions that meet business needs      conceivable aspects of submarine networks enabling us to
                  today and well into the future. And the story doesn’t end there.   develop solutions required to provide secure connections
                  Once services are implemented, C&W Worldwide SSE and its           throughout the design life of the system, recognising the
                  partners have the expertise to operate and maintain the system,    payback period and need for effective installation planning
                  helping customers to optimise their investments, minimise risks    and considering future maintenance starting with adequate

                  and achieve exceptional performance.                               installation design parameters.

                                       Market Awareness                                                     Tender Analysis and Contract Negotiation
                                       C&W Worldwide maintains relationships with and manages cable         C&W Worldwide provides these services to worldwide clients.
                                       systems throughout the world. These relationships keep us in         By collating all relevant information, C&W Worldwide SSE is able
                                       day-to-day touch with engineering abilities and capabilities of      to form either stand-alone tender packages (to be submitted to
                                       suppliers, changes in market conditions, knowledge of best           prospective cable suppliers and installers), or support ongoing
                                       industry practices, etc. We understand the market and know           activities by validation of requirements and/or evaluation of
                                       which suppliers are best qualified to provide the most cost          responses. C&W Worldwide can carry out all negotiations
                                       effective services. We analyse patterns, trends and abilities        with the suppliers to allow the client to select the best deal.
                                       and use these to the best advantage of our customers.

                                       Negotiation Skills                                                   System Design
                                       Successful negotiations can provide significant reductions in        Drawing on our many years’ experience of the ever increasing range
C&W Worldwide has a track record       construction costs and provide confidence that the correct cable     of technologies available, enables C&W Worldwide to arrive rapidly
of successfully negotiating large      designs, installation specifications and techniques are being        at engineering solutions best suited to our customers’ specific
                                       embedded into the construction contracts and delivered on            requirements. Our thorough familiarity with the abilities and
and small system contracts on          time and within budget.                                              technology available in the industry, together with our independence
behalf of ourselves and our clients,                                                                        of suppliers, not only allows us access to the latest knowledge,
adding value and engineering           This will provide confidence in the design life and will reduce      designs and products, but also enables us to identify which will
                                       the long-term ongoing operation and maintenance costs                competitively meet the needs of our customer.
expertise as a matter of course.       over the operational period.
                                                                                                            Our services are designed to support every aspect of a project
                                       C&W Worldwide has a track record of successfully negotiating large   through all phases, from inception to Ready for Service (RFS)
                                       and small system contracts on behalf of ourselves and our clients,   and into Operation and Maintenance (O&M). Indeed we are able to
                                       adding value and engineering expertise as a matter of course.        offer any combination of these project aspects, from design authority
                                                                                                            to system operator, at any level to meet any customer’s requirements.

                                                                                                            Solutions developed and offered by C&W Worldwide SSE will bring
                                                                                                            added value to your project, at whatever stage of development it
                                                                                                            currently exists. The experience we have gained over many years
                                                                                                            within the industry enables us to say with confidence that where
                                                                                                            C&W Worldwide has been employed in a consultancy capacity, we
                                                                                                            have been able to make savings and add value, quality and efficiency
                                                                                                            for our customers that has far exceeded the cost of our involvement.

                                                                                                            As we cover every aspect of design, planning, construction, operation
                                                                                                            and maintenance of submarine cable systems plus other similar roles
                                                                                                            it is almost certain we can cost effectively support and add value to
                                                                                                            your plans across their development.
1                                                                                                                                                                                2
     Feasibility Studies

     Business Case Preparation                      Preliminary System Design                System Specification                     Commercial Documentation
     and Analysis                                   (pre-contract)
                                                                                             „ Review of key system design criteria   „ Drafting of memoranda of understanding
     „ Initial data gathering to obtain             „ Preliminary route engineering
       information about the interest of                                                     „ Designing system architecture          „ Drafting of shareholder agreements
       other owners for potential new               „ System design
       systems and system upgrades                                                           „ Writing technical specifications       „ Drafting of construction and
                                                    „ System security considerations                                                    maintenance agreements
     „ Strategic planning and development             and solutions                             „ System Design
       proposals (including upgrades) for                                                       „ Network                             „ Preparation and negotiation
       international submarine networks,            „ Cost estimations                          „ Cable                                 of marine survey contracts
       based on the capacity forecasts and                                                      „ Repeater
       cost targets provided by the Customer        „ Assessment of project requirements,       „ PFE                                 „ Preparation and negotiation
                                                      products and suppliers.                   „ SLTE                                  of system supply contracts.
     „ Commercial guidance and support for                                                      „ BU
       the wholesale procurement and sale of                                                    „ Facilities
       international capacity either IRU or lease                                               „ QA
       as may be requested by the Customer
                                                                                             „ Conducting design reviews
     „ Analysis of capacity requirements                                                       with system suppliers.                 Tender Preparation
       based on capacity forecast provided
       by the Customer (and other
       operators where applicable)
                                                                                                                                      Tender Evaluation
     „ System technical description and
       costing for the business case

     „ Analysis of project risks

     „ Analysis of project dependencies.

CONSULTANCY                                                                                 DEVELOPMENT
AND DESIGN                                                                                  AND ACQUISITION
SERVICES                                                                                    SERVICES
     Project Management                        Cable Consortium                           Quality Assurance               System Integration                            Cable Route Study
     The project management service                                                       „ Supplier audits               The Systems Integration service is a
     from C&W Worldwide SSE involves           „ Represent and promote the customers                                      process running from System Design
     the supply of a Project Manager and         investment interests in consortium and   „ Design assurance              to Final Acceptance that delivers a           Supplier Audit
     Project Support Office (as appropriate)     private submarine cable infrastructure                                   sustainable and documented solution
     to undertake full Project management                                                 „ Product acceptance            to any submarine system business
     of any or all aspects of the following:   „ Submarine cable consortium committee                                     requirement or technology problem.
                                                 liaison, representation and support      „ Factory acceptance testing                                                  Terminal Site Survey
     „ Preparation of Project Plan               (including committee and sub-committee                                   This service may be applicable when clients
                                                 chairmanships) with the objective of     „ Load monitoring               are sourcing different parts of a solution
     „ Preparation and management                protecting and promoting the interests                                   for a submarine system from different
       of project budgets                        of the customer, to oversee and pursue   „ Land cable testing            vendors and require assurance of system       Marine Survey
                                                 issues with other administrations as                                     performance and ongoing support for the       Administration
     „ Project assurance                         may be requested by the customer         „ Marine installation rep.      particular solution. The service runs as an
                                                                                                                          overlay to the basic services delivered for
     „ Risk management                         „ Representation in other forums as        „ In-station testing            any new system or upgrade, and includes
                                                 required by the customer for effective                                   some or all of the following elements:
     „ Quality management                        management of submarine interests        „ System commissioning
                                                                                                                          „ Project management
     „ Change control                          „ Liaison with other carrier entities to   „ Provisional Acceptance
                                                 maximise the mutual benefits either                                      „ Design authority
     „ Co-ordination of all resources            cost, network resilience or other        „ Final Acceptance.
       required to fulfil the scope of work      requirements that may be defined.                                        „ Network and System Design

     „ Assessment of potential problem areas                                                                              „ Solution validation
       and development of work around plans
                                                                                                                          „ Integration
     „ Regular and detailed reporting
       to Project Board                                                                                                   „ Acceptance

     „ Monitoring of supplier performance                                                                                 „ Maintenance and technical support.
       against milestones

     „ Customer and project supplier
       review meetings

     „ Detailed final reports.

IMPLEMENTATION                                                                                                           C&W Worldwide has pioneered many of

                                                                                                                         the project management methodologies
                                                                                                                         in use in the submarine industry today,
                                                                                                                         and continues to innovate.

                           General                                         Repair Support                                 Maintenance Authority                          Spares and                                  Shore End
                                                                                                                          Routine Activities                             Inventory Management                        Inspection
                           „ Maintain and manage relevant                  Working in conjunction with the cable
                             marine charts                                 system Landing Parties for fault               „ Submarine cable system information           „ Co-ordination of spares pooling to        „ Management of shore end inspections
                                                                           diagnosis, estimation of initial                 management including updating                  minimise depot storage costs                to provide reports to common standard
                                                                           fault localisation:                              route position lists (RPL), straight line
                                                                                                                            diagrams (SLD) and repair information.       „ Regularly review spares pooling           „ Management of remedial
                           Customer Representation                         „ Liaison with the marine maintenance                                                           opportunities for consortium submarine      works to shore ends
                                                                             contractors (i.e. ACMA) for                  „ Compilation and maintenance                    cable systems to minimise depot storage
                           „ Monitoring, collecting and representing         refining the fault location                    of repair history                              costs regularly with the objective of     „ Management of marine sanctuary liaison
                             the customer interests within international                                                                                                   making recommendations to appropriate
                             committees such as NASCA & ICPC;              „ Operational planning, co-ordination          „ Compilation and maintenance of                 cable O&M subcommittees (O&MSC)           „ Maintain continuity membership
                             distribution and distribution of feedback       with marine maintenance service                system information provided by                                                             on regional cables O&M and
                                                                             providers and third party network              marine maintenance contractor                „ Annual testing of spare repeaters           AR&R commitees to promote the
Provide routine            „ Representation at ACMA or other                 operations centres (NOC) for                                                                                                              interests of the customer to maintain
Maintenance Authority        management agreements, meetings                 implementation of repair                     „ Maintain list of cable crossings             „ Annual testing / assessment of spare        oversight and pursue issues with
(“MA”) and operation         & distribution of feedback.                                                                                                                   cable test results from depots              third party administrations.
and maintenance                                                            „ Post repair analysis and review of marine    „ Assessment of proposed cable crossings
activities for submarine                                                     maintenance contractor’s repair report,                                                     „ Recommendations for replacement
cables (the “O&M                                                             recovered / expended spare plant             „ Management of submarine link                   of depleted spare cables
Services”) in support      Central Point of Contact                                                                         test equipment
of the Customer            (Duty Engineer 7 X 24 X 365)                    „ Forensic analysis of maintenance                                                            „ Recommendations for
cable systems.                                                               service provider billing to ensure billing   „ Review of routine fibre loss                   replacement depleted joint kits
                           „ Provide a central point of contact              consistent with operations reporting           measurements and submarine cable
                             contactable on a 7 x 24 x 365 basis                                                            system measurements and trend analysis       „ Assessment and qualification
                             on all submarine cable system                 „ Acceptance of refurbished or                                                                  management for replacement cable types
                             maintenance issues, incidents or event          replenishment of plant                       „ Consultancy support on environmental
                                                                                                                            issues (e.g. compliance with                 „ Assessment and management of
                           „ Provide liaison with the customers            „ Provision of shipboard representation          landing licence requirements,                  local spares levels (e.g. land cable,
                             international network management                during marine maintenance                      preparation of method statements               jointing kits, articulated pipe).
                             teams (i.e. RNMC, Regional NOC                  contractor’s repair to be agreed               for marine support activities)
                             and BU Management) during a                     and charged separately.
                             submarine cable incident or event.                                                           „ Training and support to new
                                                                                                                            submarine system staff

                                                                                                                          „ Maintain library of land route records.

OPERATIONS                                                                                                                                                              Over 250 cable              20 Years of optical

                                                                                                                                                                        systems installed           leadership in over
                                                                                                                                                                        since 1860                  100 systems

     Audit and Optimisation Services                                            Contact Details
     C&W Worldwide SSE can provide custom services to evaluate
     current submarine network capacity, performance and utilisation            Nigel R. Fisher
     (audit) and make recommendations for system reconfiguration,     
     retirement or upgrade (optimisation).
                                                                                Submarine Systems Engineering
                                                                                Cable&Wireless Worldwide
                                                                                Waterside House
     General Consultancy                                                        Longshot Lane
     C&W Worldwide SSE can provide ad-hoc consultancy support on                Bracknell
     any issues affecting submarine cables, including, environmental            RG12 1XL
     issues, assessment of project requirements, products and suppliers,
     advice on system manufacturers and contractors.                            T: +44 (0) 1344 713 925
                                                                                M: +44 (0) 7789 394 309
     Custom work is scoped and quoted for.                                      F: +44 (0) 1344 726 767


                                                                                Cable&Wireless Worldwide plc Registered Office Address: Liberty House, 76 Hammersmith Road,
                                                                                London W14 8UD, UK. Cable&Wireless Worldwide pursues a policy of continuous development of
                                                                                its products and services. This document is for guidance only and doesn’t form part of any contract.
                                                                                It is subject to change without notice.

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