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									Will You Make One of These Six Wedding
Planning Mistakes?
By: Laura Taylor

                                                      Planning your wedding is one of the most important,
                                                      most stressful things you will ever do. In fact, you
                                                      will probably make a few wedding mistakes in the
                                                      process, but as long as your biggest mistake isn’t
                                                      marrying the wrong guy, you should be fine.
                                                      However, you still want your wedding to go off
                                                      without a hitch, which means you need to make sure
                                                      you don’t commit these six wedding planning

                                                      Wedding Planning Mistake 1: Choosing
                                                      Your Bridal Party Too Early

                                                      You love your girlfriends, but asking 10 off them to
                                                      be in your wedding the night you get engaged and
                                                      make all your announcement phone calls is a terrible
                                                      idea. For one, if the wedding is in the distant future,
you may change your mind about who you want in the wedding. Another reason is that upon creating
your wedding planning budget, you may realize you simply don’t have the funds to buy bouquets and
bridesmaids gifts for 10 of your best friends. Wait a while before you ask the girls to be in the wedding.

Wedding Planning Mistake 2: Shopping Online for a Wedding Dress

It’s totally fine to look online for wedding dresses you love, but you shouldn’t order one online. Your
wedding dress is one of the most expensive ensembles you will ever purchase, and you should never
buy it without trying it on first. Stick to internet browsing and create a look book for all your internet
finds. Then find those dresses at bridal salons, try them on, and then make your decision.

Wedding Planning Mistake 3: DIY

With so much information online, and websites such as pinterest.com to make you feel inspired and
very crafty, it is easy to think you can do it all yourself. However, don’t. You should never try to do
everything yourself when planning your wedding. Hire a professional, enlist help from friends and
family, or just pay someone else to do it for you sometimes. Doing it all yourself takes the fun right out
of wedding planning, and it makes you a little crazy. Bridezilla, anyone?

Wedding Planning Mistake 4: Asking a Friend to Photograph Your Big Day

All right, so Joe, you future husband’s old college roommate has an expensive camera and enjoys
photography. That doesn’t mean you should ask him to photograph your wedding to save a few dollars
on a professional. Your wedding pictures are one of the most important things you have after your
wedding, and someone who isn’t a professional may not deliver the quality photos you so deserve.
Don’t end up heartbroken with shattered memories and subpar photos; hire the professional.

Wedding Planning Mistake 5: Cash Bar

There really is no other way to explain that this is always a bad idea. You invite your friends out to
celebrate your love for one another by making them buy their own drinks? It’s tacky and it does not
work with common wedding etiquette. If you can’t afford to pay for drinks all night for everyone, limit
the bar to one signature cocktail, wine, and beer. Your guests will all find something they can drink, and
your wallet won’t be left empty.

Wedding Planning Mistake 6: Not Registering

It doesn’t matter if you’ve been living together for 10 years and have everything you’ve ever wanted,
you need to register. When you leave guests without a suggestion as to what to give you on your big
day, you open yourself up to potential disaster. Do you really want to spend the week after your
honeymoon trying to figure out what to do with sixteen sets of pots and pans? You don’t have to go all
out, just register for a few things to keep your guests from going crazy.

Your wedding day is special, and you need to remember that it won’t be perfect. You can avoid making
these common wedding planning mistakes, but you can’t avoid small disasters and imperfections on
your big day. The most important thing to remember is that it is who you are marrying and the life you
are creating together that matters; not the color of your flowers or the small speck of lipstick you
accidentally got on the hem of your dress.

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