Wedding Ideas to Win Your Heart

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					Wedding Ideas to Win Your Heart
By: Laura Taylor

                                                  Planning a wedding can be difficult enough when
                                                  preventing family clashes and seating chart debacles,
                                                  but it can truly spiral out of control if the happy
                                                  couple (that’s you two) is undecided about what they
                                                  like and/or want for the big day. It all comes down to
                                                  finding the right inspiration. Some couples want their
                                                  wedding to be bang on trend, while others want to
                                                  shirk tradition and rock out in their own unique way.
                                                  Regardless of which side you’re on, the following is a
                                                  list of wedding ideas and trends to help inspire your
                                                  own happily ever after.

                                                  Dress to Impress

• Wedding gowns are taking inspiration from the Duchess of Cambridge and even Twilight’s Bella Swan,
with long sleeves, illusion necklines and lace becoming increasingly popular among both pop-culture and
vintage-loving brides.
• Strapless is still the top pick among wedding gowns, but the focus has shifted to more simplistic
designs. To play up these subdued dresses, modern brides are accessorizing with bold statement
necklaces that match their gown for added texture or using bold, contrasting hues that complement
their color scheme.
• Even a year after the Royal Wedding, formal attire like black tie seems to be the trend for menswear.
It’s sophisticated, timeless and still gives guys that ‘James Bond’ feeling.
• If you’re a creative-yet-casual couple who still want to dress to the nines, you can always accentuate
your formalwear with fully customizable Converse sneakers in a wide array of colors and inscriptions.

Piece of Cake

• Large sugar flowers are all the rage, combined with simple and elegant tiers of white buttercream.
They can get expensive, so fresh flowers can be substituted if you’re on a budget.
• Classic designs like textured white on white are always popular, which helps when looking back on
your photos in years to come. Many bakers are getting orders for sugar veil lacework, fondant swags
and royal icing pearls all in neutral colors like cream, white, ivory and champagne.
• For couples with a flashy side, metallic cakes are growing in popularity with everything from metallic
accents and sugar flowers to entire cake layers covered silver or gold fondant. A little bling goes a long
way, so here’s an idea: make just the middle tier of a three-tiered cake a bold metallic and use fresh
flowers to soften the look.
• Every flavor under the sun is en vogue nowadays. Some couples like traditional vanilla, almond or
chocolate wedding cakes while others prefer modern concoctions like peppermint crème, blackberry
champagne, or mojito pound cake. If catering for a variety of tastes, choose different flavor combos for
each cake tier.

You’re Invited

• Following in the footsteps of the Royals, family crests are showing up on wedding invitations all over
the world. Feature both you and your soon-to-be spouse’s coats of arms or merge them to create
something unique and meaningful to you both.
• Plain old ink printing has been pushed aside in favor of foil printing, a process that gives your invites a
metallic typeface. No need for bling from glued-on crystals, all the shine and sparkle you could want is in
the lettering itself.
• Use your wedding invitations as a chance to tell your love story. Storyboard invites allow snippets of
your relationship history and photos to illustrate your uniqueness and style as a couple, more than just
inviting guests to your wedding.
• A fun and creative twist on ‘save the date’ cards: you and your fiancé use a large chalkboard for a
photo background, doodling hearts, quote or thought bubbles above your heads or even a veil and top

Do Me a Favor

• Edible favors are here to stay. Setting up an interactive candy bar, using different sizes and shapes of
glass jars full of small candies or chocolates, will have guests creating their own custom favors with
every scoop.
• Another edible way to thank your guests for coming is to give out individual breakfast boxes for the
following morning, full of mini muffins, croissants, doughnuts, Melba toasts, jam, tea, etc. After a long
night of partying, your guests will appreciate the yummy gesture.

All the Pretty Flowers

• Big, frilly blossoms like peonies, dahlias, ranunculus and even carnations are making an appearance.
With a large bouquet being achieved with fewer flowers, the price goes down significantly.
• Budget-conscious and eco-conscious brides alike are loving the trend of faux flowers. However, these
aren’t your grandma’s silk roses. Velvet, satin, silver, wood and even printed poetry are being shaped
into blooms for wedding bouquets that won’t wilt over time.
• Centerpieces are no longer just flowers. Seasonal herbs and even vegetables are being used to adorn
tables as a way to keep cost down while giving a romantic garden feel. Some brides are even opting for
lavender or chamomile in their bouquets, as the scent helps to calm the nerves.

With This Ring

• Even wedding rings are subject to the technology age, with engraved ‘love tweets’ from Twitter
showing up on both bride and groom wedding bands.
• Want to make sure your rings are one (technically two) of a kind? Have both your thumbprints etched
onto the bands for a truly personal touch that no one else can replicate.

Color Me Beautiful

• Shades of purple, lavender and soft gray are requested more and more for everything from wedding
dress accents to bouquets to wedding cakes.
• Pale pink has been called the ‘color of the year’ by Brides Magazine, making a comeback alongside
complementary colors like cream, soft gold or muted silver.
• Make a statement by punching up neutral decor with a single bold color like fuchsia, cherry red or teal
for pizazz.