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Introduction to The Giver


									Introduction to The Giver
     by Lois Lowry
              All About the Author:
                   Lois Lowry
• Born in Hawaii
• Middle child (older sister,
  younger brother)
• Traveled the world (dad=
  Army Officer)
• Married at age 19
• Has 4 children
• First published in 1970’s
        All About the Author,
• Always knew she wanted to be an author
• Enjoys solitude
• Books vary in content and style
• Books all focus on importance of human
• Uses writing as an escape from difficult
  issues in personal life (death of sister, son,
  war, etc.)
Some of Lowry’s Books/Series
              •   A Summer to Die
              •   Autumn Street
              •   Number the Stars
              •   The Giver Trilogy (The
                  Giver, Gathering Blue,
              •   The Anastasia Series
              •   The Sam Series
              •   The Tates Series
              •   The Gooney Bird Series
                     The Giver

• Written in 1993                  • Ideas for The Giver
• Science fiction genre              stemmed from visit to
• Newberry Medal                     elderly father in
  winner (1994)                      nursing home
• Provoked controversy             • Lost most of his
  and criticism                      memory
• On many banned                   • Occurred to Lowry
  books lists                        that without memory
                                     there is no pain
    The Giver Background Info

• About a utopian society– envisioned and
  dictated by its creators
• The following do NOT exist: fear, hunger,
  pain, illness, conflict, hatred
• All citizens abide by strict rules, regulations
• No individual freedom, passions, hobbies
  permitted= no chaos

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