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The Essential guide to MS Virtualization - EMC


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									                                                    November 2010

 The Essential Guide to


 By Mel Beckman

             he modern enterprise has many                infrastructure, you need to know about the risks
             missions: customer relationship              any form of virtualization can bring: reduced
             management, enterprise resource              reliability, runaway server growth, and slower
             planning, business intelligence,             application performance. Fortunately, EMC can
governance compliance, information security, to           mitigate these risks and make your virtualized
name just a few. All of these missions are critical.      infrastructure more agile by giving you the tools
Not surprisingly, in the multi-mission enterprise,        and expertise you need to roll out a reliable and
demand for IT services—particularly mission-              secure Hyper-V infrastructure from the start.
specific application servers—is rapidly increas-
ing. And the one key component underlying the             Risks and Rewards
entire virtual enterprise is centrally managed            Consolidating multiple physical servers onto
storage, which provides the substrate upon                a single Hyper-V host immediately introduces
which virtual machines are built and operated.            challenges for the organization, such as miti-
   The role of IT is changing in response to this         gation of potentially reduced storage level
new multi-mission orientation. Where once IT              performance and higher impact of catastrophic
supplied both technical and application exper-            physical server failure: an unavoidable, and
tise to enterprise departments, today IT deliv-           subtle, concentration of risk. These risks can be
ers services to mission managers that maintain            mitigated—by using High Availability (HA) tech-
application expertise within their organizations.         niques to address single server failure, and by
IT, in essence, delivers a set of consistent services     delivering robust storage solutions in the case
from which mission managers may draw in sup-              of addressing performance concerns. Hyper-V
port of their applications. That set of services is       has built-in features, such as virtual machine
very similar to the portfolio of modern public            snapshots, Cluster Shared Volumes, and Data
cloud infrastructures: server hosting, secure net-        Protection Manager that directly addresses
working, application backup and restoral, busi-           virtualization risks.
ness continuity, and disaster recovery. A private,           Managing risk should be high on your IT
rather than public, cloud.                                infrastructure requirements planning checklist.
   Fortunately, server consolidation through              New governance rules add items to that list,
virtualization gives enterprise IT powerful tools for     by requiring explicit data encryption in more
meeting this demand, supporting more applica-             places than ever, with stricter data retention
tions with fewer resources. Virtualization brings         rules and new data discovery requirements to
economies of scale through better CPU utilization,        achieve governance compliance. All of these
and by sharing storage across cost-effective arrays       increase the need for backup data tracking and
interconnected via a Storage Area Network (SAN),          auditing.
effectively virtualization storage. Storage virtualiza-      Risk management thus becomes one of the
tion, in turn, improves ROI on one of the largest cost    services IT offers, along with a reliable comput-
components in any data center. Ultimately the com-        ing infrastructure. By supplying backup, disaster
bination of virtualized servers and storage enable        recovery, and management processes to mis-
the ability to deliver services through a private         sion managers within the enterprise, IT truly
enterprise cloud diversely located in widespread          becomes a private cloud provider.
geographic regions across thousands of miles.                The key to managing risks while delivering
   Microsoft’s Hyper-V virtualization can dra-            effective private cloud services is tight con-
matically improve IT cost containment while               trol over resources such as CPU, storage, and
enabling new capabilities and improving agility           networking. EMC products such as PowerPath
as the enterprise proceeds on its journey to the          Virtual Edition let you deploy encryption at criti-
private cloud. Microsoft’s cohesive computing             cal security checkpoints to meet governance
infrastructure lets IT professionals smoothly scale       objectives, and enhance Hyper-V HA through
up its infrastructure to support more, and larger,        improved storage management to provide busi-
enterprise missions. Hyper-V virtualization low-          ness continuity. EMC NetWorker and Replication
ers costs by letting IT exploit faster processors,        Manager work with Hyper-V’s Volume Shadow
networks, and storage, while simultaneously               Copy Service (VSS) as a requestor service within
lowering labor expenses.                                  VMs to streamline backups and application
   Implemented correctly, virtualization simplifies       restoral.
IT service delivery. Implemented incorrectly, virtu-
alization leads to reduced reliability and a higher       Identifying the Mission-Critical
probability of catastrophic failure, ultimately           Mission
neutralizing virtualization’s cost advantages.            In order to start consolidating servers with
To successfully deploy a new Hyper-V-centric              Hyper-V, you must assess the applications and
           Top 10 Reasons to Use
             EMC for Microsoft
           Hyper-V Virtualization
1   You want to accelerate the benefits and
    TCO of virtualization with Microsoft
Hyper-V and you want to deliver responsive—
                                                     6    You want to work with an industry leader
                                                          in Microsoft virtualization.
                                                     EMC Consulting’s deep knowledge provides
yet predictable—results to your users.               expertise in assessing, planning, and imple-
You can leverage Microsoft virtualization tech-      menting Microsoft virtualization technologies.
nologies with the latest EMC storage technolo-       In fact, EMC won the 2008 Microsoft Partner
gies for high performance, automated failover        of the Year for Business Process and Integra-
and failback, simplified provisioning, and virtual   tion Solutions with a solution using Microsoft
storage provisioning.                                virtualization technologies.

2    You need the right information infrastruc-
     ture for virtualized environments and
Private Cloud Computing.
                                                     7   You need assurance that your virtualized
                                                         infrastructure can be supported.
                                                     Deep integration testing through the EMC E-Lab
As more companies move to hyper-consolidated         and a long-standing engineering relationship
virtualized data centers and the private cloud,      with Microsoft enables EMC to provide ongoing
performance and simplified management are            product support for Microsoft Hyper-V.
increasingly important. EMC Unified Storage
systems are so simple and efficient that EMC
will guarantee our storage is 20 percent more
efficient than competitive platforms. Addition-
                                                     8    You want to deploy virtualization quickly
                                                          and get it right the first time.
                                                     EMC is integrating Microsoft Windows Server
ally, EMC FAST and FAST Cache can help you           2008 R2 Hyper-V in its EMC Proven Solution
execute a cost effective tiering strategy without    development process. This integration results
manual intervention.                                 in solutions that combine EMC and Microsoft
                                                     technology and that have been tested and docu-

3    You want to lower costs and enhance ef-
     ficiency of your business applications.
With virtualization from EMC and Microsoft you
                                                     mented for a broad set of common workloads
                                                     and use cases. As a result, joint EMC and Micro-
                                                     soft customers have the opportunity to more rap-
can lower TCO and improve agility and flexibility    idly achieve the cost reduction, efficiency, agility,
for next-generation deployments of Microsoft         and flexibility of virtualized environments.
Exchange Server, Microsoft SQL Server, Micro-
soft SharePoint Server, and other key business
applications. EMC’s innovative storage tech-
nologies can reduce TCO by intelligently utilizing
                                                     9    You need virtualization-specific services.
                                                          To help you optimize your infrastruc-
                                                     ture and leverage virtualization, EMC offers
Flash and SATA drives.                               Microsoft Hyper-V and Microsoft System Center
                                                     assessment, planning, and implementation

4    You need network storage platforms that
     fully support Microsoft Windows Server
2008 R2 Hyper-V.
                                                     services; design services for application virtu-
                                                     alization with Microsoft Hyper-V, and Virtual
                                                     Desktop Implementations (VDI).
EMC’s industry-leading network storage plat-
forms fully support Microsoft Windows Server
2008 R2 Hyper-V and help provide a scalable,
highly available information infrastructure for
                                                     10      You want to work with a vendor
                                                             with the scale to handle the entire
virtualized environments.                            EMC Global Services has thousands of consul-
                                                     tants and offers a broad portfolio of strategic

5   You are concerned about data protec-
    tion and rapid recovery in virtualized
                                                     consultation, planning, delivery, and support
                                                     across the entire IT lifecycle—from envision-
                                                     ing through day-to-day operations. Addition-
EMC offers a range of data protection and            ally, EMC is a Gold Certified partner with 15
rapid recovery options for virtualized Microsoft     certifications—including virtualization—and is a
environments. EMC’s expertise in aligning            20-time Partner of the Year Winner.
technology options to business requirements
helps ensure data protection for address-            Take the next step
consolidated virtualized data centers. EMC           To learn more about EMC, contact your local
NetWorker supports a wide range of backup            EMC sales representative or authorized value-
and recovery, including backup to disk, data         added reseller, contact us at Microsoft@emc
replication, continuous data protection, and         .com, or visit our website at www.emc.com/
deduplication.                                       microsoftvirtualization.
servers to be consolidated to choose the best consoli-         Another common management process that often
dation candidates. That assessment should include           includes tasks falling outside the scope of a generic
measuring current CPU and storage utilization, and          MMC console is provisioning virtual machines
estimating future resource requirements.                    and virtual storage. You can often automate some
   At this point you should also define disaster recov-     of these out-of-scope processes using Windows
ery and business continuity requirements: which             PowerShell cmdlets, but much routine provisioning
applications require HA, and which can sustain an           can be performed by task-oriented management
outage within specific recovery time and recovery           tools that have visibility across both virtual host and
point objectives. These requirements will influence         virtual storage infrastructures.
both the capacity and performance requirements of
your Hyper-V infrastructure.                                Storage Planning, Provisioning, and
   Armed with that information—which you can                Management
collect using Microsoft’s Assessment and Planning           Server and storage virtualization go hand-in-hand,
(MAP) toolkit for Hyper-V—you’re ready to start shop-       but the planning, provisioning, and management
ping for host, network, and storage platforms that          processes are quite different. For example, expand-
meet these initial requirements, as well as accom-          ing storage capacity often requires more advance
modate predicted growth. EMC has expertise and              notice than expanding compute capacity, as storage
products that can help you achieve project success          touches multiple aspects of the data center: net-
from the get-go. EMC consulting services delivers           working, existing workloads, backup and recovery.
focused engineering talent, with experts special-           Planning processes must be strategic, taking into
izing in every EMC virtual storage product line. For        account future storage requirements based on mea-
example, EMC specialists can help you deploy VPLEX          sured growth trends. Provisioning and management
in an enhanced Hyper-V Cluster Storage Volume               are tactical processes, based on immediate workload
(CSV) implementation that eliminates physical barri-        requirements and service requests from users.
ers within, across, and between data centers.                 EMC also supplies powerful MMC-compatible
                                                            management components, such as Virtual Storage
Management Made Effective                                   Integrator (VSI) for Hyper-V Manager, a graphical
Most Microsoft management products, such                    interface with PowerShell integration that provides a
as Hyper-V Manager and System Center Virtual                mapping between Hyper-V virtual machine objects
Machine Manager, provide support for Microsoft              found in System Center Virtual Machine Manager
Management Console (MMC) interfaces, providing a            (SCVMM) and EMC storage. In addition, EMC stor-
useful foundation for some basic Hyper-V manage-            age arrays support all forms of storage connectivity
ment capabilities. But highly focused management            employed by Hyper-V, including iSCSI and pass-thru
tools are often better suited to utilize all the features   disks, which you can manage within SCVMM System
of a particular hardware or software component,             Center Operations Manager (SCOM).
accessing features and controls not accessible via
generic MMC interfaces. Focused management gives            Resilience Models
you tighter control over mission-critical storage           Achieving business continuity requires selecting
functions that span applications and Hyper-V hosts.         tradeoffs between application resilience and the
   The best-focused management tool sets deliver a          cost of mitigating various kinds of risks. Risks fall
cohesive management console that displays cur-              into three geographic categories: local, metropoli-
rent performance information alongside established          tan, and regional. You can mitigate local risks using
metrics and service level agreement (SLA) require-          traditional disaster recovery tools, such as tape and
ments. They also incorporate comprehensive logging          disk-to-disk backup, or through enhanced backup/
and alert mechanisms to escalate problem situations         recovery models. For example, Hyper-V VM snap-
smoothly, providing the performance history and             shots provide the ability to capture an application’s
trend data necessary to resolve performance issues          runtime state, then later restart the application at
before they become critical.                                the snapshot’s point in time.
   Two common infrastructure-wide situations that              But backup/restore techniques impose recovery
a good management tool addresses are storage                delays that are not acceptable for many mission-
I/O contention and storage growth planning. The             critical applications. For these you need fast fail-over
former is a tactical situation, requiring fast action       technologies, such as Hyper-V failover clusters and
to mitigate I/O contention before SLA performance           SAN mirroring. Hyper-V Cluster Shared Volumes are
and availability thresholds are breached. The latter        one way to deliver fast fail-over, but tend to have
is strategic in nature, but essential to ensuring the       application dependencies that can become cum-
private cloud scales without impacting future mis-          bersome to manage. SAN mirroring can reduce this
sion requirements.                                          management burden, by transparently replicating
Figure 1: EMC VPLEX enables live migration to remote sites as well as synchronous replication for simplified
High Availability

data between SAN instances deployed across a                continental geographic separations. Tight integration
building, campus, or metropolitan area. As long as          for both CLARiiON and Symmetrix geographically
geographically dispersed SAN sites have low-latency         dispersed solutions and Windows Failover clustering is
interconnect, virtual workloads at one site can             provided by EMC Cluster Enabler.
transparently migrate to a SAN instance at another             For heterogenous storage environments, where
site, protecting those workloads against the highly         different arrays are utilized in multiple locations, inte-
concentrated risk of catastrophic SAN failure.              gration with Microsoft Failover Clusters is provided
   EMC’s VPLEX is an enterprise SAN federation              through EMC Cluster Enabler, combined with EMC
platform that goes beyond typical mirroring solu-           RecoverPoint or RecoverPoint/SE. These solutions can
tions, with features such as advanced data caching to       also provide support for continuous remote replica-
minimize latency and distributed cache coherence to         tion between cluster notes, which can be geographi-
extend synchronization distances. VPLEX can deliver         cally dispersed for seamless application recovery in
virtual storage across networks stretching hundreds         Hyper-V environments.
of kilometers, enabling extremely resilient applica-           EMC also supports the traditional backup mission
tion architectures and making the promise of private        with its NetWorker and Replication Manager families
enterprise service clouds feasible today (Figure 1).        of centralized backup and data protection solutions.
   For SMBs, EMC CLARiiON MirrorView is an example          NetWorker automates backups and streamlines
of a highly available storage mirroring solution that       recoveries through a common management platform
replicates SANs across a datacenter or campus environ-      that supports disk-to-disk backup, deduplication,
ment, maintaining byte-for-byte equivalence, either         continuous data protection, and replication – across
uni- or bi-directionally, with EMC CLARiiON SANs. EMC       both physical and virtual machines.
Symmetrix VMAX storage arrays provide a broader
selection of storage replication capabilities at the high   Getting the Right Help
end, via Symmetrix Remote Data Facility (SRDF), which       Storage system design and deployment requires
can mirror data across campus, metropolitan or even         more advanced skills than managing ongoing
operations, in the same way that engineering an          is a Microsoft Geographically Dispersed Hyper-V
aircraft requires more advanced skills than piloting     Solutions partner.
one. Consultants and engineering services organiza-         With the viability of your entire virtualization
tions can bring in the expertise you need for success-   deployment hinging on correct engineering, training,
ful planning and deployment, and train your staff for    and ongoing operational management, EMC profes-
efficient operations. You should evaluate potential      sional services are one of the most cost-effective
services providers based on their experience in all      means of ensuring a successful project.
sizes of projects, their competence with Hyper-V and
other Microsoft products, and their library of best      Mel Beckman is a senior technical editor for Penton
practices                                                Media. He has built two regional Internet service pro-
   EMC offers both design and implementation             viders and is currently president of Beckman Software
services, as well as pre-packaged solutions that         Engineering, a technical consultancy specializing
leverage EMC’s extensive experience with Microsoft       in large-scale, high-bandwidth networks. His past
Hyper-V. EMC’s Information Infrastructure Solutions      clients include Apple Computer, the City and County
for Microsoft Virtualization offers a broad spectrum     of Santa Barbara, DuPont Displays, IBM, Loral Federal
of hardware, software, and services support for          Systems, United Airlines, the U.S. Department of Ag-
Hyper-V and SCVMM, ensuring you obtain the agility,      riculture, and the U.S. Department of Energy. Mel has
performance, and cost advantages virtualization          presented seminars on computer programming and
can deliver. EMC specializes in wide-area, cross-        network technology throughout the United States,
site business continuity and disaster recovery, and      Europe, and Asia.


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