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									Personalized Handbags- One of the
Latest Fashion Trends
By: Connie Isidora

                                                    Are you one of those people who follow all the latest
                                                    fashion trends and strives to mimic the latest styles
                                                    seen on the runway? If so, then you will be
                                                    interested to learn more about personalized
                                                    handbags. Personalized handbags encompass a wide
                                                    variety of handbag styles, including messenger bags,
                                                    tote bags, diaper bags, sewing bags, and purses.
                                                    They are quickly becoming one of the most popular
                                                    fashion trends and for good reason.

                                                      A personalized handbag allows you to create the bag
                                                      of your choice. It allows you to express your
                                                      individuality and creativity. It allows you to have a
                                                      bag that is uniquely “you” and makes you feel
special. How many times have you put off wearing that brand new outfit because you didn’t feel you
had the right handbag for it? No longer do you have to wait until you find the perfect purse for your new
little black dress. By creating a personalized one, you can be sure to design one that will complement
your outfit perfectly.

Animal Prints

Animal prints always seem to be popular, no matter what day and age you live in. That remains true
today as well. Some of the most popular types of personalized handbags are those that contain animal
prints. Zebra prints, cheetah prints, and cow prints are timeless animal prints that are commonly used as
the basis for personalized bags.

Faux Fur

Faux fur is another fashion element that is classic. Many personalized handbags feature faux fur in a
variety of colors, including classic black accented with white fur or leopard print accented with brown
fur. Animal prints are especially popular when paired with the faux fur.
Retro Totes

Tote bags have become more popular, and that is probably due to the fact that they are usually
oversized and give you the capability to have everything you need with you. They are simply roomier
than handbags and more ideal for a busy mom or socialite on the go. One of the most popular styles of
totes is retro prints and patterns. Retro prints seem to be inspired from the 70’s era and feature bright
colorful prints, such as a loud, orange orchid print or a cool, mellow print, such as a collage of pastel

Gothic Styles

Gothic styles are popular nowadays, so many people are designing handbags that feature designs such
as skulls and crossbones on them. If you prefer a more romantic version of the skull and crossbones
look, you could personalize a bag to have skulls and roses on it. Another pattern that fits into the gothic
category is Victorian prints. Classic Victorian prints are distinctly gothic, no matter what color they are.
Some people mistakenly believe that all gothic styles are black and dark, but that is far from the case!

Diaper Bags

For mothers, a diaper bag is a must have. However, there is no reason why you should have to tote
around a diaper bag with infant prints plastered all over it if you don’t want to. By designing your own
diaper bag, you can create one that goes with your fashion style so you can still feel fashionable while
carrying around your baby’s necessities. Plus, the great thing about designing a baby diaper bag is that it
won’t even look like a baby diaper bag, so you can still get use out of it for years to come. When your
baby no longer requires you to carry around a diaper bag, you can reassign the role of your personalized
diaper bag as that of an overnight or weekend bag. Therefore, once your bag’s diaper days are over, you
can transition it to a travel bag. That’s quite an innovative and money-saving fashion trick!


Numerous fabric types can be used when creating a personalized bag. Among the most popular are faux
fur, cotton and brocade. Cotton and faux fur are usually a bit cheaper than brocade. However, the type
of fabric that you select to design your bag depends greatly on the type of print you wish your bag to
have. For instance, most animal prints look best with a faux fur fabric, whereas most retro prints look
best with a 100% cotton fabric. Gothic prints seem to look best with brocade fabric, especially the
Victorian patterns.
Designing a Personalized Bag

Now that you know the latest trends among personalized bags, you’re probably wondering how you
design one. If you’re not much of a seamstress or know nothing about sewing at all, there is no need to
worry. Thanks to modern technology, there are plenty of websites online that offer services that let you
design your own handcrafted handbag and have it mailed directly to your door.

Here’s how it works.

You select the style of bag that you would like, such as a handbag or a messenger bag. You select from
one of the offered prints and fabric types. Some sites will let you select the print for both the outside of
the bag as well as the print that lines the inside of the bag. You then select the purse handle color and
type or shoulder pad print, depending upon what type of bag you’re designing. Then you simply select
the type of hardware accessories you want. The hardware accessories are simply the metal parts that
hold the straps to your bag. Finally, you submit your payment and voila! You have designed your own
unique handbag!

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