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                                               Indian Market
                                           Indian equity markets up by 1.03%.

                                           Nifty up by 58.45 pts and settle at

                                           Sensex up by 181.16 pts at 18791.93.

                                           Bank Nifty up by 228.10 pts at 11586.35

                                               Global Market
           DAILY EQUITY
                                           European markets were up with FTSE
           NEWSLETTER                      up by 2.70 pts at 5913.61,CAC down by
                                           2.98 pts at 3524.52 and DAX up by 28.13
            19TH OCTOBER 2012
                                           pts at 7422.68

                                           Dow future up by 6.00 pts at 13495.00


• SBI opens two new branches in South
• Cipla gets tentative US nod for HIV
• ACC Q3 net profit below forecast, up
 52% to Rs 242 cr
• Axiata not looking to change stake in

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         Key benchmark indices surged as data released today, 18 October 212, showed growth rate in China's
          industrial production and retail sales accelerated in September 2012. China is the world's second
          biggest economy after the United States.

         The BSE Sensex was up 172.22 points or 0.93% to 18,782.99. The index jumped 195.79 points at the
          day's high of 18,806.56 in late trade, its highest level since 12 October 2012.

         The S&P CNX Nifty was up 56.55 points or 1% to 5,716.80, as per provisional figures.

         From the 30-share Sensex pack, 24 stocks rose while the rest of them fell.

         Index heavyweight Reliance Industries (RIL) rose 0.52% to Rs 809.60. Diversified Jaiprakash
           Associates jumped 4.5% to Rs 95.30 on recent reports the Aditya Birla Group has revived negotiations
           to buy out the company's cement plants in Gujarat and Andhra Pradesh. Realty stocks rose on renewed
           buying. HDIL, Sobha developers, D B Realty and Unitech gained by between 3.22% to 4.96%. DLF
           rose 2.16%, with the stock recovering on bargain hunting after recent steep slide.

                                                                                 STOCKS TO WATCH
                            FII’s and DII’s                                  BHARTI AIRTEL

CATEGORY                DATE           BUY            SELL          NET       TCS

    FII            18-Oct-12         2336.35        2405.22        -68.87     JP ASSOCIATE

                                                                              FINANCETECH
    DII            18-Oct-12         1208.96        1393.52        -184.56

                                                                                 SCRIPS IN BAN PERIOD
                       NIFTY DAILY PIVOTS                                      WELCORP
PIVOT     R4     R3      R2     R1      PP     S1      S2     S3      S4
                                                                                SUZLON
NIFTY     5912   5840    5786   5743    5696   5671    5624   5552    5480
                                                                                IVRCLINFRA

                                                                                PUNJLLOYD

                                                                                HDIL

                                                                                KTK BANK

                  WWW.EPICRESEARCH.CO                                                           09752199966
                                                                            EXPERT OPINION

                   DAILY NIFTY GAINERS
                                                                                 Nifty looks Sideways
SCRIPS      RATE         VOL.         PR.            NET       %                 Strategy: Sell on rise
                         (000)        CLOSE          CHAN      CHANG
                                                     GE        E                 Support:5680

               95.05     25350.22      90.95         4.10          4.51
                                                                                 Resistance: 5760
   Axis                                                                             BANK NIFTY
              1202.35     4139.07     1153.95        48.40         4.19
                                                                                 Bank Nifty looks Sideways
 Bank Of
              800.00      1459.61     770.35         29.65         3.85
 Baroda                                                                          Strategy: Sell on rise
              601.00      2573.24     580.55         20.45         3.52          Support:11520
  Tata                                                                           Resistance:11660
              107.00      5704.29     103.95         3.05          2.93

                                                                                    PREVIOUS PERFORMANCE
                                                                                 TYPE       SCRIP          B/S   RESULT

                   DAILY NIFTY LOOSERS
                                                                                                 JP              TGT
                                                                                 CASH                      B
SCRIPS          RATE       VOL.         PR.            NET          %
                                                                                             ASSOCIATE           ACHIEVED
                           (000)        CLOSE          CHAN         CHA          CASH         APTECH       S
                                                       GE           NGE
                                                                                              BHARTI             NOT
                                                                                 FUTURE                    B
   Bharti                                                                                     AIRTEL             EXECUTED
                265.90      5058.81         270.55        -4.65     -1.72
                                                                                 FUTURE       AMBUJA       S     ABOVE COST
   Wipro        346.10      2186.21         352.05        -5.95     -1.69

  Pharma        699.80      1194.26         711.50        -11.70    -1.64
   Inds.                                                                            UPCOMING RESULTS
    ACC         1416.15     1007.25     1427.65           -11.50    -0.81         ADANI PORT

                                                                                  BAJAJ FINSERV
 GAIL India     368.20      1185.96         371.05        -2.85     -0.77
                                                                                  ING VYASA

                                                                                  ITC

                                                                                  TCS

                                                                  MARKET CALLS


                                                                          ST                     ND
        SCRIPS                ACTION               LEVEL              1        TARGET        2        TARGET        STOP LOSS

       JP ASSOCIATE               BUY                95.60                      96.50                  97.50               94.70

          LOVABLE                 BUY                379.50                     383.50                 388.00             375.50


                                                                         ST                     ND
        SCRIPS               ACTION               LEVEL              1         TARGET       2         TARGET       STOP LOSS
        FINANTECH                 BUY               1025.00                    1029.00                1035.00            1021.00

      BHARTI AIRTEL               SELL              265.75                      263.75                260.75              267.75

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