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									                Great Scheme of Vendor Finance

Vendor finance is a great scheme through which a person does not have to
look out for loans or any help as this solves all the issues. When a person is
planning to buy a property or is planning to deal in the real estate market that
market involves lots of money and having that much amount in liquid is not
possible or can say hardly possible in any case and thus some monetary help is
needed and at that time a person things about taking some loan but now you
don’t have to go to any financial institute to get the loan or anything now you
can just ask the seller to take the vendor finance in to consideration. This is a
very simple procedure Vendor finance is a new scheme where the Vendor that
is the seller will pay the money as a loan and helps the purchaser. Till the time
the whole amount is paid by the purchaser to the vendor the property remains
on the vendors name but the property can be used by the purchaser. There are
some terms and conditions which will be made by the vendor and the
purchaser will have to agree to the contract and then only this can be worked

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