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									                                     S M E A TO N & D I S T R I C T N E W S L E T T E R
                                                  D ECEMBER 2011 ~~~~ 94 TH I SSUE
MASTHEAD PHOTO: Magpie eating oats set out for the deer. Shoo!
                                                                                            White Fox Family Christmas
                                                      REMEMBRANCE DAY SERVICES              Sunday, December 11th
                                                      were held by the Smeaton Legion       WHITE FOX COMMUNITY HALL
                                                      at the Smeaton Rec Centre. At-        11:15 A.M. Interdenominational Church Service
                                                      tending from Kinistino were the
                                                      Nelson brothers, at left, Olaf and    12:15 P.M. Potluck sandwich lunch
                                                      George. Three Nelson brothers         1:15 P.M. Children’s movie
                                                      from Snowden served in the war.       2:15 P.M. Santa and Goodies
                                                      Their younger brother, Melvin,        3:00 P.M. – 5:00 P.M. Christmas Program: solo
                                                      who passed away at age 80,
                                                                                            and groups, community singing!
                                                      fought on the Russian front and
                                                      claims to have survived because       5:00 P.M. Hamburgers sold by Firemen
                                                      he was small and zigzagged like a       Winter wear exchange throughout the day.
                                                      rabbit. Due to a bad eye and          Bring gently used winter wear to give away. If you
                                                      back, Olaf was not sent overseas      need gently used winter wear, help yourself.
                                                      and ended the war delivering coal
                                                      in Halifax. George saw service
                                                      overseas and was wounded in the        CELEBRATE MALANKA with MEATH
                                                      leg. Olaf is 93 and George 89. It      PARK & DISTRICT UKRAINIAN DANCE CLUB
                                                      was a privilege to meet them.          Featuring The Country Gentlemen
                                                      Also at the November 11th Ser-         On Saturday, January 14th, 2012
                                                      vice were Thelma and Cliff Kelsey
                                                      of Choiceland, shown at left. Cliff    Doors open @ 5pm; Supper @ 6pm
                                                      served in the navy with convoy         Entertainment to follow
                                                      duty in the North Atlantic.            Advance tickets: $25.00; At the door: $30.00;
                                                                                             12 & under: $7.00; 5 & under free. Tickets
                                                      The service was well                   available from club members or parents.
                                                      attended and will be
                                                      hosted by the                            TEA — TURKEY PIE AND BAKE SALE
                                                      Snowden Legion next
                                                      year.                                   SATURDAY, DECEMBER 3rd -2 to 4pm
                                                                                                   At Choiceland Seniors Hall
                                                                                                  Sponsored by St. Mary’s Catholic Parish
the Rec Centre on Saturday, November                                                               SMEATON SENIORS RAFFLE
26th. There were 20 exhibitors (see
pages 4 and 5 for more on this event).
                                                                                                   Wheelbarrow full of great stuff!
The youngest entrepreneur was Jenny                                                                Will be drawn on Dec. 8th—HURRY!!
Lewis shown at right in front of her table.                                                        TICKETS ARE AVAILABLE from Club
She and mother Kyla were offering knit-                                                          Members, Grand Ma—Meals, and Smeaton
ted or crocheted goods, headbands and                                                                         Health Centre
barrettes. They access materials for their
products online and even have a banner                                                                 CUB HILLS WILDLIFE:
for the table saying “Everything nice by                                                         Horn Measuring (10am) and Noon Fish Fry
Jenny”. Jenny is six years old.                                                                        @ Lower Fishing Lake Place
                                                                                                   December 11th ~~ Meeting to follow

      TURKEY BINGO                              Snowden's Annual Christmas Party                                 CHRISTMAS TEA and
     & SILENT AUCTION                         Saturday, Dec. 17th ~ Snowden Hall.                                  ONE-HOUR BAKE
  SUNDAY DECEMBER 4th ~ 2pm                    Potluck supper at 6:00 , cash bar,
   Snowden Community Hall                     games, Christmas Stocking Exchange
    Please bring dabbers ~                            Please wrap your gift "old, new, hole*,
                                                                                                     At the Choiceland United Church
                                                     etc." Everyone welcome. Hopefully a
      Everyone welcome                                      surprise visitor from the             Tuesday, December 13th, 10—11 a.m.
    Sponsored by Snowden                                  North Pole.... see you there!               Coffee/Tea and Muffin: $1.00
           Seniors                                   *an old sock with a hole in it, hopefully      THANK YOU to everyone who sup-
                                                                    washed!                       ported the United Church Fall Supper.
Page 2
born May 3rd, 1959,
passed away in Prince
Albert on October 29th,
2011, aged 52. The
eldest of five children
of George and Pauline
Jacobson of Spruce
Home, Linda graduated
from Carlton in Prince Albert and went on    ALDON LOFSTROM, born in 1929
to cook at Woodlands from 1979 to 1984.      in Kinistino to Leo and Edith Lof-
                                             strom, passed away on November
Linda and John married in 1981 and have
                                             11th, 2011. Aldon moved to
two daughters, Rikki born in 1984 and
                                             Choiceland with his family. He
Lanci in 1988. When the girls were older
                                             married Mary Blomquist in 1959
she took a Home Care and Special Care
                                             and together they raised six chil-
Aid course and very much enjoyed work-
                                             dren and a grandson. Although
ing with people.
Linda will be remembered for her sense of
                                             they moved about, Choiceland             BOY O BOY! Alexa, Jessa and Jaeva (above)
                                             always seemed home to them.                 are thrilled to welcome their baby brother,
humour and caring nature. She was a
                                             Aldon loved singing and playing
wonderful and generous cook, a hard-
                                             the organ and accordion. He was                       Joryn James Long,
working and creative person. She faced                                                  born November 4th, weighing 7lbs 8oz. Delighted
                                             also good at old-time dancing,
her illness with stoicism and acceptance.                                             parents are James and Cara Long of Snowden. Equally
                                             cooking, gardening and baking
Linda will be deeply missed by family and                                              delighted grandparents are Doreen Long (Snowden),
                                             bread. He was often master of
friends.                                     ceremonies at events as he loved                  and Jean and Amel Itterman (Biggar).
Linda is survived by loving husband John,    to talk and was not shy.                           Congratulations to all from all of us.
daughters Rikki (Cory Hucul) and Lanci;
                                             Aldy is survived by his wife Mary,
siblings Lori Jacobson, Lillian Jacobson
(Brian Andrews); Lianne (Brian) Lafond
                                             sister Alice (Jack); sons Leo          SMEATON LIBRARY: Librarian Gayle Olson wishes to
                                             (Dolly), Rodney (Roberta), Nels        remind everyone that Smeaton Library has a great selec-
and Lonnie Jacobson; nephew Tyson La-
                                             (Cory); daughter Alice (Edgar);        tion of DVDs for loan including some great Christmas
fond and niece Ranee Lafond.                 grandchildren Richard, Kyle,           videos such as Barbie’s Christmas, Beethoven’s Christ-
Linda was predeceased by her parents         Stephanie, Debbie, Leisa, Chris-       mas Adventure and the Cars Movie. We have a com-
George and Pauline Jacobson, and her         tian, Cameron, Emily, Ellwood,         puter connected to high-speed for public use. We will be
parents in-law Pearl and Steve Chobotuk.     Colt, Elvera. He is also survived by   setting out a bunch of puzzles that kids can borrow to
                                             great grandchildren, step great        take home. Come out for your winter and Christmas
                                             grandchildren, nieces and neph-        reading material. The Library is open from 1 to 5pm on
Canute “Mike”                                ews and numerous friends.              Tuesdays and Wednesdays.
Stensrud, born                               He was predeceased by his par-         Gayle and the Smeaton Library Board wish everyone a
in 1921, passed                              ents, brothers Everett, Donald,        safe and happy Christmas and a great 2012.
away on November                             George, Reuben and Robert; sons
13th, 2011. A me-                            Ellwood and Aaron.
morial service was                                                                        FUN WITH FITNESS meets at the Smeaton
held in Choiceland                                                                        Health Centre Multi-Purpose Room every Tuesday
on November 17th.                                                                         and Thursday mornings at 9:30am for low-impact
                                              THANK YOU to everyone who sent              exercises and walking. Facility fee is $2.00. Finish
Born in Gull Lake,                            cards, flowers and well wishes when I
Mike moved to                                                                             the session with coffee at North Haven. Informa-
                                              was a patient at Victoria Hospital in
Choiceland with his family in 1938. He                                                    tion available from Gail at 426-2470.
                                              Prince Albert. I am now home and
served four years in the Second World         doing much better, thank you.
War and came home to begin farming                                                        CRANK-TYPE HOSPITAL BED: Available from Smea-
north of Choiceland in the Crockon Hill       John Reid                                   ton Health Centre. Offers or donation, call 426-
District. He married Evelyn Fedelleck in                                                  2051 week days from noon till 5pm.
                                             THANK YOU to everyone who offered
1953 and they had three children. A good     sympathy, flowers, cards and food after
and loving husband, father and grandfa-                                                   SMEATON LEGION thanks everyone who came out
                                             the passing of John’s wife and Rikki         for Remembrance Day on November 11th to lay
ther, he was known for his sense of hu-      and Lanci’s mom, Linda Chobotuk.
mour. He enjoyed reading, watching the                                                    wreaths and remember our veterans. The excel-
                                             Thank you to Rev. Nora Vedress and           lent meal was prepared by Grand Ma-Meals. Cash
Blue Jays and driving the countryside.       Rev. Krystal Sheremata for the beauti-
Mike is predeceased by his parents, three                                                 donation from the meal ($308) was donated to
                                             ful service. Many thanks to the organist     the Smeaton Rec Board.
brothers, three sisters-in-law and infant    Vanessa Carriveau and to Heritage
daughter.                                                                                 Audrey Reid, chair of the local Poppy Fund, reports
                                             Funeral Home. A big thank you to the
Mike leaves to cherish his memory, Emily,                                                 that $288.25 was donated through the poppy
                                             Snowden Ladies for providing and serv-
his loving wife of 58 years; son Larry                                                    boxes around the community. Part of this money
                                             ing lunch after the service, and to all
(Colleen), daughter Carolyn (Dave) and                                                    goes to Central Command, the rest is spent lo-
                                             who traveled and attended the funeral.       cally. Veterans and veterans’ spouses at North
four grandchildren: Dustin (Christina),      We appreciate your kindness and sup-
Jessica (Gilbert), Danielle (Lee) and Kel-                                                Haven receive a gift at Christmas; all residents at
                                             port following our time of loss.             North Haven receive treats at Easter; a donation is
                                             John, Rikki and Lanci Chobotuk               made to the Choiceland Air Cadets. Thank you
NORTH HAVEN                           guests, two large birthday cakes, and enter-                                                    Page 3
                                      tainment for the event. The day also marked
                                      the 49th wedding anniversary of the Doyle’s
Manager’s Report                      daughter and son-in-law, Bev and Jim John-
by Jeanette Waldner                   son. North Haven was privileged to be part
We extend heartfelt condolences       of this double celebration and thank the
to the families and friends of re-    Doyle family for their generosity. Many
cently departed Linda Chobotuk,       thanks to Don Friesen and Ron Shymanski
Mike Stensrud, and Aldon Lof-         who joined Garry Doyle in providing excellent
strom. Linda, who passed away on      musical entertainment for the afternoon.
October 29th, had worked at North     Although there are no residents’ birthdays in
Haven and was one of our staunch      December, staff members Corina (on the
supporters. Mike Stensrud and         12th) and Cheryl (Dec. 27th) will be cele-
Aldon Lofstrom were longtime resi-
dents of Choiceland and will be
                                      Our Staff Christmas Party will be on Friday
                                      December 9th; resident and family Xmas
North Haven was transformed by        Party will be on Friday December 16th;
the birthday celebrations for Mike    Choiceland Air Cadets share their Christmas
Doyle’s 94th birthday on Thursday,                                                    Above, Don Friesen, Ron Shymanski and Garry Doyle
                                      with us on the 19th.                            provided music for Mike Doyle’s birthday bash. Below
November 24th. The Doyle family:
Bev and Jim Johnson (Choiceland),     During this Christmas Season, may your          Mike and Evelyn Doyle are pleased to pose with their
Joan and Robert Rowley                heart and home be filled with the spirit of     kids, standing left to right are Joan Rowley (Saskatoon);
(Saskatoon), and Garry and            the season. Everyone at North Haven wishes      Bev Johnson (Choiceland) and Garry Doyle (Garrick).
Marilyn Doyle (Garrick) provided a    you a joyous Holiday Season and a New Year
generous lunch (KFC chicken, sal-     filled with Good Health and Happiness.
ads, Timbits) for residents and

Dec. 1st at 2pm Joyce Tessmer will be playing her mom’s (Ina Barker’s) records ;
Dec. 7th at 1:15 Kathy Matieyshen will be singing; Art Kun will entertain on Dec.
8th at 2pm; December 15th at 2pm we will have the Country Toe Tappers. Dec.
22nd Kathie Nordstrom will entertain at 2pm.
On December 19th at 6:30pm, the Choiceland Air Cadets will again share their
Christmas party with residents. This is a very popular event at North Haven.
Church services are held every 2nd and 4th Tues evenings at 7pm, led by Pastor
Darcy Cust. Carpet Bowling happens every Tuesday at 2pm.
Thank you to all our volunteers!

DONATIONS TO NORTH HAVEN: In the past month we were happy to receive pies,
ice cream, doughnuts, Halloween treats, mandarin oranges, bingo prizes, beets,
baking, pumpkins, Black Forest cake, cinnamon buns and so on. Some of the peo-
ple who brought stuff were: Sarah Popoff, Choiceland Seniors, Vern Ozmun, Garry
and Marilyn Doyle, Bernice Lacerte, Alan Birkenthal, John Chobotuk, Jack Pickett,
Smeaton Rec Board, Smeaton Fire Dept., Ingrid Lindbergh, Sharon Lindbergh, Tina anyone we may have missed. Thank you very much!

NORTH HAVEN AUXILIARY               would like to thank everyone who do-     Hi-Way Harvest Fellowship:
nated baking and those who bought it, at the recent Smeaton Fall Fair.       Christmas Eve Service at 6:30 p.m. Regular services at 11
Proceeds for the day were $728. Thank you to Ella Falloon for donating a     a.m. on Sundays EXCEPT for Christmas Day....No service that
turkey, won by Gayle Olson. We will be replacing the microwave oven at       day. January 1st there will be a regular service at 11 a.m.
North Haven as it has decided to quit working. We will also pay for the      Ladies Time Out: December 14th starting at 2 p.m. - cookie
dishwasher that needed replacing. There are always upgrades required at      exchange: bring 3 dozen cookies - take one dozen assorted
the home and the public has been very supportive of our fundraising.         home and help make cookie trays for shut-ins. For more details
Thank you all.                                                               call Esther at 426-2409.
                                                                             Youth Group events for December: Dec 6 - Progressive Supper,
NEW HOPE BAPTIST CHURCH (Senior’s Room, Smeaton Rec Centre)                  13th skating party and gift exchange; 20th Christmas movie at
December 4th: "Assembling a Merry Christmas: The Right Master"               the church, Dec 27 and Jan. 3 cancelled. (for more info phone
December 11th: "Assembling a Merry Christmas: The Right Message"             Kathie at 426-2731). Thank you to all the youth, Sunday School
                                                                             and parents for the great work on putting together the Opera-
December 18th: No Service                                                    tion Christmas Child Shoe Boxes for needy children around the
December 24th: Christmas Eve Service @ 7:00 p.m. "Assembling a Merry         world.
Christmas: The Right Miracle"                                                Thanks to everyone involved in the games for the Children at
December 25th: MERRY CHRISTMAS from New Hope Baptist Church!                 Smeaton's Fall Fair: Kathie Nordstrom and Connie Dyck for
Regular service times: 11:00 a.m.                                            arranging and working at the event; Christopher and Steven
                                                                             Chamberlain for their help; Bernice Lacert for the games and to
Meeting in the Senior's Room at the Smeaton Recreation Center
                                                                             everyone who donated prizes for the children.... they had a lot
For more information call Pastor Darcy @ 426-2101 or 862-7681                of fun!
Page 4                                                     A very successful Fall Fair was held at the Rec Centre on Saturday, November 26th.
           SMEATON FALL FAIR:                              The exhibitors were: Margaret and Carrie Elchuck (Massage Therapy and bath salts);
                                                           Lynelle Shreve (hand made jewelry); Smeaton Walking Group; Shirley Godin / Sarah
                                                           Pickett (scrungees, chocolates); Erin Lysak -(hand made jewelry/Mary Kay products);
                                                           North Haven Auxiliary (baking, turkey raffle); Kathy Jordan/Brittany McLean (barrettes,
                                                           baking, home made puzzles); Christie Checkosis/Jamie Jensen - (Body by Vi -Visalus);
                                                           Gordon Wilmot (woodwork, turned bowls); Norma Riou (quilted items, knit arti-
                                                           cles, hand made bags); Shannon Sylvestre (Everyday Style, Regal, beaded gauntlets);
                                                           Kim Fabish/Bonnie Pickett (afghans, lap quilts, gift tags); Gerry and Hazel Johnson
                                                           (chocolates); Jim Ahle (Cub Hills Wildlife info,50/50 and basket draw); Kyla and Jenny
                                                           Lewis -(knit articles/barrettes and headbands); Shirley Fomradas (baking, decorated
                                                           glass blocks with lights); Amy Reid (Jockey clothing); Gail Krause (Tupperware); Erin
                                                           Kosowan (Sunset Gourmet); Jocelyn Kingfisher (Heritage Makers, scrapbooking, Christ-
                                                           mas ornaments).
                                                             If you missed purchasing from any of these exhibitors I am sure you could contact
                                                           them directly and they would be happy to fill your order!
Gordon Wilmot of Garrick uses local wood to make           Kathy Jordan won the door prize basket; Gayle Olson won the North Haven Aux turkey
turned bowls and pieces of furniture.                      and the Wildlife 50/50 Draw. Deanna Brazier won the Wildlife basket. Congratulations!

Shirley and Gus Fomrades had a wonderful array of        Norma Riou came from Carrot River with her     Erin Kosowan of Choiceland offered a gourmet
baking and unique glass block decorations.               quilted and crocheted products including       line of mixes and food kits called Sunset Gour-
                                                         warm mittens.                                  met, supplied out of Winnipeg.

Hazel Johnson of Snowden made a great variety of        Kristy Checkosis and Jamie Jensen promoted
                                                                                                      Tupperware! by Gail Krause of Christopher Lake
chocolates.                                             a dietary supplement called Body by Vi.

Lynelle Shreve had a great variety of jewelry made by
                                                                                                      Amy Reid has become a rep for Jockey Clothing,
herself. She calls herself Grandmother Wind and mar-
                                                         Bonnie Pickett is well known for her well-   well made and stylish casual wear for ladies. She
kets her well-designed pieces online.
                                                         made crocheted afghans                       will book house parties.
                                                                                                                                          Page 5

                                                                                           Above left: Carrie and her mom Marg Elchuk offered
                                                                                           chair massage and other relaxation techniques. Above
                                                                                           middle, Sharon Morpurgo offered a wide variety of used
                                                                                           and new items. Above, Jocelyn Kingfisher demonstrated
                                                                                           a publishing online club for designing your own books.

                                                                                           Far left, Shannon Sylvestre offered some great gauntlets,
                                                                                           Regal and Everyday Style; near left, Britanny McLean and
                                                                                           Kathy Jordan had crafts and baking.

CHRISTMAS REFLECTIONS                                                                  Greetings from Nadine Wilson
by Glen Scrimshaw (noted                                                               (Saskatchewan Rivers Constituency)
artist and philanthropist)
                                                                           I am extremely humbled
   I have been blessed with                                            and honoured to have been
a wonderful Christmas                                                  chosen again to represent
every year that I can re-                                              the constituents of Sas-
member, even the year                                                  katchewan Rivers. I thank
that I was away from fam-                                              the many hardworking
ily as a Hudson Bay Gro-                                               friendly people from Big
cery Store Manager. When                                               River to White Fox for their
asked to write about my most memorable Christmas I found it hard       continued support and com-
and easy at the same time. Hard because they have all been great       mitment. We are truly lucky
and easy because I had recently celebrated a lifelong dream during     here in Saskatchewan to
a past Christmas season.                                               benefit from many opportu-
   Every Christmas with the exception of a recent one I have cele-     nities, the most important
brated in someone else's house (rent, etc.) or a house that I had      of which include our wel-
bought. Never had I celebrated Christmas with my family in my          coming, caring people. One
dream house. The place that I had envisioned (sort of...) and re-      of the best experiences
cently dreamt of was now a reality. It was an amazing Christmas        from my past four years as your provincial representative has been
spent with my family, my fiancé and her family. The only thing miss-   working with the wonderful people in our riding. Our neighbours and
ing was that the fireplace area in the house was not complete.         friends are hardworking and adventurous, while caring deeply about
   Now two years later the house is 99% complete. This means that      our environment and its forest fringe setting.
the fireplace is now finished but most important is that I have my       During this term in government, we hope to continue paying down
lovely wife to share it with. Zorka and I were married on March        our province’s debt while maintaining the country’s lowest unemploy-
19th of this past year. This coming Christmas season is going to be    ment rate. Improving infrastructure also remains a distinct priority. As
an even more memorable one. I have a beautiful wife to share all       we grow our province and bring our children back home, more opportu-
of what this year will bring !!!                                       nities will present themselves.
   Every year I also like to reflect on the difference that my art        Over the past four years, my husband, Doug, and I have been
makes in people’s lives. I am often complimented on it and how         blessed with a growing family: two of our four children have married,
much people like it and enjoy it in their homes.                       and gave us three grandchildren: Casey and Reid (our grandsons), and
   Now that I have been a professional artist for 25 years I am able   most recently, granddaughter Ella (named after my mother), born this
to do something very important to me. I have been able to give         Remembrance Day at the 11th hour, of 11-11-2011. The Creator truly
back to the same people who gave me the success I have en-             does work in mysterious ways!
joyed. I have been able to donate my work to organizations both            I ask for your assistance in continuing to move this province in the
locally and all over the world. I am told often by people "what a      right direction. Please contact me anytime with your concerns or sug-
difference" my piece of art has made to their fundraising activi-      gestion. I work for you, and am responsible for being your voice in Re-
ties! I am told that many times my work brings over 10 times its       gina.
value during auctions and so on!                                           On behalf of our office staff- Marcus, Cora and Joan, we wish you a
   It fills me with a warmth beyond description that I am able to      very Merry Christmas and peaceful New Year.
make such a difference doing something I love!!! Christmas is a
                                                                        With warm wishes, Nadine
wonderful time to reflect on how lucky we all truly are!!!!
            The Smeaton RCMP would like to remind you that winter
is here, and with that comes unpredictable and often treacherous
road conditions. Roads may be slippery, subject to freezing, and cov-
ered with snow, making it difficult to maneuver your vehicle and stop
when you need to. Slow down and be mindful of your speeds, as road
conditions can change at a moment’s notice. If you do get stranded,
stay with your vehicle, call emergency personnel. Remember, it is
more difficult to find a person who has wandered away from their

Are you prepared for a roadside emergency? Consider purchasing a
vehicle emergency kit, or put one together yourself. Most kits contain
a flashlight, blankets, extra clothes, bottled water, food that doesn’t
spoil, a candle in a deep can, and waterproof matches. Other items
that are handy to have in your vehicle include a shovel, booster ca-
bles, road maps, first aid kit, tow ropes, a fire extinguisher, and warn-   MOVEMBER: During November each year, Movember is respon-
ing lights or flares. Having an emergency kit in your vehicle could         sible for the sprouting of moustaches on thousands of men’s faces,
save your life! For more information on emergency kits, check out the       in Canada and around the world. With their “Mo’s”, these men raise
Emergency Preparedness website at .                   vital funds and awareness for men's health, specifically prostate
                                                                            cancer. Their significant others can hardly wait for the end of No-
With the holidays fast approaching, many of you will be toasting and        vember and the disappearance of facial hair but men who grow a
celebrating with family and friends, all the while indulging in alcoholic   mustache in November are to be commended for the awareness
beverages. Please don’t drink and drive. Arrive alive, arrive safe, and     they raise. Above, Cst. Derek Dyck and Cst. Lance Bouvier show off
always plan a safe ride home.                                               their Movember efforts. In fact, Lance’s mustache was judged the
                                                                            best for the Nipawin and Smeaton Detachment areas!
Office hours at the Smeaton RCMP Detachment are Monday to Fri-               You may wish to support this cause by donating to the Canadian
day, 8:00 am to 4:45 pm. Smeaton RCMP want to wish you and your             Cancer Society specifying men’s health or prostate cancer research.
families a safe and happy holiday season!

                                                                                                                        Hilda Switzer is
                                                                                                                        your Choiceland
                                                                                                                        124—4th Street East
                                                                                                               Call 428-2775 or just drop by!
SMEATON SCHOOL                 A meeting called at the Smeaton School on November
22nd gave locals a chance to offer their ideas on keeping the building viable and                                    Merry Christmas
useful. Mile “0” Economic Development Committee had taken on the building to pre-
serve it for the future use of Smeaton and district. They have paid the utility bills for a                           and Happy New
full year and now are asking for the community’s help in keeping the building going                                     Year from
for another year. Between $10,000 and $15,000 will be required to keep the utilities                                   Choiceland
paid for a year, depending on how the building is occupied.                                                           United Church.
  You may help in several ways. You could donate money through the Village Office
and receive a receipt for a tax deduction OR you could lend money through the                          Come join us for bible study with Rev.
Smeaton Credit Union and recover your money when the building is sold or is filled                    Krystal Wednesday morning 9:30 a.m. at
with viable businesses.                                                                               the church. There are two more left. The
   A Potluck Supper and Benefit is planned at the School Gym for January 20th,                        theme is Jesus meets Santa, and we are
2012. Plan to attend or donate an item for auction.                                                   watching old Christmas movies.
                                                                                                       Regular Church Services are every Sun-
  A number of people at the meeting said they would be happy to sponsor a folding
                                                                                                      day at 9:30 a.m.
table so that events could be held at the school. If you would like to donate the cash
to buy a table please contact Esther Chamberlain who will look after finding a good                   Special Services are held at one of the
                                                                                                      four churches (Nipawin, Codette, White-
buy in folding tables and handle the transactions. Call Esther at 426-2409 to pledge
                                                                                                      Fox, Choiceland) whenever there is a 5th
one or more tables. The cost of a table is expected to be less than $50.                              Sunday in the month.
  Any other Fundraising or Use of School ideas are more than welcome. Contact any                     Christmas Eve Candlelight Service is on
member of the Economic Development Committee. The Chairperson is Tom Jensen,                          December 24th at 7:30p.m.
and some of the committee members are: Mike Rudnicki, Margo Marshall, Shona                           There are no services Christmas Day or
Willness, Joe Bernhard, Maurice Kirby, and Alden Paul. Let’s work together to use the                 New Years Day.
school building to Smeaton’s advantage.
                                          can record the good the bad and the ugly         palms and fingers and are stretchy so
GARDEN TALK                               of their gardening adventures. Another gift      they fit well and have a really good grip.
                                                                                                                                         Page 7

with Karen Stensrud                       that will remind the receiver of the gift of     A photo album is not just for family photos so that
Dear Santa; (hard to believe that Santa   you all year is a gardening / flower / butter-   stack of pictures scattered around the house can
Time is just around the corner). What     fly (you name it) ...themed calendar, you        go straight to the album and dated to enjoy for
do you get a gardener?                    get the picture. Decorative pots are a nice      years to come.
Here are some random ideas that might     gift. You know, the ones you would like but
                                          think they are too expensive to buy for your-    Something that doesn’t seem like a gardener’s item
help with Xmas shopping. You can’t go                                                      is a furniture moving device. My muscles and back
wrong with a wheelbarrow. Actually the    self. They make great gifts. Gardening
                                          books are a big hit with me. You can never       seem to be getting weaker so I have employed the
two-wheeled cats are the one of my                                                         use of what I call my “truck”. It has a few minor
choice. I have two and if another one     go wrong with gift certificates either, since
                                          it is off season for gardening a certificate     modifications so I can carry trays of bedding plants
appeared under the tree I wouldn’t be                                                      from place to place as well as bags of potting mix
disappointed. They are so handy and       can easily be stored till spring when the
                                          new stuff comes out like garden art, bird-       and so on. What I like best is to strap my Roundup
not so easily tipped over. Go to the                                                       sprayer on one with another gardener’s friend,
magazine rack and pick out a good         baths, birdfeeders, a bench or seat to put
                                          in a restful place in your garden to sit with    bungee cords, and wheel the sprayer around in-
gardening magazine. Pick out the sub-                                                      stead of LUGGING it around. It makes doing battle
scription card and order the magazine     a drink or snack to enjoy your garden.
                                                                                           with weeds a lot more fun and gets done a lot more
to be delivered in their mailbox for a    I have a favourite gardening glove called        often.
year. Wrap up the one you bought for      Atlas Grip that comes in sizes not usually
under the tree.                           found, from XS to XL, so they actually fit.      Hope this helps with shopping, Karen
What about a garden journal that they     They are more expensive than the ordinary
                                          run of the mill gloves but they have rubber      PS: Santa, did this help?

                                                                                                              For Sale: Wood Grain Top
                                                                   SMEATON WALKING GROUP                      Chrome Table with 6 chairs
                                                                   had a great time at Moose Jaw, tak-        $35; Wood Grain Top Chrome
                                                                   ing in the spa and other sights. They      Table with 5 chairs $30; Currier
                                                                   pretended to be gangsters and gun          Piano excellent condition $400;
                                                                   molls in the photo at right.               Treadmill excellent condition
                                                                   In the tub are Liba and Sharon;            $500; Pool Table and accesso-
                                                                   seated at either side of the tub are       ries $100; Fold Down Sofa $20;
                                                                   Margo and Esther; standing are Ar-         Mirrored Medicine Cabinet with
                                                                   leen, Marg, Lynelle, Jan, Jean and         shelves $10; Drapes 12ft Ivory
                                                                   Sylvia. They are obviously good            Voile, 6ft. Ivory Voile, Valance
                                                                   friends as well as good walkers.           Camel Voile, Tie Backs excellent
                                                                                                              condition $100; Assortment of
                                                                   PLEASE NOTE: FITNESS FACTORY at            curtain rods OFFERS! School
                                                                   Smeaton Rec open only by appoint-          Desk to give away.
                                                                   ment. Call Esther 426-2409.                Call Jean Burka at 428-2981.

                                                                         enough cash was
                                                                         collected to pay for
                                                                         costs of delivering
                                                                         each and every box.
OPERATION CHRISTMAS CHILD:Every year Samaritan’s Purse distrib-          Way to go, Hi-Way
utes thousands of shoe boxes filled with small items for kids. In        Harvest, Smeaton
Smeaton, the Sunday School and the Youth Group got together to           and district!
pack shoe boxes for needy children around the world. The kids            These lovingly packed
shown above had a great time and filled 42 boxes! The Ladies Time        boxes make a huge
Out group packed another ten boxes. They are shown (with mascot          difference to kids
Owain Lacert) above right. At right are the moms and grandmas that       living in poverty.
helped when the kids were assembling the boxes. In addition,
    Steve's Septic Service                         KEN’S PAINTING                                           DIAMOND
     cell 426-7553 * home 426-2743                                                                          COUNTRY
                      ~Farm and Residential                                  ELECTRICAL, LTD.
 - Serving villages and rural areas from Al-
            bertville to White Fox             ~Brush, Roller and Spraying                          Call DAVE FORDEN, Smeaton
Tanks pumped, floats and pumps replaced
          * Portable Toilet Rentals                ......35 years experience                       - Over 30 years experience in wiring of hous-
                                                                                                        ing, farm, industrial & commercial.
       * Call to book pump outs
                                                   Phone (306) 426-2059                                -Will trench for underground cables.
      24- hour Emergency Service
             STEVE BEAL                                                                                 426-2517 or 981-5046 (cell)
          (owner /operator)

                                           ....from the Choiceland
                                              Historical Museum
                                     The Museum in Choiceland is full of wondrous
                                     articles. On the second floor of the house
                                     which houses the museum, half the space is
                                     devoted to school items. Among the artifacts is
                                     the tin water cooler at left. Children were
                                     asked to provide their own cups for water and
                                     many were fashioned from baking powder tins.
                                     At right is a school desk donated by Eleanor
                                     Bodnaruk as well as a Geography text, wooden
                                     ruler and wooden pencil box with sliding lid.
                                     These items sure bring back memories.

        NEED MONEY FOR YOUR                                                                                  WIND ~FIRE ~ WATER

          SMALL BUSINESS?                                                        Your Disaster Restoration Experts
                  (Existing or Start-up)                                             Toll Free: 1-888-922-5744
        ...MAYBE CHOICELAND BUSINESS LOANS                                                376 - A 17th St. W
                       CO-OPERATIVE LTD. CAN HELP                                  24 HR EMERGENCY SERVICE
                                                                                          Prince Albert, SK
                          ** Limit $15,000.00 **                                    Our Granite team is always ready to help
                       CONTACT CHOICELAND TOWN                                              when disaster strikes.
                             OFFICE 428-2070                                        We’re on facebook

                                                                                            WAYS TO REACH US:
                                                                                  A. Kirby, Box 28, Smeaton SK S0J 2J0
                                                                                     ~ (306) 426-2447
                                                                            The newsletter is created in Smeaton, Saskatchewan and is distributed
                                                                             free to communities on Highway #55 between Meath Park and White
                                                                            Fox. In White Fox the newsletter is available at White Fox General Store.
                                                                              From Meath Park to Love, look for it in your post office box. A mailed
                                                                            subscription anywhere in Canada costs $15 per year. We do not charge
                                                                           for district mailings to your mail box or for social items. All submissions
                                                                                              are welcome. EDITOR: Annette Kirby
                                                                           THANK YOU to the following for donations towards newsletter
                                                                           printing costs: Norm and Gladys Phillips; Murray and Elaine
                                                                           McLean (Choiceland); Floyd Rayner (Winnipeg MB); Kathy Peters
                                                                           (Nipawin); Terry and Karla Moon (Prince Albert); Marion and Leo-
                                                                           nard Miller (Choiceland); John, Rikki and Lanci Chobotuk; Kathie
                                                                           Nordstrom; George and Rita Widdifield (Lanigan); Rod and Betty
                                                                           Hyam (Nipawin); Hilda Morrison (Prince Albert); Jean Burka
                                                                           (Snowden); Gordon and Amanda Wilmot (Garrick).

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