Object Lesson For Kids: Pumpkin Seed Toss by sappken


Use this game as a discussion about the power of our words, or about how we choose goals in life.

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  Object Lesson For Kids:
   Pumpkin Seed Toss
Use this game as a discussion about
 the power of our words, or about
    how we choose goals in life.



1. Several Carved pumpkins with different size mouths or with different
size holes in the top.
As an alternative, have a watermelon seed toss on a hot summer
afternoon. Cut off the ends of the watermelon. Hollow it out and then pit
it back together with toothpicks. Carve funny faces in the watermelons as
you would a pumpkin.
2. Small Bean Bags (Referred to as Pumpkin seeds / or watermelon seeds)
3. Place the pumpkins on a bale of hay or cloth covered table some
distance from the participants.
4. Choose one of the discussion ideas below… Choosing only one will keep
everyone focused and create a more powerful object lesson.



Each Youth / Child is given 5 chances to try to toss
the pumpkin seeds into the pumpkin. Each
pumpkin, depending on the size of the hole is worth
different points.


Discussion Idea #1: Targets

1. Why did you choose your pumpkin target?
Some people chose the smaller pumpkins because they
were worth more. Others chose the pumpkins with the
larger mouth because they were an easier target.
2. When it comes down to real life, do you choose your
targets based on value or upon which is easier?
3. What are your targets in the Christian life? Are they easy?
Why do you value these targets?


Discussion Idea #2: Your Mouth
1. In this game you were judged by your ability to toss an
object into a mouth. But in God’s kingdom we are not
judged by what goes into our mouths, but by what comes
out of our mouths.
2. What do your words reveal about you?
3. When is it more valuable to be a “big mouth”? To keep
your mouth closed?
4. What does the Bible say about our words?


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