Doraemon and Nobita in Animal Planet by SoniaAngelique


									Doraemon and Nobita in Animal Planet

Doraemon and Nobita in Animal Planet review:
Who does not know Doraemon and Nobita? The two friends who since 1990 was
introduced to the children of Indonesia. This time Doraemon and Nobita adventure on a
planet where the inhabitants are animals who have evolved as humans.

It is said, in another dimension this world there are two planets, one of which is owned by
the animal while the other planets are belong to man who almost destroyed. The animals
who come to believe they have been given by God the planet is actually a scientist.
Scientists were sending them to save them from the cruelty of man.

After a few years, people want plsnet which contained the animal that broke out a war
between humans and animals. Doraemon and his friends must be a good side to help the
animals human face.

As usual we will be treated by the magic of the tools out of the magic bag Doraemon. In
addition, we shall witness how sophisticated the animal which was already far behind the
Earth in terms of their treatment of the environment. How they are wise in utilizing natural
resources and actually protecting the environment.

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