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					Page numbers preceded by PDF: indicate topics found in the online chapters
     (15 through the appendix) at

                                % Disk Time counter, PDF:789
                                % Processor Time counter, PDF:789
                                64-bit computing
                                   new features, PDF:542
                                   SSIS, 186-187

                                a apply option (Rskeymgmt
                                  utility), 123
                                a authmethod option (RSConfig
                                  utility), 122
                                    account lockout policies, 481
                                    Books Online, PDF:573
                                    Business Intelligence
                                      Development Studio, PDF:577
                                    Configuration Manager, PDF:582
                                    Database Engine Tuning Advisor,
                                    full-text catalog properties,
                                    full-text index population
                                      status, 371
                                    groups, 476
                                    instances, 155-156
                                    Management Studio, PDF:575
                                    Notification Services,
                                      156-157, 172
                                    Operations Manager 2007,
                                    Query Editor, PDF:590
                                    Report Builder, PDF:593
                                    Reporting Services Configuration
                                      Manager tool, PDF:584
                                    roles, 475-478
                                        access groups, 476
                                        database-level, 477-478
                                        role groups, 476
                                        server-level, 476-477
838        access

   Server Profiler, PDF:585           Activity Monitor
   Surface Area Configuration tool,      health check data gathering, 268
     PDF:583                             process monitoring,
accounts                                   PDF:813-PDF:815
   Database Mail, PDF:758             ADFs (application definition files),
   full-text service, 384-385          151, 164-170
   lockout policies, 480              administration
   Notification Services                 indexes, 328
       database access,                      clustered, creating, 333-334
         granting, 172                       disabling, 335-336
       defining, 159-161                     enabling, 336-337
       identifying, 154-155                  maintenance, 337-338
   NSRulesEvaluator, 159                     nonclustered, creating, 335
   Operations Manager 2007                   rebuilding, 337
     service/security,                       Transact-SQL syntax, 328-332
     PDF:831-PDF:832                     log shipping, PDF:728
   remote                                    Copy Files job, creating,
       clusters, PDF:665                       PDF:734-PDF:735
       Service Pack 2 installation,          database recovery model,
         PDF:676                               PDF:729-PDF:730
   SA, 439-441                               implementing,
   service                                     PDF:730-PDF:731
       choosing, 458                         monitor servers, adding,
       clusters, PDF:666                       PDF:737-PDF:738
       database mirroring, PDF:705           restoration options,
       failover clustering, PDF:681            PDF:736-PDF:737
       hardening, 455-458                    secondary databases,
       modifying, 458-460                      PDF:733-PDF:734
       Operations Manager 2007,              storage locations,
         PDF:831-PDF:832                       PDF:728-PDF:729
       OpsMgr, PDF:781                       transaction log backup
       types, 457                              settings, PDF:731-PDF:733
   SQL.NSInventory Windows               Notification Services, 157-159
     domain user, 160-161                    accounts, defining, 159-161
active/active clustering,                    database access,
 PDF:652-PDF:655                               granting, 172
Active Directory role-based                  creating instances, 161-162
 security, 476                               enabling instances, 170
active nodes, PDF:651                        Inventory Tracker ADF file,
Active Sessions counter,                       164-170
 PDF:796-PDF:797                             Inventory Tracker ICF file,
ActiveX Script Task, 390
                                             nonhosted event providers,
                                               configuring, 172-174
                                             nscontrol utility, 179-180
                                                          Agent        839

      registering instances, 170-171      configuring, PDF:827
      starting instances, 174             Documents Catalog,
      subscribers/subscriptions,            deleting, 378
        adding, 175-177                   downloading, 73, PDF:827
      subscription data/                  finding, 72
        notifications, viewing,           full-text catalogs, 359-362
        177-178                           full-text filegroups, defining,
      updating instances, 178-179           357-359
   replication. See replication           historical data, deleting, 296
   security, 487                          indexes, 293-294
   SSIS packages, 195-197                 installing, 73
      creating, 187-189                   integrity check, 291
      deleting, 195                       logins, adding, 495
      importing/exporting, 190-191        mirrored backups, PDF:614
      reports, 194                        publications
      running, 191-193                        configuring, 224-225, 228-229
      scheduling, 193-194                     peer-to-peer transactional
      stopping, 195                              replication, 236-238
      storing, 189                        shrinking, 292
      viewing, 194                        snapshot, PDF:642-643
   SSRS                                   statistics, updating, 296
      command-line utilities, 121         subscriptions, configuring,
      Management Studio, 117-119            229-233
      Report Manager, 119-120             tail-log backup, PDF:631-PDF:632
      rs command-line utility,            Test Schema, 498
        124-126                           transaction log tail-log backup,
      RSConfig command-line utility,        PDF:610-PDF:612
        122-123                           transaction log truncate backup,
      Rskeymgmt command-line                PDF:609-PDF:610
        utility, 123-124               Agent
ADO Connection Manager, 395               alerts, 63
ADO.NET Connection Manager, 395           distribution, 211
Advanced Settings page (server prop-      error logs, PDF:763
 erties), 27-28                           jobs, 61-63
AdventureWorks database                       creating, 61-62
   alerts, PDF:761                            enabling/disabling, 62
   attaching, 73-74,                          history, 63
     PDF:827-PDF:828                          monitoring, PDF:753-PDF:755,
   backups, PDF:606-PDF:607,                     PDF:771
     PDF:630-PDF:631                          running, 297
      differential, PDF:607-PDF:608,      launching, 311
        PDF:618-PDF:619                   log reader, 211
      full, PDF:615-PDF:618               merge, 212
      transaction log,                    operators, 63
840        Agent

    OpsMgr, PDF:768                  Analysis Services (SSAS), PDF:551
       deploying, PDF:775              AdventureWorks DW sample
       installing, PDF:783-PDF:784       database
       security, PDF:780                   attaching, 73-74
    properties, 59-61                      downloading, 73
    proxy accounts, 63                     finding, 72
    queue reader, 212                      installing, 73
    replication, 211-212, PDF:567      architecture, 69-70
    snapshot, 211                      backing up, 90, PDF:637-PDF:638
Agent Properties dialog box            Connection Manager, 395
    advanced page, 60                  cubes, PDF:554
    alerts, 60                         database deployment, 74
    connections, 60                        Analysis Services Deployment
    general page, 59                         Wizard, 75-78
    history, 61                            Business Intelligence
    jobs, 60                                 Developer Studio, 78-79
Aggregate Transformation, 393              SSIS, 80
alerts                                     Synchronize Database
                                             Wizard, 80
    Agent, 60, 63
                                       data sources, PDF:553-PDF:554
    defining, PDF:760-PDF:761
                                       Deployment Wizard, 75-78
    generating, PDF:767
                                           Select Processing Options
    OpsMgr, PDF:766                          screen, 78
    responses, PDF:761                     Specify Configuration
AllItems table, 333                          Properties screen, 77
All subscriptions tab (Replication         Specify Options for Partitions
  Monitor tool), 252                         and Roles screen, 76
ALTER ANY permission, PDF:547              Specify Source Analysis
ALTER ENDPOINT statement, 502                Services Database
ALTER FULLTEXT CATALOG                       screen, 76
  command, 356                         Execute DDL Task, 390
ALTER FULLTEXT INDEX                   failover clustering installation,
  command, 356                           PDF:668-PDF:671
ALTER FULLTEXT INDEX                   full multidimensional databases,
  statement, 373                         processing, 81-85
                                       informational database reports,
ALTER INDEX statement, 330-332
                                         creating, 91
ALTER LOGIN statement, 483             managing, 91
ALTER permission, PDF:547              mining structures/modeling,
ALTER ROLE statement, 485                PDF:555
ALTER SCHEMA statement, 486            new features, 71-72
ALTER USER statement, 484              objects
Analysis Server Properties dialog          processing, 81
  box, 86                                  scripting, 91
                                       OLAP storage models, 87-90
                                     automating database backups         841

   performance, 95-96,                   architecture
     PDF:799-PDF:800                        Analysis Services, 69-70
   Processing Task, 390                     OpsMgr, PDF:767-PDF:769
   properties, configuring, 86           archiving data, PDF:778
   recovering databases,                 assemblies, PDF:545
                                         asymmetric keys, 512
   restoring, 90
                                         asynchronous database mirroring,
   roles, PDF:556
   security, 91, 503-504
                                         Attach Database dialog box, 74
       administrator privileges,
         granting, 92                    Attach Databases dialog box, 55
       database permissions, 92-93       attaching
       roles, creating, 93-94               AdventureWorks database, 73-74,
   server/client communications,              PDF:827-PDF:828
     PDF:552-PDF:553                        databases, 54-56
   tasks, 390                            audit tracing servers, 22
   terminology, 68-69                    Audit Transformation, 394
   UDM, PDF:551-PDF:552                  authentication, 436
   versions, 70-71                          failover clustering, PDF:667
   viewing, 91                              Kerberos, PDF:687
analyzing                                   logins
   BI features, PDF:541                         mixed mode, 488-489
   data during health checks, 274               SQL, 489-492
       BPA results, 277-281                     Windows, 492-495
       SQLDIAG results, 274-276             modes
       SQLH2 results, 276-277                   choosing, 437-438
   queries, PDF:815-PDF:817                     configuring, 438-439
   workloads, PDF:807-PDF:808                   mixed mode, 437
antivirus software, reviewing,              servers, 20-21
 273, 285                                   Service Pack 2 installation,
APIs (application programming                 PDF:675
 interfaces), 152                           SQL, 489-492
applications                                Windows, 436, 492-495
   definition files (ADFs), 151,         Authentication Mode screen
     164-170                               (Microsoft SQL Server Installation
   programming interfaces                  Wizard), PDF:667
     (APIs), 152                         Authentication screen (Service
   roles, managing, 499-500                Pack 2 Setup Wizard), PDF:675
   SQLLogShip.exe, PDF:744               authenticators, 519-521
   troubleshooting/optimization          autogrowth (database files), 42
       cursors, PDF:817                  automatic failover (database
       locking/deadlocks,                  mirroring), PDF:702-PDF:707
         PDF:818-PDF:819                 automating database backups,
       query analysis,                     PDF:621-PDF:628
842        Auto or Advanced dialog box

Auto or Advanced dialog box,                    differential backup example,
 PDF:783                                          PDF:618-PDF:619
availability, PDF:539                           full backup example,
Available Bytes counter, PDF:789                  PDF:615-PDF:618
Avg. Disk Queue Length counter,                 settings, 25
 PDF:789                                        system databases, PDF:614
                                                transaction log backup
                                                  example, PDF:619-PDF:621
                                            devices, creating, 33
B                                           full-text catalogs, 384, PDF:641
Back Up Database Task, 297-298,             importance, PDF:598-PDF:599
 419-420                                    keys, 521-522
Back Up Databases Across One or             log shipping, PDF:723
 More Files option (Back Up                 need for, PDF:599
 Database Task), 297                        new features, PDF:598
backing up                                  objective, PDF:599
   Analysis Services, 90,                   OpsMgr, PDF:774-PDF:775
    PDF:637-PDF:638                         replication, 248-249
   business scope, PDF:600                  Reporting Services
   Database Engine, PDF:605                     configuration/data files,
      automating with maintenance                 PDF:636-PDF:637
         plan, PDF:621-PDF:625,                 databases, PDF:633-PDF:635
         PDF:628                                encryption keys,
      copy-only backups, PDF:613                  PDF:635-PDF:636
      differential backups,                     websites, PDF:635
         PDF:607-PDF:609,                   SQLLogShip.exe option, PDF:744
         PDF:618-PDF:619                    SSIS packages, 199
      differential partial backups,         storage locations, PDF:726
         PDF:613                            strategies, reviewing, 273,
      filegroup backups, PDF:612              283-284
      full backups, PDF:605-                tasks, 420
         PDF:607, PDF:615-PDF:618           technical aspects, PDF:600
      mirrored backups, PDF:614          Backup Component option (Back Up
      partial backups,                    Database Task), 297
         PDF:612-PDF:613                 Backup Devices folder, 33
      storage architecture, PDF:601      Backup Set Will Expire option (Back
      system databases, PDF:614           Up Database Task), 297
      transaction log backups,           Backup Up To option (Back Up
         PDF:609-PDF:612,                 Database Task), 297
                                         BACKUP/DUMP permission, PDF:548
   databases, 56, 297-298
                                         Bcp command-line tool, PDF:587
      automating with maintenance
         plan, PDF:621-PDF:625,          Best Practice Analyzer. See BPA
                                                         catalogs         843

BI (business intelligence),            Bulk Insert Task, 390
  PDF:541-PDF:542                      bulk-logged recovery model
    Development Studio, 69, PDF:576     (databases), 45, PDF:602
         accessing, PDF:577            business continuity plans, reviewing,
         Analysis Services database     273, 283-284
           deployment, 78-79           business intelligence. See BI
         layout, PDF:576               Bytes Total/sec counter, PDF:789
         packages, debugging, 406
         SSIS packages, running, 191
    transformation types (data         C
       flow), 392
BLOBs (Binary large objects), 197,     Cache Flushes/Sec counter, PDF:797
                                       Cache Hits/Sec counter,
block analysis, PDF:771                 PDF:796-PDF:797
Books Online, PDF:572                  Cache Misses/Sec counter,
    accessing, PDF:573                  PDF:796-PDF:797
    downloading, PDF:574               caching, 69, 88-90
    filtering, PDF:573                 capacity limits (OpsMgr),
b option (rs utility), 124              PDF:778-PDF:779
BPA (Best Practice Analyzer),          capturing
  266, 454                                counters, PDF:790-PDF:792
    core services information,            workloads, PDF:805-PDF:807
       collecting, 270-271             CAs (certificate authorities), 512
    health check data gathering,
    recommendations, 279                  database mirroring monitoring,
    reports, 278
    results, analyzing, 277-281
                                              backing up, PDF:641
    security recommendations,
       280-281                                creating, 355-361
    vulnerability and recommendation          creating with DDL, 361-362
       report, 455                            DDL, reviewing, 355-357
b-tree structures (indexes), 321              deleting, 378
Buffer Cache Hit Ratio counter,               full-text indexes. See full-text
  PDF:793                                       indexes
                                              modifying, 356
Buffer Memory counter, PDF:801
                                              new features, 353
Buffers in Use counter, PDF:801
                                              optimizing, 374
Buffers Spooled counter, PDF:801              populating, 369-371
BUILTIN/Administrators Windows                population status codes,
  group, deleting, 463                          376-377
Bulkadmin fixed server role                   properties, 374-376
  permission, PDF:550                         rebuilding, 374
Bulk Copy utility, 432                        recovering, PDF:641
844         catalogs

        restoring, 384                       nodes, virtual servers, PDF:665
        searches, 354-355, 378-384           recovery models (databases),
        service accounts, configuring,         45-46, PDF:603
           384-385                           service accounts, 458
        tables/views, 375                clients
c connection option (RSConfig                certificates, configuring, 530-531
  utility), 122                              connections/redirects,
central publisher/multiple                     PDF:712-PDF:713
  subscribers model (replication), 213       encryption, 531-532
central subscriber/multiple                  SSAS communication,
  publishers model (replication), 214          PDF:552-PDF:553
Certificate Export Wizard, 530           Cluster Administrator, PDF:650,
Certificate Services, installing,          PDF:659
  PDF:828-PDF:830                        Cluster Group Selection screen
certificates, 512                          (Microsoft SQL Server Installation
                                           Wizard), PDF:663
    authorities (CAs), 512
    client-initiated encryption,         Cluster Node Configuration screen
      531-532                              (Microsoft SQL Server Installation
                                           Wizard), PDF:665
    configuring, 529-531
    creating, 515                        clusters
    databases, 515                           active/active, PDF:652-PDF:655
    exporting, 530                           creating, PDF:657-PDF:658
    importing, 529                           disk requirements, PDF:657
    provisioning, 527-529                    failover, PDF:647
    self-signed, 526                             adding nodes,
    server configuration, 529                      PDF:680, PDF:689
    third-party, 526-529                         alternatives, PDF:651-PDF:652
Change Autogrowth dialog box, 42                 Cluster Administrator, PDF:650
                                                 cluster-aware components,
Change Free Space per Page
  Percentage To option (rebuild index
  task), 294                                     cluster resources, PDF:649
                                                 creating clusters,
Change Settings dialog box, 84
change tracking (full-text indexes),             database mirroring
  365-366, 373-374                                 combination, PDF:699
Character Map Transformation, 393                dependencies, PDF:649
characteristics of indexes, 321-323              disaster recovery, PDF:648
Check Database Integrity Task,                   DNS registration, PDF:687
  291, 419                                       drives, sharing,
Choose Server to Configure screen                  PDF:680-PDF:681
  (Database Mirroring Wizard),                   failback, PDF:649,
  PDF:703                                          PDF:685-PDF:686
choosing                                         failover, PDF:649, PDF:685
    authentication modes, 437-438                group resources, PDF:649
    maintenance tasks, 301                       groups, PDF:682, PDF:689
                                       command-line tools           845

heartbeats, PDF:649                   geographically dispersed,
high-availability alternative           PDF:652
  combinations,                       indexes, 319
  PDF:653-PDF:654                         characteristics, 323
installing for Analysis                   creating, 333-334
  Services, PDF:668-PDF:671               design, 325
installing for Database Engine,           disabling, 335-336
  PDF:660-PDF:668                         enabling, 336
instances, deleting, PDF:681          majority node, PDF:650
Kerberos authentication,              N+1, PDF:652
  PDF:687                             N+M, PDF:652
log shipping combination,             quorum-device, PDF:650
                                      remote accounts, PDF:665
majority node clusters,
                                      resources, PDF:649
                                      second nodes, adding, PDF:659
MSDTC installation, PDF:659
                                      service accounts, PDF:666
multiple-instance example,
  PDF:654-PDF:655                 Code Editor tool. See Query
objective, PDF:648
patch management,                 collation (databases), 43, PDF:667
  PDF:672-PDF:680                 Collation Settings screen (Microsoft
pausing/resuming nodes,            SQL Server Installation Wizard),
  PDF:688                          PDF:667
preparing nodes, PDF:655          columns (indexes)
preferred owners,                     computed, 322-323
  PDF:683-PDF:685                     constraints, 322
prerequisites, PDF:650-               nonclustered indexes, 323
  PDF:651                             uniqueifier, 325
quorum-device clusters,           command-line tools,
  PDF:650                          PDF:587-PDF:588
quorum resources, PDF:649,            Bcp, PDF:587
  PDF:682                             dta, PDF:587
renaming resources, PDF:689           dtexec, 202-204, PDF:587
replication combination, 218          dtutil, 205-206, PDF:588
resource status, PDF:682              log shipping management,
second nodes, adding,                   PDF:744-PDF:745
  PDF:659                             MSBuild, 175
scalability, PDF:653                  nscontrol, 179-180, PDF:588
server load performance/              osql, PDF:588
  degradation, PDF:653                profiler90, PDF:588
service accounts, managing,           rs, PDF:588
                                      rsconfig, 122-123, PDF:588
shared storage, configuring,
                                      rskeymgmt, 123-124, PDF:588
                                      sac, PDF:588
virtual servers, PDF:648
                                      sqlagent90, PDF:588
846         command-line tools

   sqlcmd, PDF:588                      configuration files (Reporting
   SQLdiag, PDF:588                      Services), PDF:636-PDF:637
      health check data gathering,      Configuration Manager, PDF:581
        264-265                            accessing, PDF:582
      performance information,             certificates, configuring, 529
        collecting, 268-270                features, PDF:581
      results, analyzing, 274-276          hardening with, 445-449
   sqllogship Application, PDF:588         Protocols for MSSQLSERVER
   sqlmaint, PDF:588                         properties, PDF:582
   sqlservr Application, PDF:588           service accounts, modifying,
   sqlwb, PDF:588                            458-460
   SSRS administration, 121                SSRS, 105-107
      rs, 124-126                       configuring
      RSConfig, 122-123                    Analysis Services properties, 86
      Rskeymgmt, 123-124                   authentication modes, 438-439
   tablediff, PDF:588                      certificates, 529-531
commands                                   clusters, PDF:657-PDF:658,
   ALTER FULLTEXT CATALOG, 356               PDF:665
   ALTER FULLTEXT INDEX, 356               database encryption, 514
   CREATE FULLTEXT CATALOG, 355            Database Mail, PDF:759
   CREATE FULLTEXT INDEX, 356              database mirroring
   nscontrol utility, 179-180                  automatic failover,
Common Jobs tab (Replication                     PDF:702-PDF:707
 Monitor tool), 252                            endpoints, PDF:707
Compact Edition, PDF:570                       high availability,
compatibility levels (databases), 47             PDF:696-PDF:697,
Complete the Wizard screen
 (Database Mirroring Wizard),                  high performance,
 PDF:705                                         PDF:696-PDF:697
                                               high protection,
Components to Install screen
 (Microsoft SQL Server Installation
 Wizard), PDF:661                              mirror server instances,
computed columns (indexes),
                                               prerequisites, PDF:697,
Computer and Device Management                 principal server instances,
 Wizard, PDF:783                                 PDF:703
Conditional Split Transformation, 394          security, PDF:703
configuration class tools, PDF:581             service accounts, PDF:705
   Configuration Manager,                      witness server instances,
     PDF:581-PDF:582                             PDF:705
   Reporting Services Configuration        destinations, 412-413
     Manager, PDF:584-PDF:585              email settings, 114-117
   Surface Area Configuration tool,        execution account (SSRS), 117
                                         CONTROL permission           847

failover clustering shared storage,      servers
  PDF:656                                    checking, 282-283
full-text service accounts,                  encryption, 524
  384-385                                shared data source credentials,
indexes                                    139-140
    fill factors, 341-343                SharePoint integration, 113
    fragmentation, 339-341               SMTP servers, PDF:756-PDF:757
    full-text indexes, 365-366           snapshot replication, 219
    index statistics, 339                    distributors, 220-224
    options, 347-348                         publications, 224-229
    performance tuning, 344-346              subscriptions, 229-233
    rebuilding/reorganizing, 343         SSRS, 105
    sorting indexes, 343                     databases, 113
log shipping                                 properties, 106
    database recovery model,                 site server name, 127
       PDF:729-PDF:730                   transaction log backup settings,
    storage locations,                     PDF:731-PDF:733
       PDF:728-PDF:729                   virtual servers, PDF:662-PDF:663
My Reports (SSRS), 128-129               Web service identity, 112-113
nonhosted event providers,               Windows service identity,
  172-174                                  111-112
Notification services, 150,           connections
  179-180                                Agent, 60
OpsMgr, PDF:769                          managers, PDF:562
packages, 424-427                        packages, 395-396, 405
    LOGFILE environment variable,        remote, 24
       creating, 425-426
                                         servers, 22-24
    Package Deployment utility,
                                         SSRS, 107-108
                                      console logging, 198
peer-to-peer transactional
  replication, 234                    constraints (column), 322
    distributors, 234-236             containers (packages), 390
    first node, 236-238               context switching, PDF:550
    nodes, adding, 243-244            control flow
    publications, enabling, 239          adjusting, 410-411
    topology, 239-242                    color coordination steps, 408
report execution                         drop table task, adding, 407-408
    logging, 132-133                     packages, 389-390
    timeout, 131-132                         maintenance tasks, 421
report history, 129-131                      walking through, 401-402
Report Manager virtual                Control Flow tab (packages),
  directory, 110                       407-408
Report Server virtual directory,      control flow tasks, PDF:562
  109-110                             CONTROL permission, PDF:548
security auditing, 461
848         controlled failovers

controlled failovers,                    CREATE FULLTEXT INDEX
 PDF:742-PDF:743                           command, 356
Copy Column Transformation, 393          CREATE INDEX statement, 328-330
Copy Database Wizard, 430-431            CREATE LOGIN statement, 482
copying databases, 430-431               CREATE permission, PDF:548
copy jobs                                Create Role dialog box, 94
   Copy File job, PDF:734-PDF:735        CREATE SCHEMA statement, 486
   log shipping, PDF:724                 CREATE statement, 485
copy option (SQLLogShip.exe),            CREATE USER statement, 484
 PDF:745                                 credentials (shared data sources),
copy-only backups, PDF:613                 139-140
core services information, collecting,   critical fixes, installing, 461
 270-271                                 cross database ownership
counters                                   chaining, 22
   Analysis Services Memory,             Cube properties dialog box, 89
     PDF:799-PDF:800                     cubes, PDF:554
       Analysis Services,
          PDF:799-PDF:800                    application performance, PDF:817
       Database Engine,                      database recovery options, 48
          PDF:792-PDF:793                Customer Experience Improvement
       Integration Services,               Program, PDF:677
       MSRS 2005 Web Service,
          PDF:796-PDF:797                D
       MSRS 2005 Windows Service,
          PDF:797-PDF:798                DAC (dedicated administrator
       Reporting Services,                connection), 472
          PDF:796-PDF:798                daily tasks, maintenance, 312-313
   platform performance,                 Danish language support, 382
     PDF:788-PDF:789                     data
       capturing, PDF:790-PDF:792           analyzing during health
       sample datasheet, PDF:791              checks, 274
   SSIS packages, 197-198                       BPA results, 277-281
   viewing, PDF:790                             SQLDIAG results, 274-276
Create a Backup File for Every                  SQLH2 results, 276-277
 Database option (Back Up                   archiving, PDF:778
 Database Task), 298                        Conversion Transformation, 393
Create command (nscontrol                   flow
 utility), 180                                  adjusting, 411-412
CREATE ENDPOINT statement, 502                  designer, 403
CREATE FULLTEXT CATALOG                         packages, 391-394, 403-405
 command, 355                                   tasks, 389, PDF:562
                                          Database Engine          849

gathering for health checks,             destinations, configuring,
  263-264                                   412-413
   Activity Monitor, 268                 execution results, 414
   antivirus software,               warehouses, BI features,
     reviewing, 273                   PDF:541
   backup strategies,             Database Engine, PDF:543
     reviewing, 273                  backing up
   BPA tool, 266-267                     automating with maintenance
   business continuity plans,               plans, PDF:621-PDF:628
     reviewing, 273                      copy-only, PDF:613
   core services, 270-271                differential, PDF:607-PDF:609,
   Log File Viewer, 268                     PDF:618-PDF:619
   log shipping, 271-272                 differential partial, PDF:613
   performance, 268-270                  filegroup, PDF:612
   Profiler, 268                         full, PDF:605-PDF:607,
   SQLDIAG tool, 264-265                    PDF:615-PDF:618
   SQLH2 tool, 266                       mirrored, PDF:614
   transaction logs,                     partial, PDF:612
     reviewing, 272                      partial log, PDF:613
management, new features,                system databases, PDF:614
  PDF:539-PDF:540                        transaction log,
mining                                      PDF:609-PDF:612,
   BI features, PDF:541                     PDF:619-PDF:621
   Model Training                    collation settings, PDF:667
     Destination, 391                configuration settings, 52
   Query Task, 390                   database objects, scripting, 56
   Query Transformation, 392         databases
   structures/modeling, PDF:555          assemblies, PDF:545
preparation tasks, 389                   attaching, 54-56
Reporting Services files,                backing up/restoring, 56
  backing up, PDF:636-PDF:637            data transfers, 57
sources                                  detaching, 53-55
   shared, 139-140                       event notifications, PDF:545
   SSAS, PDF:553-PDF:554                 federated database servers,
   SSRS, 103-104, 143-144                   PDF:546
   views, PDF:554                        indexes, PDF:544
storing                                  partitioned tables/indexes,
   OLAP storage models, 87-90               PDF:544
   OpsMgr, PDF:767                       renaming, 59
   report servers, PDF:558               shrinking, 58
transformations (packages),              states, PDF:545
  409-415                                stored procedures, PDF:544
   control flow adjustment,              storing, PDF:545
     410-411                             structures, PDF:544-PDF:545
   data flow adjustment,                 system, PDF:545-PDF:546
850        Database Engine

      tables, PDF:544                       performance/optimization,
      taking offline, 57                      PDF:792-PDF:793
      triggers, PDF:544                     recovery, PDF:602-PDF:603
      views, PDF:544                           bulk-logged, PDF:602
  failover clustering installation,            choosing, PDF:603
    PDF:660-PDF:668                            full, PDF:602,
      Authentication Mode screen,                PDF:629-PDF:632
        PDF:667                                simple, PDF:602
      Cluster Group Selection                  switching, PDF:604
        screen, PDF:663                     security, PDF:547-PDF:550
      Cluster Node Configuration               context switching, PDF:550
        screen, PDF:665                        encryption hierarchy, PDF:550
      Collation Settings screen,               fixed database role
        PDF:667                                  permissions,
      Components to Install screen,              PDF:548-PDF:549
        PDF:661                                fixed server role permissions,
      domain groups, PDF:666                     PDF:549-PDF:550
      Error and Usage Report                   module signing, PDF:550
        Settings screen, PDF:667               password policies, PDF:550
      Instance Name screen,                    permissions,
        PDF:662                                  PDF:547-PDF:548
      prerequisites, installing,               principals, PDF:547
        PDF:661                                securables, PDF:547
      registration, PDF:661                 storage architecture, PDF:601
      Remote Account Information            Tuning Advisor, PDF:586
        screen, PDF:665                        accessing, PDF:586
      Service Account screen,                  applying recommendations,
        PDF:666                                  PDF:811-PDF:812
      Setup Summary screen,                    database optimization,
        PDF:668                                  PDF:805
      SQL Server 2005 installation             features, PDF:586
        splash screen, PDF:661
                                               indexes, 344-346
      System Configuration Check
                                               monitoring, PDF:762
        screen, PDF:661
                                               query analysis, PDF:817
      Virtual Server Configuration
        screen, PDF:663                        recommendations, reviewing,
      Virtual Server Name screen,
        PDF:662                                requirements, PDF:587
  folders, 29                            Database Mail, PDF:755
      Databases, 30-32                      accounts, adding, PDF:758
      Notification Services folder, 36      configuring, PDF:759
      Replication folder, 36                enabling/disabling, PDF:757
      Security, 32-33                       implementing, PDF:757-PDF:758
      Server Objects folder, 33-36          security, PDF:758
  informational reports, 52-53              SMTP server, PDF:756-PDF:757
  new features, 11-12                       testing, PDF:759
                                                    databases           851

Database Maintenance Plan Wizard,           downloading, PDF:827
 PDF:622                                    finding, 72
   backup options,                          full backup, PDF:606-PDF:607,
     PDF:623-PDF:624                          PDF:615-PDF:618
   full task settings, PDF:625              full-text catalogs, creating,
   job scheduling, PDF:625-PDF:627            359-362
   launching, PDF:622                       full-text filegroups, defining,
   maintenance plan properties,               357, 359
     PDF:622                                historical data, deleting, 296
   progress, PDF:628                        indexes, 293-294
   reports, PDF:627                         installing, 73
   task options, PDF:623                    integrity check, 291
   transaction log task settings,           logins, adding, 495
     PDF:626                                mirrored backups, PDF:614
Database Properties dialog box              publication configuration,
   opening, 37                                224-225, 228-229
   pages                                    publications for peer-to-peer
       Extended Permissions, 51               transactional replication,
       Filegroup, 43                          236-238
       Files, 38-42                         shrinking, 292
       General, 37-38                       snapshots, PDF:642-PDF:643
       Mirroring, 50                        statistics, updating, 296
       Options, 43                          subscriptions, configuring,
       Permissions, 51
                                            tail-log backup,
       Transaction Log Shipping, 51
   recovery models, 45
                                            Test Schema, 498
       automatic options, 47
                                            transaction log backup,
       Compatibility Level setting, 47        PDF:619-PDF:621
       cursor options, 48                   transaction log tail-log backup,
       miscellaneous options, 48-49           PDF:610-PDF:612
       page verification options, 49        transaction log truncate
       selecting, 45-46                       backup, PDF:609-PDF:610
       state options, 49-50              Agent jobs, running, 297
       switching, 46-47                  Analysis Services
databases                                   backing up, PDF:637-PDF:638
   AdventureWorks                           deploying, 74-80
       alerts, PDF:761                      recovering, PDF:639-PDF:640
       attaching, 73-74,                 assemblies, PDF:545
         PDF:827-PDF:828                 attaching, 54-56
       backing up, PDF:630-PDF:631       backing up, 56, 297-298,
       configuring, PDF:827                PDF:605
       differential backup, PDF:607-        automating with maintenance
         PDF:608, PDF:618-PDF:619             plan, PDF:621-PDF:628
       Documents Catalog,                   copy-only, PDF:613
         deleting, 378
852       databases

      differential, PDF:607-PDF:609,   health, PDF:771
         PDF:618-PDF:619               indexes, PDF:544
      differential partial, PDF:613        rebuilding, 293-295, 302
      filegroup, PDF:612                   reorganizing, 302
      full, PDF:605-PDF:607,               scanning performance, 293
         PDF:615-PDF:618               informational reports,
      mirrored, PDF:614                  creating, 91
      partial, PDF:612-PDF:613         integrity checks, 302
      system databases, PDF:614        keys, backing up, 521-522
      transaction log,                 log shipping, deleting, PDF:740
         PDF:609-PDF:612,              mail. See Database Mail
         PDF:619-PDF:621               maintenance plans. See also
  collation, 43                          Database Maintenance
  copying, 430-431                       Plan Wizard
  data                                     Back Up Database Task,
      historical, deleting, 296, 305         297-298
      transfers, 57                        Check Database Integrity
      deleting, 299                          Task, 291
  detaching, 53-55                         creating manually, 306-309
  disk space, monitoring, PDF:771          creating with Maintenance
  distribution, deleting, 247                Plan Wizard, 300-305
  encryption                               daily tasks, 312-313
      authenticators, 519-521              establishing, 291
      certificates, 515                    Execute SQL Server Agent Job
      configuring, 514                       Task, 297
      data, 515-516                        History Cleanup Task, 296
      database, creating, 513-514          Maintenance Cleanup
      decrypting, 516                        Task, 299
      inference attacks, 518-519           monthly tasks, 313-314
      keys, backing up, 521-522            multiserver, creating, 311-312
      master key, creating, 514            names, 300
  event notifications, PDF:545             new features, 289-290
  federated database servers,              precedence constraints,
     PDF:546                                 307-308
  files, PDF:601                           quarterly tasks, 313-314
      autogrowth, 42                       Rebuild Index Task, 293-295
      capacity planning,                   Reorganize Index Task, 293
         checking, 283                     reports, 309
      creating, 41-42                      scheduling, 300
      filegroups, creating, 40             Shrink Database Task, 292
      managing, 38-40                      tasks, 301, 309
      size, increasing, 40                 Update Statistics Task,
  full Analysis Services                     295-296
     multidimensional, 81-85               viewing, 310-311
                                           weekly tasks, 313
                                              databases          853

master keys, 512-514               objects
mirroring, PDF:694                     security, 470
   client connections/redirects,       scripting, 56
     PDF:712-PDF:713               OpsMgr, PDF:778
   combining, PDF:699-700          permissions
   configuring, PDF:702-PDF:707        Analysis Services, 92-93
   deleting, PDF:711                   options, 51
   endpoints, PDF:696              principal, PDF:694
   failover, PDF:695,              properties. See Database
     PDF:709-PDF:710                 Properties dialog box
   failover clustering             recovery, 43-45,
     combination, PDF:654            PDF:602-PDF:603
   high availability,                  automatic options, 47
     PDF:696-PDF:697                   bulk-logged, 45, PDF:602
   high performance,                   choosing, PDF:603
     PDF:696-PDF:697                   compatibility levels, 47
   high protection,                    cursor options, 48
     PDF:696-PDF:697                   full, 44, PDF:602,
   log shipping, PDF:727                 PDF:629-PDF:632
   mirror databases, PDF:694           log shipping, configuring,
   monitoring, PDF:714-PDF:718           PDF:729-PDF:730
   Monitoring tool,                    miscellaneous options, 48-49
     PDF:714-PDF:716                   page verification options, 49
   need for, PDF:697-PDF:698           selecting, 45-46
   new features, PDF:692               simple, 45, PDF:602
   operating modes, changing,          state options, 49-50
     PDF:710-PDF:711                   switching, 46-47, PDF:604
   options, 50                     relational, 68
   overview, PDF:692-PDF:693       renaming, 59
   pausing/resuming,               Reporting Services, backing up,
     PDF:708-PDF:709                 PDF:633-PDF:635
   prerequisites, PDF:697,         ReportServer, 103
                                   ReportServerTempDB, 103
   principal databases, PDF:694
                                   restoring, 56
   quorum, PDF:695
                                   roles, 477-478, 497-498
   replication combination, 218
                                   schema, 478-479
                                       bringing online, PDF:743
   transparent client redirects,
     PDF:695                           log shipping,
   witness servers, PDF:694,
     PDF:698-PDF:699               server properties, 24
   wizard, PDF:703-PDF:705             backup and restore, 25
multidimensional, 68                   Default Index Fill Factor, 24
Notification Services, 153, 172        default locations, 26
                                       recovery, 25
854       databases

  shrinking, 58, 292                       users
  snapshots, PDF:641-PDF:642                   managing, 495-497
      caution, PDF:641                         securables, 475
      creating, PDF:642                    views, PDF:544
      database mirroring               Databases folder, 30
        combination, PDF:700               Database Snapshots
      deleting, PDF:643                      subfolder, 31
      folder, 31                           System Databases subfolder, 31
      reverting, PDF:642                   user databases subfolders, 32
      viewing, PDF:642                 Databases option (Update Statistics
  SSIS roles, 200                        Task), 295
  SSRS, 102-103, 113                   DataReader Destination, 391
  states, PDF:545                      DataReader Source, 391
  statistics, updating,                dbcreator fixed server role
    295-296, 304                         permission, PDF:550
  stored procedures, PDF:544           d databasename option (RSConfig
  storing, PDF:545                       utility), 122
  structures, PDF:544-PDF:545          d delete content option (Rskeymgmt
  system, PDF:545-PDF:546,               utility), 123
                                       DDL (data definition language), 355
                                           Database Mail, configuring,
      partitioned tables/indexes,
                                           full-text catalogs, creating,
      system, 291
  taking offline, 57
                                           full-text indexes
  transaction log shipping, 51
                                               creating, 368-369
  transferring, 429-430
                                               populating, 370-371
  triggers, PDF:544
                                           logins, managing, 482-484
                                           permissions, managing, 486-487
                                           reviewing, 355-357
      applying recommendations,
        PDF:811-PDF:812                    roles, managing, 485
      Database Engine Tuning               schemas, managing, 486
        Advisor, PDF:805                   users, managing, 484-485
      process monitoring,              deadlocks (applications),
        PDF:813-PDF:815                  PDF:818-PDF:819
      Profiler tool, PDF:802-PDF:803   debugging packages, 406
      reviewing recommendations,       decrypting data, 516
        PDF:808-PDF:810                dedicated administrator connection
      trace templates,                   (DAC), 472
        PDF:803-PDF:804                default system endpoints, 472
      workloads, PDF:805-PDF:808       Delete command (nscontrol
                                         utility), 180
                                                 dialog boxes        855

Delete Files of the Following Type           nonclustered, 325
 option (Maintenance Cleanup                 unique, 325
 Task), 299                              log shipping, PDF:725-PDF:726
DELETE permission, PDF:548            destinations
deleting                                 data flow, 391-392
   BUILTIN/Administrators Windows        packages, 412-413
     group, 463                       Detach Database dialog box, 54
   databases                          detaching databases, 53-55
       data, 299                      Developer Edition, PDF:570
       distribution, 247              development (new features), PDF:540
       mirroring sessions, PDF:711
                                      dialog boxes
       snapshots, PDF:643
                                         Agent Properties
   failover cluster instances,
     PDF:681                                 advanced page, 60
   full-text catalogs, 378                   alerts, 60
   full-text indexes, 372, 378               connections, 60
   historical data, 296, 305                 general page, 59
   indexes, 332                              history, 61
   local publications, 247                   jobs, 60
   local subscriptions, 246              Analysis Server Properties, 86
   log shipping, PDF:740                 Attach Database, 74
   SSIS packages, 195                    Attach Databases, 55
Delivers/Sec counter, PDF:798            Auto or Advanced, PDF:783
                                         Change Autogrowth, 42
delivery notifications, PDF:561
                                         Change Settings, 84
DENY statement, 487
                                         Create Role, 94
dependencies, PDF:649                    Cube properties, 89
deploying                                Database Properties
   Analysis Services databases, 74           Extended Permissions
       Analysis Services Deployment            page, 51
         Wizard, 75-78                       Filegroup page, 43
       Business Intelligence                 Files page, 38-42
         Developer Studio, 78-79             General page, 37-38
       SSIS, 80                              Mirroring page, 50
       Synchronize Database                  opening, 37
         Wizard, 80                          Options page, 43
   packages, 423-424                         Permissions page, 51
Derived Column Transformation, 393           recovery models, 45-50
design                                       Transaction Log Shipping
   indexes                                     page, 51
       clustered, 325                    Detach Database, 54
       disk space requirements,          Edit Role, 94
         325-327                         Import Management Packs,
856         dialog boxes

    Index Properties, 347-348           disks
    New Application Pool                    cluster requirements, PDF:657
      Properties, 112                       contention, reducing, 39
    New Job, 61                             databases, monitoring, PDF:771
    New Resource, PDF:659                   placement, health checks,
    Process Database, 82                      282-283
    Publication Properties, 239             space requirements (indexes),
    Reporting and Logging, 309                325-327
    Secondary Database Settings,        DisplayArgumentKey command
      PDF:735                             (nscontrol utility), 179
    Select Management Packs to          distribution agent, 211
      Import, PDF:782                   distribution database, deleting, 247
    Server Properties, 13               distributors (replication)
        Advanced page, 27-28
        Connections page, 22-24
                                                 peer-to-peer transactional,
        Database Settings page,                   234-236
                                                 snapshot replication, 220-224
        General page, 13
                                            Notification Services engine, 152
        Memory page, 14-16
                                            properties, 244
        Processors page, 16-19
                                            role, 210
        Security page, 19-22
                                        DNS, PDF:687
Dictionaries.sql file, 277
                                        documentation, reviewing, 284
differential database
  backups, PDF:607-PDF:609,             domain groups (clustered services),
  PDF:618-PDF:619                         PDF:666
differential partial backups, PDF:613   DontSaveSensitive option (SSIS
                                          protection level), 201
Dimension Processing Destination,
  391                                   downloading
Disable command (nscontrol                  AdventureWorks database, 73,
  utility), 180                               PDF:827
                                            Books Online, PDF:574
Disable Publishing and Distribution
  Wizard, 245                               BPA, 267
                                            iFilters, 379
                                            management packs, PDF:781
    Agent jobs, 62
                                            NET Framework 2.0, 158
    Database Mail, PDF:757
                                            Service Pack 2, PDF:673
    full-text indexes, 372
    indexes, 335-336
                                            capacity (log shipping), PDF:724
    protocols, 472
                                            cluster, sharing,
                                        DROP ENDPOINT statement, 502
    SA accounts, 441
diskadmin fixed server role             DROP INDEX statement, 332
  permission, PDF:550                   DROP LOGIN statement, 484
                                        DROP USER statement, 485
                                                    encryption         857

dta command-line tool, PDF:587           peer-to-peer transactional
dtexec command-line tool, 202-204,         replication, 239
  PDF:587                                processors, 17-18
dtutil command-line tool, 205-206,       server criteria compliance, 22
  PDF:588                             EncryptAllWithPassword option (SSIS
                                       protection level), 201
                                      EncryptAllWithUserKey option (SSIS
E                                      protection level), 201
                                      encryption, 509
Edit Role dialog box, 94                 algorithms, 512-513
editions (SQL Server 2005),              certificates, 512
  PDF:569-PDF:570                            CAs, 512
e endpoint option (rs utility), 124          client configuration, 530-531
e executionaccount option (RSConfig          client-initiated, 531-532
  utility), 122                              creating, 515
e extract option (Rskeymgmt                  databases, 515
  utility), 123                              exporting, 530
email                                        importing, 529
    monitoring with Database Mail,           provisioning, 527-529
      PDF:755                                self-signed, 526
        accounts, adding, PDF:758            server configuration, 529
        configuring, PDF:759                 third-party, 526
        enabling/disabling, PDF:757      client-initiated, 531-532
        implementing,                    client/server traffic, 510
           PDF:757-PDF:758               databases
        security, PDF:758                    authenticators, 519-521
        SMTP server,                         certificates, 515
           PDF:756-PDF:757                   configuring, 514
        testing, PDF:759                     creating, 513-514
    packages, instrumenting, 416             data, 515-516
    settings, configuring, 114-117           decrypting, 516
EMERGENCY database state,                    inference attacks, 518-519
  PDF:545                                    keys, backing up, 521-522
Enable command (nscontrol                    master key, 512-514
  utility), 180                          hierarchy, 511, PDF:550
enabling                                 keys, 512
    Agent jobs, 62                           Reporting Services, backing
    change tracking, 373-374                   up, PDF:635-PDF:636
    Database Mail, PDF:757                   SSRS, 114
    full-text indexes, 372                   storing, PDF:636
    indexes, 336-337                     Management Studio, 532
    Notification Services                service master key, 511
      instances, 170
858         encryption

   transmissions                            LOGFILE variable, creating,
       hacking, 522-523                       425-426
       hacking sequel, 524-526              log shipping characteristics,
       server-initiated                       PDF:724-PDF:725
         encryption, 524                Error and Usage Report Settings
   unprotected client/server              screen
     traffic, 509                           Microsoft SQL Server Installation
EncryptSensitiveWithPassword option           Wizard, PDF:667
 (SSIS protection level), 202               Service Pack 2 Setup Wizard,
EncryptSensitiveWithUserKey option            PDF:676
 (SSIS protection level), 202           error handling, packages, 417-419
Endpoint folder, 34                     error reports
endpoints                                   failover clustering, PDF:667
   configuring, PDF:707                     Service Pack 2 installation,
   creating, 502                              PDF:676
   database mirroring, PDF:696          ETL (extract, transform, and load), 69
   default system, 472                  events
   Endpoint folder, 34                      alerts, PDF:760-PDF:761
   permissions, modifying, 501              collection, PDF:560
   protocols for, 471-474                   handlers, packages, 396-397,
   security, managing, 500-503                PDF:562
   Security Wizard, PDF:707                 logs, OpsMgr, PDF:766
   user-defined, 472                        notifications, PDF:545
   viewing, 500                             processing, PDF:766
Enforce Password History policy, 479        providers, PDF:560
engines                                         nonhosted, 172-174
   database. See Database Engine                Notification Services
                                                  engine, 152
   Notification Services, 151-153
                                        Events/Sec counter, PDF:798
Enterprise Edition, 348-349, PDF:569
                                            Connection Manager, 395
                                            Destination, 391
       authentication, 436-439
                                            Source, data flow, 391
       BPA, 454-455
                                        EXECUTE permission, PDF:548
       Configuration Manager tool,
         445-449                        Execute Process Task, 389
       MBSA, 451-454                    Execute SQL Server Agent Job Task,
       new features, 436                  297, 419
       SA accounts, 439-441             Execute SQL Task, 390
       Security Configuration Wizard,   Execute T-SQL Statement Task, 419
         449-450                        execution account, 117
       surface area reduction,          Execution Results tab
         442-445                          (packages), 409
                                                    failover        859

explorer class tools, PDF:578            failover, PDF:649, PDF:685
   Object Explorer, PDF:578-PDF:579      group resources, PDF:649
   Solution Explorer, PDF:580            groups, PDF:682, PDF:689
   Template Explorer, PDF:580            heartbeats, PDF:649
Export Column Transformation, 394        high-availability
Export command (nscontrol                  alternative combinations,
 utility), 180                             PDF:653-PDF:654
exporting                                installing for Analysis
                                           Services, PDF:668-PDF:671
   certificates, 530
                                         installing for Database Engine,
   SSIS packages, 190-191                  PDF:660-PDF:668
Express Edition, PDF:570                 instances, deleting, PDF:681
Extensible Markup Language.              Kerberos authentication,
 See XML                                   PDF:687
extensions (report servers),             log shipping combination,
 PDF:558-PDF:559                           PDF:727
external components (Notification        majority node clusters,
 Services), 156-157                        PDF:650
extract, transform, and load (ETL), 69   MSDTC installation, PDF:659
                                         multiple-instance example,
F                                        pausing/resuming nodes,
failback, PDF:649, PDF:685-PDF:686       preparing nodes, PDF:655
failover, PDF:649                        objective, PDF:648
    automatic, PDF:702-PDF:707           patch management,
    clustering, PDF:647                    PDF:672-PDF:680
       adding nodes, PDF:680,            preferred owners,
          PDF:689                          PDF:683-PDF:685
       alternatives, PDF:651-PDF:652     prerequisites,
       Cluster Administrator, PDF:650
                                         quorum-device clusters,
       cluster-aware components,
                                         quorum resources, PDF:649,
       cluster resources, PDF:649
       creating clusters,
                                         renaming resources, PDF:689
                                         replication combination, 218
       database mirroring
          combination, PDF:699           resource status, PDF:682
       dependencies, PDF:649             scalability, PDF:653, PDF:659
       disaster recovery, PDF:648        server load performance/
                                           degradation, PDF:653
       DNS registration, PDF:687
                                         service accounts, managing,
       drives, sharing,
                                         shared storage, configuring,
       failback, PDF:649,
                                         virtual servers, PDF:648
860         failover

     controlled, PDF:742-PDF:743              SSIS configuration, 196
     database mirroring, PDF:695,             trace log, 122
       PDF:709-PDF:710                        transaction log, PDF:601
     log shipping                        Files page (Database Properties
         primary servers, PDF:744           dialog box), 38
         secondary servers,                   autogrowth, 42
            PDF:741-PDF:744                   creating files, 41-42
     multiple-instance,                       filegroups, 40
       PDF:652-PDF:655                        file sizes, increasing, 40
     policies, PDF:685                        managing files, 38-40
     single-instance, PDF:651            fill factors (indexes), 341-343
Feature Selection screen (Service        filter daemons (Full-Text Search
   Pack 2 Setup Wizard), PDF:675            component), PDF:564
federated database servers, PDF:546      filtering
f file option (Rskeymgmt utility), 123        Books Online, PDF:573
File Age option (Maintenance                  Job Activity Monitor, PDF:754
   Cleanup Task), 299                    firewalls, 463
File Connection Manager, 395                  exceptions, creating, 464-466
File Location option (Maintenance             OpsMgr, PDF:781
   Cleanup Task), 299                    First Session Requests/Sec counter,
File protocol, PDF:561                      PDF:796
File System Task, 389                    fixed database role permissions,
Filegroup page (Database Properties         PDF:548-PDF:549
   dialog box), 43                       fixed server role permissions,
filegroups, 39                              PDF:549-PDF:550
     backups, PDF:612                    flat buffers, 197, PDF:801
     creating, 40                        Flat File Connection Manager, 395
     full-text, 357-359                  Flat File Destination, 391
files                                    Flat File Source, 391
     ADFs, 151, 164-170                  flight recorder (Analysis Services), 95
     databases, PDF:601                  fn_virtualservernodes table, 275
         autogrowth, 42
         capacity planning,
            checking, 283                     Backup Devices folder, 33
         creating, 41-42                      Database Engine, 29
         filegroups, creating, 40                 Databases, 30-32
         managing, 38-40                          Notification Services folder, 36
         size, increasing, 40                     Replication folder, 36
     Dictionaries.sql, 277                        Security, 32-33
     ICFs, 150, 162-164                           Server Objects folder, 33-36
     Procs.sql, 277                           Databases folder, 30
     Reporting Services, backing up,              Database Snapshots, 31
       PDF:636-PDF:637                            System Databases, 31, 276                            user databases, 32
                                                     full-text indexes       861

    Endpoint folder, 34                            Full-Text Indexing Wizard
    Linked Servers folder, 34-35                     bug, 367
    Notification Services folder, 36               incremental populations, 373
    Object Explorer, PDF:579                       maintaining, 365
    Replication folder, 36                         modifying, 356, 372
    Security folder, 32-33                         populating, 365, 370-371
    Server Objects folder, 33                      population schedules, 366
        Backup Devices, 33                         population status, 371, 377
        Endpoint, 34                               properties, 367-368
        Linked Servers, 34-35                      stopping population, 373
        Triggers, 36                               updating, 366
    System Databases subfolder, 31             modifying, 356
    Triggers folder, 36                        new features, 353
For Loop container, 390                        optimizing, 374
ForceEncryption property, PDF:582              populating, 369
Foreach Loop container, 390                        indexes, 370-371
formatting notifications, PDF:561                  population jobs, identifying,
fragmentation (indexes), 339-341
                                                   status, 371, 376-377
FTP Connection Manager, 395                    properties
full Analysis Services                             accessing, 375-376
  multidimensional databases, 81-85                modifying, 374-375
full database backups,                         rebuilding, 374
  PDF:605-PDF:607,                             recovering, PDF:641
                                               restoring, 384
full recovery (databases), 44,                 searches
  PDF:602, PDF:629-PDF:632
                                                   iFilters, 378-379
full-text catalogs                                 new features, 355
    backing up, 384, PDF:641                       terminology, 354
    creating, 355-361                              word breakers, 379-384
    DDL                                        service accounts, configuring,
        creating with, 361-362                   384-385
        reviewing, 355-357                     tables/views, 375
    deleting, 378                          full-text engine, PDF:563
    full-text indexes                      full-text filegroups, 357-359
        change tracking, 365-366,          full-text indexes
                                               change tracking, 373
        creating, 356, 362-363
                                                   enabling, 373-374
        creating with DDL, 368-369
                                                   options, 365-366
        creating with Full-Text Indexing
          Wizard, 363-365                      creating, 356, 362-363
        deleting, 372, 378                         DDL, 368-369
        disabling, 372                             Full-Text Indexing Wizard,
        enabling, 372
                                               deleting, 372, 378
        full populations, 372
862         full-text indexes

    disabling, 372                         GRANT statement, 487
    enabling, 372                          grooming intervals (OpsMgr),
    full populations, 372                    PDF:778
    Full-Text Indexing Wizard bug, 367     groups
    incremental populations, 373              access, 476
    maintaining, 365                          cluster
    modifying, 356, 372                           failovers, PDF:682
    populating, 365                               preferred owners,
         with DDL, 370-371                          PDF:683-PDF:685
         manually, 370                            renaming, PDF:689
         schedules, 366                           status, PDF:682
         status, 371, 377                     domain, PDF:666
         stopping, 373                        management, PDF:768
    properties, 367-368                       role, 476
    updating, 366
full-text searches, PDF:563
    filter daemon process, PDF:564         H
    full-text engine, PDF:563
    iFilters, 378-379                      hardening
    new features, 355                         authentication, 436
    terminology, 354                               choosing modes, 437-438
    word breakers, 379-384                         configuring, 438-439
         Danish, 382                               mixed mode
         Polish, 380-382                             authentication, 437
         Portuguese-Brazilian, 383                 Windows Authentication
         Portuguese-Iberian, 383                     mode, 436
         Russian, 383                         BPA, 454-455
         Turkish, 384                         BUILTIN/Administrators Windows
full-text service accounts, configuring,         group, deleting, 463
  384-385                                     Configuration Manager tool,
Fuzzy Grouping Transformation, 392
                                              critical fixes, 461
Fuzzy Lookup Transformation, 392
                                              firewalls, 463-466
                                              IIS, 466
                                              MBSA, 451
G                                                  installing, 451-452
                                                   security reports, 453-454
General page (Database Properties
 dialog box), 37-38                                vulnerabilities, scanning, 452
                                              new features, 436
generators (Notification Services
 engine), 152                                 patches, 461
                                              SA accounts, 439-440
geographic-based management
 groups (OpsMgr), PDF:777                          disabling, 441
                                                   passwords, 440
geographically dispersed clusters,
 PDF:652                                           renaming, 441
                                                               IIS            863

   Security Configuration Wizard,          security, 286
     449-450                               server configuration, 282-283
   service accounts, 455-456               transaction logs, reviewing, 272
       choosing, 458                       updates/patches, 284
       isolating, 457                  heap structures, 318
       modifying, 458-460              heartbeats, PDF:649
       principle of least              help (Books Online), PDF:572
         privilege, 456
                                           accessing, PDF:573
       types, 457
                                           downloading, PDF:574
   service pack updates,
                                           filtering, PDF:573
     installing, 460
                                       HideInstance property, PDF:582
   surface area reduction, 442-443
       features, 443-445               hiding server instances, 447-449
       services and connections, 443   hierarchy
health checks                              encryption, 511, PDF:550
   antivirus software, 273, 285            permissions, PDF:548
   backup strategies, reviewing,       high availability (database
     273, 283-284                        mirroring), PDF:696-PDF:697,
   business continuity plans,            PDF:702-PDF:707
     reviewing, 273, 283-284           high performance (database
   core services information,            mirroring), PDF:696-PDF:697
     collecting, 270-271               high protection (database mirroring),
   data analysis/reporting,              PDF:696-PDF:697
     262, 274                          Historical Data to Be Deleted option
       BPA results, 277-281              (History Cleanup Task), 296
       SQLDIAG results, 274-276        History Cleanup Task, 296, 419
       SQLH2 results, 276-277          HOLAP (hybrid OLAP), 88, PDF:638
   data gathering, 262-264             HTTP, PDF:561
       Activity Monitor, 268           HTTP Connection Manager, 395
       BPA tool, 266-267
       Log File Viewer, 268
       Profiler, 268                   I
       SQLDIAG tool, 264-265
       SQLH2 tool, 266                 ICFs (instance configuration files),
   database file capacity                 150, 162-164
     planning, 283                     iFilters, 354, 378-379
   databases, PDF:771                  i inputfile option (rs utility), 124
   disk placement, 282-283
                                       i instance name option (RSConfig
   documentation, 284                     utility), 122
   goal, 262
                                       I instance option (Rskeymgmt
   log shipping information,              utility), 123
     collecting, 271-272
                                       IIS (Internet Information Services)
   monitoring, 285
   performance information,                 hardening, 466
     collecting, 268-270                    Lockdown tool, 466
864        IIS

    Manager, 104                       columns, 322-323
    Reporting Services websites,       configuring
      backing up, PDF:635                  fill factors, 341-343
IMPERSONATE permission, PDF:548            fragmentation, 339-341
implementing                               index statistics, 339
    Database Mail, PDF:757-PDF:758         options, 347
    log shipping, PDF:725,                 performance tuning, 344-346
      PDF:730-PDF:731                      sorting indexes, 343
        Copy Files job, creating,      creating, 328-330
          PDF:734-PDF:735              deleting, 332
        monitor servers, adding,       disabling, 335-336
          PDF:737-PDF:738              disk space requirements,
        restoration options,             325-327
          PDF:736-PDF:737              enabling, 336-337
        secondary databases,           Enterprise Edition features,
          PDF:733-PDF:734                348-349
        transaction log backup         full-text
          settings, PDF:731-PDF:733        change tracking options,
    precedence constraints, 307-308           365-366, 373-374
    replication, 217                       creating, 356, 362-363
Import Column Transformation, 394          creating with DDL, 368-369
Import Management Packs dialog             creating with Full-Text Indexing
  box, PDF:782                                Wizard, 363-365
importing                                  deleting, 372, 378
    certificates, 529                      disabling, 372
    management packs, PDF:782              enabling, 372
    packages, 423                          full populations, 372
    SSIS packages, 190-191                 Full-Text Indexing Wizard
include columns (nonclustered                 bug, 367
  indexes), 323                            incremental populations, 373
increasing database file sizes, 40         maintaining, 365
Index Properties dialog box, 347-348       modifying, 356, 372
indexes, PDF:544                           populating, 365, 370-371
                                           population schedules, 366
    b-tree structures, 321
                                           population status, 371, 377
    characteristics, 321-322
                                           properties, 367-368
    clustered, 319
                                           stopping population, 373
        characteristics, 323
                                           updating, 366
        creating, 333-334
                                       function, 318
        design, 325
                                       heap structures, 318
        disabling, 335-336
                                       links, 321
        enabling, 336
                                       maintenance, 337-338
                                       modifying, 330-332
                                          Instance Name screen         865

    nonclustered, 320                      management packs, PDF:781
        characteristics, 323               MBSA, 451-452
        creating, 335                      MSDTC, PDF:659
        design, 325                        Notification Services
        disabling, 336                       examples, 159
        enabling, 337                      Operations Manager 2007,
        include columns, 323                 PDF:830-PDF:834
    online, 349                               prerequisites,
    overview, 317                               PDF:832-PDF:833
    parallel, 349                             reporting feature,
    partitioned, PDF:544                        PDF:834-PDF:835
    partitioning, 348-349                     security/service accounts,
    performance configurations
                                           OpsMgr agents,
        options, 348
        rebuilding/reorganizing, 343
                                           packages, 428-429
    rebuilding, 293-295, 302, 337
                                           patches, 461
    reorganizing, 302
                                           Service Pack 2,
    scanning performance, 293                PDF:672-PDF:680,
    Transact-SQL syntax, 328                 PDF:824-PDF:826
        creating, 328-330                     Authentication screen,
        deleting, 332                           PDF:675
        modifying, 330-332                    downloading, PDF:673
    unique, 325                               downtime, PDF:673
    views, 320-321                            Error and Usage Report
    XML, 321-323                                Settings screen, PDF:676
inference attacks, 518-519                    Feature Selection screen,
Initialize and Convert Wizard,                  PDF:675
  PDF:657                                     progress, PDF:678
INSERT permission, PDF:548                    remote user account
Installation Progress screen (Service           credentials, PDF:676
  Pack 2 Setup Wizard), PDF:678               Running Processes screen,
installing                                      PDF:677
                                              security, PDF:679
    AdventureWorks DW sample
      database, 73                            Setup Welcome screen,
    Certificate Services,
      PDF:828-PDF:830                      service packs, 460, PDF:672
    critical fixes, 461                    SMTP servers, 158, PDF:756
    failover clustering                    SQL Server 2005, PDF:661,
        Analysis Services,
          PDF:668-PDF:671               Instance Name screen (Microsoft SQL
                                          Server Installation Wizard),
        Database Engine,
866         instances

instances                                      execution, monitoring,
    configuration files (ICFs), 150,             197-198
      162-164                                  importing/exporting, 190-191
    Notification Services, 149-151             logging, 198-199
        accessing, 155-156                     reports, 194
        configuring, 150                       restoring, 199
        creating, 161-162                      running, 191-193
        enabling, 170                          scheduling, 193-194
        Inventory Tracker ADF file,            stopping, 195
          164-170                              storing, 189
        Inventory Tracker ICF file,            viewing, 194
          162-164                          performance/optimization,
        registering, 170-171                 PDF:800-PDF:802
        starting, 174                      projects, 185
        updating, 178-179                  security, 199-202, 505
    servers, hiding, 447-449                   database level roles, 200
    SSRS, initializing, 114                    protection levels, 201-202
instrumenting packages                     service, 185-186
    email, 416                             solutions, 185
    error handling, 417-419            Internet Information Services. See IIS
    logging, 415-416                   interoperability features, PDF:539
    maintenance tasks, 419-423         interruptions (log shipping),
integration                              PDF:739-PDF:740
    BI features, PDF:541               Inventory Tracker Notification Service
    components, PDF:542                    accounts, defining, 159-161
    development features, PDF:540          ADF file, 164-170
Integration Services (SSIS), PDF:561       database access, granting, 172
    64-bit versions, 186-187               ICF file, 162-164
    administration, 195-197                instances
    Analysis Services database                 creating, 161-162
      deployment, 80                           enabling, 170
    command-line utilities                     registering, 170-171
        dtexec, 202-204                        starting, 174
        dtutil, 205-206                        updating, 178-179
    configuration file, 196                nonhosted event providers,
    Designer, 426                            configuring, 172-174
    IS service, PDF:563                    prerequisites, 157
    new features, 184                      status, viewing, 174
    Object Model, 184-185,                 subscribers/subscriptions,
      PDF:562-PDF:563                        adding, 175-177
    packages, 185                          subscription data/notifications,
        backing up, 199                      viewing, 177-178
        creating, 187-189              isolating service accounts, 457
        deleting, 195
                                              locking applications          867

J                                        L
j join option (Rskeymgmt utility), 123   language support, PDF:540
jobs                                     layout
    Activity Monitor, PDF:753-PDF:755         Business Intelligence
    Agent, 60-61                                Development Studio, PDF:576
        creating, 61-62                       Management Studio, PDF:576
        enabling/disabling, 62                tasks, 421
        history, 63                      Linked Servers folder, 34-35
        monitoring, PDF:753-PDF:755,     linking
          PDF:771                             indexes, 321
        running, 297                          servers, 35
    Copy File, creating,                      SSRS reports, 144-145
      PDF:734-PDF:735                         WAN, management groups,
    log shipping                                PDF:777
        backup, PDF:723                  list reports (BPA), 278
        copy, PDF:724                    listings
        managing, PDF:740-PDF:741             database backup methods
        restore, PDF:724                          differential, PDF:607-PDF:608
    maintenance plans, storing,                   full, PDF:606-PDF:607
                                                  transaction log tail-log,
    Restore Transaction Log,                         PDF:610-PDF:612
                                                  transaction log truncate,
join transformations (data flow), 394                PDF:609-PDF:610
                                              database backups,
K                                             TSQL
                                                  distributor configuration,
Keep Index Online While Reindexing                   223-224
 option (rebuild index task), 294                 publisher configuration,
Kerberos authentication, PDF:687                     228-229
keys                                              subscriptions configuration,
   asymmetric, 512                                   232-233
   backing up, 521-522                   ListVersions command (nscontrol
   database master, 512-514                 utility), 179
   encryption, 512                       l list option (Rskeymgmt utility), 123
   pairs (Inventory Tracker), 175        local publications, deleting, 247
   service master, 511                   local subscriptions, deleting, 246
   symmetric, 512                        Lockdown tool (IIS), 466
                                         locking applications,
868         Log File Viewer

Log File Viewer, 268, PDF:763                   information, collecting,
LOGFILE environment variable,                     271-272
  425-426                                       interruptions, recovering,
logging                                           PDF:739-PDF:740
   Agent error, PDF:763                         jobs, managing,
   files, shrinking, 292
                                                monitor placement, PDF:724
   Log File Viewer, PDF:763
                                                monitor servers, PDF:723,
   monitoring, PDF:762-PDF:763
   packages, adding, 415-416
                                                network speed, PDF:724
   providers, 397-398, PDF:563
                                                new features, PDF:721
   quorum resource size, PDF:682
                                                overview, PDF:721-PDF:722
   reader agent, 211
                                                primary servers, PDF:723
   report execution, configuring,
                                                recovery mode, PDF:726
                                                replication combination, 218,
   security, 461
                                                reports, viewing,
       administration, PDF:728                    PDF:745-PDF:747
       backup jobs, PDF:723                     restore jobs, PDF:724
       backup storage locations,                secondary servers, PDF:723
                                                security, PDF:725
       command-line management,
                                                server performance, PDF:724
                                                SQL Server versions, PDF:726
       copy jobs, PDF:724
                                                staging storage locations,
       database mirroring
         combination, PDF:699,
         PDF:727                                storage locations, configuring,
       database recovery model,
         PDF:729-PDF:730                        stored procedures, 272
       deleting, PDF:740                        troubleshooting/monitoring,
       design considerations,
         PDF:725-PDF:726                     SSIS packages, 198-199
       drive capacity, PDF:724               transaction
       environmental characteristics,           backup settings,
         PDF:724-PDF:725                          PDF:731-PDF:733
       factors for implementing,                reviewing, 272
         PDF:725                         logins
       failover clustering                   auditing, 21
         combination, PDF:727                authentication
       failovers back to primary                mixed mode, 488-489
         servers, PDF:744                       SQL, 489-492
       failovers to secondary servers,          Windows, 492-495
         PDF:741-PDF:744                     managing with DDL, 482-484
       implementing. See                     security, 470, 475, 488
         implementing, log shipping      logintimeout option
                                           (SQLLogShip.exe), PDF:745
                                          maintenance plans         869

logs. See logging                         multiserver, creating, 311-312
lookup transformations (data              names, 300
  flow), 394                              new features, 289-290
l timeout option (rs utility), 124        precedence constraints,
LUNs, PDF:656                               307-308
                                          quarterly tasks, 313-314
                                          Rebuild Index Task, 293-295
M                                         Reorganize Index Task, 293
                                          reports, 309
m machine name option                     scheduling, 300
  Rskeymgmt utility, 124                  Shrink Database Task, 292
  RSConfig utility, 122                   task parallelism, 309
Maintenance Cleanup Task, 299, 420        tasks, choosing, 301
maintenance plans                         Update Statistics Task,
  database backups,
                                          viewing, 310-311
                                          weekly tasks, 313
      automating, PDF:622-PDF:628
                                       design surface, 306
      backup options, PDF:623-
        PDF:624                           launching, 307
      full task settings, PDF:625         Maintenance Tasks
                                            toolbox, 307
      job scheduling,
        PDF:625-PDF:627                   precedence constraints,
                                            implementing, 307-308
      progress, PDF:628
                                          reporting, 309
      properties, PDF:622
                                          task parallelism, 309
      reports, PDF:627
                                       indexes, 337-338, 365
      task options, PDF:623
                                       packages, 419-423
      transaction log task settings,
        PDF:626                        wizard, 300-305
  databases                               Complete the Wizard
                                            screen, 305
      Back Up Database Task,
        297-298                           Define Database Check
                                            Integrity Task screen, 302
      Check Database Integrity
        Task, 291                         Define History Cleanup Task
                                            screen, 305
      creating manually, 306-309
                                          Define Rebuild Index Task
      creating with Maintenance
                                            screen, 302
        Plan Wizard, 300-305
                                          Define Reorganize Index Task
      daily tasks, 312-313
                                            screen, 302
      establishing, 291
                                          Define Update Statistics Task
      Execute SQL Server Agent Job          screen, 304
        Task, 297
                                          launching, 300
      History Cleanup Task, 296
                                          maintenance plan
      Maintenance Cleanup                   name/description, 300
        Task, 299
                                          progress, viewing, 305
      monthly tasks, 313-314
                                          scheduling options, 300
870        maintenance plans

      Select Report Options             log shipping
        screen, 305                         command-line,
      tasks, choosing, 301                    PDF:744-PDF:745
Maintenance Tasks toolbox, 307              failovers back to secondary
majority node clusters, PDF:650               servers, PDF:744
management packs                            failovers to secondary servers,
  component discovery,
    PDF:770-PDF:771                         interruptions, recovering,
  downloading, PDF:781
                                            jobs, PDF:740-PDF:741
  importing, PDF:782
                                        logins, 482-484
  installing, PDF:781
                                        patches for failover clustering,
  monitoring rules, PDF:771
  networks, PDF:773
                                        permissions, 486-487
  reports, PDF:772
                                        publishers, 251-252
  views, PDF:772
management servers (OpsMgr),
                                            backing up/restoring, 248-249
                                            distribution database,
Management Studio. See SSMS                   deleting, 247
managing                                    distributor properties, 244
  Analysis Services, 91                     local publications, deleting,
  application roles, 499-500                  245-247
  cluster group failovers, PDF:682          local subscriptions, deleting,
  cluster group/node preferred                245-246
    owners, PDF:683-PDF:685                 passwords, 247
  data, new features,                       scripts, generating, 248
    PDF:539-PDF:540                     roles, 485
  database files, 38-40                 schemas, 486
  database mirroring                    security schema, 498-499
      client connections/redirects,     service accounts, PDF:681
        PDF:712-PDF:713                 subscriptions, 252, 254
      deleting, PDF:711                 users, 484-485
      failing over, PDF:709-PDF:710   Master database, PDF:546
      operating modes, changing,      Maximum Password Age policy, 479
                                      MBSA (Microsoft Baseline Security
                                       Analyzer), 451
  database roles, 497-498               installing, 451-452
  database users, 495-497               security reports, 453-454
  endpoints security, 500-503           vulnerabilities, scanning, 452
  groups (OpsMgr), PDF:768            Memory Cache Hits/Sec counter,
      geographic-based, PDF:777
      multiple, PDF:776               Memory Cache Misses/Sec counter,
      political-based, PDF:777
      security-based, PDF:777         Memory\Cleaner Balance/sec
                                       counter, PDF:800
                                           mirroring databases       871

Memory\Cleaner Memory KB                     Service Account screen,
 counter, PDF:800                              PDF:666
Memory\Cleaner Memory                        Setup Summary screen,
 nonshrinkable KB counter, PDF:800             PDF:668
Memory\Cleaner Memory shrinkable             System Configuration Check
 KB counter, PDF:800                           screen, PDF:661
Memory\Memory Limit High KB                  Virtual Server Configuration
 counter, PDF:800                              screen, PDF:663
Memory\Memory Limit Low KB                   Virtual Server Name screen,
 counter, PDF:800                              PDF:662
                                      Minimum Password Age policy, 479
Memory\Memory Usage KB counter,
 PDF:800                              Minimum Password Length
                                       policy, 479
memory server properties, 14-16
                                      mining data, PDF:555
merge agent, 212
                                      Mirror Server Instance screen
Merge Join Transformation, 394
                                       (Database Mirroring Wizard),
merge replication, 212, PDF:795        PDF:703
Merge Transformation, 394             mirror servers, PDF:703
Message Queue Task, 389               mirrored backups, PDF:614
Microsoft                             mirroring databases, PDF:694
   Baseline Security Analyzer. See       automatic failover, configuring,
     MBSA                                  PDF:702-PDF:707
   Distributed Transaction               client connections/redirects,
     Coordinator (MSDTC), PDF:659          PDF:712-PDF:713
   .NET Data Provider for mySAP          Database Mirroring Monitoring
     Business Suite, 395                   tool, PDF:714-PDF:716
   Operations Manager. See MOM           database snapshot combination,
   SQL Server Installation Wizard          PDF:700
      Authentication Mode screen,        deleting, PDF:711
        PDF:667                          endpoints, PDF:696, PDF:707
      Cluster Group Selection            failover, PDF:695,
        screen, PDF:663                    PDF:709-PDF:710
      Cluster Node Configuration         failover clustering combination,
        screen, PDF:665                    PDF:699
      Collation Settings screen,         high availability, PDF:696-
        PDF:667                            PDF:697, PDF:702-PDF:707
      Components to Install screen,      high performance,
        PDF:661                            PDF:696-PDF:697
      domain groups, PDF:666             high protection, PDF:696-PDF:697
      Error and Usage Report             log shipping, PDF:727
        Settings screen, PDF:667         log shipping combination,
      Instance Name screen,                PDF:699
        PDF:662                          mirror databases, PDF:694
      registration screen, PDF:661       mirror server instances, PDF:703
      Remote Account Information         MOM, PDF:718
        screen, PDF:665
872        mirroring databases

   need for, PDF:697-PDF:698            service accounts, 458-460
   new features, PDF:692                SSRS reports, 142
   operating modes, changing,         modules, signing, PDF:550
     PDF:710-PDF:711                  MOLAP (multidimensional OLAP), 87,
   options, 50                         PDF:637
   overview, PDF:692-PDF:693          MOM (Microsoft Operations
   pausing/resuming,                   Manager), 95
     PDF:708-PDF:709                    Analysis Services performance,
   Performance Monitor tool,              monitoring, 95
     PDF:717                            data, archiving, PDF:778
   prerequisites, PDF:697,              database mirroring, monitoring,
     PDF:701-PDF:702                      PDF:718
   principal databases, PDF:694         installing, PDF:830-PDF:834
   principal server instances,              access accounts,
     PDF:703                                  PDF:831-PDF:832
   quorum, PDF:695                          prerequisites,
   replication, PDF:700                       PDF:832-PDF:833
   security, PDF:703                        reporting feature,
   service accounts, PDF:705                  PDF:834-PDF:835
   synchronous/asynchronous,                service accounts,
     PDF:695                                  PDF:831-PDF:832
   system catalogs, PDF:717             replication monitoring, 256
   transparent client redirects,        sample configuration, PDF:832
     PDF:695                          monitor servers
   witness servers, PDF:694             log shipping, PDF:723
       instances, PDF:705                   configuration,
       placement, PDF:698-PDF:699             PDF:737-PDF:738
miscellaneous transformations (data         implementation, PDF:726
 flow), 394                             placement, PDF:724
mixed mode authentication, 21, 437,   monitoring
 488-489                                alerts, PDF:760-PDF:761
Model database, PDF:546                 Analysis Services
models for data mining, PDF:555           performance, 95
modifying                               Database Engine Tuning Advisor,
   configuration settings, 52             PDF:762
   database mirroring operating         Database Mail, PDF:755
     modes, PDF:710-PDF:711                 accounts, adding, PDF:758
   database names, 59                       configuring, PDF:759
   endpoint permissions, 501                enabling/disabling, PDF:757
   full-text catalogs, 356, 374-375         implementing,
   indexes                                    PDF:757-PDF:758
       ALTER INDEX TSQL statement,          security, PDF:758
         330-332                            SMTP server,
       full-text, 356, 372                    PDF:756-PDF:757
                                            testing, PDF:759
                                             monitoring       873

database mirroring                    management packs,
   Database Mirroring Monitoring         PDF:770-PDF:773,
      tool, PDF:714-PDF:716              PDF:781-PDF:782
   MOM, PDF:718                       management servers,
   Performance Monitor tool,             PDF:776
      PDF:717                         monitoring rules, PDF:772
   system catalogs, PDF:717           multiple management groups,
health checks, 285                       PDF:776
Job Activity Monitor,                 operations console, PDF:769,
  PDF:753-PDF:755                        PDF:784
log shipping, PDF:747-PDF:748         overview, PDF:764-PDF:766
logs, PDF:762-PDF:763                 performance monitoring,
operators, PDF:760                       PDF:766, PDF:770
OpsMgr, PDF:770                       physical security, PDF:780
   agent installations,               political-based management
      PDF:783-PDF:784                    groups, PDF:777
   agent security, PDF:780            redundancy, PDF:779
   agents, PDF:768, PDF:775           reporting database servers,
   alerts, PDF:766-PDF:767               PDF:776
   all-in-one servers, PDF:776        reports, PDF:769
   application-specific               responses, PDF:767
      intelligence, PDF:766           security, PDF:780
   architecture, PDF:767-PDF:769      security-based management
   backing up, PDF:774-PDF:775           groups, PDF:777
   capacity limits,                   service account security,
      PDF:778-PDF:779                    PDF:781
   configuring, PDF:769                      ,
                                      SNMP PDF:773
   data archiving, PDF:778            software requirements,
   data processing, PDF:766
                                      Web console, PDF:769
   data, storing, PDF:767
                                      website, PDF:784
   database servers, PDF:775
                                   performance, PDF:766
   database sizing, PDF:778
                                   processes, PDF:813-PDF:815
   event log, PDF:766
                                   Profiler, PDF:761
   events, processing, PDF:766
                                   publishers, 251-252
   firewalls, PDF:781
   functionality, PDF:766
                                      MOM, 256
      management groups,              publishers, 251-252
      PDF:777                         Replication Monitor tool,
   grooming intervals, PDF:778           250-251
   hardware requirements,             subscriptions, 252-254
      PDF:773-PDF:774                 Systems Monitor tool,
   history, PDF:765                      255-256
   management groups, PDF:768      SSIS package execution, 197-198
                                   subscriptions, 252, 254
874        monthly tasks

monthly tasks (maintenance),         .NET Framework 2.0, 158
 313-314                             networks
MSBuild, 175                             management packs, PDF:773
Msdb database, PDF:546                   speed, log shipping, PDF:724
MSDTC (Microsoft Distributed         New Application Pool Properties
 Transaction Coordinator), PDF:659     dialog box, 112
MSMQ Connection Manager, 395         new features
MSRS 2005                                64-bit computing, PDF:542
   Web Service performance               Analysis Services, 71-72
     counters, PDF:796-PDF:797           backups/recovery, PDF:598
   Windows Service performance           BI, PDF:541-PDF:542
     counters, PDF:797-PDF:798           data management,
Multicast Transformation, 394              PDF:539-PDF:540
multidimensional databases, 68           database engine, 11-12
multidimensional OLAP (MOLAP), 87,       database mirroring, PDF:692
 PDF:637                                 development, PDF:540
Multiple Files Connection                full-text catalogs, 353
 Manager, 395                            full-text searches, 355
Multiple Flat Files Connection           hardening, 436
 Manager, 395                            log shipping, PDF:721
multiple instance failovers,             maintenance plans, 289-290
 PDF:652-PDF:655                         replication, 209
multiple management groups               SSIS, 184
 (OpsMgr), PDF:776                       SSRS, 99-100
multiserver maintenance plans,           tools, PDF:572
 311-312                             New Job dialog box, 61
My Reports (SSRS), 128-129           New Publication Wizard, 224
                                     New Resource dialog box, PDF:659
                                     Next Session Requests/Sec counter,
N                                      PDF:796-PDF:798
N+1 (nodes), PDF:652                     active, PDF:651
N+M (nodes), PDF:652                     adding, PDF:680, PDF:689
n instance name option (Rskeymgmt        configuring, PDF:665
  utility), 124                          failover clustering preparations,
Named Pipes protocol, 473                  PDF:655
names                                    majority node clusters, PDF:650
    cluster groups, PDF:689              N+1, PDF:652
    cluster resources, PDF:689           N+M, PDF:652
    databases, 59                        Object Explorer, PDF:579
    maintenance plans, 300               passive, PDF:651
    SA accounts, 441                     pausing/resuming, PDF:688
    virtual servers, PDF:662
                                                           OLAP          875

   peer-to-peer transactional             security, 154, 505
     replication                              account identification,
       adding, 243-244                          154-155
       first node configuration,              external component access,
         236-238                                156-157
   preferred owners,                          instances, accessing,
     PDF:683-PDF:685                            155-156
   second, PDF:659                        subscriptions, PDF:559
   virtual servers, choosing,                 adding, 175-177
     PDF:665                                  data/notifications, viewing,
noise words, 354                                177-178
nonclustered indexes, 320                     processing, PDF:560
   characteristics, 323                   troubleshooting, 180-181
   creating, 335                       notifications
   design, 325                            formatting/delivery, PDF:561
   disabling, 336                         operators, PDF:760
   enabling, 337                          subscriptions, viewing, 177-178
   include columns, 323                Notify Operator Task, 420
nonhosted event providers, 172-174     nscontrol command-line tool,
Notification Services, PDF:559          179-180, PDF:588
   accounts, defining, 159-161         NSRulesEvaluator accounts, 159
   administration, 157-159
   configuring, 179-180
   databases, 153, 172                 O
   engine, 151-153
   event collection, PDF:560           Object Explorer, PDF:578-, PDF:579
   examples, installing, 159           Object Model (SSIS), 184-185,
   folder, 36                            PDF:562-PDF:563
   instances, 149-151                  Object option (Update Statistics
       accessing, 155-156                Task), 295
       configuring, 150                objects
       creating, 161-162                   Analysis Services, scripting, 91
       enabling, 170                       database, scripting, 56
       Inventory Tracker ADF file,         processing in Analysis
         164-170                             Services, 81
       Inventory Tracker ICF file,     ODBC Connection Manager, 395
         162-164                       OFFLINE database state, PDF:545
       registering, 170-171            offline databases, 57
       starting, 174                   OLAP (online analytical processing),
       updating, 178-179                 503, PDF:551
   nonhosted event providers,              databases, 68
     172-174                               storage models, 87-90
   notification formatting/delivery,
876         OLE DB

OLE DB                                  architecture, PDF:767-PDF:769
   Command Transformation, 393          backing up, PDF:774-PDF:775
   Connection Manager, 395              capacity limits, PDF:778-PDF:779
   Destination, 391                     configuring, PDF:769
   Source, 391                          data
OnError event handler, 396                 archiving, PDF:778
OnExecStatusChanged event                  processing, PDF:766
 handler, 396                              storing, PDF:767
OnInformation event handler, 396        databases
online analytical processing.              servers, PDF:775
 See OLAP                                  sizing, PDF:778
ONLINE database state, PDF:545          event log, PDF:766
online indexing, 349                    events, processing, PDF:766
                                        functionality, PDF:766
OnPostExecute event handler, 396
                                        grooming intervals, PDF:778
OnPostValidate event handler, 396
                                        history, PDF:765
OnPreExecute event handler, 396         management groups, PDF:768
OnPreValidate event handler, 396           geographic-based, PDF:777
OnProgress event handler, 397              multiple, PDF:776
OnQueryCancel event handler, 397           political-based, PDF:777
OnTaskFailed event handler, 397            security-based, PDF:777
OnVariableValueChanged event            management packs
 handler, 397                              component discovery,
OnWarning event handler, 396                 PDF:770-PDF:771
operating modes (database                  downloading, PDF:781
 mirroring)                                importing, PDF:782
   high availability, PDF:696              installing, PDF:781
   high performance, PDF:696               monitoring rules, PDF:771
   high protection, PDF:696                networks, PDF:773
   modifying, PDF:710-PDF:711              reports, PDF:772
   summary, PDF:696                        views, PDF:772
operations console (OpsMgr),            management servers, PDF:776
 PDF:769, PDF:784                       monitoring rules, PDF:772
Operations Manager. See MOM             operations console, PDF:769,
operators, 63, PDF:760
                                        overview, PDF:764-PDF:766
OpsMgr (System Center Operations
                                        performance monitoring,
 Manager), PDF:764
                                          PDF:766, PDF:770
   agents, PDF:768                      redundancy, PDF:779
        deploying, PDF:775              reporting database servers,
        installing, PDF:783-PDF:784       PDF:776
   alerts, PDF:766-PDF:767              reports, PDF:769
   all-in-one servers, PDF:776          requirements, PDF:773-PDF:774
   application-specific intelligence,   responses, PDF:767
                                                       packages         877

   security, PDF:780-PDF:781            Options page (Database Properties
   SNMP PDF:773
          ,                              dialog box), 43
   Web console, PDF:769                 osql command-line tool, PDF:588
   website, PDF:784
   Analysis Services,                   P
   applications                         Package Deployment utility, 427-428
       cursors, PDF:817                 Package Installation Wizard, 428
       locking/deadlocks,               packages, 388, PDF:562
         PDF:818-PDF:819                   configuring, 424-427
       query analysis,                     connection managers, walking
         PDF:815-PDF:817                     through, 405
   Database Engine,                        connections, 395-396
     PDF:792-PDF:793                       containers, 390
   databases, PDF:802                      control flow, 389-390
       applying recommendations,               adjusting, 410-411
                                               color coordination steps, 408
       Database Engine Tuning
                                               drop table task, adding,
         Advisor, PDF:805
       process monitoring,
                                               maintenance tasks, 421
                                               walking through, 401-402
       Profiler tool, PDF:802-PDF:803
                                           Control Flow tab, 407-408
       reviewing recommendations,
         PDF:808-PDF:810                   creating, 399-400
       trace templates,                    data flow, 391
         PDF:803-PDF:804                       adjusting, 411-412
       workloads, PDF:805-PDF:808              business intelligence
   full-text catalogs, 374                       transformations, 392
   Integration Services,                       destinations, 391-392
     PDF:800-PDF:802                           join transformations, 394
   platforms                                   lookup transformations, 394
       capturing counters,                     miscellaneous
         PDF:790-PDF:792                         transformations, 394
       counters, PDF:788-PDF:789               row transformations, 392
   replication, PDF:794-PDF:795                rowset transformations, 393
   Reporting Services,                         sources, 391
     PDF:795-PDF:798                           split transformations, 394
options                                        walking through, 403-405
   rs utility, 124                         data transformations, 409-415
   RSConfig utility, 122                       control flow adjustment,
   Rskeymgmt utility, 123                        410-411
   SQLLogShip.exe application,                 data flow adjustment,
     PDF:744                                     411-412
878       packages

     destinations, configuring,     packets (UDP), PDF:649
       412-413                      Pages/sec counter, PDF:788
     execution results, 414         parallel indexing, 349
  database copies, 430-431          partial backups, PDF:612-PDF:613
  database transfers, 429-430
                                    Partition Processing Destination, 391
  debugging, 406
     manually, 423-424                 indexes, 348-349, PDF:544
     Package Deployment utility,       tables, PDF:544
       427-428                      passive nodes, PDF:651
  destinations, configuring,        Password Must Meet Complexity
    412-413                          Requirements policy, 480
  event handlers, 396-397,          passwords
    PDF:562                            policies, 479-481, PDF:550
  Execution Results tab, 409           replication, 247
  execution results, viewing, 414      SA accounts, 440
  importing, 423                    patch management (failover
  installing, 428-429                clustering), PDF:671
  instrumenting                        Service Pack 2, installing,
     email, 416                          PDF:679-PDF:680
     error handling, 417-419               Authentication screen,
     logging, 415-416                        PDF:675
     maintenance tasks, 419-423            downloading, PDF:673
  log providers, 397-398                   downtime, PDF:673
  Progress tab, 408-409                    Error and Usage Report
  projects, 388, 398-399                     Settings screen, PDF:676
  running, 406-409                         Feature Selection screen,
  SSIS, 185                                  PDF:675
     backing up, 199                       progress, PDF:678
     creating, 187-189                     remote user account
     deleting, 195                           credentials, PDF:676
     execution, monitoring,                Running Processes screen,
       197-198                               PDF:677
     importing/exporting, 190-191          security, PDF:679
     logging, 198-199                      Setup Welcome screen,
     reports, 194
                                           summary, PDF:679
     restoring, 199
                                       service packs, installing, PDF:672
     running, 191-193
     scheduling, 193-194
     stopping, 195                     installing, 461
     storing, 189                      reviewing, 284
     viewing, 194                   pausing
  tasks, 388, 421                      database mirroring,
  variables, PDF:562                     PDF:708-PDF:709
  walking through, 400-401             nodes, PDF:688
                                                       permissions         879

peer-to-peer publishers model                    index statistics, 339
 (replication), 215                              options, 347-348
peer-to-peer transactional replication,          rebuilding/reorganizing, 343
 configuring, 234                                sorting indexes, 343
   distributors, 234-236                         tuning, 344-346
   firsts node, 236-238                      information, collecting, 268-270
   nodes, adding, 243-244                    Integration Services,
   publications, enabling, 239                 PDF:800-PDF:802
   topology, 239-242                         monitoring, PDF:766
Percentage Sampling                          OpsMgr, PDF:770
 Transformation, 393                         platform
performance                                      capturing counters,
   Analysis Services,                              PDF:790-PDF:792
     PDF:799-PDF:800                             counters, PDF:788-PDF:789
       flight recorder, 95                       sample counter datasheet,
       monitoring, 95                              PDF:791
       tuning, 95-96                         replication, PDF:794-PDF:795
   applications                              Reporting Services,
       cursors, PDF:817                        PDF:795-PDF:798
       locking/deadlocks,                    servers
          PDF:818-PDF:819                        loads, PDF:653
       query analysis with Database              log shipping, PDF:724
          Engine Tuning Advisor,          Performance Monitor tool
          PDF:817                            Analysis Services performance,
       query analysis with Query               tuning, 96
          Editor, PDF:815-PDF:816            database mirroring, PDF:717
   Database Engine,                          replication objects/counters,
     PDF:792-PDF:793                           255-256
   databases, PDF:802                     permissions
       applying recommendations,             database engine,
          PDF:811-PDF:812                      PDF:547-PDF:548
       Database Engine Tuning                    context switching, PDF:550
          Advisor, PDF:805                       encryption hierarchy, PDF:550
       process monitoring,                       fixed database role,
          PDF:813-PDF:815                          PDF:548-PDF:549
       Profiler tool, PDF:802-PDF:803            fixed server role,
       reviewing recommendations,                  PDF:549-PDF:550
          PDF:808-PDF:810                        hierarchy, PDF:548
       trace templates,                          module signing, PDF:550
          PDF:803-PDF:804                        password policies, PDF:550
       workloads, PDF:805-PDF:808            databases
   features, PDF:539                             Analysis Services, 92-93
   indexes, 293                                  options, 51
       fill factors, 341-343                     roles, 477-478
       fragmentation, 339-341                endpoints, modifying, 501
880         permissions

    managing with DDL, 486-487          precedence constraints
    server-level roles, 476-477             maintenance plan tasks, 307-308
physical security (OpsMgr), PDF:780         task parallelism, 309
Pivot Transformation, 393               preferred owners (cluster
placement (monitor servers),              groups/nodes), PDF:683-PDF:685
  PDF:724                               primary servers
platform performance                        failing over to, PDF:744
    capturing counters,                     log shipping, PDF:723
      PDF:790-PDF:792                   principal databases, PDF:694
    counters, PDF:788-PDF:789           Principal Server Instance screen
    sample counter datasheet,             (Database Mirroring Wizard),
      PDF:791                             PDF:703
policies                                principal servers, PDF:703
    failback, PDF:685-PDF:686           principle of least privilege, 456, 470
    failover, PDF:685                   Private Buffer Memory counter,
    passwords, 479-481, PDF:550           PDF:801
Polish language support, 380-382        Private Buffers in User counter,
political-based management groups         PDF:801
  (OpsMgr), PDF:777                     privileges (administrator), 92
populating                              proactive caching, 69, 88-90
    full-text catalogs, 369             procedures (stored)
        indexes, 370-371                    log shipping, 272
        population jobs, identifying,       SQLDIAG data gathering, 274
          369-370                       Process Database dialog box, 82
        status, accessing, 371
                                        processadmin fixed server role
    full-text indexes, 365-366            permission, PDF:550
        incremental, 373
        starting, 372
                                            filter daemon, PDF:564
        stopping, 373
                                            full-text engine, PDF:563
population status codes
                                            monitoring, PDF:813-PDF:815
    full-text catalogs, 376-377
                                            SQL Server, PDF:565
    full-text indexes, 377
ports, hardening, 447
                                            Analysis Services objects, 81
Portuguese-Brazilian language
                                            events, PDF:766
  support, 383
                                            full Analysis Services
Portuguese-Iberian language                    multidimensional databases,
  support, 383                                 81-85
post-installation tasks, PDF:824            subscriptions, PDF:560
p password option                       Processor Queue Length counter,
    rs utility, 124                       PDF:789
    RSConfig utility, 123               processors, PDF:558
    Rskeymgmt utility, 123                  enabling, 17-18
                                            threads, 18-19
                                                    publications        881

Procs.sql file, 277                       Protocols for MSSQLSERVER,
Profiler                                    PDF:582
   Analysis Services performance,         servers, 13
      tuning, 95                              connections, 22-24
   database optimization,                     database settings, 24-26
      PDF:802-PDF:804                         general, 13
   health check data gathering, 268           memory, 14-16
   log file, 397                              miscellaneous settings, 27
   monitoring, PDF:761                        network settings, 27
profiler90 command-line tool,                 parallelism settings, 28
  PDF:588                                     processors, 16-19
Progress tab (packages), 408-409              remote connections, 24
projects                                      security, 19-22
   creating, 398-399                      SSRS, 106, 143
   packages, 388                       protection levels (SSIS), 201
   SSIS, 185                              DontSaveSensitive option, 201
properties                                EncryptAllWithPassword
   Agent, 59                                option, 201
        advanced, 60                      EncryptAllWithUserKey
                                            option, 201
        alerts, 60
        connections, 60
                                            option, 202
        general, 59
        history, 61                         option, 202
        jobs, 60                          ServerStorage option, 202
   Analysis Services, 86               protocols
   databases (Database Properties
                                          disabling, 472
      dialog box)
                                          endpoints, 471-474
        Extended Permissions, 51
                                          File, PDF:561
        Filegroup, 43
                                          HTTP PDF:561
        Files, 38-42
                                          MSSQLSERVER, PDF:582
        General, 37-38
                                          Named Pipes, 473
        Mirroring, 50
                                          SMTP PDF:561
        Options, 43
                                          SNMP PDF:773
        Permissions, 51
                                       provisioning certificates, 527-529
        recovery models, 45-50
        Transaction Log Shipping, 51   proxy accounts
   distributors, 244                      Agent, 63
   full-text catalogs                     servers, 22
        accessing, 375-376             Publication Properties dialog
        modifying, 374-375               box, 239
        optimizing, 374                publications (replication), 211
        rebuilding, 374                   configuring, 224-229
        tables/views, 375                 disabling, 245-246
   full-text indexes, 367-368
882         publications

   enabling for peer-to-peer            R
      transactional replication, 239
   local, deleting, 247                 Raw File Destination, 391
Publications tab (Replication Monitor   Raw File Source, 391
 tool), 251
                                        Rebuild Index Task, 293-295, 420
publishers (replication)
   monitoring/managing, 251-252
                                           full-text catalogs, 374
   role, 210
                                           indexes, 337, 343
publishing SSRS reports, 141-142
                                        RECEIVE permission, PDF:548
publishing model (Replication
 component), PDF:566                    Recordset Destination, 391
pull subscriptions, 211                 RECOVERING database state,
push subscriptions, 211
                                           Analysis Services,
Q                                          business scope, PDF:600
quarterly tasks (maintenance),             Database Engine
 313-314                                       full recovery,
                                               models, PDF:602-PDF:604
                                               storage architecture, PDF:601
      Database Engine Tuning
                                           databases, 43, PDF:629-PDF:632
        Advisor, PDF:817
                                               automatic options, 47
      Query Editor,
        PDF:815-PDF:816                        bulk-logged, 45, PDF:602
   log shipping tables, PDF:747                choosing, PDF:603
Query Editor, PDF:590-PDF:591                  compatibility levels, 47
                                               cursor options, 48
   accessing, PDF:590
                                               full, 44, PDF:602
   colors, PDF:591-PDF:592
                                               log shipping,
   features, PDF:590
   query analysis, PDF:815-PDF:816
                                               miscellaneous options, 48-49
   windows, PDF:592
                                               page verification options, 49
querytimeout option
                                               selecting, 45-46
 (SQLLogShip.exe), PDF:745
                                               settings, 25
queue reader agent, 212
                                               simple, 45, PDF:602
quorum                                         state options, 49-50
   database mirroring, PDF:695                 switching, 46-47, PDF:604
   device clusters, PDF:650                full-text catalogs, PDF:641
   resources, PDF:649, PDF:682             log shipping, PDF:726,
                                           new features, PDF:598
                                           technical aspects, PDF:600
                                           Reporting Services, PDF:637
                                                  replication        883

RECOVERY PENDING database state,       central subscriber/multiple
  PDF:545                                publishers model, 214
reducing                               database mirroring combination,
    disk contention, 39                  218, PDF:700
    surface area, 442-445              distribution database, 247
redundancy (OpsMgr), PDF:779           distributor properties, 244
REFERENCE permission, PDF:548          failover clustering
                                         combination, 218
Register command (nscontrol
                                       features, comparing, 216
  utility), 179
                                       folder, 36
Register Servers tool,
                                       implementation reasons, 217
                                       local publications, deleting, 247
                                       local subscriptions, deleting, 246
    Notification Services instances,   log shipping, 218, PDF:727
                                       merge, 212, PDF:795
    servers, PDF:589
registration screen (Microsoft SQL
                                           MOM, 256
  Server Installation Wizard),
  PDF:661                                  publishers, 251-252
                                           Replication Monitor tool,
relational databases, 68
relational OLAP (ROLAP), 87,               subscriptions, 252-254
                                           Systems Monitor tool,
Remote Account Information screen            255-256
  (Microsoft SQL Server Installation   new features, 209
  Wizard), PDF:665
                                       objects/counters in Performance
remote accounts, PDF:665                 Monitor, 255-256
remote connections, 24                 passwords, 247
Remote User Account screen (Service    peer-to-peer publishers
  Pack 2 Setup Wizard), PDF:676          model, 215
remote user accounts, PDF:676          peer-to-peer transactional
Remove Historical Data Older Than          configuring, 234
  option (History Cleanup Task), 296       distributors, 234-236
Reorganize Index Task, 293, 420            first node, 236-238
Reorganize Pages with the Default          nodes, adding, 243-244
  Amount of Free Space option              publications, enabling, 239
  (rebuild index task), 294                topology, 239-242
reorganizing indexes, 343              performance/optimization,
Repair command (nscontrol                PDF:794-PDF:795
  utility), 180                        prerequisites, 215-216
replication                            publications, 211, 245-246
    agents, 211-212, PDF:567           publishing model, PDF:566
    articles, 211                      pull subscriptions, 211
    backing up/restoring, 248-249      push subscriptions, 211
    central publisher/multiple         Replication folder, 36
      subscribers model, 213           roles, 210
884        replication

  scripts, generating, 248                 email settings, configuring,
  snapshot, 212                              114-117
      configuring, 219-225, 228-233        encryption keys, 114
      testing, 234                         execution account,
  technologies, 213-215                      configuring, 117
  transactional, 212, PDF:794              features, PDF:584
  types, PDF:566-PDF:567                   instances, initializing, 114
Replication Monitor tool, 250-251          Report Manager virtual
  publishers, 251-252                        directory, configuring, 110
  subscriptions, 252-254                   Report Server virtual directory,
                                             configuring, 109-110
Report Builder tool, PDF:592
                                           server status, 108
  accessing, PDF:593
                                           SharePoint integration,
  features, PDF:592                          configuring, 113
Report Manager, PDF:577                    SSRS databases,
  features, PDF:577                          configuring, 113
  SSRS administration, 119-120             Web service identity,
  virtual directory, configuring, 110        configuring, 112-113
Report Requests counter,                   Windows service identity,
 PDF:796-PDF:798                             configuring, 111-112
Reporting and Logging dialog            connecting, 107-108
 box, 309                               data
Reporting Services. See also reports       sources, 103-104
  administration                           storage, PDF:558
      command-line utilities, 121       databases, 102-103, 113
      Management Studio, 117-119        email settings, 114-117
      Report Manager, 119-120           encryption keys, 114
      rs command-line utility,          execution account,
        124-126                           configuring, 117
      RSConfig command-line utility,    extensions, PDF:558-PDF:559
        122-123                         instances, initializing, 114
      Rskeymgmt command-line            My Reports, configuring, 128-129
        utility, 123-124                new features, 99-100
  backing up                            performance/optimization,
      configuration/data files,           PDF:795-PDF:798
        PDF:636-PDF:637                 processors, PDF:558
      databases, PDF:633-PDF:635        properties, 106
      encryption keys, PDF:635-         recovering, PDF:637
        PDF:636                         reports
      websites, PDF:635                    data sources, 143-144
  Configuration Manager, 107               execution logging, 132-133
      accessing, PDF:584                   execution timeout, configuring,
      connections, creating,                 131-132
        107-108                            history, configuring, 129-131
                                           linking, 144-145
                                             Resource database         885

       modifying, 142                      informational database,
       properties, 143                       creating, 91
       viewing/publishing, 141-142         log shipping
   Report Manager virtual directory,           stored procedures,
     configuring, 110                             PDF:747-PDF:748
   report server, 101-102, PDF:557             table queries, PDF:747
   report server virtual directory,            viewing, PDF:745-PDF:747
     configuring, 109-110                  Maintenance Plan
   security, 133-134, 504                      design surface, 309
       item roles, 134-136                     wizard, 305
       system roles, 137-138               management pack, PDF:772
   server status, 108                      MBSA security, 453-454
   shared data sources                     Operations Manager,
       creating, 139                         PDF:834-PDF:835
       credentials, configuring,           OpsMgr, PDF:769
         139-140                           server, 101-102, PDF:557
       security, 140                           Configuration Manager, 104
   SharePoint integration,                     virtual directory, 109-110
     configuring, 113                      SSIS packages, 194
   sites                                   SSRS
       server name, configuring, 127           data sources, 143-144
       settings, 126-127                       linking, 144-145
   tools, 104-107                              modifying, 142
   trace log files, 122                        properties, 143
   troubleshooting, 145-146                    viewing/publishing, 141-142
   web server, 102                      Reports Executed/Sec counter,
   Web service identity, configuring,     PDF:797-PDF:798
     112-113                            ReportServer database, 103
   Windows service identity,            ReportServerTempDB database, 103
     configuring, 111-112
                               file, 276
reports. See also Reporting Services
                                        Requests/Sec counter, PDF:797
   BI features, PDF:541
   BPA, 278, 455
   Database Engine, 52-53                  database mirroring, PDF:697,
   Database Maintenance Plan,
     PDF:627                               disk clustering, PDF:657
   database servers, PDF:776               failover clustering,
                                           Operations Manager 2007
       failover clustering, PDF:667
                                             installation, PDF:832-PDF:833
       Service Pack 2, PDF:676
                                           OpsMgr, PDF:773-PDF:774
                                           replication, 215-216
       logging, configuring, 132-133
                                        Reset Lockout Counter After
       timeout, configuring, 131-132      policy, 481
   history, configuring, 129-131
                                        Resource database, PDF:546
886         resources

resources                                    groups, 476
    cluster, PDF:649                         managing with DDL, 485
        renaming, PDF:689                    replication, 210
        status, PDF:682                      security, 475-478
    groups, PDF:649                              access groups, 476
    quorum, PDF:649, PDF:682                     Active Directory, 476
responses (alerts), PDF:761, PDF:767             database-level, 477-478
RESTORE/LOAD permission, PDF:548                 role groups, 476
restore option (SQLLogShip.exe),                 server-level, 476-477
  PDF:745                                    SSAS security, PDF:556
Restore Transaction Log job, creating,       SSIS database, 200
  PDF:736-PDF:737                            SSRS
restoring                                        items, 134-136
    Analysis Services, 90                        system roles, 137-138
    databases, 25, 56                    rolling upgrades, PDF:671
    full-text catalogs, 384              Row Count Transformation, 394
    log shipping, PDF:724,               Row Sampling Transformation, 393
      PDF:736-PDF:737                    row transformations (data flow), 392
    replication, 248-249                 Rows Read counter, PDF:801
    SSIS packages, 199                   Rows Written counter, PDF:801
RESTORING database state, PDF:545        rowset transformations (data
resuming                                   flow), 393
    database mirroring,                  rs command-line tool, 125-126,
      PDF:708-PDF:709                      PDF:588
    nodes, PDF:688                       rsconfig command-line tool, 122-123,
reviewing                                  PDF:588
    antivirus software, 273, 285         rskeymgmt command-line tool,
    backup strategies, 273, 283-284        123-124, PDF:588
    business continuity plans, 273,      running
      283-284                                packages, 406-409
    DDL, 355-357                             SSIS packages, 191-193
    documentation, 284                   Running Processes screen (Service
    transaction logs, 272                  Pack 2 Setup Wizard), PDF:677
    updates/patches, 284                 Russian language support, 383
REVOKE statement, 487
r installation ID option (Rskeymgmt
  utility), 123                          S
ROLAP (relational OLAP), 87,
  PDF:638                                SA accounts
roles                                       disabling, 441
    Analysis Services security,             passwords, 440
      creating, 93-94                       renaming, 441
    application, 499-500                    security, 439-440
    database, 497-498                    sac command-line tool, PDF:588
                                                        security        887

salt values, 519-521                   secondary servers
saving workloads, PDF:807                 failing over to, PDF:741-PDF:744
scalability                               log shipping, PDF:723
    failover clustering, PDF:653       securables (database engine),
    features, PDF:539                   PDF:547
Scan Type option (Update Statistics    security
  Task), 295                              account lockout policies, 480
scheduling                                administration, 487
    full-text indexes, 366                Analysis Services, 91, 503-504
    maintenance                               administrator privileges,
         daily tasks, 312-313                   granting, 92
         monthly tasks, 313-314               database permissions, 92-93
         quarterly tasks, 313-314             roles, creating, 93-94
         weekly tasks, 313                authentication, 436
    maintenance plans, 300                    mixed mode
    SSIS packages, 193-194                      authentication, 437
schemas                                       modes, 437-439
                                              Windows Authentication
    database, 478-479
                                                mode, 436
    managing with DDL, 486
                                          BPA, 454
    security, 498-499
                                              recommendations, 280-281
Script Component, 393
                                              vulnerability and
Script Task, 390                                recommendation report, 455
scripting                                 BUILTIN/Administrators Windows
    Analysis Services objects, 91           group, deleting, 463
    database objects, 56                  Configuration Manager tool,
    replication, 248                        445-449
    tasks, 390                            critical fixes, 461
SCSI (Small Computer Systems              database engine,
  Interface), 283                           PDF:547-PDF:550
SCW (Security Configuration Wizard),          context switching, PDF:550
  449-450                                     encryption hierarchy, PDF:550
Search Folder and Delete Files Based          fixed database role
  on an Extension option                        permissions,
  (Maintenance Cleanup Task), 299               PDF:548-PDF:549
searches (full-text)                          fixed server role permissions,
    iFilters, 378-379
                                              module signing, PDF:550
    new features, 355
                                              password policies, PDF:550
    terminology, 354
    word breakers, 379-384
Secondary Database Settings dialog
                                              principals, PDF:547
  box, PDF:735
                                              securables, PDF:547
secondary databases
                                          Database Mail, PDF:758
    bringing online, PDF:743
    log shipping, PDF:733-PDF:734
888       security

  databases                         MBSA, 451
      mirroring, PDF:703                installing, 451-452
      objects, 470                      security reports, 453-454
      schema, 478-479                   vulnerabilities, scanning, 452
      users, 475, 495-497           Notification Services, 154, 505
  DDL                                   account identification,
      logins, 482-484                     154-155
      permissions, 486-487              external components,
      roles, 485                          accessing, 156-157
      schemas, 486                      instances, accessing,
      users, 484-485                      155-156
  encryption, 509                   Operations Manager 2007,
      algorithms, 512-513             PDF:831-PDF:832
      certificates, 512, 515,       OpsMgr, PDF:780-PDF:781
        526-532                     overview, 470
      database master key, 512      password policies, 479-481
      databases, 513-522            patches, 461
      encrypted client/server       principals, 474
        traffic, 510                principle of least privilege, 470
      hierarchy, 511                protocols, 471-474
      keys, 512                     roles, 475-478
      Management Studio, 532            access groups, 476
      service master key, 511           application, 499-500
      transmissions, 522-526            database, 477-478, 497-498
      unprotected client/server         role groups, 476
        traffic, 509                    server-level, 476-477
  endpoints                         SA accounts, 439-441
      managing, 500-503             schemas, managing, 498-499
      permissions, modifying, 501   Security Configuration Wizard,
      protocols for, 471-474          449-450
  features, PDF:539                 servers, 19
  firewalls, 463-466                    audit tracing, 22
  hardening, 436                        authentication, 20-21
  health checks, 286                    criteria compliance, 22
  IIS, 466                              cross database ownership
  log shipping, PDF:725                   chaining, 22
  logins, 470, 475, 488                 login auditing, 21
      mixed mode authentication,        proxy accounts, 22
        488-489                     service accounts, 455-456
      SQL authentication, 489-492       choosing, 458
      Windows authentication,           isolating, 457
        492-495                         modifying, 458-460
  logs, 461                             principle of least
                                          privilege, 456
                                        types, 457
                                                         servers        889

    Service Pack 2, PDF:679                     default locations, 26
    service packs, 460                          recovery, 25
    shared data sources, 140               General page, 13
    SSAS, PDF:556                          Memory page, 14, 16
    SSIS, 199, 201-202, 505                Processors page, 16
        database level roles, 200               enabling processors, 17-18
        protection levels, 201-202              threads, 18-19
    SSRS, 133-134, 504                     Security page, 19
        item roles, 134-136                     audit tracing, 22
        system roles, 137-138                   authentication, 20-21
    surface area reduction, 442-445             criteria compliance, 22
    Trustworthy Computing, 435                  cross database ownership
securityadmin fixed server role                   chaining, 22
 permission, PDF:550                            login auditing, 21
security-based management groups                proxy accounts, 22
 (OpsMgr), PDF:777                      serveradmin fixed server role
Security Configuration Wizard (SCW),     permission, PDF:550
 449-450                                servers
Security folder, 32-33                     all-in-one, PDF:776
Select Management Packs to Import          certificates, 529
 dialog box, PDF:782                       configurations, 282-283
SELECT permission, PDF:548                 database, PDF:775
Selection option (Update Statistics        encryption, 524
 Task), 295                                federated database, PDF:546
self-signed certificates, 526              instances, hiding, 447-449
Send Mail Task, 389                        linking, 35
Sequence container, 390                    load performance/degradation,
Server Objects folder, 33
                                           management, PDF:776
    Backup Devices, 33                     mirror, PDF:703
    Endpoint, 34                           monitor
    Linked Servers, 34-35                       log shipping,
    Triggers, 36                                  PDF:723-PDF:726,
server option (SQLLogShip.exe),                   PDF:737-PDF:738
 PDF:744                                        placement, PDF:724
Server Profiler, PDF:585-PDF:586           multiserver maintenance plans,
Server Properties dialog box, 13             311-312
    Advanced page                          performance, PDF:724
        miscellaneous settings, 27         primary
        network settings, 27                    failing over to, PDF:744
        parallelism settings, 28                log shipping, PDF:723
    Connections page, 22-24                principal, PDF:703
    Database Settings page, 24             properties, 13
        backup and restore, 25                  connections, 22-24
        Default Index Fill Factor, 24           database settings, 24-26
890        servers

       general, 13                         database mirroring, PDF:705
       memory, 14-16                       failover clustering, PDF:681
       miscellaneous settings, 27          hardening, 455-456
       network settings, 27                    choosing, 458
       parallelism settings, 28                isolating, 457
       processors, 16-19                       principle of least
       remote connections, 24                    privilege, 456
       security, 19-22                     modifying, 458-460
   Register Servers tool,                  Operations Manager,
     PDF:588-PDF:590                         PDF:831-PDF:832
   registering, PDF:589                    OpsMgr, PDF:781
   report, 101-102, 114, PDF:557           types, 457
   reporting database, PDF:776          Service Accounts screen (Database
   roles, 476-477                        Mirroring Wizard), PDF:705
   secondary                            Service Broker component, PDF:568
       failing over to,                    conversations, PDF:568
         PDF:741-PDF:744                   services, PDF:569
       log shipping, PDF:723            service master keys, 511, 521-522
   security                             Service Pack 2
       audit tracing, 22                   features, PDF:538
       authentication, 20-21               installing, PDF:672-PDF:680,
       criteria compliance, 22               PDF:824-PDF:826
       cross database ownership                Authentication screen,
         chaining, 22                            PDF:675
       login auditing, 21                      downloading, PDF:673
       proxy accounts, 22                      downtime, PDF:673
   SMTP PDF:756-PDF:757                        Error and Usage Report
   SSAS communication,                           Settings screen, PDF:676
     PDF:552-PDF:553                           Feature Selection screen,
   SSRS server status, 108                       PDF:675
   virtual, PDF:648,                           progress, PDF:678
     PDF:662-PDF:663                           remote user account
   web, 102                                      credentials, PDF:676
   witness, PDF:694                            Running Processes screen,
       instances, configuring,                   PDF:677
         PDF:705                               security, PDF:679
       placement, PDF:698-PDF:699              Setup Welcome screen,
ServerStorage option (SSIS protection            PDF:673
 level), 202                                   summary, PDF:679
Service Account screen (Microsoft          Setup Wizard
 SQL Server Installation Wizard),              Authentication screen,
 PDF:666                                         PDF:675
service accounts                               Error and Usage Report
   choosing, 458                                 Settings screen, PDF:676
   clusters, PDF:666
                                                        services        891

       Feature Selection screen,               recovery, PDF:639-PDF:640
         PDF:675                               restoring, 90
       Installation Progress screen,           roles, PDF:556
         PDF:678                               security, 91-94, 503-504
       Remote User Account screen,             server/client communications,
         PDF:676                                 PDF:552-PDF:553
       Running Processes screen,               terminology, 68-69
         PDF:677                               UDM, PDF:551-PDF:552
       Welcome screen, PDF:673                 versions, 70-71
service packs                                  viewing, 91
   Compliance configuration monitor,       Certificate, PDF:828-PDF:830
     PDF:772                               core, 270-271
   installing, PDF:672                     Integration
   updates, installing, 460                    64-bit versions, 186-187
services                                       administration, 195-197
   Analysis                                    Analysis Services database
       AdventureWorks DW sample                  deployment, 80
         database, 72-74                       backing up packages, 199
       architecture, 69-70                     dtexec, 202-204
       backing up, 90,                         dtutil, 205-206
         PDF:637-PDF:638                       configuration file, 196
       Connection Manager, 395                 creating packages, 187-189
       cubes, PDF:554                          deleting packages, 195
       database deployment, 74-80              Designer, 426
       data sources,                           executing packages, 197-198
         PDF:553-PDF:554                       importing/exporting packages,
       Deployment Wizard, 75-78                  190-191
       Execute DDL Task, 390                   IS service, PDF:563
       failover clustering installation,       logging packages, 198-199
         PDF:668-PDF:671                       new features, 184
       full multidimensional                   Object Model, 184-185,
         databases, processing,                  PDF:562-PDF:563
                                               packages, 185
       informational database
         reports, creating, 91
       managing, 91
                                               projects, 185
       mining structures/modeling,
                                               reporting packages, 195
                                               restoring packages, 199
       new features, 71-72
                                               running packages, 191-193
       objects, processing, 81
                                               security, 199-202, 505
       objects, scripting, 91
                                               service, 185-186
       OLAP storage models, 87-90
                                               solutions, 185
       performance, 95-96,
         PDF:799-PDF:800                       stopping packages, 195
       properties configuring, 86              storing packages, 189
                                               viewing packages, 194
892       services

  IS, PDF:563                                   ,
                                          SMTP 158
  Notification                            Web
      accounts, defining, 159-161             identity, configuring, 112-113
      administration, 157-159                 new features, PDF:540
      configuring, 179-180                XML, new features, PDF:540
      databases, 153, 172              setupadmin fixed server role
      engine, 151-153                   permission, PDF:550
      event collection, PDF:560        Setup Summary screen (Microsoft
      examples, installing, 159         SQL Server Installation Wizard),
      folder, 36                        PDF:668
      instances. See Notification      Setup Wizard, PDF:657
        Services, instances            SharePoint integration,
      nonhosted event providers,        configuring, 113
        172-174                        sharing data sources
      notification formatting/            creating, 139
        delivering, PDF:561               credentials, creating, 139-140
      security, 154-157, 505              security, 140
      subscriptions, 175-178,          shipping logs
                                          administration, PDF:728
      troubleshooting, 180-181
                                              jobs, PDF:723
      backing up, PDF:633-PDF:637
                                              storage locations, PDF:726
      command-line utilities, 121
                                          command-line management,
      configuration/data files,
        backing up,
        PDF:636-PDF:637                   copy jobs, PDF:724
      Configuration Manager. See          databases
        Reporting Services,                   mirroring combination,
        Configuration Manager                   PDF:699, PDF:727
      databases, backing up,                  recovery model,
        PDF:633-PDF:635                         PDF:729-PDF:730
      encryption keys, backing up,        deleting, PDF:740
        PDF:635-PDF:636                   design considerations,
      Management Studio, 117-119            PDF:725-PDF:726
      performance/optimization,           drive capacity, PDF:724
        PDF:795-PDF:798                   environmental characteristics,
      recovering, PDF:637                   PDF:724-PDF:725
      Report Manager, 119-120             factors for implementing,
      rs command-line utility,              PDF:725
        124-126                           failovers
      RSConfig command-line utility,          back to primary servers,
        122-123                                 PDF:744
      Rskeymgmt command-line                  clustering combination,
        utility, 123-124                        PDF:727
      websites, backing up, PDF:635           to secondary servers,
  Service Broker, PDF:569                       PDF:741-PDF:744
                                              Solution Explorer        893

   implementing                       Simple Network Management
       Copy Files job, creating,        Protocol (SNMP), PDF:773
         PDF:734-PDF:735              simple recovery model (databases),
       monitor servers, adding,         45, PDF:602
         PDF:737-PDF:738              single-instance failovers, PDF:651
       restoration options,           site settings (SSRS), 126-127
       secondary databases,
         PDF:733-PDF:734                  OpsMgr databases, PDF:778
       transaction log backup             quorum resource logs, PDF:682
         settings, PDF:731-PDF:733    Slowly Changing Dimension
   information, collecting, 271-272     Transformation, 394
   interruptions, recovering,         Small Computer Systems Interface
     PDF:739-PDF:740                    (SCSI), 283
   jobs, managing,                    SMO Connection Manager, 395
     PDF:740-PDF:741                  SMTP (Simple Mail Transfer Protocol),
   monitor                              158, PDF:561, PDF:755
       placement, PDF:724                 Connection Manager, 395
       servers, PDF:723, PDF:726          servers
   network speed, PDF:724                    configuring, PDF:756-PDF:757
   new features, PDF:721                     installing, PDF:756
   overview, PDF:721-PDF:722              Service, installing, 158
   primary servers, PDF:723           snapshots
   recovery mode, PDF:726                 agents, 211
   replication combination, 218,          database, PDF:641-PDF:642
     PDF:727                                 caution, PDF:641
   reports, viewing, PDF:745,                creating, PDF:642
     PDF:747                                 database mirroring
   restore jobs, PDF:724                       combination, PDF:700
   secondary servers, PDF:723                deleting, PDF:643
   security, PDF:725                         reverting, PDF:642
   server performance, PDF:724               viewing, PDF:642
   SQL Server versions, PDF:726           replication, 212, 219
   storage locations                         distributors, 220-224
       configuring, PDF:728-PDF:729          publications, 224-225,
       staging, PDF:726                        228-229
   stored procedures, 272                    subscriptions, 229-233
   troubleshooting/monitoring,               testing, 234
     PDF:747-PDF:748                  SNI (SQL Server Network
Shrink Database Task, 292, 420          Interface), 471
shrinking databases, 58               SNMP (Simple Network Management
signing modules, PDF:550                Protocol), PDF:773
Simple Mail Transfer Protocol. See    software (OpsMgr requirements),
  SMTP                                  PDF:774
                                      Solution Explorer, PDF:580
894         solutions

solutions                                   error logs, PDF:763
    packages, 388                           jobs, 61-63
    SSIS, 185                               launching, 311
Sort Results in tempdb option               log reader, 211
 (rebuild index task), 294                  merge, 212
Sort Transformation, 393                    monitoring jobs,
sorting indexes, 343                           PDF:753-PDF:755, PDF:771
sources (data flow), 391                    operators, 63
                                            OpsMgr. See Agent, OpsMgr
SP_Counts trace template, PDF:803
                                            properties, 59-61
Specify the Database option (Back
                                            proxy accounts, 63
 Up Database Task), 297
                                            queue reader, 212
split transformations (data flow), 394
                                            replication, 211-212, PDF:567
sqlagent90 command-line tool,               running jobs, 297
                                            snapshot, 211
SQL authentication, 489-492              Configuration Manager
sqlcmd command-line tool, PDF:588           accessing, PDF:582
SQLdiag command-line tool, PDF:588          certificates, configuring, 529
    health check data gathering,            features, PDF:581
      264-265                               hardening with, 445-449
    performance information,                Protocols for MSSQLSERVER
      collecting, 268-270                      properties, PDF:582
    results, analyzing, 274-276             service accounts, modifying,
SQLH2 utility                                  458-460
    health check data gathering, 266        SSRS, 105-107
    performance information,             Destination, 392
      collecting, 268                    editions, PDF:569-PDF:570
    results, analyzing, 276-277          installing, PDF:661,
sqllogship Application command-line        PDF:821-PDF:824
 tool, PDF:588                           log provider, 398
SQLLogShip.exe application, PDF:744      Management Studio. See SSMS
sqlmaint command-line tool,              Mobile Destination, 392
 PDF:588                                 post-installation tasks, PDF:824
SQL.NSInventory Windows domain           process, PDF:565
 user account                            Profiler
    creating, 160                           Analysis Services
    Local Administrators group,                performance, tuning, 95
      adding, 161                           database optimization,
SQL Server 2000 tools, PDF:593                 PDF:802-PDF:804
SQL Server 2005                             health check data
                                               gathering, 268
                                            log file, 397
        alerts, 63
                                            monitoring, PDF:761
        distribution, 211
                                                         SSMS          895

    Service Pack 2                          deleting, 195
        features, PDF:538                   execution, monitoring,
        installing, PDF:672-PDF:680,          197-198
           PDF:824-PDF:826                  importing/exporting, 190-191
        Setup Wizard,                       logging, 198-199
           PDF:673-PDF:678                  reports, 194
    Surface Area Configuration tool         restoring, 199
        accessing, PDF:583                  running, 191-193
        Features portion, PDF:583           scheduling, 193-194
        Services and Connections            stopping, 195
           portion, PDF:583                 storing, 189
        surface area, reducing,             viewing, 194
           442-445                       performance/optimization,
SQL Server and Windows                     PDF:800-PDF:802
  Authentication (Mixed) Mode            projects, 185
  setting, 21                            security, 199-202, 505
SQL Server Network Interface                database level roles, 200
  (SNI), 471                                protection levels, 201-202
sqlservr Application command-line        service, 185-186
  tool, PDF:588                          solutions, 185
sqlwb command-line tool, PDF:588       SSMS (Management Studio), 104,
s reencrypt option (Rskeymgmt           PDF:574-PDF:576
  utility), 123                          accessing, PDF:575
SSAS. See Analysis Services              databases
s servername option (RSConfig               differential backups,
  utility), 122                               PDF:618-PDF:619
s serverURL option (rs utility), 124        distribution, deleting, 247
SSIS (Integration Services), PDF:561        full backups,
    64-bit versions, 186-187                  PDF:615-PDF:618
    administration, 195-197                 full recovery,
    Analysis Services database                PDF:629-PDF:632
      deployment, 80                        mirroring, 708-711
    command-line utilities                  recovery models, switching,
        dtexec, 202-204                       PDF:604
        dtutil, 205-206                     snapshots, PDF:642-PDF:643
    configuration file, 196                 transaction log backups,
    Designer, 426
                                         default layout, PDF:576
    IS service, PDF:563
                                         encryption, 532
    new features, 184
                                         features, PDF:575
    Object Model, 184-185,
      PDF:562-PDF:563                    local publications, deleting, 247
    packages, 185                        local subscriptions, deleting, 246
        backing up, 199                  maintenance plans, viewing, 310
        creating, 187-189                packages, importing, 423
896         SSMS

  publishing/distribution, disabling,      Web service identity,
    245-246                                  configuring, 112-113
  recovery models, switching,              Windows service identity,
    46-47                                    configuring, 111-112
  servers, linking, 35                  connecting, 107-108
  SSIS packages, importing, 191         data
  SSRS administration, 117-119             sources, 103-104
SSRS (Reporting Services),                 storage, PDF:558
 PDF:556-PDF:557                        databases, 102-103, 113
  administration                        email settings, 114-117
     command-line utilities, 121        encryption keys, 114
     Management Studio, 117-119         execution account,
     Report Manager, 119-120              configuring, 117
     rs command-line utility,           extensions, PDF:558-PDF:559
       124-126                          instances, initializing, 114
     RSConfig command-line utility,     My Reports, configuring, 128-129
       122-123                          new features, 99-100
     Rskeymgmt command-line             performance/optimization,
       utility, 123-124                   PDF:795-PDF:798
  backing up                            processors, PDF:558
     configuration/data files,          properties, 106
       PDF:636-PDF:637                  recovering, PDF:637
     databases, PDF:633-PDF:635         reports
     encryption keys,                      data sources, 143-144
       PDF:635-PDF:636                     execution logging, 132-133
     websites, PDF:635                     execution timeout, configuring,
  Configuration Manager, 107                 131-132
     accessing, PDF:584                    history, configuring, 129-131
     connections, creating,                linking, 144-145
       107-108                             modifying, 142
     email settings, configuring,          properties, 143
       114-117                             server, 101-102, PDF:557
     encryption keys, 114                  viewing/publishing, 141-142
     execution account,                    virtual directory, configuring,
       configuring, 117                      109-110
     features, PDF:584                  security, 133-134, 504
     instances, initializing, 114          item roles, 134-136
     Report Manager virtual                system roles, 137-138
       directory, configuring, 110
                                        server status, 108
     Report Server virtual directory,
                                        shared data sources
       configuring, 109-110
                                           creating, 139
     server status, 108
                                           credentials, configuring,
     SharePoint integration,
       configuring, 113
                                           security, 140
     SSRS databases,
       configuring, 113
                                                        subfolders          897

    SharePoint integration,              Status tab (Database Mirroring
      configuring, 113                     Monitoring tool), PDF:715
    sites                                stemmers, 354
        server name, configuring, 127    stopping SSIS packages, 195
        settings, 126-127                storage
    tools, 104-107                           architecture (Database Engine),
    trace log files, 122                       PDF:601
    troubleshooting, 145-146                 data
    web server, 102                              OLAP storage models, 87-90
    Web service identity, configuring,           OpsMgr, PDF:767
      112-113                                    report servers, PDF:558
    Windows service identity,                databases, PDF:545
      configuring, 111-112
                                             encryption keys, PDF:636
Standard Edition, PDF:569
                                             failover clustering, configuring,
Standard trace template, PDF:803               PDF:656
starting Notification Services               log shipping locations,
  instances, 174                               PDF:728-PDF:729
statements                                   maintenance plans as jobs,
    ALTER ENDPOINT, 502                        310-311
    ALTER FULLTEXT INDEX, 373                SSIS packages, 189
    ALTER INDEX, 330-332                 Store Passwords Using Reversible
    ALTER LOGIN, 483                       Encryption policy, 480
    ALTER ROLE, 485                      stored procedures, PDF:544
    ALTER SCHEMA, 486                        log shipping, 272,
    ALTER USER, 484                            PDF:747-PDF:748
    CREATE, 485                              SQLDIAG data gathering, 274
    CREATE ENDPOINT, 502                 structures (data mining), PDF:555
    CREATE INDEX, 328-330                studio class tools, PDF:574
    CREATE LOGIN, 482                        Business Intelligence
    CREATE SCHEMA, 486                         Development Studio, PDF:576
    CREATE USER, 484                             accessing, PDF:577
    DENY, 487                                    layout, PDF:576
    DROP ENDPOINT, 502                       Management Studio,
    DROP INDEX, 332                            PDF:574-PDF:576
    DROP LOGIN, 484                              accessing, PDF:575
    DROP USER, 485                               default layout, PDF:576
    GRANT, 487                                   features, PDF:575
    REVOKE, 487                              Report Manager, PDF:577
states (databases), 49-50, PDF:545       subfolders
statistics                                   Databases folder
    full-text searches, 354                      Database Snapshots, 31
    updating, 295-296, 304                       System Databases, 31
Status command (nscontrol                        user databases, 32
  utility), 180
898        subfolders

    Server Objects folder               Sync with Backup option
        Backup Devices, 33                (replication), 249
        Endpoint, 34                    Synchronize Database Wizard, 80
        Linked Servers, 34-35           synchronous database mirroring,
        Triggers, 36                      PDF:695
subscribers                             sysadmin fixed server role
    Notification Services, adding,        permission, PDF:550
      175-177                           sysdatabases table, 275
    role (replication), 210             sysdevices table, 275
Subscription Watch List tab             sys.dm_exec_sessions table, 275
  (Replication Monitor tool), 251
subscriptions                             table, 275
    Notification Services, PDF:559      sys.endpoints catalog view, 473
        adding, 175-177                 sys.server_permissions catalog
        data/notifications, viewing,      view, 473
    processing, PDF:560
                                            catalogs, PDF:717
                                            databases, PDF:545-PDF:546
        configuring, 229-233
                                                backing up, PDF:614
        local, deleting, 246
                                                Master, PDF:546
          252-254                               Model, PDF:546
        pull, 211                               Msdb, PDF:546
        push, 211                               Resource, PDF:546
Subscriptions Options page                      Tempdb, PDF:546
  (Publication Properties dialog            tables, 291
  box), 239                             System Center Operations Manager.
surface area, reducing, 442-443           See OpsMgr
    features, 443-445                   System Configuration Check screen
                                          (Microsoft SQL Server Installation
    services and connections, 443
                                          Wizard), PDF:661
Surface Area Configuration tool, 104,
  PDF:583                               System Databases subfolder, 31
    accessing, PDF:583                  Systems Monitor tool, 255-256
    Features portion, PDF:583
    Services and Connections
      portion, PDF:583                  T
    surface area, reducing, 442-443
        features, 443-445               tablediff command-line tool, PDF:588
        services and connections, 443   tables, PDF:544
SUSPECT database state, PDF:545            AllItems, 333
switching recovery models, 46-47,          fn_virtualservernodes, 275
  PDF:604                                  full-text catalogs, 375
symmetric keys, 512                        partitioned, PDF:544
                                           sysdatabases, 275
                                                            tools        899

    sysdevices, 275                      testing
    sys.dm_exec_sessions, 275                Database Mail, PDF:759
    sys.dm_tran_database_                    snapshot replication, 234
       transactions, 275                 Text File log provider, 397
    system, 291                          thesaurus, 354
tabular data stream (TDS), 471           third-party certificates, 526
tail-log transaction backups,                importing, 529
                                             provisioning, 527-529
                                         threads (processors), 18-19
TAKE OWNERSHIP permission,
  PDF:548                                tools
Task Host, 390                               Books Online, PDF:572
                                                accessing, PDF:573
                                                downloading, PDF:574
    control flow, PDF:562
                                                filtering, PDF:573
    data flow, PDF:562
                                             Bulk Copy, 432
    maintenance plans
                                             command-line, PDF:587-PDF:588
         Back Up Database, 297-298
                                                Bcp, PDF:587
         Check Database Integrity, 291
                                                dta, PDF:587
         choosing, 301
                                                dtexec, 202-204, PDF:587
         daily tasks, 312-313
                                                dtutil, 205-206, PDF:588
         Execute SQL Server Agent
                                                log shipping management,
           Job, 297
         History Cleanup, 296
                                                MSBuild, 175
         Maintenance Cleanup, 299
                                                nscontrol, 179-180, PDF:588
         monthly tasks, 313-314
                                                osql, PDF:588
         parallelism, 309
                                                profiler90, PDF:588
         precedence constraints,
                                                rs, PDF:588
                                                rsconfig, 122-123, PDF:588
         quarterly tasks, 313-314
                                                rskeymgmt, 123-124, PDF:588
         Rebuild Index, 293-295
                                                sac, PDF:588
         Reorganize Index, 293
                                                sqlagent90, PDF:588
         Shrink Database, 292
                                                sqlcmd, PDF:588
         Update Statistics, 295-296
                                                SQLdiag. See SQLdiag
         weekly tasks, 313
                                                   command-line tool
    packages, 388
                                                sqllogship Application,
         control flow, 389-390                     PDF:588
         laying out, 421                        sqlmaint, PDF:588
         maintenance, 419-423                   sqlservr Application, PDF:588
TDS (tabular data stream), 471                  sqlwb, PDF:588
technologies (replication), 213-215             SSRS administration, 121-126
Tempdb database, PDF:546                        tablediff, PDF:588
Template Explorer, PDF:580                   configuration class, PDF:581
Term Extraction Transformation, 392             Configuration Manager,
Term Lookup Transformation, 392                    PDF:581-PDF:582
900        tools

     Reporting Services               health check data gathering
       Configuration Manager,             Activity Monitor, 268
       PDF:584-PDF:585                    BPA, 266-267
     Surface Area Configuration           Log File Viewer, 268
       tool, PDF:583                      Profiler, 268
  Configuration Manager                   SQLDIAG, 264-265
     accessing, PDF:582                   SQLH2, 266
     certificates, configuring, 529   IIS Lockdown, 466
     features, PDF:581                Job Activity Monitor,
     hardening with, 445-449            PDF:753-PDF:755
     Protocols for MSSQLSERVER        Management Studio. See SSMS
       properties, PDF:582            MOM
     service accounts, modifying,         Analysis Services
       458-460                              performance, monitoring, 95
     SSRS, 105-107                        data, archiving, PDF:778
  Database Engine Tuning Advisor          database mirroring,
     accessing, PDF:586                     monitoring, PDF:718
     applying recommendations,            installing, PDF:830-PDF:834
       PDF:811-PDF:812                    replication monitoring, 256
     database optimization,               sample configuration, PDF:832
       PDF:805                        new features, PDF:572
     features, PDF:586                OpsMgr. See OpsMgr
     indexes, 344-346                 Package Deployment, 427-428
     monitoring, PDF:762              Performance Monitor
     query analysis, PDF:817              Analysis Services
     recommendations, reviewing,            performance, tuning, 96
       PDF:808-PDF:810                    database mirroring, PDF:717
     requirements, PDF:587                replication objects/counters,
  Database Mail, PDF:755                    255-256
     accounts, adding, PDF:758        Profiler
     configuring, PDF:759                 Analysis Services
     enabling/disabling, PDF:757            performance, tuning, 95
     implementing,                        database optimization,
       PDF:757-PDF:758                      PDF:802-PDF:804
     security, PDF:758                    health check data
     SMTP server,                           gathering, 268
       PDF:756-PDF:757                    log file, 397
     testing, PDF:759                     monitoring, PDF:761
  Database Mirroring Monitoring,      Query Editor, PDF:590-PDF:591
   PDF:714-PDF:716                        accessing, PDF:590
  development, PDF:540                    colors, PDF:591-PDF:592
  explorer class, PDF:578                 features, PDF:590
     Object Explorer,                     query analysis,
       PDF:578-PDF:579                      PDF:815-PDF:816
     Solution Explorer, PDF:580           windows, PDF:592
     Template Explorer, PDF:580
                                 Transfer SQL Server Objects Task       901

   Register Servers,                    Total Deliveries counter, PDF:798
     PDF:588-PDF:590                    Total Events counter, PDF:798
   Replication Monitor, 250-251         Total Memory Cache Hits counter,
       publishers, 251-252                PDF:797-PDF:798
       subscriptions, 252-254           Total Memory Cache Misses counter,
   Report Builder, PDF:592-PDF:593        PDF:797-PDF:798
   Report Manager, PDF:577              Total Processing Failures counter,
       features, PDF:577                  PDF:797-PDF:798
       SSRS administration, 119-120     Total Rejected Threads counter,
       virtual directory,                 PDF:797-PDF:798
         configuring, 110               Total Reports Executed counter,
   SQL Server 2000 equivalents,           PDF:797-PDF:798
                                        Total Requests counter,
   SSRS. See SSRS                         PDF:797-PDF:798
   studio class, PDF:574
                                        trace log files, 122
       Business Intelligence
         Development Studio,            t trace option
         PDF:576-PDF:577                    rs utility, 124
       Management Studio,                   RSConfig utility, 123
         PDF:574-PDF:576                    Rskeymgmt utility, 124
       Report Manager, PDF:577          trace templates, PDF:803-PDF:804
   Surface Area Configuration, 104,     Tracer Tokens tab (Replication
     PDF:583                              Monitor tool), 253
       accessing, PDF:583               Transact-SQL. See TSQL
       Features portion, PDF:583        transaction logs
       Services and Connections             backups, PDF:609-PDF:612
         portion, PDF:583                       example, PDF:619-PDF:621
       surface area, reducing,                  settings, configuring,
         442-445                                  PDF:731-PDF:733
   Systems Monitor, 255-256                     tail-log, PDF:610-PDF:612,
   tuning class, PDF:585                          PDF:631-PDF:632
       Database Engine Tuning                   truncating, PDF:609-PDF:610
         Advisor, PDF:586-PDF:587           files, PDF:601
       Server Profiler,                     log shipping, 51
                                            reviewing, 272
   Update Replication
                                        transactional replication, 212,
     Passwords, 247
Total App Domain Recycles counter,
  PDF:798                               Transfer Error Messages Task, 390
Total Cache Flushes counter, PDF:798    Transfer Jobs Task, 390
Total Cache Hits counter,               Transfer Logins Task, 390
  PDF:797-PDF:798                       Transfer Master Stored Procedures
Total Cache Misses counter,               Task, 390
  PDF:797-PDF:798                       Transfer SQL Server Objects
                                          Task, 390
902         transferring

transferring                                    replication, PDF:794-PDF:795
    data, 57                                    Reporting Services,
    databases, 429-430                            PDF:795-PDF:798
transformations                             replication
    data flow, 392                              MOM, 256
    join, 394                                   publishers, 251-252
    lookup, 394                                 Replication Monitor tool,
    miscellaneous, 394                            250-251
    packages, 409-415                           subscriptions, 252-254
        control flow adjustment,                Systems Monitor tool,
          410-411                                 255-256
        data flow adjustment,               SSRS, 145-146
          411-412                        truncate transaction log backups,
        destinations, configuring,         PDF:609-PDF:610
          412-413                        Trustworthy Computing, 435
        execution results, 414           TSQL (Transact-SQL), 223
    row, 392                                BUILTIN/Administrators Windows
    rowset, 393                               group, deleting, 463
    split, 394                              databases
transmissions                                   mirroring, PDF:709-PDF:711
    hacking, 522-523                            recovery models, switching,
    hacking sequel, 524-526                       PDF:604
    server-initiated encryption, 524            snapshots, PDF:642
transparent client redirects (database      indexes
  mirroring), PDF:695                           creating, 328-330
tree reports (BPA), 278                         deleting, 332
triggers, 36, PDF:544                           modifying, 330-332
Triggers folder, 36
                                              disabling, 246
troubleshooting                             recovery models, switching, 47
    log shipping, PDF:747-PDF:748           replication configuration
    Notification Services, 180-181              distributors, 223-224
    performance                                 publishers, 228-229
        Analysis Services,                      subscriptions, 232-233
          PDF:799-PDF:800                   statements
        applications,                           ALTER ENDPOINT, 502
                                                ALTER FULLTEXT INDEX, 373
        Database Engine,
                                                ALTER INDEX, 330-332
                                                ALTER LOGIN, 483
        databases. See performance,
          databases                             ALTER ROLE, 485
        Integration Services,                   ALTER SCHEMA, 486
          PDF:800-PDF:802                       ALTER USER, 484
        platforms, PDF:788-PDF:792              CREATE, 485
                                       Verify Backup Integrity option      903

       CREATE ENDPOINT, 502               Update command (nscontrol
       CREATE INDEX, 328-330                utility), 180
       CREATE LOGIN, 482                  Update option (Update Statistics
       CREATE SCHEMA, 486                   Task), 295
       CREATE USER, 484                   UPDATE permission, PDF:548
       DENY, 487                          Update Replication Passwords
       DROP ENDPOINT, 502                   utility, 247
       DROP INDEX, 332                    Update Statistics Task, 295-296, 420
       DROP LOGIN, 484                    updates
       DROP USER, 485                         full-text indexes, 366
       GRANT, 487                             Notification Services instances,
       REVOKE, 487                               178-179
   trace templates,                           reviewing, 284
     PDF:803-PDF:804                          rolling upgrades, PDF:671
tuning                                        service packs, installing, 460
   Analysis Services performance,             statistics, 295-296, 304
     95-96                                Upgrade command (nscontrol
   class tools, PDF:585                     utility), 180
       Database Engine Tuning             User Connections counter, PDF:793
         Advisor, PDF:586-PDF:587
                                          user databases subfolders
       Server Profiler,                     (Databases folder), 32
                                          User Datagram Protocol (UDP)
   indexes, 344-346
                                            packets, PDF:649
   trace template, PDF:803
Turkish language support, 384
types (replication), PDF:566-PDF:567
                                                   managing, 495-497
                                                   securables, 475
                                              endpoints, 472
U                                             managing with DDL, 484-485
UDM (unified dimensional model),          utilities. See tools
 69, PDF:551-PDF:552                      u username option
UDP (User Datagram Protocol)                  rs utility, 124
 packets, PDF:649                             Rskeymgmt utility, 124
UNC (Universal Naming                         RSConfig utility, 123
 Convention), 283
Union All Transformation, 394
unique indexes, 325                       V
uniqueifier column (indexes), 325
                                          variables (packages), PDF:562
Universal Naming Convention
                                          verboselevel option (SQLLogShip.exe),
 (UNC), 283
Unpivot Transformation, 393
                                          Verify Backup Integrity option (Back
Unregister command (nscontrol               Up Database Task), 298
 utility), 179
904         verifying cluster resource status

verifying cluster resource status,         Virtual Server Name screen
  PDF:682                                    (Microsoft SQL Server Installation
VIEW DEFINITION permission,                  Wizard), PDF:662
  PDF:548                                  virtual servers, PDF:648
viewing. See also views                        configuring for failover clustering,
    Agent job history, 63                        PDF:662-PDF:663
    Agent proxy accounts, 63                   names, PDF:662
    Analysis Services, 91                  v password option (Rskeymgmt
    BPA vulnerability and                    utility), 124
      recommendation report, 455           v var=value option (rs utility), 124
    counter logs, PDF:790
    Database Engine Tuning
      Advisor recommendations,             W
    Database Maintenance Plan              walking through packages, 400-401
      progress, PDF:628                       connection managers, 405
    database snapshots, PDF:642               control flow, 401-402
    endpoints, 500                            data flow, 403-405
    indexes, 320-321                       WAN links (management groups),
    Inventory Tracker status, 174           PDF:777
    log shipping reports,                  Warnings and Agents tab (Replication
      PDF:745-PDF:747                       Monitor tool), 253
    Maintenance Plan progress, 305         Warnings tab (Database Mirroring
    maintenance plans, 310-311              Monitoring tool), PDF:716
    MBSA security reports, 453-454         Web console (OpsMgr), PDF:769
    package execution results, 414         web server (SSRS), 102
    SSIS packages, 194
                                           Web Services
    SSRS reports, 141-142
                                              identity, configuring, 112-113
    subscription data/notifications,
      177-178                                 new features, PDF:540
views. See also viewing                    websites
    data source, PDF:554                      Books Online download, PDF:574
    databases, PDF:544                        BPA download, 267
    full-text catalogs, 375                   full-text index population
                                                codes, 378
    Object Explorer, PDF:578
                                              iFilter download, 379
    OpsMgr Operators console,
      PDF:772                                 .NET Framework 2.0
                                                download, 158
virtual directory
                                              OpsMgr, PDF:784
    Report Manager, 110
                                              Reporting Services, PDF:635
    Report Server, 109-110
                                              role-based Active Directory
Virtual Server Configuration screen             security, 476
  (Microsoft SQL Server Installation
                                              Service Pack 2 download,
  Wizard), PDF:663
                                              Windows Update, 460
                                                     wizards         905

weekly tasks (maintenance), 313            maintenance plan properties,
Welcome screen (Service Pack 2               PDF:622
 Setup Wizard), PDF:673                    progress, PDF:628
Windows                                    reports, PDF:627
   authentication, 20, 436, 492-495        task options, PDF:623
   Event Log log provider, 398             transaction log task settings,
   Management Instrumentation                PDF:626
     (WMI)                             Database Mirroring, PDF:702
      Connection Manager, 395              Choose Server to Configure
      Data Reader Task, 389                  screen, PDF:703
      Event Watcher Task, 389              Complete the Wizard screen,
   service identity, configuring,
     111-112                               Mirror Server Instance screen,
   Update website, 460
                                           Principal Server Instance
Witness Server Instance screen
                                             screen, PDF:703
 (Database Mirroring Wizard),
 PDF:705                                   Service Accounts screen,
witness servers, PDF:694
                                           Witness Server Instance
   instances, configuring, PDF:705           screen, PDF:705
   placement, PDF:698-PDF:699          Disable Publishing and
wizards                                  Distribution, 245
   Analysis Services Deployment,       Endpoint Security, PDF:707
     75-78                             Full-Text Indexing, 363-367
      Select Processing Options        IIS Lockdown, 467
        screen, 78                     Initialize and Convert, PDF:657
      Specify Configuration            Maintenance Plan, 300-305
        Properties screen, 77              Complete the Wizard
      Specify Options for Partitions         screen, 305
        and Roles screen, 76               Define Database Check
      Specify Source Analysis                Integrity Task screen, 302
        Services Database                  Define History Cleanup Task
        screen, 76                           screen, 305
   Certificate Export, 530                 Define Rebuild Index Task
   Computer and Device                       screen, 302
     Management, PDF:783                   Define Update Statistics Task
   Copy Database, 430-431                    screen, 304
   Database Maintenance Plan,              launching, 300
     PDF:622                               maintenance plan
      backup options,                        name/description, 300
        PDF:623-PDF:624                    progress, viewing, 305
      full task settings, PDF:625          Reorganize Index Task
      job schedule,                          screen, 302
        PDF:625-PDF:627                    scheduling options, 300
      launching, PDF:622
906       wizards

     Select Report Options                  Installation Progress screen,
       screen, 305                            PDF:678
     tasks, choosing, 301                   Remote User Account screen,
  Microsoft SQL Server Installation           PDF:676
     Authentication Mode screen,            Running Processes screen,
       PDF:667                                PDF:677
     Cluster Group Selection                Welcome screen, PDF:673
       screen, PDF:663                   Setup, PDF:657
     Cluster Node Configuration          Synchronize Database, 80
       screen, PDF:665                WMI (Windows Management
     Collation Settings screen,        Instrumentation)
       PDF:667                           Connection Manager, 395
     Components to Install screen,       Data Reader Task, 389
       PDF:661                           Event Watcher Task, 389
     domain groups, PDF:666           word breakers (full-text searches),
     Error and Usage Report            379-384
       Settings, PDF:667                 Danish, 382
     Instance Name screen,               Polish, 380-382
                                         Portuguese-Brazilian, 383
     registration screen, PDF:661
                                         Portuguese-Iberian, 383
     Remote Account Information
                                         Russian, 383
       screen, PDF:665
                                         Turkish, 384
     Service Account screen,
       PDF:666                        workflow tasks, 389
     Setup Summary, PDF:668           Workgroup Edition, PDF:569
     System Configuration Check       workloads, PDF:761
       screen, PDF:661                   analyzing, PDF:807-PDF:808
     Virtual Server Configuration        capturing, PDF:805-PDF:807
       screen, PDF:663                   saving, PDF:807
     Virtual Server Name screen,
  New Publication, 224                X–Z
  Package Installation, 428
  SCW, 449-450                        XML (Extensible Markup Language)
  Service Pack 2 Setup                  File log provider, 398
     Authentication screen,             indexes, 321-323
       PDF:675                          Services, new features, PDF:540
     Error and Usage Report             Source, data flow, 391
       Settings screen, PDF:676         task, 389
     Feature Selection screen,

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