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					Introductory Statement
Belle Ho Jing Lin was a student of Chung Cheng High School (Main) from 2009 to

Intellectual Independence and Passion For Learning
Belle is effectively bilingual in both English and Chinese, and consistently performed
well in both subjects in her four years of education in Chung Cheng High School
(Main). Her language proficiency is also demonstrated when she obtained a
distinction in the 2011 GCE O-Level Chinese Examination. She values hard work,
cooperation and collaboration, and displays a passion for learning. She has a positive
attitude and never gives up easily in her studies. Whenever she is in doubt, she will
take the initiative to ask teachers questions after class. Belle readily accepts feedback
on her weaknesses and works towards improvement.

Interpersonal Skills
Belle was the Class Chairman when she was in Secondary Four. She was able to
balance studies with her active involvement in class, in which her leadership skills
were clearly displayed. She was also able to communicate well with classmates and
was able to lead them.

She was a member of the Girl Guides and Chinese Orchestra. She was able to relate
well with juniors and peers in the Co-Curricular Activity (CCA). She attained a
Bronze Medal in the National Youth Achievement Awards in 2011. She also actively
participated in the school’s annual cross country and obtained tenth position in her
level in 2011.

Being conscious of the need to contribute not only to the school but also to the
community and society, Belle actively participated in Community Involvement
Programmes (CIP), clocking a total of 100 hours. She raised funds for the Singapore
Association for the Deaf, and helped out at Chingay Parade 2012 and Swan Lake
2012. She also helped the History teacher in the Student Heritage Guiding, where she
acted as a tour guide to guide juniors in the fieldtrip. She participated in class service
learning programmes through her four years in the school. These include visiting the
Geylang East Home for the Aged and beach cleaning at East Coast and Pasir Ris
Park. She also volunteered to help out in the 41st Singapore National Age Group
Swimming Championships. As an active student of the school community, Belle
participated in the annual school event, Bazaar by the Lake, to raise funds for the
school PRIME project.

Personal Attributes
Belle is a cheerful and optimistic girl. She is a motivated learner and she carries out
her duties faithfully. She shows commendable ability to improve her performance.
She displays good team spirit and is enthusiastic in class. Belle is hardworking and
maintains a good academic record. Despite her accomplishments, she consistently
strives to improve her performance. She also has leadership qualities and takes the
initiative to lead when given a task. She is punctual in the submission of her
assignments and takes pride in producing high quality work at all times. She is also a
sociable and friendly person and is helpful and responsible.

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