Parent Interest Meeting Spring 2012

					Golf Team Parent Interest Meeting 2012
    1.   Eligibility:          Men and women; must have physical after June 1st, 2012; must be able
         to get oneself to the courses

    2.   Physicals:            June 6th, 2012, FHS, 5:30-7:30pm
             a. $50 pre-registered
             b. Pre-register here:
             c. See Brett Gustman and Amanda Rolik for details

    3. What you need:
             a. Ride to practices/matches
             b. Own Clubs
             c. Black and Khaki shorts + golf shirts

    4.   Try-outs:      Wed – Fri, August 1st-3rd
             a. Range/short game, + two 9 hole rounds         (Twin Lakes + Virginia GC???)

    5.   Fundraising:      Selling Coupon Books.
             a. Returners: Mandatory. Must sell 5 (after 5, profit is used to buy your supplies)
             b. New players: OPTIONAL. No minimum

    6.   Gear:
             a. New Shirts?
             b. Golf Bags
             c. golf balls (optional)

    7.   Conditioning:
             a. Season: Fridays, 8am-9:30am, month of August

    8.   Attendance:
             a. Miss 2 team events (practice/match/conditioning)sit one match
             b. Miss 4 team events  dismissal from team
             c. NO SUMMER VACATIONS during golf season (August 1st onward)
    9.   Summer Prep:
             a. Tournaments: see back/extra sheet: most important
             b. Clinics? Penn State/Nike/other?
             c. Get out and play a lot + condition yourself
Golf Tournaments: Summer, 2012
       Commit to playing in 1, 2, or 3 tournaments
   1. Washington Metropolitan Golf Association, WMGA,

Name                    Date                 Location                             Cost
Frank Emmet              Wed-Fri, June  Worthington Manor Golf Club               $50
Schoolboy               20-22
Bobby Gorin              Mon- Thurs,    Memorial Woodmont Country Club            $50
                        July 16-19
Bubby Worsham           MonWednesday, Glenn Dale Golf Club                        $50
Memorial                July 23-25
Bob Riley Junior        Mon- Tues, July Belle Haven Country Club                  $35
Open                    30-31
Dewey Ricketts          Mon, August 6   Army Navy Country Club,                   $50
Memorial                                Arlington

   2. Bobby Bowers Memorial Junior Golf Tournament(w/cuts):
      a. July 11th-14th, 2012
      b. Springfield Country Club, Spring Field, VA
      c. $109

   3. MAPGA Tournaments: See attached sheet for schedule

   4. Capital Area Golf Tour (run by Robinson Golf Coach Tom Lizardo):   $125 to join.

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