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Research Topic: The correlation between controversy and music sales for recording artists

Focusing Statement: Musicians who are surrounded in more controversy have better record sales than those without controversy.

Essential Background Information for Introduction:
The Marriam-Webster dictionary defines controversy to be “a discussion marked especially by the expression of opposing views.”
Although most recording artists seek adjacent views on their music and lives, there are a few which go against the standards of
society, causing them to stand out as controversial.
     Kanye West is a Rapper from Chicago who started out producing instrumentals for various artist such as Jay-Z and Nas. After
Producing a few albums for Jay-Z he decided to branch off and become a solo artist.
     The Beatles are known as one of the most famous bands in the World and are one of the best selling bands worldwide. Although
the band is known very well, they too were involved in a few moments of controversy
     Marilyn Manson is an industrial rock artist who had a big fan base in the 90s despite his explicit lyrics, dark imagery, and
alternative lifestyle.
     Eminem is a Rapper who passed the test of making it in a genre where white artists were looked down upon. Although many
people believed his lyrics were too harsh and disrespectful, he has maintained a large fanbase
     Kurt Cobain, the lead singer of the grunge band Nirvana, was known as the voice of “generation X” because of the struggles he
had throughout his life and how he expressed them in his music. Although an inspiration for many, he was known to abuse drugs
and alcohol and was found dead in his home with a note to his imaginary friend.

Potential Hook/Grabber (Story, anecdote, quote about your issue):

Topic 1:
Kanye West

Explanation                                              Evidence/Quotes:
Live television stunts                                  During a Hurricane Katrina relief fund show, Kanye West stated George
                                                        Bush didn’t like black people. He also interrupted two different acceptance
                                                        speeches during award ceremonies.

Explanation                                             Evidence /Quotes:
Anti-religious theories                                 In his Rolling Stones Magazine cover picture, He is dressed as Jesus which
                                                        caused much uproar in religious communities. Christian communities have
                                                        also made claims that his song “POWER” was speaking against Jesus.

Topic 2:
The Beatles

Explanation                                             Evidence/Quotes:
Butcher album cover                                     This album cover which displayed the band members in white clothing and
                                                        bloody meat with naked plastic doll parts was banned for its vulgar imagery,
                                                        but later became worth thousands to millions of dollars for its rareness.
Explanation                                             Evidence /Quotes:
Anti-christian theories                        John Lennon stated they were more popular than jesus while in an
                                               interview in Europe which was taken out of context by Christian-American
                                               fans. There are also theories that they had connections with occultism
                                               which were identified Aleister Crowley’s appearance on the cover of their
                                               Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band album

Topic 3:
Marilyn Manson

Explanation                                     Evidence/Quotes:
Explicit lyrics                                (quote song lyrics)

Explanation                                    Evidence/Quotes:
Influences of drug use and violence towards    Many parents have blamed his onstage actions and lyrics for their
teenagers                                      children’s’ alternative lifestyles

Explanation                                    Evidence /Quotes:
association with church of satan               He has been given the title of reverend in the church of satan

Topic 4:

Explanation                                     Evidence/Quotes:
Influence of drugs and violence                Most of his rap lyrics contain imagery of violence and drug abuse which are
                                               spoken of as if they were normal to his daily life.

Explanation                                    Evidence/Quotes:
Influence of anti gay and anti women beliefs   He has many lyrics and interviews in which he has spoken negatively
                                               towards they gay community and women in general. But he still has many
                                               fans from both groups of people

Topic 5:
Kurt Cobain

Explanation                                    Evidence/Quotes:
Lifestyle of drug abuse and mental illness     He was widely known as an abuser of alcohol and heroin. He was diagnosed
                                               with ADD as a child and Bipolar disorder as an adult.

Explanation                                    Evidence/Quotes:
Theories of his death                               Legally ruled as a death from a self-inflicted gunshot
                                                    Private detectives were hired to dig deeper into the case. These
                                                       detectives believe he was murdered

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