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The Purpose of the Golden Hurricane Club

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					The Purpose
                          of the Golden Hurricane Club
The Golden Hurricane Club, as the primary            game travel, academic support, enrichment
fundraising arm of TU Athletics, works to pro-       activities, insurance, and much more.
vide every TU student-athlete the opportunity
to realize a world-class athletic and academic       The University of Tulsa is committed to the con-
experience. This endeavor creates a significant      tinued development of a broad-based athletics
need for private contributions.                      program – and that dedication is the founda-
                                                     tion of the Golden Hurricane Club’s efforts. Its
As the cost of intercollegiate athletics continues   members are friends, alumni and advocates of
to rise, the resources necessary to maintain a       the university who recognize the value of the
quality athletics program continue to escalate as    intercollegiate athletic experience and enthu-
well. For example, during the 2006-2007 aca-         siastically participate in a variety of ways. As
demic year, nearly $10 million of the TU Athletic    a member of the Golden Hurricane Club, your
Department’s $18 million operating budget was        generosity is an investment in the lives of the
designated in support of the student-athlete         young men and women who represent TU with
experience. This includes equipment, uniforms,       talent, determination and pride.

Athletic Department Mission:                         Golden Hurricane Club Mission:
Enhance the educational experience of all            The Golden Hurricane Club is an asso-
University of Tulsa students.                        ciation of fans of The University of Tulsa who
                                                     promote and support intercollegiate athletics
                                                     through participation at games, events and
                                                     in fundraising activities in order to strengthen
                                                     athletic department programs and achieve
                                                     excellence in all sports.

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Membership Guide.indd 1                                                                  8/11/08 2:35:17 PM
                                                  of       Membershi
Tax Deduction:         All gifts to the Golden
                                                        Reserved Parking Space:                Eligible mem-
Hurricane Club are tax deductible as allowed by
                                                        bers of the Golden Hurricane Club (Gold and Plati-
federal income tax law minus the value of benefits
                                                        num Cane) will have a designated reserved parking
received. The IRS allows an 80 percent charitable
                                                        space that will be identified with the donor’s name.
deduction for a contribution to an educational
institution where, as a result of such contribution,
the donor receives preferred seating rights for an
                                                        Pre-game Meal Credits:               Eligible members
                                                        of the Golden Hurricane Club (Booster Level and
athletic event. Donors should consult their tax
                                                        above) receive pre-game meal credits that can
                                                        be utilized at any of the tailgates/pre-game meals
                                                        before home football and basketball games. Ad-
Listing in University Publications: All                 ditional information regarding this benefit can be
Golden Hurricane Club members are recognized
                                                        found on page 6 of this membership guide.
by their giving level in the football game-day pro-
gram provided the contribution is received prior to
August 8, 2008.
                                                        Tickets:     Golden Hurricane Club members at
                                                        the Director’s Club level and higher are eligible to
Member Decal: All Golden Hurricane Club
                                                        receive complimentary season tickets to football,
members receive a window decal to display. For
                                                        men’s basketball and/or women’s basketball. For
additional decals, please contact the Golden Hur-
                                                        details, please see the “Benefits Structure” on page
ricane Club office at (918) 631-2342.
                                                        7 of this membership guide. For tax purposes, the
                                                        face value of the ticket will be deducted from your
Olympic Sports Family Pass: All Golden
Hurricane Club members receive an Olympic
Sports Family Pass which allows two (2) adults
and two (2) youth complimentary general admis-
                                                        Apparel:       Golden Hurricane Club members con-
                                                        tributing at the Silver Cane level or above may re-
sion to all regular season home games for Soccer,
                                                        quest two (2) Golden Hurricane Club apparel items.
Volleyball, Softball, Tennis and Track & Field.
                                                        Request forms can be found in your benefits mailing
                                                        packet or you can call the Golden Hurricane Club
Priority Points:      All Golden Hurricane Club
                                                        office. Apparel items will be determined by Athletic
members will receive priority points for their
                                                        Department and Golden Hurricane Club staff.
contributions. A more detailed explanation of the
Priority Points System can be found on page 9 of
this membership guide.
                                                        Media Guides:       Golden Hurricane Club
                                                        members contributing at the Silver Cane level or
                                                        above may request a media guide for football and
Monthly Newsletter and E-mail                           basketball. To request a media guide, please call
Updates: All Golden Hurricane Club members              the Golden Hurricane Club office (918) 631-2342.
will receive The Hurricane Report. This monthly
newsletter contains information regarding TU Ath-
letic events, scores and highlights, profiles on cur-
                                                        Team Travel:          Golden Hurricane Club members
                                                        contributing at the Gold Cane level or above are
rent TU student-athletes and coaches, information
                                                        eligible to travel with the football travel party to one
on your Golden Hurricane Club membership and
                                                        away game per season. Golden Hurricane Club
much more! To receive this benefit, please make
                                                        members contributing at the Platinum Cane level
sure the Golden Hurricane Club office has your
                                                        are eligible to travel with the men’s basketball travel
current e-mail address.
                                                        party to one away game per season. Each is based
                                                        upon availability. For more information, please call
Parking Pass:         Eligible members of the
                                                        the Golden Hurricane Club office.
Golden Hurricane Club (Booster Level and above)
will receive a parking pass that can be utilized
throughout the membership year (August – April)
for all home football and basketball games. A de-
tailed map with parking lot locations can be found
on page 8 of this membership guide.

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Prior to each home football game, Golden Hurricane Club members are invited to attend
the TU Touchdown Tailgate. Join other Club members for food, fun and entertainment.

The TU Touchdown Tailgate is located on the east side of Chapman Commons and opens
two hours prior to kick-off and closes 30 minutes prior to kick-off.
• Reservations must be made in advance in order to attend any of the Golden Hurricane
  Club Touchdown Tailgates.
• Deadline for reservations is 12 noon three business days prior to the tailgate.
• To make reservations, please call (918) 631-GOLD (4653) and follow the voice mail

                                                                                                       Golden Hurricane Club 2008-2009 Benefits Structure
• Your reservation deducts the meal credit from your account regardless of your actual
• Once all meal credits are depleted, additional meals can be reserved at a cost of $12 per

*Information regarding Pre-game meals for basketball will be mailed in October.

September 20th
TU vs. New Mexico
• BBQ Brisket; Bologna and Sausage; Potato
Salad; Baked Beans; and
Assorted Cobbler. Lemonade, Iced Tea and

September 27th
TU vs. Central Arkansas
• Chicken Wings with Teriyaki, Honey BBQ and
Red Hot Sauce Options; Celery Sticks & Car-
rots with Ranch and Bleu Cheese Dressings;
Loaded Baked Potato Bar; and Rice Krispie
Treats. Lemonade, Iced Tea and Water.

October 4th
• The Golden Hurricane Club will partner with
the Alumni Association.
BBQ Chicken Breast Sandwiches; Chips; and
Gourmet Cookies. Lemonade, Iced Tea and

October 18th
• Beef Enchiladas, Chicken Fajitas, Spanish
Rice, Ranch Style Pinto Beans, Chips, Salsa,
and Queso and Apple Crispitos. Lemonade,
Iced Tea and Water.

October 26th
TU vs. UCF
• Hamburgers; Chicken Sandwiches; Veg-
etable Pasta Salad; Chips; and Cookies.
Lemonade, Iced Tea and Water.

November 22nd
TU vs. Tulane
• Beef Chili; White Chicken Chili; Fritos and
Crackers; Corn Bread; Fruit Salad; and Hello
Dollies. Lemonade, Iced Tea and Water

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                                                                          Golden Hurricane Club 2008-2009 Benefits Structure
                                                                             Member    Booster     Coach’s     Director’s        Bronze            Silver            Gold            Platinum
                                                                                                    Club          Club            Cane             Cane              Cane              Cane
                                                     Amount                  $50-$99   $100-$199   $200-$999   $1,000-$2,999   $3,000-$5,999   $6,000–12,499    $12,500-$19,999        $20,000

Membership Guide.indd 5
                                                Tax Deduction*

                                     Listing in University Publications

                                              GHC Member Decal

                                        Olympic Sports Family Pass

                                                 Parking Pass                           Red Lot    Green Lot      Blue Lot        Gold Lot       Gold Lot (2)      Gold Lot (1)
                                                                                                                                                                  Platinum Lot/      Platinum Lot/
                                          Reserved Parking Space                                                                                                Reserved Space (1) Reserved Space (2)
                                           Pre-game meal Credits                           2           4            21              42               84                108                132

                                    Women’s Basketball Season Tickets                                                2               2               4                  4                  4

                                     Men’s Basketball Season Tickets                                                                 2                4                 4                  4

                                           Football Season Tickets                                                                   2               4                 8                  12

                                                  GHC Apparel

                                   Football and Basketball Media Guides

                                           Football Team Travel**

                                      Men’s Basketball Team Travel**

                                    **Based upon availability

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    Golden Hurricane Club Parking Map
              Football Only

                                                                 Red Lot               Red Lot                         Red Lot



                                                                                                                                 Blue Lot

                                   Lot                                                                                           Blue Lot





                                                 Commons                                                                         Gold Lot


                                                                                                           E. 13TH STREET

                                                                                   *Information regarding parking for
        Handicapped Parking                                                        basketball will be mailed in October.
        There are also designated handicapped spaces in every
        GHC parking lot.

Membership Guide.indd 6                                                                                                     8/11/08 2:35:31 PM
The Priority
                      Point System
The Priority Point System will be fol-           Football, Men’s Basketball and Women’s
lowed to allocate all seats for men’s bas-       Basketball.
ketball in the Reynolds Center every four        Five (5) bonus points are awarded for the
years. Seating will be allocated according       above sports if season tickets are purchased
to priority point levels for each individual     for five (5) consecutive years.
season ticket holder account. Priority points
will be awarded for two categories – fixed       These points accumulate and are never lost.
points and cumulative points. Fixed points       Points begin accumulating with the following
are awarded one time only and will always        seasons:
appear on the point total. Cumulative points     Football                       1992
increase with every year of activity, but some   Men’s Basketball               1991-92
cumulative points may be lost. Below are         Women’s Basketball             1996-97
the factors included in each category:
                                                 4. Athletic Building and Projects Donations:
Fixed Points                                     One (1) point will be earned per $1,000 do-
1. Lifetime Giving: Points are awarded based     nated toward athletic buildings and projects.
on the total amount of giving to The Univer-
sity of Tulsa through May 31, 1997.              Points are received for monetary giving to
                                                 buildings funds for athletic facilities and fund
2. University Alumni: Five (5) points are        drives for athletic projects.
awarded to alumni of The University of Tulsa.
                                                 5. University Giving: Points received for a
3. University Lettermen: Ten (10) points are     gift to the University are equivalent to one (1)
awarded to lettermen of The University of        point for every $4,000 received.
                                                 Points are awarded, beginning June 1,
Cumulative Points                                2003, for non-athletic monetary gifts to The
1. Golden Hurricane Club Giving: One (1)         University of Tulsa.
point per $100 is awarded for Golden Hur-
ricane Club donations. All points accumulate     6. Restricted Athletic Gifts: Points received
and are never lost.                              for a restricted athletic gift are one (1) point
                                                 per $200 received.
2. Golden Hurricane Club Continuous
Membership: Two (2) points are awarded for       Points are awarded for restricted monetary
every continuous year of membership in the       gifts to specific sports.
Golden Hurricane Club beginning January 1,
1992. These points are lost if membership is     Priority Point Updates
not renewed.                                     Priority points are updated with the receipt
                                                 of annual pledges or when changes occur in
3. Season Tickets: Two (2) points are            your athletic donations. Priority points will be
earned for every year as a season ticket         re-calculated for every event which requires
holder in each of the following sports:          the use of the Priority Point System.

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Stadium and
                                                                                Arena Seating
H. A. Chapman Stadium
                                                                     SOUTH STANDS

                                         109                  110         111        112       113
                                                               ADA                           ADA

                                                              GOLDEN HURRICANE


         S e ctio n s
         S tud e nt



                                                                                                                                             WEST STANDS
                                            Opponents Bench

                                                                                           Tulsa Bench



                                                                                                                                 Press Box



                                                                                                                        C4 C5



           V is ito r s

                                                              GOLDEN HURRICANE


         Hurricane Facts:
         • Capacity - 30,000
         • Skelly Field opened on October 4, 1930
             against Arkansas
         • Stadium Renovation: Summer 2008
         • Home Record: 295-135-14

Donald W. Reynolds Center
                          217                                 117        118        101                                     202

     216                            116                                                                           103                  203

   215                                    115                                                                   104                           204

  214                                     114                                                                   105                                205

   213                                    113                                                                   106                                 206

     212                                                                                                          107                        207

                                                              111       110         109    108
                      211                                                                                                       208

         Hurricane Facts:
         • Capacity - 8,355
         • Reynolds Center Opened in
            December 1998
         • Designed by HOK Sports Facilities
            Group Inc.
         • Home Record: Men 120-36 (.769)
                         Women 95-69 (.577)

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