Solar-Powered Car and Their Value to Car Owners by toriola1

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                                      Solar Powered Cars Offer Great Value to Consumers
                                                                  By Daniel Millions

  Electric cars originate from an idea that is almost 200 years old and whose time has come again.
Ever since the power of the electrical current was discovered in the early 18th century, scientists and
mechanical designers have tried to harness the power to cause reliable movement in transport

 Although, electric cars were once designed by car manufacturers in the late 18th and early 19th
centuries, the gas powered engine became the automobile that was manufactured by all car
manufacturers just a few decades later. These early vehicles were called electric carriages and
horseless carriages. The first electric carriage was designed by the Scotsman Robert Anderson during
the 1830s. By 1899, an electric racing car was able to reach 68 miles per hour, which created a new
world record for land speed.

 Electric cars continued to have success with consumers until the 1920s. At that time, improvements to
the road systems, manufacturing processes and lower oil prices led manufacturers to focus on the
internal combustion gas engine that could travel for longer distances without the need to crank the
battery for more power. Better manufacturing processes allowed manufacturers to churn out
combustion engines more efficiently and with less cost to the consumer.

 Car designers continued to quietly work on and improve the design of the electric car even though the
electric car virtually disappeared from the public eye. The electric car underwent design changes that
were meant to improve its performance in both speed and give the car long lasting power. Nowadays
with a greater need to find sustainable ways of transportation that cause less harm to the environment,
electric cars have gained a greater acceptance again among the public and manufacturers.

 The electric car that offers the most sustainability is the solar powered electric car. Solar powered
electric cars do not release any harmful emissions to the environment. Solar powered electric cars are
powered by solar panels or high efficiency fuel cells.

 It is possible for the car enthusiast with mechanical skills to design and build their own solar powered
electric car from a kit. These kits offer different designs and assembly plans that can be used on
roadways that have speed limits of less than 35 miles per hour, recreational areas and some gated
communities. If the car owner does not have the skill necessary to build the car, the car owner can pay
for such building services from an professional mechanic.

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                                                 Presented by Daniel Toriola

 There are battery kits that can be used by consumers to turn their lightweight small car into a solar
powered electric car. Such kits can be safely installed by car mechanics who have been familiarized
with installing such kits. The change from a fuel powered car to an electric car involves switching the
existing car battery with a lithium charged battery that is solar powered and rechargeable.

 Solar powered electric cars offer great benefits to the consumer in terms of cost and less
environmental damage. Whether the car is built or converted to a solar powered electric car, it will
satisfy the owner's desire for a reliably powered car. As electric cars gain popularity again, the most
green car is the solar powered electric car. Left Hand Drive Cars Lhd

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                                           Presented by Daniel Toriola

                                            A Look at Solar Powered Vehicles
                                                          By Levi Quinn

Solar power is not a new concept by any means. It has been used for many years in such things as
calculators and even by swimming pools for heating the water. But the use of solar power for
automobiles is still a relatively new method of study. Solar power is a natural means of energy that is
given off everyday. If it could somehow be utilized in the proper way, it may prove to be an efficient
source of power. The race to discover the best fuel alternative is on as science continues to seek a
better way.

 Solar power is really nothing more than the energy that is given off by the sun. The key is finding the
right means of trapping it and making it useful for other purposes. Solar powered grids are often used
to attract the sunlight and absorb the sun’s energy. It can then be transmitted to the object that needs
to be powered.

 It may come as a surprise to some consumers to learn that science has been studying solar powered
vehicle options for years already. Many solar powered cars are very small and not ideal for today’s
market. But with increasing amounts of study this possibility might become a reality sooner than we
think. Scientists have even been racing their solar powered creations in order to see how they hold up.

 Solar powered options have been considered for today’s current vehicles. Mazda once created a
sunroof that was solar powered. It was designed to keep the inside of the car warm when it was not
running and the temperature outside grew cold. These innovations are just a hint of what might be right
around the corner.

 One of the most obvious concerns regarding a solar powered car is what one would do if the clouds
cover the sun. Normally, that would result in the loss of power and the car would come to a stop. And
that certainly is not realistic in rush hour morning traffic. To fix this problem, a backup battery is
included to automatically take over when the sun is absent.

 For using a solar powered car, the energy from the sun would have to be diverted to both the backup
battery as well as running the car. Otherwise, there wouldn’t be enough energy to cover both facets.
This could be seen as a serious disadvantage of a solar powered car.

 Another drawback of using solar power as a fuel alternative is that it has to be converted after it comes
from the sun. It just cannot be done direct. This might include added costs just to obtain the energy
needed to power both the car and backup battery.

 The solar cars that are currently in use by science for study are nothing like today’s cars. You cannot
get in them and they are very low to the ground. It is virtually improbable to see this get on the market.
However, if the idea behind this model could be upgraded to fit the cars of today, it may be a worthy

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