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					Commando Assault
John Scott

Commando Assault is a game in which players will control a single commando at the bottom of the screen
to assault the enemies in front of them. Players will use surrounding objects as cover to avoid enemy fire,
and will complete each scene once all the enemies in the scene are defeated. Gameplay elements may be
familiar to the fighting from Operation Wolf a cursor based aiming, while combining the dexterity required
to evade enemy fire found in Contra games.

Setting & Characters
The game will be set with a theme of modern military fiction. Think combat similar to that of G.I. Joe
where laser fire might not be uncommon, nor elaborate tanks or flying vehicles of destruction. The style is
intended to be reminiscent of 80's fiction from cartoons, movies and video games. The object of the game
will be to clear the enemies out of each scene. Enemies may consist of soldiers, vehicles or bosses which
will appear the end of each level.

The story will begin as a previously unknown evil organization has launched a surprise invasion on the
nation's capital aiming to take over the United States.
As the U.S. Military's most elite commando team, the first mission for the four players will be to take back
the Washington D.C. They will then proceed to track the organization down through several secret bases in
remote locations across the globe, and eventually to their island headquarters.

The game will have one to four players situated toward the bottom of the screen, facing in to the screen for
a perspective view of a battle in front of them. The objective will be to assault the enemy in front of them
by firing their weapon while avoiding enemy fire. Movement of the player will be primarily horizontal
movement along the bottom of the screen, as well as some limited movement forwards and backwards in to
and out of the scene. Various objects will exist throughout the scene for the play to take cover behind, but
many will be destructible by the enemy to encourage the player to move from object to object, and to
prevent them from hiding indefinitely. Players will direct fire by using the joystick to control a cross hair
when the fire button is held down.. Alternatively, when players are in the line of enemy fire, they will
instead use the joystick to run around, with a button allowing the player to roll or duck behind an object.
Enemy fire will move such that the player has some time to avoid the bullet. Players will be encourage to
work together by providing cover fire when a player needs to move from one place to another, or to
advance closer in to the scene.

Players will fight through several different missions tying each scene together by a single setting. A scene
will be completed when the enemies are cleared out and players will advance to the next scene. At the end
of each mission players will fight against a boss, most likely a large vehicle which they will have to

As players fight their way through levels, they will find several power-ups that will help them along the
way. The most common will be grenades which will allow them to dispatch several enemies at a time while
not requiring them to peek out from behind cover. Additionally, there will be various types of guns to be
found which a player might have only a certain amount of ammunition to use with. These power-ups will
be dropped from various hard to to kill enemies like fast moving craft, or by destroying some structure or
object in the background of the scene.

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