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									Options for Accelerated
Math Students

   J.F. Drake Middle School
   Debra Beebe, Principal
   Cynda Fickert, Sarah Armstrong, Bob
   Cloud, and Yari Davis, Teachers
Qualifications for 6th Grade
Accelerated Math
 Students must meet two of the
  following three criteria:
   Earn an A average in 5th grade math
   Earn a SAT-10 Total Math score of 89%
    or greater
   Earn an SAI score of 120 or greater
Schedule comparison
 6th Grader taking               6th Grader taking
  Regular Math                     Accelerated Math
     7th: 7th Grade Math               7th: Pre-Algebra
     8th: Pre-Algebra                  8th: Algebra
     9th: Algebra                      9th: Geometry
     10th: Geometry                    10th: Algebra II
     11th: Algebra II                  11th: Pre-Calculus
     12th: Pre-Calculus                12th: AP Calculus AB

    Beginning in the 9th grade at Auburn Junior High School,
   students may “double up” on their math courses if desired.
All students must take four
math courses in grades 9-12
    as per Alabama State
 Department of Education
What is covered in the 6th Grade
Accelerated Math curriculum?
 6th grade math objectives
 7th grade math objectives
 Very little overlap exists between the
  two curricula; this course moves at a
  brisk pace
What’s next?

  All students in 6th Grade
    Accelerated Math will
  take the Orleans Hanna
   Algebra Prognosis Test
Composition of Orleans Hanna
Algebra Prognosis Test
 Research-based assessment designed
  to predict future success in Algebra
 98 total points possible
   48 points from grades earned in 3rd nine
   50 points from score earned on test
     Some questions are review
     Some questions are on new, self-taught
Orleans Hanna
Algebra Prognosis Test
 ALL students who successfully complete
  6th Grade Accelerated Math are
  advanced in their mathematics course of
  study and are automatically placed in
 Placement in Algebra as a 7th grader is a
  significant advancement in a student’s
  education, due to the abstract nature of
  the course, and requires special
Qualifications for 7th Grade
Algebra I
 Students must earn a minimum score
  of 90 on the Orleans Hanna Algebra
  Prognosis Test
 Students must meet two of the
  following three criteria:
     Earn As and Bs in 6th Grade Accelerated
     Earn a SAT-10 Total Math score of at least
     Earn a SAI score of at least 120.
 Each year, Auburn City Schools (ACS)
  submits a letter to the Board of
  Education outlining its desire to meet
  the needs of its most mathematically
  gifted students by offering Algebra in
  the 7th grade
 Pending board approval, ACS requests
  permission annually from the SDE to
  teach Algebra I to 7th graders
More schedules…
    6th Grade             6th Grade            6th Grade
 Accelerated Math      Accelerated Math     Accelerated Math
7th:   Pre-Algebra    7th:   Pre-Algebra   7th:   Algebra

8th: Algebra I        8th: Algebra I       8th: Geometry
9th: Geometry         9th: Geometry, 9th: Algebra II
                         Algebra II
10th:   Algebra II    10th: Precalculus 10th: Precalculus
11th:   Precalculus          11th                 11th
                        AP Calculus AB       AP Calculus AB
       12th                  12th                 12th
  AP Calculus AB        AP Calculus BC       AP Calculus BC
Some Math Courses offered at AHS

       Algebra II with Trigonometry
         Algebra III with Statistics
             IB Math Methods
           IB Math Higher Level
              AP Calculus AB
              AP Calculus BC
               AP Statistics
 Teachers – Mrs. Armstrong, Ms.
  Fickert, Mr. Cloud, Mrs. Davis
 Counselors – Mrs. Bishop, Mrs. Rainer
 Principal or Assistant Principals
 Director of Secondary Curriculum –
  Mrs. Anderson (887.2100 or email:
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