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									Medical Journal of Babylon-Vol. 7- No. 1-2 -2010          0202 - ‫مجلة بابل الطبية- المجلد السابع- العدد األول والثاني‬

      Medical Journal of Babylon - Volume 7 - Number 1-2 - 2010

                                                   MJ B

                                          Table of Contents

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                                              Review Article
Objective Structured Clinical Skill Examination (osce)                                                      i-iii
Hikmat Abdul Rasool Hatem
                                            Original Articles
Dexamethasone-Induced Hiccups among Patients with Rheumatic                                                 1-9
and Musculoskelatal Disorders
Sabah J. AL-Rubiae
Don’t Let Hemophilia Slow Them Down                                                                       10-20
Sabah J. AL-Rubiae and Nihad A. AL-Jubori
Cortical and Gyral Thickness in Pre-central and Post-central Human                                        21-29
Brain Cortex of Patient with Headache: MRI Findings
Mohammed Ubaid Hamza, Mohammed abd kadhim and Mohammed
Mohammed Jawad Abass
The Use of Chemically Treated Dermal Collagen Strips for Facial                                           30-34
Suspension in Patients with Facial Palsy
Ridha A. Al-Sadoon
T-Tube Drainage VS Choledochoduodenostomy or pre-operative                                                35- 42
ERCP for the Management of Intrabiliary Rupture of Hydatid Cyst
of the Liver
Adel Shaker Al-Tamimi
Femoral Shaft Fracture in Children Traction and Spica Casting                                             43-51
Versus Immediate Spica Casting. (Clinical Comparative Study)
Ihssan A.A Alzubady and Hussain H. Almuhana
Comparison of The Bacteriology of Tonsil Surface and Core in                                              52-57
Bacterial Profile Isolated from Children with Chronic Tonsillitis
Raid Yaqoub Yousef, Sua'ad Abid faza'a and Roaida Y. Yousef
The Association of Serum Androgen Levels with Preeclampsia                                                58-66
Nadia Mudher Al-Hilli and Haydar Hashim Al-Shalah

Short Stay Surgery; The Future For Total /Near Total                                                      67-75
Mohend .A.N.Alshalah and Muhsen Naief Kathem
Left Ventricular Dysfunction in Diabetes Mellitus Echocardiographic                                       76-88
Hamid Majeed Thahab
Evaluation of Treatment of Neuronal Damage with Extracranial                                              89-97
Magnetic Field in A Rabbit Model of Stroke
Hussein A. Abdul Hussein
Plasmid curing by using essential oil of Rosmarinus officinalis                                          98-101
Shayma’a J. Ahmed
Medical Journal of Babylon-Vol. 7- No. 1-2 -2010             0202 - ‫مجلة بابل الطبية- المجلد السابع- العدد األول والثاني‬

                                                   Article                                                  Pages
A Microtonsile Bond Strength of The Pulp Chamber Dentine Treated                                           102-108
with Different Bleaching Agents
Nibras Talib Al-kuriane
Evaluation of Epineural Repair of Acute Sciatic Nerve Injury                                               109-114
Redha Ali and Abdulkhaliq Sahib
Esophageal atresia and Tracheoesophageal Fistula: A Study of 100                                           115-120
Shatha A. AL-Kawaz and Amier A. Ejrish
Seroprevalence of Hepatitis B and C among Blood Donors in Babylon                                          121-129
Amer W. F. Al – Juboury, Hattem A.L.M. Salih, Mohammed K. AL-
ASSADI and Ashraf M. Ali
Hepatic Toxicity in Patients with Rheumatoid Arthritis and Those                                           130-139
with Psoriasis taking Methotrexate Therapy
Haider Hamza Umran
Recurrent Laryngeal Nerve Injury after Thyroid Surgery with                                                140-147
Routine Identification of the Recurrent Laryngeal Nerve
Mohend .A.N.Alshalah, Hussain.Aouda and Muhsen Naief Kathem
Subclinical Keratoconus among Patients Visiting Hilla Laser Unit in                                        148-154
Qasim Kadhim Farhood
Experimental Work in Vascular Microsurgery                                                                 155-164
Redha Ali and Abdulkhaliq Sahib
Ultrasonography for Detecting Ureteric Calculi with Non Enhanced                                           165-173
CT as a Reference Standard (Prospective Study )
Kassim A. Hadi Taj-Aldean
The Relationship between Testosterone Hormone and Lipid Profile,                                           174-195
Proteins and Some Trace Elements in the Sera of Patients with
Ameera Jasem Mohamad Amen, Bushra AL-Robaee and Tariq Hufdhy
Chromosomal Abnormalities Associated with Recurrent Spontaneous                                            196-203
Abortions in Iraqi Women
Saad Merza Husain Alaraji
Evaluation of Alkaline Phosphatase and Catalase Activitites in                                             204-208
Hemorrhoid Patients
Rana Abd Al-Aly and Lamia,A.M.AI-Mashhedy
Determination of Salbutamol by Spectrophotometric Method in Pure                                           209-213
and Pharmaceutical Preparations Using Jones Oxidation
Omer A. Hasan and Huda M. Ali
Sensorineural Hearing Loss Associated with Chronic Suppurative                                             214-221
Otitis Media (CSOM)
Kassim R. Dekhil
Irrational Self-Medication of Antibiotic in University of Kufa in                                          222-232
Ali A. Razzak M. Noori
Evaluation of Anti-RubellaAntibodies Among Childbearing Age                                                233-249
Women in Babylon Governorate
Bushra Al-rubaii, Mohammed Aboud and Wisam Hamza
Seasonal Hair Loss                                                                                         250-255
Fatema A. K. Hamad
Medical Journal of Babylon-Vol. 7- No. 1-2 -2010               0202 - ‫مجلة بابل الطبية- المجلد السابع- العدد األول والثاني‬

                                                     Article                                                  Pages
Outcome Of Conservative Management Of Incomplete 1st Trimester                                               256-263
Miscarriage: Observational Study
Asmaa K. Gatea
Comparison of The Results of T–Tube Drainage Versus                                                          264-373
Choledochoduodenostomy after Open Common Bile Duct
Karim AL-Araji
Haemostasis During Tonsillectomy Silk Ligation Versus Bipolar                                                274-280
Adel Sahib Al and Habib Shhaib Ahmed
Evaluated of Serum Glutathione and Malondialdehyde for Victims of                                            281-285
Lamia, A.M. Al-Mashhedy
Study of Some Purine Metabolic Enzymes in Sera of Patients with                                              286-290
Renal Failure
Sawsan Hassan Kadhim, Sahib Ali Mahdi and Moaed Emran Al.Gazally
Prevalence of Frozen Shoulder in Diabetic Patients                                                           291-301
Mohammad Abid Abdul-Hussain
                                                   Case Study
Progeria                                                                                                     302-314
Monem M. Al-Shok

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