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Should pine bark extract be in a supplement?

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Should someone purchase supplements with pine bark inside them? This is a good
question because let’s all be honest there are tons and tons of supplements on
the marketplace.

Can you guess where pine bark comes from? This substance comes from the bark
of the maritime pine tree called pinus pinaster. It originates from Western Europe
in countries such as France, Spain and Italy.

Now you might be wondering how in the heck did someone discover this mineral?
Did some starving guy eat a lot of pine bark and got health benefits?

The history behind it is that in the 1500’s a French explorers whole ship got sick
with scrurvy which is the disease that occurs when someone doesn’t consume
enough vitamin C. Native Americas prepared a tea from pine bark and all the
people on the ship were saved.

Then a scientist many years later learned of the story and investigated trees
around Europe and discovered some of the benefits of this substance.

Alright so what are the benefits of pine bark? For starters it’s a potent antioxidant
and some studies like one that was done at the University of Berkeley mention it’s
one of the most potent antioxidants around.

Antioxidants are really good because they stop free radicals from damaging cells,
tissues and organs. In fact one theory on why people die of old age is because
free radicals do enough damage so that some major part stops working.

Free radicals basically damage cells and since the entire body is made up of cells it
hurts everything. Skin can sag, bones become weaker and someone can get
diseases like heart disease and diabetes.

Pine bark also decreases inflammation in the human body. In a nutshell
inflammation is when the human body attacks itself and is the main cause of pain
with arthritis.

This natural herb improves skin with something known as pygenol that makes
fibers in the skin stronger and this makes the skin look younger. This not only
helps reduce wrinkles but also helps with the immune system since the skin is the
first line of defense.

Finally pine bark extract can reduce bad cholesterol. LDL cholesterol which is the
bad stuff clogs up arteries that contribute to heart disease. This is a big problem
since it’s the number 1 killer in the United States alone.

How it prevents heart disease is by preventing blood platelets from forming clots
that block an artery and makes it so LDL cholesterol doesn’t become oxidized and
contribute to blockage.

There really are tons more benefits to this nutrient and to answer my original
question on if it should be in a daily supplement the answer is a complete and
whole yes. Not just a yes but a 100% yes.

Sounds like an easy thing to get pine bark in a supplement but we all know that
these products can be hard to shop for due to a lot of confusion with the industry.

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