Why Empower Network Rocks My World

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					  Why Empower Network Rocks My World

Do you get those "free gift of the day" emails? All those you get are
people doing ad swaps and selling the clicks for solo ads.

I tried it, but didn't do it long.


Because I couldn't stand my subscribers being just clicks.

Sell the click, how many clicks can you get?

You know there is only ONE thing I am always talking to you about.

So maybe it's about time that I tell you why I do that.

There is a secret to success. The reason it's a secret is because no one
can give it to you. You have to find it yourself. Those that have it can
only point the way for you.

Nobody can give it to you because you already have IT. It's in

When you discover IT, there is nothing in the world you cannot do.

With IT, you can do everything wrong and succeed. Without IT, you can
do everything right and fail.

This is why most Lottery winners are bankrupt in less than 10 years and
Donald Trump can lose everything and have it all back in 2 years.

Donald Trump has IT.

People who play the lottery do not have IT."

Here's how Empower Network is different. Most companies have one
goal...to move product.

The more product that is moved, the more profit is made, the more you
can pay your best salesman so they don't leave and move somebody
else's product.

It is up to the leaders, the sales managers, the up lines to teach the
necessary IT to the masses.

How do they teach it?

Leading by example and trying to first get their team to understand that
IT is absolutely necessary to success, and motivate them to read books
like "Think and Grow Rich," or "The Master Key" or "The Science of
Getting Rich."

It works, to an extent. But only a very small percentage gets IT.

At Empower Network our goal, our vision, our dream is to raise the
number of people we can lead to IT and do it dramatically and it is

We don't care if you move our products or someone else's, we don't
care what you do with IT as long as you get IT and we know we have
the simplest way to get IT because the numbers prove it.
The 8 core steps are designed so you will get IT, every product, every
event, every time the Daves, or Tony Rush or Rob Fore or Lawrence
Tam or Franco Gonzalez open their mouths, they are showing you IT.

These are all people who have spent years trying to teach IT to their
teams and have found how much simpler and easier it is here.

They saw that a much, much higher percentage of their teams were
getting IT here than ever before.

The 8 core steps are simple to do and proving to be the easiest way
ever to get IT.

They are easy to do.

But there is a catch.

They are also easy NOT to do.

Most will jump in and do them every day for a few days, and then will
come a day when they are really tired and they think it won't make any
difference if they skip just one day, then another rough day and maybe
two days are missed and the sky doesn't fall.

The book they were supposed to read 10 pages a day in hasn't been
touched in 3 days, just not enough time.

Then the next payment is about to come out, this isn't working and
they'll quit and shout to anyone who will listen how they tried
Empower Network but it didn't work.

There is only one way Empower Network works and one way only.
Make a Decision. Make a decision to come in and do the 8 core steps
every day for 101 days NO MATTER WHAT!!

Easy to do - easy not to do.

I am dead serious when I say I don't care if you join Empower Network
or not, but I do care from the deepest levels of my gut that you get IT.

Here is a f.ree book for you to read...no opt-in...no sales pitch...it's a
public domain book from Guttenberg Press.


It's only about 55 pages to read.

Take what you learn there and find a copy of "The Slight Edge" by Jeff

That's really all you need to succeed. Follow the instructions in those
two books and your success is guaranteed.

You may find that the price of success is too big for your dreams and
that's ok.

You may take IT and run with IT and achieve all your dreams without
saying hi to me again and that's ok.

You may decide you want to fasttrack yourself by being around people
who practice this every day and have super charged the learning
process and come back and join us here.

I really don't care, I make my own money and don't need yours....but I
really, really want you to find the success you dream of.


I was at the first event in Atlanta and I saw all the leaders talking about
how great Empower Network was because of the 100% commissions
and the high converting done-for-you funnel. They had made quite a
bit of money because they already had IT.

I was at the second event in San Diego and I saw a different look in the
leader’s eyes.

Most had started Empower Network as a front end to their "real"
business. Only sometime between Atlanta and San Diego they realized
that their team was getting IT, When you have IT and your team has IT
AND you get 100% commissions...WHOA Nelly!!

They had intended to move their Empower team over to their "real"
business. Then they realized that it was far easier and far more
profitable to move their "real" team members over to Empower.

That speaks Tons!

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