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					  Handleiding prepaid meter

    IV. User operation instruction

1.state alarm

electrical prepaid energy meter has three LBDs and one LCD to display working state, inquiry result and
operation alarm. In normal state, the remainder is always displayed. if there is no any press key operation
within 10 minutes after the last press key operation, liquid crystal screen will also skip to display the remaining
menu and LBD displays as following:

"state" light: when the relay is cut off, the light is bright;

"pulse" light: once there is one pulse, the light will brighten up for 80ms;

"direction" light: when MCU test the reversal power, the lightwill become bright, and such state will be
continued until normal power is tested.

2. Inquiry: When there is no display in the LCD ,press “inquiry/del” to inquire, and the following data
will be displayed one by one on the screen. you can either inquire through key 2(page up) or key 8(page
down), or inquire by pressing " inquiry/del” continuously .

Remainder: current energy summation can be used by user.Meanwhile, current state of meter will show out
in each inquiry menu, if the power supply is in gear(relay absorb and close),it will display “ㄣ”,show as figure
3; if it is in the state of off power(cut off the relay), it will display “cut off”,show as figure 4.

                               Figure 3 display the remaining quantity in normal state
Figure 4 display the remaining quantity in the cut off state Accumulation: the accumulated using quantity

since the installation of the meter

Figure 5 display the accumulation

      Meter No.: show in the separately menu, 6 units in each page, the first page show the high 6 units, the
 second menu show the low 6 units, show as figure 6. This No. is distributed by sales department, customers
 should offer this No. when they purchase.

Figure 6 display the meter No.

(4) Recharge the energy: the latest recharge quantity

 Figure 7 display the recharge quantity

     Recharge times: the times that have recharged currently, show as figure 8.
Figure 8 display the recharge times

3. Purchase energy

     Supply the code

     Report the displaying “meter No.”, the purchasing quantity that you want and necessary individual
information to the definite sales energy station determined by energy department, charge and purchase. (If the
network, sound and message long distance services have come true, please inquiry about this to the local sales
energy department). Sales energy station will input information you offered, print a group of 20 units
purchasing energy code in the printed bill, please hold this 20 units codes properly, this group of number will
symbolize your purchasing quantity of this time, and it will invalidate once used for one time. Then input 20
codes to your meter according to alarm, and complete the purchase energy operation.

     Input 20 codes

     When it is not in inquiry state,Input 20 “codes” in the printed bill, show as figure 9. In order to
differentiate, take 5 numbers as a group. The input code will move to left in turn. If the code is wrong, you can
press “inquiry/backspace” key and delete the wrong code and re-input the new one.when 20 digits are
completely input,the meter will not accepet number input.

     After confirming that 20 codes input are correct, press “input/enter” key and complete the operation. Then
you can check out whether you have purchased successfully or not through display the remainder.

Figure 9 input 20 units cryptograph
        Check out the remainder

        After pressing “input/enter” key, if the recharge is success, the current “remaining energy” will show out
in screen, this value is the result of this purchasing quantity minus the overdraft quantity or add to the
remainder in this meter. If you think that the purchasing quantity is different with factual or you can not
recharge after operation according to the current remainder, please call for the sales station and inquiry about

4. alarm

        Remaining energy alarm

        During the use of meter, remainder in the meter will decrease automatically, and take remainder as normal
displaying menu. When purchasing energy is going to be used up, please purchase and recharge in the local
sales energy department in case that it influence your use. The controller will cut off the power

            If your meter has no overdraft function, after the remainder is 0, before the recharge, the relay
    power supply will not be able to open. If your meter has overdraft function, when the remainder is 0,
    the power supply loop will cut off automatically, you can reopen the relay and enter the overdraft
    power supply state by pressing “inquiry/del” key. Before reaching the overdraft limitation, please
    recharge as soon as possible, otherwise meter will cut off the power supply until recharge successfully
    when the meter reach the overdraft and cut off again.

    Note: whether the meter has overdraft function or not, and the overdraft limitation, please inquiry the
    meter management department.

            Overdraft alarm

            If the meter has no overdraft function, the remaining is 0 and meter will be cut off. The relay
    power supply will not start up before recharging. Here, each inquiry will show out the “cut off” alarm,
   show as figure 10.

       With overdraft function, when you press the key "Inquiry/Del", the meter will shut relay automatically,
resume power supply, into the state of overdraft measurement, supply some volume to meet the
emergency(overdraft maximum can be set by management department),and the rest volume displays
negative(as figure 11).when overdraft volume achieves its maximum, the relay will not open until charging is
completed and the rest volume is over zero cubic meter. Therefore, during the period of overdraft, please
charge as soon as possible so as not to bring inconvenience to your use

Figure 11   overdraft state

     please pay attention, after cutting off the relay, before you recharge or press "inquiry/del" key,
please confirm that all electrical equipments ' power supply switches are in the state of close or
corresponding safety state, in order to avoid the safety problems that caused by           power supply come
back automatically soon after recharge.

     (3)input error alarm

     When you input 20 wrong digits and press the key of “input/enter", LCD will remind you of
“E0000010”;when you input less than 20 digits and press the key of “input/enter”, LCD will remind you of
“E0000009”;when your purchase times are incorrect, LCD will remind you of “E0000011”

     please notice, every time your purchasing code is generated through complex encrypt arithmetic, and it
only can be used for one effective time in the given meter, so please check without fail for each input operation
then press "input/enter" key. if the given code can not be input or the data input is wrong, please inquire about
the local sales management department

5. Malfunction protection function

When there is something wrong with power supply circuit controlling relay in inner meter or switch condition
does not match, LCD will display “E0000001”and attempt to cut off relay again.

When user's data in inner meter have problems, rely will also be cut off and “E0000002”will be displayed on
the LCD.

    When it happens error both in relay and user data , it will display “E0000003”

    In this situation , you need to contact with the local sales management of meter to check and maintain .

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