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                                        Pontiac Wave at Your Local Used Car Dealership
                                                          By Thomas Champeval

   A used Pontiac Wave has a gasoline engine that puts out a respectable 94 HP; this highly fuel
efficient used vehicle is interesting for those who seek a used car that is very economical to run but still
has finishing’s of high quality in relation to its price.

 The per-owned Pontiac wave will only be found in Canada as it was produced specifically for the
Canadian new and used vehicle market, it is available as either a five door used hatchback model or
alternatively as a regular sedan with four doors.

 Both models make use of features such as a rear wiper for improved visibility and are available with a
base level trim or an improved trim variety. The Pontiac Wave found at any reliable used auto dealer
offers enough space for four occupants. It has a trunk of reasonable proportions in relation to its body

 It is on sale as a used vehicle with two levels of equipment 'LS' and 'LT'. The 'LS' has standard power
steering, two front airbags, remote control doors, electric windows in the front and a standard
AM/FM/CD/MP3 audio with steering wheel mounted controls utility, air conditioning and metallic paint,
a very reasonable packed for a small economy used car.

 A used Pontiac Wave 'LT' version has, in addition to the above, two side airbags, six speakers, radio
controls on the steering wheel, air conditioning, fog lights, trip computer and steering wheel with leather
lining. You may also find that the used car dealership could have either model fitted with factory alloy

 The Wave also has some useful little features such as anchors for Isofix child seating, there are
conveniently placed slots for coins and toll tickets. The 4-speed auto gearbox has a feature that will let
you use it like a stick shift and select gears and it will stay in that gear until manually changed, an
exiting option for a small economy used car.

 The used Pontiac Wave 1.4L has a small but fuel efficient capacity married with a standard four speed
manual or stick shift box. The used hatchback and the sedan are also available in 1.6L engine versions
that use a four cylinder set up that put out just over 100bhp and are combined with a highly efficient
and economical five-speed manual gearbox.

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                                             Presented by Daniel Toriola

 For what would usually be considered, an “entry level” pre-owned vehicle the little Pontiac represents
excellent value for money in the competitive used vehicle market. It has several refinements that help it
to be a little ahead of similar used vehicles such as rack and pinion steering and ample front leg room
for driver and passenger.

 If you buy a used car of this size one annoying feature is often the road and engine noise especially at
speed, used Pontiac Wave’s do not seem to suffer very much from this usual small car drawback
because of the inclusion of a large amount of sound killing materials, so it can offer a generally quiet

 The rear seats have a 60/40 split setup that can fold down individually. Instruments include a speedo,
tacho, trip computer, two electrical outlets and a well lit glove box, all of which ad’s to the appeal of this
little used city car.

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                                              Review of 2008 car models of Pontiac
                                                       By Brian Hamsons

Pontiac: leading the way of the sports cars: -
Since the craze of the small sporty cars is again rising in the market, Pontiac had launched the Pontiac
G5 which is proving to be the most reasonable car for small and sporty people. The main thing about
the new models of the Pontiac is that they are coming with many impressive features like of high
acceleration, increased performance of riding and also the economy of fuel. Only thing is that these
models are lacking the refinements in the exterior and interior but this can be easily compensated with
the boastful and powerful engines present in the new models of Pontiac.

The latest models of Pontiac which were launched in the year 2008 were patterned after the upcoming
of the Chevrolet Cobalt. Both companies had manufactured exactly the same model cars with a little
difference in the exterior and interiors designs. It can be said that car models of Pontiac are very much
sporty and has much powerful engine and that too is available at much affordable price. Besides this,
these models have got the brand name of the General Motors.

Features of the Pontiac car models: -
The new models of Pontiac are available in 2 trims which is base and the other is GT. The base model
includes the 15” steel wheels, remote keyless entry, full power accessories and air conditioning.
Besides this, there is also the facility of the folding rear seats of type 60/40-split, an auxiliary audio jack
attached with a CD/MP3 player and a satellite radio.

The models of Pontiac which are available in GT trim has got the 17” aluminum wheels which provides
the sport-tuned suspension, cruise controls, steering-wheel-mounted audio and a leather-wrapped
shifter and steering wheel. When it comes to the talk of entertainment in the Pontiac models then they
are fully furnished with the Pioneer 7-speaker audio system, 6-CD changer, remote vehicle starting, a
sunroof and heated front seats which are available in both the models.

Besides this the personalization of the models of Pontiac can also be done by the installment of the
additional accessories like the 18” wheels, body ground-effects package, high-mount spoiler, cat-back
exhaust system and interior lightning of custom colored.

Describing the engine of the Pontiac models: -
The car models which are base type are powered by the 2.2 liter inline 4-cylinder which can generate
148 hp and also the torque of 152 pound-feet. While the vehicles which are bases on GT have got the
2.4 liter engine which can generates 141 hp with a torque of 167 lb-ft. Both of the trims care connected
with the 5-speed manual transmission. There is also an option of 4-speed transmission which is

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