Get Yourself Geared up for Playing Golf by tristenmorrisstm


									                             How to be Geared up for Playing Golf

 Are you considering taking up golf? Maybe you already have? You may by now or in the future be
blaming your clumsy swings and moves for your golfing mishaps. You could spend hours, days,
weeks etc, seeking to hone your game but to no avail. This failure doesn't have to mean that you
will never be a golfer, it's just that you might be using the wrong equipment.

Beginners generally acquire second hand golf clubs simply because they are cheaper.
Nevertheless, it is essential to confirm the quality of the clubs prior to parting with your hard
earned cash.

Inspect the entire clubs, i.e heads, shafts and grips, before you decide to give your new clubs a
new home and especially before they are revealed to all your mates at the club. It would be a good
idea to do some research on the price of a set of new golf clubs so that you can make an informed
decision about buying new or old.

To find out what you need to know about golf, you need look no further than books for sports. A
golfing book will not just give you tips and guidance on how to play but also tips on how to find and
use golfing equipment.

To play golf successfully you ought to make sure that you’re not using ill fitting clubs. Customized
golf clubs are a very worthy investment since each person is unique and requires clubs that
specifically fit their height, muscle, the quality of their swing and the speed of the club’s head.
Customized golf clubs will help enormously with backswings, for example.

The shaft of the golf club comes in either graphite or steel and deciding on the correct club will
have a positive effect on how you play. Steel is most often favoured by the professionals and
although they cost a bit more, the graphite shafts are more popular with women, seniors and

If you ever need to change the grips on your clubs be cautious, since having the correct grip could
make the difference between hitting the shot correctly or not. To ascertain your hand grip size you
will have to measure the diameter of the butt shaft which requires a replacement grip and your
core hand grip, they should match. There are various sizes available so decide on the size grip
that is most suitable for you. To get the best out of your clubs you must use only the best regrip

I believe that 14 is the maximum number of clubs you are allowed to carry in your golf bag. Which
ones depends entirely on the level of skill you’ve gained. There's no use in choosing any old gold
club if you are not able to or don't intend to use it, so only consider the clubs that you’re
accustomed to using and feel comfortable playing with while you pack your golf bag.

You must always be as knowledgeable about a thing as it's possible to be prior to attempting it,
golf included. For the purpose of this article this can be accomplished by reading books for sports
lovers. You could even read famous biographies books of the people you like that motivate and
inspire you to try or persist with something new.

An amalgamation of moves and swings and the best possible equipment you can become the
golfer you've always wanted to be.

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