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      Motorcycles are a great alternative to cars. They make getting around town that much cheaper. Hence, good
                  spare parts and accessories are very essential to their smooth running and safety.
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                                      Motorcycle Jackets - Protect Yourself With the Best
                                                             By Mike McGrath

   Every year thousands of motorcyclist die in accidents. Hundreds of them are injured. According to a
research carried out chances of injuries can be reduced by wearing protective gears such as
motorcycle jackets and helmets. Therefore, it is necessary for all motorcyclists to wear jackets and
helmets. Motorcycle jackets provide you protection in case of any fall or any accident that you might
come across while riding.

 Nowadays, a number of companies are manufacturing motorcycle jackets of different styles, sizes,
colors and many more. Motorcycle jackets are available for both men and women. The competition to
provide the best quality jackets with maximum protection is increasing. These jackets are also
categorized according to type of riding i.e. racing, cruiser and many others.

 Motorcycle jackets are available in different materials with mesh, textile and leather being the most
common materials amongst all. Although leather jackets are the most popular and traditional choice,
textile and mesh are also gaining popularity.

 Leather jackets offer more protection as compared to other materials. Leather jackets are made from
either cowhide or sheepskin. When considering buying leather jacket you should first find out the
material the leather jacket is made from. The jacket made from cowhide is thick, durable and offers
more protection while sheepskin jackets are more of a fashion statement available in different designs
and colors. Sheepskin leather jackets are available in variety of patches, fashion designs and zipper.

 Mesh jackets are also getting popular day by day. Normally mesh jackets have ‘open weave’. This
allows free air movement inside the jacket. Mesh jackets not only provides protection to the
motorcyclist but also provides relief during summer. Maximum protection is provided using a
combination of foam padding and armor. Patches of the combination is placed in elbows, shoulders
and places where the impact is high.

 Motorcycle jackets can be either ready-made or tailor-made. Jackets are designed for two main
purposes: to provide protection and stylish look. Style has also become a necessity. Motorcyclist, when
purchasing jacket, not only look for those that can provide best possible protection but also gives a
stylish look to the motorcyclist.

Motorcycle jackets also provide protection from heat, abrasion, cold, water and wind. If you are

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considering buying a motorcycle jacket, you should shop around first. You will find different types of
motorcycle jackets. Same manufacturer offers jackets varying in quality, sizes, color and even the level
of protection that the jacket offers to the motorcyclist. Motorcycle jackets are available for any budget
range. You can get a quality jacket at a cheap price. In addition, as the competition increases most of
the companies today offer quality jackets at affordable price.

 You can also shop around over the Internet where you will find a number of categorizes for motorcycle
jackets. Depending on your choice, you can browse through any category and buy a motorcycle jacket.
Always remember to browse through different website as you might come across some that offers
jacket at a lesser price or discounted rate. Also, make sure to buy from a website that is secure and

Mike McGrath Motocross Apparel and Mx Gear Specialist

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                           Women’s Motorcycle Jackets Vs. Men’s Motorcycle Jackets
                                                              By Dona Rosa

The very phrase ‘women’s motorcycle jacket’ may conjure up visions of tough looking women on huge
motorcycles looking for a fight. Nothing could be farther from the truth.

Today, the sight of a woman on a motorcycle is not a big deal. Now, if you are going to ride a
motorcycle, you might as well wear a stylish looking women’s motorcycle jacket.

 Since motorcycle jackets, particularly leather jackets, are always associated with the macho male
specimen of our species, some may feel that while motorcycle and women may mix, motorcycle
jackets and women certainly do not mix.

 However, you can find a whole range of jackets that are available for women motorcycle riders, as all
the jackets are not focused on the tough female. For example, we can find many jackets that enhance
the feminine appeal of the woman on the motorcycle.

 The points to be considered when purchasing a motorcycle jacket for women are not very different as
compared to purchasing a jacket for a male motorcycle rider. COnsdier these points:

 1) The basic purpose for which the jacket is designed remains the same. However, there are some
fine differences, which result from the inherent differences between men and women.

 2) Generally, women are more compactly built as compared to men. Hence, one must pay special
attention to the comfort levels while buying a jacket for women like a snug fit.

 3) Further, the concept of style for men is different as compared to the concept of style for women. On
the whole, women prefer to make a subtle and understated style statement when it comes to
motorcycle jackets.

 4) On the other hand, men prefer to make a loud, aggressive and macho statement about their style

 This is most evident from the fact that there is a lot of differences in colors, patterns etc between
men’s jackets and women’s jackets. You would very rarely find a red or a bottle green motorcycle
jacket for men while such colors are very commonly found in the jackets for women.

 5) Further, men prefer jackets with a lot of metal even though it unnecessarily enhances the weight of
the jacket. On the other hand, very few women opt to make such a loud style statements through their

 6) On the whole, one can find a variety of jackets available for women. Some are sporty, some are
stylish and some are adorned with frills, while some give an overall cowboy or rather cowgirl look.

 Of course, exceptions do exist. And some men prefer to be subtle and some women prefer to be loud
and over the top.

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However, generally, the choice of men and women in respect of style of the jackets differs and this
must be kept in mind when you are buying the apparel.

 As far as the safety aspect is concerned, there is very little difference between motorcycle jackets for
the two sexes. It can hardly be said that women ride any slower than men. Speeding and reckless
driving is a universal phenomenon.

For more info, visit: Rocky Top Leather and see what fine goods they
have there like women's
motorcycle jackets

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