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					Subject:      Media Sponsorship for Campout! Carolina

Dear Potential Sponsor,

       Imagine supporting our beautiful North Carolina environment, as well as the
many environmental non-profit organizations that work so hard to keep it that way, all
while meeting your mission to educate and serve the community. By partnering with us
to promote Campout! Carolina, your station can do just that.

       Campout! Carolina is not a typical event held to raise money for a particular
group or cause. Rather, the idea is to create a movement – to encourage people
across the state to get outdoors, to celebrate and show their support for the gorgeous
natural heritage that we as North Carolinians are lucky to have.

        In order for campers to officially join the fun, they are asked to visit to register to Be Counted, then pitch a tent in their backyard
or favorite North Carolina campsite, turn off or unplug nonessential electrical items, and
enjoy an evening under the stars with family and friends. The Campout! Carolina
website offers tips on planning a campout and a map showing where all registered
participants are camping across North Carolina so that other campers can see the
movement for themselves.

       This event is presented by EarthShare North Carolina, a coalition of 70 non-profit
organizations working to preserve and protect our environment. ESNC organizations
are leading the way to clean up our air and water, protect wildlife and their habitats, and
ensure we have natural places to visit and enjoy.

       Please read the following sponsorship request for further details! We hope to
gain your support! Thank you!


Heather Beard
Executive Director
EarthShare North Carolina

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