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					Target Collections

Source                   Quantity    Amount    Estimate    Actual
Single Stands                     20      7000      140000
Tent share
Space only
Table Only
Program Ads- half
Program Ads- full
Tickets- adults
Tickets- children ovr 12
Total Income                                        140000
Total Expenses                                      128000
Profit/Loss                                          12000

Fliers- Recruit sponsors    1000            4        4000
Web dev- eMails
Banners printing
Posters- malls, schools        10         200        2000
Radio- sponsor
Fliers- Awareness stals     2000           10       20000
Flyr dist permits           1500            2        3000
Flight Costs                  10          200        2000
Registration/permits            1        2000        2000
Stationary-lh,bc, forms
Communication-cel               3        2000        6000
Internet                        3        1000        3000
Tents for 3 days               10        2500       50000
Tables-1,Chairs-2              20         300       18000
Sound equipment
Admin- finance
Accounts- bookeeping
Office staff
Photocopies, faxes
Filing, Forms, Rbooks
Transport- fuel, mats
Security for 2 days             2        1500        3000
Ticket Desk staffing
Insurance-indemnity             1                   15000
Total Expenses                                     128000
Target funds- charity
Actual funds- charity
Pre-Event Tasks

Facility Evaluation & Reservation: Meeting with venue propietor
Volunteers in charge:              Ena, Niketa, Ruhia

Budget:                             Kshs 650,000
Deadline:                           Sept 15th Wednesday 2010
Site Selected:                      ABC parking lot

Site Contact:                       Mr.
Contact Information:

Marketing & Paperwork:
Volunteer in charge:                                                    NF
* Permits and biz info              Gather info
* Email Campaign                    Via web
* Fliers, Posters & Press           Design
* Media/Press Release
* Newsletter Submissions
* Street Banners:                   Design, permits & display
* Radio:                            find sponsor and manage PR
* Security
* Deadlines for filing permits

Event Managing:
Volunteer in charge:                                                    R
   * Main Sponsor for raffle       Call 10 companies each               EO
  * Hiring of Childrens entertainment                                   NF
  * Crafters Recruitment conditions raw up contract
  * Timeline management            Database of craft exhibitors
  * On site catering recrutment
  * Volunteer recruitment and badges:
  * Emergency services info        Security, Insurance, First Aid etc
 * Tents and other requirements: How many can fit
  * MC recruit for raffle

Recruitment & Finances:
* Banking                           (manage collections and budget)     EO
* Event Stationaryrequirements      Receipts, tickets, lheads, bcards
* Oversee Volunteers:
* Set up                            Space letting and placement
* Event Staffing:                   Ticket Desk, Helpers
* Decorating
* Table/Chair/Furniture Set-up:
* Equipment Set-up:               Recruit MC and equipment
* Ticket Table/Booth Staffing:    Space letting of crafters
* Raffle plan- Gifts and MC       Prize presenter?MC? DJ?Sponsor   Target sponsors
                                  Charity                          Tickets
Additional Notes:                                                  House Items
After event management:           Cleaning services
People Assisting/Event Staff:
Master Job Tracker

Volunteer Job Responsibility                Phone   Email

         Marketing & Paperwork:
         Permit city council
         noise DO's office
         Website development
         Event logo
         Flyer, Poster & Banner design
         Kenya Buzz, Newpapers fax
         Media PR release
         * Newsletter Submissions
         * Street Banners:
         * Radio:
         * Security
         * Deadlines for filing permits

         Event Managing:

             * Main Sponsor for raffle
            * Hiring of Childrens entertainment
            * Crafters Recruitment conditions
            * Timeline management
            * On site catering recrutment
            * Volunteer recruitment and badges:
            * Emergency services info
           * Tents and other requirements:
            * MC recruit for raffle

         Recruitment & Finances:
         * Banking
         * Event Stationaryrequirements
         * Oversee Volunteers:
         * Set up
         * Event Staffing:
         * Decorating
         * Table/Chair/Furniture Set-up:
         * Equipment Set-up:
* Ticket Table/Booth Staffing:
* Raffle plan- Gifts and MC

Additional Notes:
After event management:
Select Sponsor- 50,000                 SELECT           No       Raffles
Representation on posters, fliers      LG
Co name acknowledged during event      HOTPOINT
3 entry passes with 3 raffle tickets   Kingsway
Half page program                      ALS
                                       Kenya Builders
                                       Tile n Carpet
                                       Bayer             8561636
                                       Chartis Insurance 3676000
                                       Old Mutual        2829000
                                       AA                7120206
                                       AAR               2895000
                                       CBA              2884000s
                                       CFC Life assrnce 2866000
                                       Cadbury          530001-9
Media Sponsor
Capital Fm- 0724 257065, 0736 984930

Signage banner sponsor
Banner ltd
A1 outdoor                             4348360-1
Main Sponsor- 200,000                MAIN TARGET No            Raffle prize
Representation on all media+ radio   Safaricom                 Sunworld
1 stand + table, full pg program     KBL                       Mimosa
Co name acknoledged during event     Kenya Airways             Oneway
10 entries + raffles                 Bamburi       734333344   Savanah CH
                                     Zain                      Flamingo Lodge
                                     Orange                    Farmers Choice
                                     Access Kenya              Little Red
                                     Shell                     Kiko Romeo
                                     AGS frasers      823490   Cactus Ville
                                     Barclays                  Deacons
                                     KCB                       Aberdare Safari 4452095
                                     Equity                    Nairobi Sports
                                     Jubilee                   Sopa
                                     AON Minet                 Serena
                                     UAP                       Simba Colt
                                     G4S                       Plants Galore
                                     ARM             3742633   Nestle
                                     ZAIN          734110000   Wildearth Spa
                                                               AutoAssured     2727908
                                                               Coca-Cola       2712271
Vendor   Items   Contracts   Deposit Paid/Date:
                             Paid In Full/Date:
                             Additional Notes:

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