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					                                                          CONTRACT TO SELL

          This agreement made and entered into this ___ day of _________ , 201__ in ____________________ by and between:

          _________________________________, a corporation duly organized and existing under and by virtue of the laws of the
__________________ with office address at __________________ represented in this act by its President, _____________________, now and
hereinafter referred to as the “VENDOR”;
___________________________ of legal age, _________, ___________, with residence and postal address at _______________________,
hereinafter referred to as the “VENDEE”, by these presents;
          WHEREAS the VENDOR is now selling in ___________________________ house and Lot package or Lot only package with bank or
government financing to the general public; with Authority to Sell under License to Sell No. __________ issued by
___________________________, _______________________ on _________________;

          WHEREAS, the VENDOR has agreed to sell to the VENDEE, portion of a certain parcels of the land undergoing development for
residential/subdivision purposes; situated at________________________________ covered by Transfer Certificate of Title No._________ more
particularly described as lot No.__, Block No. ___, Phase __, _________, containing an area of ________________, more or less, and declared for
taxation purposes under Tax Declaration No. ______________;

         WHEREAS, the VENDEE desires to buy the afore-described property and comply whatever condition the VENDOR may herein and
hereafter impose;

         NOW THEREFORE, for and in consideration of the foregoing premises and the sum of ____________________________________ , the
VENDOR agreed to sell unto the VENDEE and the VENDEE agreed to buy from the VENDOR, his heirs, assigns, or successors-in-interest, the afore-
described property subject to the following terms and conditions:

   1)    The VENDEE agrees to pay the purchase price either in cash or in check at the office of the VENDOR at No. _________________________ ,
         and without the necessity of demand or the service of collector, in the following manner:

    a.    Reservation Deposit of ____________________________________ which hereby acknowledge to have been received by the SELLER on
          _______________. This deposit will be applied as part of the down payment herein below stated;
    b.    Down payment of _______________________, shall be paid in ______________ consecutive monthly installments without interest at a
          rate of ___________________________ beginning _____________________ until _________________;
    c.     The remaining balance of ___________________________ shall be paid within _______________ years or equivalent to ___________
          consecutive monthly installments at a rate of ___________________, with ______________ interest per annum, starting ___________
          ______ until _____________ .

   2)    Should the VENDEE fails to pay the required installment on the date above stated, he/she shall be subject to penalty of ___% of the
         installment or balance due for each month in arrears or any fraction thereof. Should the VENDEE fails to pay for two consecutive months,
         the provisions of Republic Act 6552 or the MACEDA LAW otherwise known as “ Realty Installment Buyer Protection Act” shall apply;

   3)    The VENDEE further agrees to pay, in addition to the purchase price herein stipulated, the following expenses, to wit:
                                 a. All taxes and assessments levied upon the property of the government from the time of the execution of
                                      this contract until full payment of the purchase price;
                                 b. The documentary stamp taxes, registration fees and other miscellaneous and incidental expenses pertaining
                                      To the transfer of Title from the VENDOR to the VENDEE;
                                 c. __________ for any change of contract and ___________ for true copy of any lost contract;
                                 d. ____% of the total consideration for any transfer of right per lot.

   4)    In case of the VENDEE applies a loan at any government financing institution or business entity for the purchase of the lot, she shall
         assign the proceeds of the loan in favor of the VENDOR for payment of the balance of the lot subject matter of the contract.

   5)    In case of extraordinary inflation or devaluation of the ________ currency as against the dollar, the VENDEE hereby agrees that the
         VENDOR shall adjust the payment for all unpaid amortization, as may hereafter provided by the VENDOR. Extraordinary devaluation is
         interpreted to mean when the _____________ exchange rate at the time of the execution of this contract which is at ____: $____.

   6)    The Title and possession over the property subject matter of this contract remains in the name of the VENDOR until the total
         consideration and any penalties and charges that the VENDOR may impose shall have been paid by the VENDEE.

   7)    That the VENDOR warrants to the effect and/or secure any and all documents that may be required by law to effect transfer of Title of the
         said parcel of land. That the VENDOR warrants to effect and/or secure any and all documents that maybe required by the law to effect
         transfer of Title of the said parcel of land.

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8.      The breach of the VENDEE of any conditions herein shall entitle the VENDOR to cancel this contract and the VENDEE
        authorize the VENDOR or any of his representative to take immediate possession of the property subject of this agreement
        and take whatever action is necessary to protect its right and interest in the property;

9.      Should the vendor resort to judicial redress to enforce its right under this contract, the VENDEE agrees to pay the VENDOR
        The Attorneys fees and the sum of ____________ as liquidated damages in addition to other damages as maybe imposed
        by the court. The parties agree that the venue of action shall be the appropriate court in _____________.

10.     This contract shall inure to the benefit of and be binding upon the parties hereto and their respected heirs, successors
        And assigns, the VENDOR hereby promising that upon complete payment of the amounts agreed upon, the VENDOR will
        Execute a Deed of Absolute in favor of the VENDEE to the effect that the corresponding Transfer Certificate of Title may be
        issued in favor of the VENDEE.

11.     The VENDEE hereby represents that this entire agreement has been read and / or translated to her in the language or
        Dialect understood by her. This contract cancels and super cedes all previous contracts and agreements between the
        parties previously executed relative to the land subject matter of this agreement.

12.     The VENDEE shall adheres strictly to the terms and conditions of the restrictions imposed upon by the VENDOR copy of
        which is hereto attached as Annex “A” to form part hereof.

        IN WITNESSETH WHEREOF, the parties hereby set their hands on the date and at the place herein before indicated.

        __________________________                                             _______________________________
               Vendor                                                                    Vendee

                                                  SIGNED IN THE PRESENCE OF:
        __________________________                                                _____________________________

_____________________ )
_____________________ )

        BEFORE ME, A Notary Public in and for the said jurisdiction, this ____ day of _______, 20__, personally appeared:______
___________, as VENDOR, with ID No. _______ and ____________________, as VENDEE, with I.D. No. ________, known to me and
to me known to be the same persons who executed the foregoing documents consisting of ________ pages referring to as
“CONTRACT TO SELL” and a “DEED OF RESTRICTIONS”, likewise duly signed by the parties and forming part of this Contract of Sale
as Annex “A” and acknowledged to me that the same is their free and voluntary act and deed as well as the free and voluntary act
and deed of the company they represent.

        WITNESS MY HAND AND SEAL, this ________ day of _____________,20__, ____________, ________________.

                                                                                                                   Notary Public
Doc. No. ____
Page No. ___
Book No. ____
Series of 20__

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