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                                                  editor's note
                                                  The Geeks... they are a rising. Over the past couple of decades, we've been watching the
                                                  mainstream slowly embrace Geekdom.

                                                  In the fashion realm, understated geek chic has claimed a firm place - just flick through
                                                  American Apparel's 'New' catalogue for the latest in turtle necks, sweaters and vests. On
                                                  the big screen, we're rooting for introverted protagonists like Harry Potter, the high schooler
                                                  from Kick-Ass, Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg, the NYU physics student from The
                                                  Sorcerer's Apprentice and Scott Pilgrim.

         The ascent of The Geek to cult status is now almoooost complete. We need your help to hunt down Australia's Top Geek. If you're a
         Star Wars fan, enjoy a good game of Donkey Kong, collect gadgets or just love being on the net, go ahead and nominate for our
         Top Geek Competition.

         Moving on, thanks to everyone who voted for us in the Australian PC and Tech Authority Best Tech Awards 2010. 12,854 people
         voted across 15 categories and thanks to you, iiNet was crowned Best Wireless ISP.

         We've also heard more news about developments on the NBN front. For the first time, it looks like broadband providers will be
         competing for customers on an even playing field with standardised prices and open access to a single broadband network.

         On top of faster and more affordable access, the NBN rollout will mean everyone will be able to choose their provider based on
         things like customer service, broadband TV content, and innovative products; rather than being hamstrung by where they live or what
         network they are on. Read the official NBN Co announcement.

         We'd like to take a moment to also thank you for spending another year with us. Check out our special message from iiNet's CEO
         Michael Malone (if you haven't already).

         From everyone at iiNet - Merry Christmas.

         Swee Au-Yong
         iiNews Editor

         iiNet news
         Text and talk with a new iiNet Mobile Phone plan
         We've been text happy at iiHQ since we launched our new Mobile Phone plans last week.

         You can now get your hands on some mighty competitive Mobile plans featuring heaps of included
         calls, texts and data for the one low monthly cost, helping you stay connected throughout the holiday
         period and beyond.

         As an iiNet Residential customer, you can scoop up one of our great value mobile plans featuring:

                Very generous call and data allowances
                Unmetered access to Facebook, Twitter, MySpace, eBay, LinkedIn and Foursquare
                Built in alerts when call allowances are about to be exceeded (to help avoid nasty bill-shock)
                No contracts - take up iiNet Mobile without being locked in for the long haul.

         If you love your current handset and want to BYO, iiNet Mobile is a SIM-only product, meaning you can hold on to your existing

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iiNews December                                                                        

         mobile phone and even keep your current mobile number.

         On top of all this, you can also enjoy the convenience of all your internet and phone services taken care of by one provider (that's
         us), with a single bill each and every month. Easy!

         Head to our Mobile page for all the details on included value and call rates, or tuck into our iiNet Mobile press release. Jump down to
         Business News for info about our range of Business Mobile Phone options.

         Remember, this Christmas it's what's inside your mobile that counts.

         Meet BoB Lite™ - fresh out of the iiLabs
         We're chuffed to announce the arrival of BoB Lite™ - the first hardware product to be born out of our
         iiNet Labs.

         BoB Lite™ is the latest modem available from our iiNet range, which easily connects all your devices
         to the internet - computers, laptops and gaming consoles. It's even fetchtv compatible!

         BoB Lite™ works with both Naked DSL and broadband connections. He supports one standard phone
         line and is also VoIP friendly - meaning if you already own a phone handset, you can take advantage of
         great value calls with Netphone.

         Like older brother BoB™, BoB Lite™ is a clever little unit and takes the hassle out of setups and firmware upgrades. Thanks to
         TR-069 technology, it's all done automatically as soon as you get the unit online. The slick black box also comes packed with two
         USB ports, perfect for charging gadgets like your mobile phone or mp3 player.

         Best of all, BoB Lite™ comes with a super lite price tag. From just $69, BoB Lite™ is an affordable option and makes it even easier
         to go fetch.

         Discover more about BoB Lite™ and read our recent press release.

         iiNet iPad App - free from the Apple App Store
         Drum roll please… We've just launched our official iiNet iPad App!

         Once installed on a trusty Apple iPad, users can enjoy an awesome range of unmetered features,

                Sports, movies, news, lifestyle, documentaries and automotive videos
                Live streaming Freezone radio channels
                A built-in usage meter
                Mobile Toolbox (manage your iiNet account, tap into iiHelp, track network status etc.)
                Support for background media playing (if you're on the latest OS)
                Support for playing video content on your TV through Apple AirPlay
                Coffee cam!

         Best of all, if you're using this App at (home or about) over an iiNet DSL connection, all traffic comes quota free.

         Meaning you can enjoy as much as you like, without worrying about chewing into monthly quota limits.

         So, if you're getting or giving a shiny new iPad under the tree this year, make sure the first thing you install is the iiNet app. Download
         it from iTunes. Angry Birds can wait.

         If you aren't jumping on the iPad bandwagon, never fear! We've already started work on iPhone & Android apps, and plan on
         supporting more (even WP7!).

         iiNet & the West Coast Eagles build homes for Cambodians
         Last month, iiNet joined forces with the West Coast Eagles Football Club to build 12 houses
         in 5 days for homeless Cambodians.

         As part of Tabitha Foundation Australia's House Building Project, twelve of the Eagles' up and

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iiNews December                                                                              

         coming players packed their bags for Cambodia with one of our own - iiNet Compliance
         Manager, Rebecca Moonen.

         Beck lent some house-building muscle, took a confronting look at the brutality of the Khmer
         Rouge regime and spent time with children from the Sunshine House orphanage alongside the Eagles players. Read up on her
         Cambodian adventure in iiNet's official blog.

         For Eagles player Jordan Jones, the trip proved a real eye opener. We got the inside word on his experience:

         What were your initial feelings towards heading over to Cambodia to build houses for those in need?
         I was pretty excited about the prospect of building houses. As for providing a future to around 150 people, I wasn't so sure how this
         would work straight away. But once we got there and started building, I started to see how happy the village became which was a
         special feeling. It's good to know we made a difference.

         Personally, what did you take out of the experience?
         The fact that I will always know in the back of my head, that some things aren't as bad as they really are. It's helped me put things
         into perspective a little more, to remember that some of the Cambodians living in those homes have it very tough and that we are
         very lucky.

         Did you find the trip to the killing fields and S-21 prison very difficult to take, given its incredibly barbaric history?
         I still can't really believe it. Pol Pot (leader of the Cambodian communist movement) killed and tortured so many people… I just
         couldn't get my head around it really. Seeing all of the victim's skulls on display in a massive tower was surreal and I just couldn't
         understand why. It just shows how poor the country is now, how big an issue it was, and how they are still hurting from it today.

         Final thoughts on the trip?
         My favourite part of the trip would be building the houses and doing the real hands-on stuff for such a worthwhile cause. Seeing how
         the poverty stricken reacted when they received their brand new homes was priceless - they were over the moon.

            Fetchtv Fix

                It's been an exciting month for developments on the fetchtv front. On top of new
                channels, we've added more hardware options and made some of 2010's biggest
                blockbusters available with pay-per-view Movie Plex access.

                New modem options
                We've expanded our range of compatible modems, so it's even easier to enjoy
                fetchtv 2. Eligible customers can now go fetch with BoB Lite™ and its super lite
                $99 price tag.

                If you've got one of our Belkin Gen2 modems (F1PI242ENau or F1PI242EGau),
                a quick firmware upgrade will have these modems fetchtv 2 ready. Simply follow
                the steps listed in our iiHelp article before completing your fetchtv 2 application.

                3 new football channels
                Fetchtv 2 services are now sporting three new soccer channels - Manchester City
                TV, Chelsea TV and Barça TV (Barcelona). All three high quality channels come
                standard with any fetchtv 2 subscription.

                Rent the latest blockbusters
                It's been a big year at the box office; and now thanks to fetchtv's Movie Plex, you
                catch the latest flicks at home without having to worry about late fees. Now
                Showing - Inception, Scott Pilgrim Vs. The World and Hot Tub Time Machine. Just

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iiNews December                                                                         

              in time for the festive season - Jim Carrey's A Christmas Carol, Toy Story 3 and
              The Sorcerer's Apprentice.

              Need a hand signing up? Email or call 1300 701 006. Find out
              more about fetchtv or what you need to go fetch.

           Freezone Focus

              We're not kidding - there's heaps to tune into this month from the iiNet Freezone.

              Chelsea, Manchester City & Barcelona TV
              Good news football fans! Chelsea TV, Manchester City TV and Barça TV
              (Barcelona) are now live & kicking in the Football Club Channel! Catch highlights,
              all the live domestic and Champions League action from these 3 awesome clubs,
              plus exclusive interviews, classic matches and insights from the training grounds.

              Katy Perry, Gorillaz, Empire of the Sun, Keith Urban & more
              Thanks to our friends at EMI we've added a heap of music and behind-the-scenes
              footage from Katy Perry, Tinie Tempah, Gorillaz, Miami Horror and more. This is
              just the first instalment - expect loads more in the Music Channel in the New Year.

              Zoom TV hits top gear!
              For all the rev heads out there, check out the latest instalment of ZoomTV. Host
              Aaron Pitt visits the Australian Festival of Speed and meets Red Bull F1 racers
              Mark Webber & Daniel Ricciardo.

              Inception: The Making Of
              Watch behind-the-scenes footage from one of this year's biggest sci-fi action films -
              Inception. Flick over to our fetchtv Channel for insightful commentary from
              Writer/Director Christopher Nolan and Editor Lee Smith.

              Tom Hoad Water Polo Championships LIVE
              Follow all the 2010 Tom Hoad Water Polo Cup action LIVE from the Sports
              Channel. Not to be confused with Marco Polo, the Cup is the most prestigious
              water polo event staged in the Southern Hemisphere, with international and local
              players including current Olympians.

              Over four great days (from 27 - 30 December 2010), iiNet will be LIVE streaming
              two games each night. Visit our Tom Hoad Water Polo Cup page for full match

              Don't forget, all our Freezone content streams to iiNet broadband connections
              quota-free. Learn more about Freezone or head there now.

           Freezone Kids

              Fat Albert and the Cosby Kids with Corinne Prainito
              Hey hey hey! Even though Fat Albert and The Cosby Kids first aired in 1972, the
              take home messages and laughs from each episode are still relevant for kids

              Episode 1 of this retro cool cartoon (called Lying) opens with a super young Bill
              Cosby talking to us about the importance of honesty. Live action crosses over to
              cartoon as Cosby let's Fat Albert tell the rest of the story.

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iiNews December                                                                          

                Edward, one of the boys who lives in the neighbourhood with Fat Albert and the
                Gang, has a bad habit of telling lies. Just back from vacation, Edward tells an
                intriguing tale of how he wrestled alligators in Florida. The gang, eventually learn
                the extent of Edward's porkie telling ways, while Edward himself learns that a
                person can lose friends by not being truthful.

                Cosby's dry wit plus the hi-jinx of Fat Albert, Rudy, Mushmouth, Dumb Donald, Bill,
                Mudfoot, Russell, Bucky, Weird Harold and Edward make this and many other
                valuable message fun to take in. Tune into Freezone's Kids TV or watch Fat Albert
                and the Cosby Kids now.

         Talk some serious turkey with iiNet Business Mobile
         We launched our new Business Mobile Phone plans last week, making it our business to help you connect with more talk, text and
         data options.

         With our iiNet Business Mobile plans, you can talk turkey wherever your business takes you, all for one low monthly fee.

         Take a look at what's included in one of our Business Mobile plans:

                Huge data allowance so you can always stay connected
                iiNet to iiNet call value - your staff can call each other for less
                No contracts - just pay as you go
                Dedicated business support 24/7
                Calls charged in 30 second blocks
                Notification when you're close to exceeding your included call value
                One bill a month convenience for your internet and phone, from one provider (yep - us!)

         On top of this, you'll get unmetered access to Facebook, Twitter, MySpace, eBay, LinkedIn and Foursquare, making it easy to keep
         tabs on how your social media strategy is tracking.

         iiNet Business Mobile is also a SIM-only product. You can BYO existing mobile phones and port over current mobile numbers,
         making it a cinch to make the switch.

         To read up on plans visit our iiNet Business Mobile page or go ahead and sign up now.

         support & services
         iiNet support hours over Christmas, Boxing Day & New Years
         Here's another reminder - we'll be closing our Contact Centres on Christmas Day and operating on reduced hours throughout the
         holiday period. Here's a look at dates and support times over the festive season:

                Friday, December 24th - Midnight to 10:00pm (WST)
                Saturday, December 25th - CLOSED
                Sunday, December 26th - 6.30am to 9.30pm (WST)
                Monday, December 27th - 6.30am to 9.30pm (WST)
                Tuesday, December 28th - 6.30am to 9.30pm (WST)
                Wednesday, December 29th - 24/7 support
                Thursday, December 30th - 24/7 support
                Friday, December 31st - Midnight to 10:00pm (WST)
                Saturday, January 1st - 6.30am to Midnight (WST)
                Sunday, January 2nd - 6.30am to 9.30pm (WST)

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iiNews December                                                                       

                Monday, January 3rd - 6.30pm to 9.30pm (WST)
                Tuesday, January 4th - 24/7 support resumes from 1:00am (WST)

         Don't forget, if you do run into any rough patches with your internet service, you can try accessing Toolbox or our iiHelp
         knowledgebase via with your web-enabled smart phone.

         Security Watch with Rebecca Moonen

         Download a free Cyber Safety Help Button
         It's no surprise really - cyber safety awareness has ramped up of late, with the rise in popularity of laptops within Australian schools
         and our latest breed of net savvy youngsters. In a normal day's web surfing, kids are confronted with a broad spectrum of issues,
         such as cyber-bullying, scams, fraud, viruses, malware, unwanted contact and inappropriate behaviour.

         To keep up with the fight to keep kids safe online, Communications Minister Stephen Conroy recently launched the Cyber Safety
         Help Button - a 'one-stop shop' for cyber safety help and information, designed especially for school aged children.

         The free software features a bright red button that can be clicked to report disturbing content, incidents of cyber-bullying, or simply
         when users feel uncomfortable online. With a quick double click, children (and parents) have the option to talk, report, or learn.

         The talk option provides a link to Kids Helpline where kids can find out how to phone or chat online with an experienced counsellor.

         The report option shares links to social networking sites such as Facebook, Twitter and MySpace that have specific cyber safety
         content. Users will also find links for reporting scams, fraud, inappropriate websites and behaviour, together with info on how to
         contact the Australian Federal Police.

         The learn function offers a range of educational resources for kids, parents and teachers through the Australian Communication and
         Media Authority's (ACMA) Cybersmart website and the Department of Broadband, Communications and the Digital Economy's
         (DBCDE) Stay Smart Online site.

         To download the free easy-to-install Cybersafety Help Button, visit Parents after more information can

         entertainment & competitions

            December Movie Giveaway

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iiNews December                                                                             

                 Life seems perfect for John Brennan (Russell Crowe) until his wife, Lara, is
                 arrested for a murder she says she didn't commit.

                 Three years into her sentence, John is struggling to hold his family together,
                 teaching at community college while pursuing every means available to prove her

                 With the rejection of their final appeal, John decides there is only one possible,
                 solution: to break his wife out of prison.

                 Refusing to be deterred by impossible odds or his own inexperience, John devises
                 an elaborate escape plot and plunges into a dangerous and unfamiliar world,
                 ultimately risking everything for the woman he loves.

                 Thanks to Roadshow Films, we're celebrating the Australian release of The Next
                 Three Days on 13 January 2011 by giving away 50 in-season double passes.

                 To put yourself in the running to score a double pass, email competitions with the
                 answer to this question: Our new friend BoB Lite™ can help you make cheap
                 calls with Netphone and is compatible with fetchtv. True or False?

                 Remember, we'll also need to know your username, full name and address too.
                 Send your answer through with 'December Next Three Days Competition' in your
                 email subject line by 5pm (WST) Monday 3 January, 2011.

         iiNet Top Geek competition
         We're celebrating the 'Rise of the Geeks', with our nationwide hunt for Australia's Top Geek. If you're a
         computer nerd, anime fan, pop culture buff, comic connoisseur, gamer or any other variety of geek,
         you should probably apply.

         Get an entry in and you could win an all expenses paid trip to the US to attend one of four mega 'geek'
         events, including Comic Con, Consumer Electronic Show (CES), South by Southwest (SXSW) or
         Penny Arcade Expo (PAX) - that's airfares, tickets, transfers, hotels... the lot! Did we mention you'll also be able to bring a 'plus

         To enter (or dob in a friend), visit Here you'll find T&Cs and everything you'll need to know to get your geek

         Winners and grinners
         Thanks to everyone who sent through a competition entry last month and good luck for our December round of competitions. Here's
         a quick roll-call through our recent winners.

         WASO with Human Nature double pass winner
         Congrats Mark Andrew Williamson (Northbridge, WA). Mark enjoyed an evening of sweet music on 12 December with WASO and
         the boys from Human Nature, direct from Las Vegas.

         Sony Bloggie winner
         Congratulations Brette Lockyer (Fitzroy, VIC). You've scored a Sony Bloggie to chronicle your own journey through Blogland. Here's
         Brette's 22 words on what he'd like to see in our Official iiNet Blog:

         Knowledgeable opinions, provocative discussions about our changing digital world, and guest posts from the champion
         everyday people behind the scenes at iiNet.

         site scan
         Too cool for school with Sandy Lim

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iiNews December                                                                       

         School's out for summer, so we're doing our bit to clue you in on what kids and net savvy types might be talking about. This month's
         sites offer some education on the latest hot topics, in-jokes and internet-driven slang.

                                      Popurls aggregates stories from the most popular news sites and community forums. It's not just
                                      limited to serious reports, but harvests the cream of the internet's social and satirical conversation crop
                                      as it grows and spreads.

                                      Urban Dictionary
                                      This is a no holds barred dictionary of real life street slang, collecting the colourful vernacular from local
                                      cliques, online communities, college students and pub culture. You probably know already to approach
                                      this one with good humour.

                                      Know Your Meme
                                      What happens when funny videos die? They end up at Know Your Meme, a comprehensive record of
                                      the internet schoolyard. Here, you'll find all the in-jokes, lolcats, catch phrases and memes that the cool
                                      kids have in common.

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