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									      Argentina Holidays - Dive in Luxury and Revel in Adventure!
Travelling has always been a charm that has motivated and inspired, God knows, how many people,
innovations, discoveries and mantra for others to follow and study. It is a nice way to retrospect as
well. Ever wanted to get away from everybody and everything? Travel presents the best option. Add
the spice of adventure in that recipe and garnish it with luxury. Your much needed break is standing
before your eyes in the form of luxury adventure holidays. With the increase in the inclination towards
adventure trips and extreme sports, such breaks are most sought after in today’s time. Find out
yourself in the country of Argentina.


A country located in South America, it is well known for its football. Here, know the place for its natural
wonders and options of adventure sports fun. Rafting, kayaking, mountaineering, mountain biking,
Paragliding, skiing, trekking, etc are just to name a few among the hoards of them. Patagonia is
celebrated for all these sports in particular but other places have also the similar or extended lure.
With the above things lined-up, luxury Argentina holidays are just going to be really smashing when
chosen to be spent in any of the following world class accommodations.

Faena Hotel and Universe

In Buenos Aires, the luxury is just a craft in the best of the representations. Your taste for being a
Sybarite needs the best of fulfilment and this is what you get in the Latin architecture and decor. 110
rooms of this hotel are more than what you can expect from the tastefully beatified building. Feel
exalted in the facilities like home theatre, Jacuzzi, Argentinean cuisine, view of parks and rivers, spa,
massage, lessons in Yoga, Tango, and many more things. Just 40 minutes drive from Ezeiza
International Airport and give treat to yourself!

Cavas Wine Lodge

A wonderland in the Lujan De Cuyo, this lodge is known for its vineyards where the joy comes
primarily from the countryside location that exudes palatable and delectable dining in addition to the
wine expertise. The place is made completely personalised with the decor and lavish tastes in
interiors. All the 14 suites are just exemplary in appearance where finding your special mood comes
really easy. The place might not be the best example for adventure holidays but certainly knows how
to define luxury in its own way!

Estancia El Colibri

Find yourself devouring in lavish tastes in this very place that is located in Santa Catalina. The nine
rooms and suites are designed just to cater all such needs plus many other things. The out-worldly
experience that awakens cosy feelings and memories of togetherness is unmatched when combined
with a game of Polo, for which the place is famous!

Your holidays in Argentina will be special, be it luxury or adventure or a perfect blend of both!

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