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					Open House - DGFT Bhubaneswar

   Odisha has potential but core sector weak-
           ness keeps exports down

   Dr Anup K Pujari, DGFT (6th from left) addressing the meet. On his right are Mr P Das Special Secretary to Govt. of Industries Deptt; Mr Ramesh Kumar Agarwal, Chairman,
 FIEO(ER); Mr M K Mohanty, Jt. Director(I)DEPM, Orissa; Mr G Mohanty, President, Sea Food Exporters Association of India; & Ms D Nandwani, Dy. Director General, FIEO(ER).
   On his left are Mr S C Jana, Chief Commissioner, Central Excise & Customs; Mr P K Patra, Addl. Commissioner, Commercial Taxes; and Mr D Dash, Hony. Secretary,UCCI.

   FIEO (Odisha Chapter) organized                        oration of India’s position in the                         enterprises present in Odisha, only
an open house meet with Dr Anup K.                        world export scenario.                                     about 5% of them are exporting. He
Pujari, Director General of Foreign                                                                                  said there is demand in the market,
Trade on September 30, 2011.                                  Speaking on the current export                         however because of unsure place-
                                                          scenario in Odisha, Mr Panchanan                           ment of products and lack of a mar-
    Mr Ramesh Kumar Agarwal,                              Das, Special Secretary to the Gov-                         keting strategy, Odisha’s exports are
Chairman, FIEO (ER), delivering the                       ernment Industries Department said                         not where they should be.
welcome address thanked the DGFT                          the strength of Odisha as a state lies
for making time from his extremely                        in its mineral, metallurgy and marine                          Ms Nandwani, Dy. Director Gen-
busy schedule in order to interact                        products. However, the state has lim-                      eral, FIEO (ER), assured the audi-
with the exporters of the region. Mr                      ited itself in the export of the above-                    ence that FIEO is looking forward to
Agarwal also appreciated that the                         mentioned categories and that too                          the advice and suggestions of ex-
feedback for the interactive session                      the numbers are not very exciting.                         porters in Odisha to work upon im-
shall be a two-way benefit, not only                      Mr Das confirmed that 80% of the                           provement of the export scenario in
to the individual exporters but to the                    total exports from Odisha are of                           the state. She also said FIEO will look
office of the DGFT also, wherein they                     these products and identified the lack                     forward to the Odisha exporter’s par-
can provide some respite to the ex-                       of working capital and inadequate                          ticipation in all future FIEO events in
porters, pertaining to the transaction                    marketing as the two key reasons                           order to promote and market prod-
cost of exports that goes up fre-                         why the State’s export scenario is not                     ucts on a global scale.
quently. He also expressed his con-                       improving. He also identified handi-
cerns that in spite of India’s strength                   crafts and handlooms as two of the                            Speaking on the role of the com-
lying in human resource coupled with                      most emerging sectors where Odisha                         mercial taxes department in exports,
strong finance and superb technical                       can improve upon its export figure.                        Mr Prasanta Kumar Patra, Additional
capabilities, lack of export of high-                     Mr Das also expressed his concerns                         Commissioner, Commercial Taxes,
end products are resulting in deteri-                     that in spite of about 66% service                         confirmed all exports are tax-free.

FIEO NEWS l November 2011                                                                                                                                                 11
However, he insisted all exports must
be strictly in accordance with the
terms and conditions that have been
documented, failing which either it
can be rejected or can be taxed
under inter/intra-state sale.

    In his deliberation, Mr Mohanty,
Director, Export Promotion & Market-
ing, Government of Odisha, confirmed
their role lies in providing the market-
ing facilities and export guidance to
the MSE’s of the state. He also said
the Directorate of Export Promotion &
Marketing disseminates market intel-
ligence and foreign trade enquiries for
exporters in Odisha. Mr Mohanty also
thanked FIEO for active participation
in all their seminars and events.          Dr Anup K Pujari, DGFT (5th from left) lighting the inaugural lamp. Others from left, are Ms D Nandwani, Dy.Director
                                           General, FIEO; Mr G Mohanty, President, SFEAI; Mr. Ramesh Kumar Agarwal, Chairman, FIEO(ER); Mr P Das, Spe-
                                            cial Secretary to Govt. Industries Deptt., Mr Kamala Kanta Sahoo, Exe. Assistant, FIEO(BBSR); Mr D Dash, Hony.
   Commenting on seafood exports,
                                                               Secretary, UCCI; and Mr P K Patra, Addl. Commissioner, Commercial Taxes.
Mr G. Mohanty, President, Seafood
Exporters Association of India stated
that seafood exports from Odisha
have grown by 41% over the all-
India increase of 31% in FY 2010-11.
He said is confident it will grow fur-
ther to a volume of almost Rs 2000
crore from the current volume of Rs
600 crore in the next two years. He,
however, expressed his concerns
over the lack of promotion and
awareness as a hindrance to the con-
tinuous growth in the sector.

    Mr Mohanty also demanded im-
provement in infrastructure e.g. roads
which will improve upon the export
figures in the category. He also ex-                                                    A view of the participants.
pressed his concerns over the increase
in transaction costs because of the ab-    lences for the flood victims in Odisha,                     it could happen anytime now.
sence of reefer container facility at      thanked all the participants for their
Paradip port. Mr Mohanty addressed         queries and feedback. He also ad-                               This was followed by an interac-
the lack of inter-department commu-        dressed a couple of clarifications                          tive session during which the ex-
nication as a major hindrance at the       raised by Mr Mohanty earlier, wherein                       porters, who had already submitted
State Government level in improving        Mr Mohanty had asked for increasing                         the issues which needed to be clari-
the export scenario in the mentioned       the drawback rate from 4% and de-                           fied, asked questions. The queries
category. He also said that lack of        claring Bhubaneswar as a town of ex-                        were mainly addressed to the DGFT
ASIDE funds in the trade in restricting    port excellence. Dr Pujari confirmed                        and Customs. Both the authorities
improvement of the trade. He also re-      that increasing the drawback rate                           gave clear answers to the queries
quested exemption of service tax from      from 4% would not be possible in the                        raised by exporters.
the trade instead of refunding it.         present scenario. However, he asked
                                           for data from MPEDA and the Sea                                The interactive meeting ended with
   Delivering his address, Dr Anup K.      Food Association to the Drawback Di-                        a vote of thanks delivered by Mr Dash,
Pujari, Director General of Foreign        rectorate. As for Bhubaneswar, the                          Secretary, Utkal Chamber of Com-
Trade, expressed his heartfelt condo-      modalities are being worked on and                          merce and Industry, Bhubaneswar. n

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