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    A certificate is usually needed to certify a
person's status and previous experiences. This
type of document is brief but to the point.
Time and position are usually specified. If the
recipient is unknown, "To Whom It May
Concern“ can be used for the salutation.
To Whom It May Concern:
     This is to certify that Ms. Huang has been
working as an assistance to the manager of this
company, ever since October 15, 1980. She is
one of the most outstanding staff members we
have ever had.
                         Elizabeth D. Taylor
                         Personnel Manager
To Whom It May Concern:
   This is to certify that Dr. Robert C. Chase is a
full-time professor in this university, teaching
Chinese , Philosophy, I-CHING, and Comparative
Religious. He has been teaching in this university
since fall, 1978.
                            Kenneth .G, McGovern
IATA    International Air Trans-    國際航空運輸協會
        port Association
I. B.   invoice book                發票簿
IBRD    International Bank for      國際復興開發銀行
        Reconstruction and          (世界銀行)
ICA     International Cooperation   國際合作總署
ICC     International Chamber of    國際商會
IMF         International Monetary   國際貨幣基金
Inc.        incorporated               有限責任公司
ince.       insurance                  保險
incl.       inclosure                  附件
Incoterms   International Commercial 國際商業用語
inst.       1.instant ( = this month ) 本月
            2.installment              分期付款
int.        interest                   利息
inv.        invoice                     發票
inv. doc,   invoice with document       發票附提貨單
invt.       inventory                   財產目錄
I. Q.       import quota                進口配額
IOU         I owe you                   借據
ISB         International Settlement    國際清算銀行
ISIC        International Standard      國際行業標準分類
            Industrial Classification
J/A        joint account          聯合帳戶
JETRO      Japan External Trade   日本貿易振興會
j/f        journal folio          分類帳頁數
jour.      journal                日記帳
jt. stk.   joint stock            集股
k.    carat           克拉(純金含量)
kg.   Kilogram        公斤
kl.   kiloliter       公升
                                 Handout 6
A: To get .around your difficulty, Mr. Schmidt, I'd suggest that you reduce your order
    by half. You can send in an additional order later.
B: Well, I'll consider the possibility. By the way, when do I have to open the L/C if I
    want the goods to be delivered in June.
A: A month before the time you want the goods to be delivered.
B: Could you possibly effect shipment more promptly?
A: Getting the goods ready, making out the documents and booking the shipping space
    -all this takes time, you know. You cannot expect us to make delivery in less than
    a month.
B: Very well, Mr. Chang. I'll not reduce my order. I'll take the full quantity you offer.
    And I'll arrange for the L/C to be opened in your favour as soon as I get home.
A: When will that be?
B: Early next month. In the meantime, I should be very pleased if you would get
    everything ready. I hope that the goods can be dispatched promptly after you get
    my L/C.
A: You can rest assured of that. We'll book your order and inquire for the shipping
    space now, so that shipment can be effected within two or three weeks of receipt of
    your L/C.
B: That'll be fine. I appreciate your cooperation.
A: Very good. Well thanks to your cooperation, our discussion has been very pleasant
    and fruitful. I sincerely hope that the volume of trade between us will be even
    greater in the future.
                            Handout 7
A: I think you know already that I want to discuss the representation for your
   alarm clocks.
B: Yes. You mentioned it in your letter. To tell you the truth, your proposal
   surprised us.
A: Is that so? Anyhow I want to go over the details with you in person, so you
   can give my suggestion through consideration. Our firm specializes in this
   line of business. We have six sales representatives, who are on the road all
   the time, covering the whole of the European market.
B: Do you sell direct to shops?
A: Yes, we specialize in handling clocks and watches of all sorts. We have
   well established channels of distribution and we canvass the retailers direct,
   without any middleman.
B: Do yon keep a stock of these things?
A: In some cases, such as the wrist watches, which always have a steady
   market, we keep a stock in London and act as distributors as well as agents.
   Generally, however, we pass on the orders of our clients to the
   manufacturers for supply. We are paid for our service, of course.
B: That is, your commission.
A: Yes, our commission is very reasonable. We usually get a 10% commission
   of the amount on every deal.
B: Our agents in other areas usually get a 3-5% commission.

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