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									Glendale Community College
Noncredit ESL Division Meeting
September 2, 2009

Division Chair: Pat Zayas
Full Time Faculty: Barbara Assadi, Megan Ernst, Paul Mayer, Debbie Robiglio

Morning: Molly Arevalo, Harriet Cohen, Ani Davison, Caroline Depiro, Karen Deukmejian, Kathy
Grammer, Claire Ingels, Daniel Janoyan, Annette Kargodorian, Jane Lin, Kay Lincoln, Jill McDowell,
Rob Mott, Joanne Muldoon, Kirk Olgin, Michelle Pallazzo, Wayne Qian, Lenore Rodah, Laurel Rudd,
Kathryn Son, Eileen St. Amand, Debbie Tannenbaum, .
Evening: Eileen Adamian, Bob Ballenger, Bette Bond, Rodney Borr, Cheryl Ceralde-Elson, Misty Cho, Ida
Der Hovanessian, Fanshen DiGovanni, Dana Eusan , Arthur Haroutunian, Cheryl Johnson, Alfred Porter,
Susan Ryan, Katherine Sarian, Dianne Starke, Tina Tarnelli, Thelma Torio, Hasmik Tovmasian, Larry
Watts, Charlene Worthley, Nune Yeganyan, Linda Young, Dennis Van Bremen.

Guests: Margaret Mansour—Mental Health Counselor

Minutes approved as written

The trailers were completed and operational in time for the start of the fall semester. Parking will
continue to be difficult.

CRESL Coordinator
Rob Mott will be the CRESL Coordinator for the fall semester.

Congratulations –Tenured Full-time
Debbie Robiglio and Mohammed Taghdis were granted tenure.

Noncredit ESL Board Presentation
Debbie Robiglio gave a wonderful presentation at the May Board meeting. She will show the
presentation at the next division meeting.

Margaret Mansour—Mental Health Counselor
Margaret is available to give classroom presentations on subjects of Mental Health or Community
Service referrals. She can be reached at extension 5687.
Passport Day and Senate—Paul Mayer
There will be another passport Day this semester. It is important that students obtain the needed 3
proof of residency as soon as they arrive in the United States. The date for passport day will be
announced when it has been determined. Ron Nakasone posted an in depth budget presentation that
can be found on the college webpage. At this time, the college does not need to be concerned about
growth. Accreditation looks good. The next Fiscal year looks bleak.

Guild—Marcia Sibony
Marcia now has a Garfield Column in the Chaparral. She will schedule Guild meetings at Garfield.

Course Overviews
The Course Overview is a contract with the student. Whatever you put in the Course Overview must be
followed. With the concern of swine flu, Pat would like to instructors to put a clause regarding students
not coming to school when sick.

Criteria to Receive an Exceeds on Evaluations
The criteria to receive a rating of Exceeds on your next evaluation will be placed in the evaluation
packet. Instructors who are to be evaluated will receive notification next week.

Break Rooms
Instructors may use the conference room on the second floor for a break room. Pat will accompany any
instructor who feels uncomfortable in using that room. Instructors may also use a trailer as a break
area. Room 124 will eventually be set up as a work room.

Certificate Ceremony
A tentative date of November 18 has been set for the next certificate ceremony. More definitive
information will be presented at the next meeting. These certificates are registered with the state. All
the competencies for each level are listed on each certificate. Students have used this certificate to aid
them in obtaining jobs.

Evening Book Sale
An evening book sale will be held on September 23 from 5-6pm.       Books for the sale can be left in Pat’ s

Budget News
Winter Intersession will be reduced by 70% and will be six weeks. If more instructors wish to teach than
there are available classes, a lottery will be held. The summer 2010 session will be a five week session.
Spring 2010 may have cuts and the fiscal 2010/2011 year may be as bad.
FSA Requirements
When the college switches over to PeopleSoft, all instructors will be required to have a current FSA in
the subject he/she wishes to teach. Everyone should check to make sure they have an FSA on file with
Human Resources.

Instructor Desk Copies
All instructors should have a desk copy. If you do not, see Marie.

Classroom textbooks
If you order a book for the class, you must use that book. The bookstore is reducing current book orders
due to the number of unsold books that are being returned.

Waitlist Policy
Waitlist policies should be included on all course overviews.

Disgruntled students
Disgruntled students should be sent to the Division Chair. Student complaint forms can be obtained
from the office. A student may write in their own language. A concern was raised about who translates
the forms. It was decided a staff member should do the translation.

Computer Registration Training Day
On November 17, a division wide computer registration training day will be held in the classrooms as
many students do not understand the process and are not aware of how to edit their online application

Priority Registration Days
December 15 and 16 will be priority registration. Open registration will be held on December 17. A
discussion followed on how to handle priority registration. It was decided to table the discussion until
the October meeting.

Exit Test Day
The exit test day will be December 10. Marie will do all the Garfield daytime test corrections.
Instructors will need to leave the test scantrons with her to correct, and come back for them at a later
time . Rob Mott will be in charge of the Main Campus testing.

Holiday Party
The Holiday Party will be decided at the October meeting. Instructors were asked to think about the
Holiday Party.

Phone List
The phone list was passed around to be updated.
Recommendation forms
Carbon copies of the recommendation form are no longer needed as all grades and hours are now
online. A single sheet form will be used.

Division Calendar
A fall 2009 Noncredit ESL Division Calendar was distributed.


CIVIC Objectives
Level 1 classes will teach the Government Objective, Level 2, the Banking Objective, and Level 3,
Interacting With the Police. Level 3 classes will be assessed on Sept 28, 29,30. Level 2 will be assessed
at the end of October, and Level 1, at the end of November. All locations and classes will be involved
with the exception of the Roosevelt program. Guest speakers can be brought in to speak to the class.
Instructors should notify the office of any guest speaker arrangements.

Student Contact List
It would be helpful to print out a student contact list and ask the students to correct the contact
information. On registration training day, students can be shown how to edit their contact information.

Development skills lab
Please do not use room 116 computers. If you need to use a computer, you can use one in the ESL lab
in room 121.

ESL Library.com
The ESL Library. com account will expire in Nov ember .

Meeting Adjourned.

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