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									      Beta Beta Beta Biological Honor Society & Biology Club
              Department of Biology, Georgia State University, Atlanta, Georgia

                                         Membership Application
   The Biology Club, in association with Tri-Beta Biological Honor Society, sponsors guest lectures and
   seminars by not only people from the medical aspect but the various aspects of science. Fieldtrips and
socials are scheduled throughout the year. Information regarding club meetings and activities are posted on
 the Tri-Beta bulletin board outside the Biology Department Office located on the 4th floor of Kell Hall, on
                the Tri-Beta office door (440 Kell Hall), and on our Yahoo e-mail account.

Membership Options:

1- Biology Club: A club associated with Georgia State University only. There are no requirements to join
and members may participate in all Tri-Beta/Biology Club activities. Freshmen and others are encouraged
to join biology club until they meet the requirements for Tri-Beta. Dues are $25.00 yearly.

2- Tri-Beta, Eta Psi Chapter: This is an honors society affiliated with the National Organization.
         Associate Member: Members are associated with the local chapter only and upon graduation
cease to be Tri-Beta members. Members may participate in all club activities and are encouraged to join as
associate members until they reach eligibility for regular membership. Potential members must be biology
majors that have completed one semester of biology and have a 3.0 in their Biology courses. Dues are
$45.00 (once) and then $25.00 yearly to maintain membership.
It is $15.00 to upgrade to a Regular Member from an Associate member.

          Regular Member: Members are lifelong members and may vote at National Conventions. Also,
members may wear the Tri-Beta cords for graduation at the local chapter. Requirements for membership
are for students to be biology majors that have completed their first semester of biology along with three
upper level biology courses (2000 and above) and have at least a 3.0 in their Biology courses and a
cumulative 3.0 GPA. Dues are $55.00 (once) and then $25.00 yearly to maintain membership.

3- Post-Graduate members: members must be currently enrolled in the GSU Biology program and may
participate in the club’s activities. Dues are $25.00 yearly.

Honor Society applicants must submit a PACE form with their application. For more information
about joining the organization feel free to call the office 4) 651-2334 or stop by 440 Kell Hall. Also,
you can pickup or drop off applications in the main Biology Department Office (402 Kell Hall). Once
your application is reviewed, you will be sent an invitation to join our yahoo group account.

Name_____________________________              E-mail Address_____________________________________

Telephone number__________________                      Are you a full time student? Y N

Academic Year:              Freshman      Sophomore        Junior       Senior


Future Plans/Interest________________________________________________________________

Select one: Biology Club Member ($20.00), Tri-Beta Associate ($40.00), or Tri-Beta Regular ($50.00)

Date_________               Amount Paid__________                 Check#___________

Signature_________________           Officer Signature___________________ Receipt # _______________
                               Important things to know:

* Office is located in room 440 Kell Hall and the telephone number is 404-651-2334

* Our advisors are Dr. Carmen Eilertson and Dr. Said

*Requirements to be an active member:

   1. must attend all meetings, as long as they don’t conflict with class schedule
   2. participate in volunteer activities; 10 point requirement per semester (.5 pt
      received for attending meetings and 1pt received for each hour of volunteer
   3. Those who didn’t manage to get 10 hours last semester need to make them up in
      addition to this semester’s 10 hours especially those graduating this semester
      since graduation cords are for Regular ACTIVE members.
   4. All 10 hours of community service MUST be done with the club. No outside
      volunteering will count.

* All volunteer hours must be kept on the Volunteer form and it is your responsibility to
turn in form (or copy) to the office at the end of each semester. Note: Volunteer hours
sheet must be signed by an officer present at the volunteer event.

* In order to receive cords, you must be a regular active member.
                 Beta Beta Beta Biological Honor Society

                                          Volunteer Hours Form
To be considered an active member, 10 points of community service must be earned per
semester or 20 points per year. Also, it is mandatory for members to attend the meeting
and ½ a point can be obtained by attending one meeting. 1 hour of volunteer service
equals one point. This form must be turned in at the last meeting of the semester to get
credit. Members who fail to get 10 points of community service a semester will be put on
probation and will not be eligible to receive any club benefits (including graduation
cords) until they have made up their missing points.
Note: Make sure to get the signature of the officer present at the volunteer activity to get points for your
hours of service.

Name of Member: _______________________ Membership:____________________

      Volunteer                                Time           Time           Total           Officer’s
       Event                    Date            in             out           Hours           signature












# of meetings attended: __________________ (to be filled out by an officer)
Date form submitted: _____________ Officer’s signature:_____________________

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