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    WhAtEvER hAppENED tO ..?
                                                    Brian is also chair of the Tourism and
                                                    Hospitality Education International Centre      Degrees is produced by
                                                    of Excellence (THE-ICE) – an Australia-wide     Recollections by Nina on behalf of
                                                    consortium of universities, TAFE and private    the Publisher: School of Hospitality,
                                                    providers including VU. He is a board           Tourism & Marketing, Footscray
                                                    member of Western Melbourne Tourism,
                                                                                                    Park Campus, Victoria University,
                                                    an elected Fellow of the International
                                                                                                    PO Box 14428, Melbourne,
                                                    Academy for the Study of Tourism, Deputy
                                                                                                    Victoria 8001, Australia
                                                    Chair of the Mentoring Panel, Victorian
                                                    Tourism Awards, Co-editor-in-chief (with        Editors:
                                                    Anne-Marie Hede) of the journal Tourism,        Peter Mason Ph: (03) 9919 4623
                                                    Culture and Communication.            
                                                                                                    Olga Junek Ph: (03) 9919 5019
                                                    He is a Fellow of the Council for Australian
                                                    University Tourism and Hospitality
                                                                                                    Austin Norman
                                                    Education (CAUTHE), which was formed
                                                                                                    Ph: (03) 9919 4472
                                                    in the late 1980s and represents 24
                                                    Australian universities that teach and
     Brian King                                                                                     Fax: (03) 9919 4931
                                                    research hospitality and tourism, and is
                                                    an Associate Fellow of the Australian           Copy, design and
    Just because Brian King is                      Marketing Institute.                            production:
    no longer head of the School                                                                    Recollections by Nina
    of Hospitality, Tourism and                     He has a role as supervisor of PhD
                                                    students and is a co-investigator in            Ph: (03) 0421 882 514
    Marketing, doesn’t mean he isn’t
                                                    two research projects funded by the             Email:
    busy – he is involved in a wide
                                                    Sustainable Tourism Cooperative Research
    range of activities and roles, both
    outside and still in association                Centre – in his spare time!                     Don’t want to receive this
    with the School of HTM.                                                                         newsletter?
                                                    But Brian hasn’t forgotten HTM – he fondly
    Brian is now Program Director for ‘Making       remembers taking Victoria University and        Just advise us of your details and
    VU’ working in the Office of the Pro            the School of HTM to the Hall of Fame in        we’ll take you off the mailing list.
    Vice-Chancellor (Institutional Services). He    the Victorian Tourism Awards and having         Fax back the cover sheet, with a
    recently spent a couple of months as Pro        two wins in the Australian Tourism Awards       note on it asking us to remove you,
    Vice-Chancellor Students, which provided        (2000 and 2005 – the most awarded               or email:
    him with a different perspective on VU’s        Australian university).                         your details.
    very diverse student cohort.
                                                    “I am proud to have been part of                Cover picture (story p 5)
    Since leaving the School of HTM in              strengthening the engagement between            Belinda Doery sent us this fabulous
    April 2007 (having spent nine years as          the School of HTM and industry; building        shot and we think you’ll agree
    Head of School), Brian has maintained           research and scholarship among school           it definitely epitomises how VU
    his interest and involvement in the tourism     colleagues so that tourism and hospitality      students can end up in all corners
    and marketing areas and remains a               gained recognition as a university strategic
                                                                                                    of the more about her
    professor of tourism management. But he         research area and all staff were engaged
                                                                                                    on page 5.
    said he has enjoyed the opportunity to          in research.
    play a university-wide role and take on
                                                    “The role of Head of School is a                Got some news?
    new challenges, including recruiting and
    working with a new team.                        privileged one – building a common              If you’d like to share information
                                                    direction for a group of colleagues who         on a graduate, a student, or the
    “I have been responsible for recruiting and     share an enthusiasm for the disciplines         fields of hospitality, tourism, events
    managing a team of 15, working across           of tourism, hospitality and marketing.          or marketing, please contact the
    seven separate projects, which are aimed        Being on a different campus now,                editors. We are always looking
    at giving substance to the university’s         Footscray Nicholson, I miss the day-to-day      for stories that give light to events,
    claim to be ‘A New School of Thought’.          contact with these colleagues and with          student progress or industry news
    These initiatives are helping to position the   students, but I still really enjoy having the   and can be contacted at
    university in the highly competitive post-      opportunity to give guest lectures to HTM
    secondary education market,” he said.           students,” Brian said.                          or 0421 882 514

                                                                      SCHOOL OF HOSPITALITY, TOURISM & MARKETING

Emilio Rogliano (Bachelor of
Business – Catering and Hotel
Management, 1999) loves coffee
almost as much as he loves
history. With business partner
Daniel Amato, he has established
his first business since graduating
from VU where he gets to indulge
in both.

The Lux Foundry Café is located in a
heritage-listed building in Brunswick and
named after one of the previous owners of
the building. The site was initially owned
by the Gas and Coke Retort Company,
then the Lux Foundry which made cast iron
stoves, and then most recently was the
head office of CHEF before closing down.

Emilio hopes this rich history will add
to the intrigue of his new venture and
enhance the Italian heritage which will
strongly influence his business.

“It’s an important building as it’s one of the
last gas retort buildings from the nineteenth     View every experience as a chance to grow and learn – new business owner Emilio Rogliano.
century. The unique location and history
of the building is certainly a selling point,    Emilio said his key reason for choosing to                     “Every experience should be viewed as a
as is the large north-facing courtyard. The      do his degree at Victoria University was                       chance to learn, particularly to learn about
food will be heavily influenced by our           the institution’s strong reputation in the                     yourself and your ability. The hospitality
Italian background; we are using some            education market for its catering and hotel                    industry is one of very few that I believe
recipes that belong to our grandmothers          management major. He said the strength                         is willing to give people an opportunity to
and mothers,” he said.                           of the lecturers and hospitality staff was “a
                                                                                                                excel and be successful.
                                                 standout” and his Co-operative Education
The Victoria University graduate said            (Co-op) year at Novotel Melbourne on                           “It’s still early for me to say whether
building a business ‘from scratch’ had           Collins in a front office and rooms role had                   moving into business on my own was the
been a huge job, but he had really               also been a great experience.
                                                                                                                right move. The responsibilities are greater
enjoyed the experience and, having finally
                                                 Although he was already employed at the                        when you do it on your own, but I believe
opened the doors in December 2009,
                                                 hotel in food and beverage, his Co-op                          there is a tangible link between hard work
after a year of planning, was now over the
                                                 year (learning in the workplace) gave him                      and reward.
nerve-racking process of opening a café.
                                                 the opportunity to move into a department
                                                 that he had almost no knowledge about.                         “Success depends on what is being used
“When you build from scratch, it is a
                                                 He said: “It was rewarding to learn about                      to measure it – I don’t personally believe
huge job – bringing together various
                                                 a department which was completely                              I’ve achieved anything to consider myself
trades and people to work towards a
                                                 foreign to me and my Co-op also proved                         more successful than other graduates. But I
common timeline and goal. Even in this
                                                 to be a good springboard for my next                           haven’t had any regrets at this stage of my
current economic climate, finding reliable
                                                 department, sales and marketing, once I                        professional life, so perhaps that’s a sign
tradespeople can be time consuming.              completed my degree”.                                          that I’ve been successful.
Entering the market as a new business,
with no clientele and no reputation, was         Emilio said students and graduates should
                                                                                                                “I set myself a goal to one day start my
a big challenge.                                 consider all opportunities that come their
                                                                                                                own business. If I run a hospitality business
                                                 way and never doubt their ability to
“And being a first time owner-operator also                                                                     that people enjoy coming to and I can
                                                 succeed. He also suggested networking
brought challenges. It certainly was             with strong people, including professionals                    sustain this over a long period of time
a nervous but exciting time – we had many        outside their chosen industry, who they                        while enjoying life, perhaps then I can
sleepless nights as we got closer                believe are successful, and not being afraid                   consider myself successful,” Emilio said.
to opening!”                                     to seek advice and ask lots of questions.

                                                                                                                                              VICTORIA UNIVERSITY   3

    Volunteering at the southern                       is run and operated. I was able to experience       products, meet with overseas contacts and
    hemisphere’s largest international                 the behind-the-scenes preparations, both prior      negotiate deals. It also provides international
    trade show has its challenges,                     to and during the event.                            travel buyers with an opportunity to
    but Melanie Kuan (Bachelor of                                                                          experience Australia first-hand.
                                                       “I would definitely do it again – there was
    Business – Tourism Management)
                                                       so much excitement at the event and so              “International buyers are selected by
    would do it all again in a minute.
                                                       much to see, meeting and greeting people            Tourism Australia to ensure the most
    Melanie was among about 15 Victoria                from many different companies and so                influential people meet with Australian
    University student volunteers who took part        many learning opportunities. This event             tourism businesses. ATE is open to
    in a range of support activities during the        has opened my eyes and shown me how                 Australian travel exhibitors only and
    trade show through the university’s Work           passionate I am towards travel and tourism          represents a unique opportunity for
    Integrated Learning Centre (WIL).                  – I now know how much I am going to love
                                                                                                           attendees to increase their share of the
                                                       being part of the tourism industry,” she said.
    “I was involved specifically in the Media                                                              inbound travel market,” Carla said.
    Centre at the event. I did some general            The Australian Tourism Exchange (ATE) is the
                                                                                                           She said volunteering at ATE gave students
    administration (photocopying and filing),          major annual trade show for tourism and
                                                                                                           a great opportunity to see how an
    but I also got to be involved in attending         travel and Australia’s premier tourism trade
    floor tours of the event and new product           event. Organised by Tourism Australia, the          international trade show operates.
    presentations for the media writers.               30th annual event was held in Melbourne             “ATE is not open to the public, so
                                                       at the Melbourne Convention and Exhibition          volunteering is really the only way students
    “I was expecting the event to be busy
                                                       Centre in June 2009.                                can get involved. Students gain first-hand
    and big but when I first got there I was
    overwhelmed by all the preparations and            Tourism Victoria’s Regional Marketing               experience of how an international trade
    planning that goes into an event like this.        Coordinator and VU graduate (Bachelor               show operates; they have the opportunity to
    Luckily, I was well looked after and informed      of Business – Tourism Management, 2007)             walk the floor and be recognised alongside
    about the process. The hardest thing was           Carla Sheridan said ATE brings Australian           Australia’s internationally ready tourism
    trying to remember everybody’s names!”             tourism businesses together with airlines,          products. This is also a great opportunity for
    Melanie said.                                      tourism wholesalers and retailers from              them to network, and having volunteering
                                                       around the world.                                   work at this major event on your CV is
    “The best part about volunteering was being
    able to observe how such a large and               “The trade show provides a forum for                looked upon very favourably by future
    important event, involving the tourism industry,   Australian tourism sellers to showcase their        employers!” Carla said.

    Tourism Victoria, the State                        placement allows Tourism Victoria to support the
    Government’s lead tourism agency,                  growth of the industry.
    provides great opportunities for
                                                       “We have three students currently undertaking
    Victoria University School of HTM
                                                       their 12-month Co-op year, one in our Online
    graduates to ‘cut their teeth’ on key
                                                       team, one in the Familiarisations Unit and one
    roles in the tourism industry.
                                                       with the Tourism Excellence program.
    Group Manager (Online Marketing) Paul Baron
                                                       “The Co-op year is a fantastic opportunity
    said the organisation has employed VU graduates
                                                       for students to gain experience in destination
    from as far back as 1999, and has employed
                                                       marketing and to grow their knowledge of
    at least one, and sometimes two, students in its
                                                       the Victorian tourism industry. The Co-op role
    Online team every year for the last 10 years.
                                                       in the online team deals directly with tourism
    “VU graduates tend to be very knowledgeable        operators and gives the student exposure to
    about Tourism Victoria because they are exposed    Online marketing. I hope that at the end of their
    to the organisation and our campaigns as part      time with the Online team, the students have a
    of their courses. Being able to employ students    passion for tourism and will continue to work in      Paul Baron
    as part of their Co-operative Education (Co-op)    the industry after they graduate,” Paul said.

                                                                                SCHOOL OF HOSPITALITY, TOURISM & MARKETING

Belinda Doery (Bachelor of Business                   “Working in such amazing locations comes                                     cultures and backgrounds actually think. The
– Hospitality Management, 2009)                       with operational challenges that at times seem                               ways that people consider logic, approach
is unfazed if a few stray camels                      insurmountable; but, having the opportunity to                               problem solving, and communicate with others,
wander through a major event.                         offer guests experiences that they will never                                can be hugely variable. Working in a foreign
It’s just another ‘unexpected and                     forget and leaving them with a sense of                                      country, I have come to realise that not everyone
diverse’ incident to add to her rich                  wondrous amazement is truly special,” she said.                              thinks the same way Australians do!” she said.
tapestry of experiences.
                                                      Now, having been employed for two and a half                                 Now that she is more settled, Belinda has begun
Belinda strongly believes that the more you           years as Manager of Catering and Events at the                               to appreciate the positive aspects of life in Qatar
expose yourself to wide and varied experiences,       InterContinental Hotel in Doha, Qatar, Belinda                               and says it has become a version of “home”.
the better your professional skills become –          has found her own ‘amazing location’ with a
and her many unique and challenging work              wealth of unique experiences.                                                “While life is very different here, the experience
experiences make her better able to provide                                                                                        has been invaluable and the friendships I
such experiences for others.                          “I have worked in 56 degrees Celsius, I have                                 have built and connections I have made will
                                                      served food on pure gold plates, I have had to                               come with me through life. This experience has
“Having many positions, particularly within           knock down walls to serve an entire roast camel,                             certainly taught me how lucky we are in Australia
events, adds to your experience and knowledge         and I have had an international world leader                                 and also that home really is where you make it.”
base while ensuring your career progression           offer to ‘buy’ me for future use,” she said.
remains at the level you’re seeking. I believe                                                                                     Hospitality, Belinda believes, whether hotels,
most successful hospitality managers love a           Belinda said working in the Middle East,                                     events or food and beverage, is often more an
challenge and once an employment role has             and particularly Qatar, had been immensely                                   industry of instinct than it is of applicable theory.
been mastered, they are already seeking the           challenging, if somewhat frustrating.                                        She agrees certain theories can be learned
next opportunity.                                                                                                                  and applied, specific courses of action can be
                                                      “I took for granted some of the services we have                             dictated by certain situations, but in her opinion
“In an industry such as events, the larger the        in Australia. In a place such as Qatar, where                                many factors of success are the result of true
breadth of experience you have, the better            there are no street names or house numbers, you                              passion, attention to detail and gut instinct.
you are at the job, so it is vital to continue your   realise that a simple concept such as the Yellow
growth. The downside of this is, of course,           Pages should be much appreciated!                                            “And the only way you can build on your ability
always facing a new location and work                                                                                              to make the right decision is to ensure you are
                                                      “Moving to a foreign country means facing the                                exposed to as much experience as you can.
culture, which, while it has an opportunity to
                                                      obvious differences such as religion, weather,                               It will broaden your professional expertise,
offer change and improvement, also requires
                                                      and working hours, but these are to be expected                              abilities and goals, and it will offer life-enriching
adjustment, acceptance and moving on a
                                                      and are usually easy to accept and adjust to.                                experiences at every turn. Don’t be shy,
continual learning curve,” she said.
                                                      “The biggest challenge I have found is the                                   everything is achievable, you just have to go out
Belinda has worked in “some rare and amazing                                                                                       there and get it!” she said.
                                                      differences in the way people from different
locations that offer not only professional
experiences, but also life experiences, that are
second to none”.

“Working within the three Zoo’s Victoria
properties proved to be an exciting and
rewarding role that involved some very special
events. I particularly remember an event we
prepared for the Melbourne Food and Wine
Festival called Gorillas in the Mist. Guests were
treated to a misty breakfast in the jungles of
Melbourne Zoo while watching the gorillas
feed right next to them, as the sun rose over
Melbourne. An experience like this will never be
forgotten by staff and guests alike,” Belinda said.

She also worked on Hayman Island in the
Whitsunday Islands to gain further events and
opportunities that were “truly unique”. Ranging
from candlelit dinners on remote coral cays,
corporate cocktail parties on isolated beaches
and using sea planes as the main form of
transport, Belinda was involved in creating once-
in-a-lifetime experiences for tourists.                 Belina Doery says that working in some challenging places can be a second-to-none experience.

                                                                                                                                                                  VICTORIA UNIVERSITY      5

    Victoria University’s School                       Malay said the project created a model for          and modify the way in which we deliver
    of Hospitality, Tourism and                        online learning across the whole marketing          courses. Our teaching and learning
    Marketing is now offering                          discipline and required students to translate       approaches must acknowledge and
    marketing subjects fully online.                   their social online practices to professional       address the diversity of our students, as
                                                       online practices.                                   well as their varied needs,” Malay said.
    In an effort to offer students greater
    engagement, flexibility and autonomy, the          “Students are often challenged by the
                                                                                                           He said a variety of online learning
    School has developed improved online               need to manage their learning alongside
                                                                                                           resources were being developed to
    learning materials to enable students to           many other commitments such as work and
    actively participate in their learning at VU       family. Plus, significant numbers of marketing      reposition student engagement from a
    whenever and wherever they choose.                 students come from diverse cultural and             ‘passive’ to an ‘active’ learning path.
                                                       socio-economic backgrounds, including               Materials have been developed, tested
    Marketing lecturer Malay Joshi said:                                                                   and modified for optimum outcomes for
                                                       non-English speaking backgrounds, and
    “Today’s students are highly adept at
                                                       even overseas, so online learning is an             students. The models will provide templates
    using online technologies and have an
                                                       effective way for us to offer these students        for broader use within the marketing
    expectation that they will use these skills in
                                                       greater voice,” he said.                            discipline and beyond in the School of
    all aspects of their lives.
                                                       Malay said a number of students were also           HTM and the Faculty of Business and Law.
    “They seek flexibility in learning methods
                                                       returning to study after completing their           Malay said these benefits, along with
    and by using technologies with which
                                                       Co-operative education units (Co-op) and
    they are familiar and in which they are                                                                the opportunity for extended and closer
                                                       were seeking flexibility to accommodate
    adept, we can create positive learning                                                                 interaction between teachers and fellow
                                                       ongoing work-related commitments
    experiences. Creating an online learning                                                               students, would generate a greater sense
                                                       alongside completing their degrees.
    environment, capitalises on their skills                                                               of inclusion and participation, creating a
    and expectations and introduces greater            “Exploring these issues for students gave           superior experience for many students.
    opportunities for students,” he said.              us the opportunity to reflect, evaluate

    In an Australian first, a team of VU               can be aware of expectations and prepare
    staff along with representatives                   for their journey, and their stay in Australia,
    from Victoria Police and the                       more effectively.
    Metropolitan Fire and Emergency
                                                       “Pre-departure briefings have also been held
    Services Board (MFB), visited India
                                                       in China and Malaysia for more than 1,000
    to deliver pre-departure briefings in
                                                       students so far, and we have also created
    four cities for new students, parents
                                                       videos and booklets which are available on
    and recruitment agents.
                                                       the website to help all international students
    The delegation visited Chennai, Hyderabad,         prepare for life at VU,” Danielle said.
    Ahmedabad and New Delhi in June (2009)
                                                       The university’s safety program also includes
    to run workshops highlighting issues around
                                                       active liaison with Victoria Police; a cross-
    transition and safety for international students
                                                       cultural cricket match (also at Footscray Park
    who might be thinking of coming to Victoria
                                                       campus); and safety week activities during April
    University to study.                                                                                     Indian students and Victoria Police get together for a cricket match.
                                                       each year at the four major campuses, which
    Victoria University’s International’s Associate    include presentations from Victoria Police, MFB
    Director, International Student Support            and public transport representatives.               and resources to share among fellow students,
    Danielle Hartridge said the pre-departure                                                              passing on their knowledge and expertise.
                                                       The university also provides secure night-time
    workshops were part of Victoria University’s
                                                       shuttle transport for international students from   Danielle said that VU’s safety program had
    overall safety program.
                                                       Footscray Park campus stopping at Footscray         already developed a reputation for excellence
    “Over the past two years or so, Victoria           railway station and at the Maribyrnong              and the university had also hosted a number of
    University has been working closely with           Student Village, and from St Albans campus to       Indian journalists in Melbourne to help provide
    international students and key community           the St Albans railway station.                      additional media coverage of the university’s
    organisations, including Victoria Police, to                                                           safety program for international students.
                                                       During Semester 2, 2009, Indian students
    develop an effective and relevant safety
                                                       also received specific information on a range       Head of School of HTM Peter Mason said:
    program,” she said.
                                                       of safety issues – from public transport and the    “As many HTM students are international
    “As part of that program, the pre-departure        streets, to the internet, the surf and the bush –   students, particularly at the postgraduate level,
    briefings are intended to assist students with     as part of the Safety Ambassador program.           the safety program is an important aspect of
    their transition to Melbourne, so that they        The students were provided with materials           making our students feel safe and welcome.”

                                                                              SCHOOL OF HOSPITALITY, TOURISM & MARKETING

For Jacinta Richmond (Postgraduate
Diploma – Hospitality and Tourism,
1992), life is full and fast, and very,
very satisfying.

Jacinta completed her studies through what
was then Victoria University of Technology’s
‘fast track’ program and this set the pace for
everything since then. She has ‘fast-tracked’
her life and career and now runs her own
business – Hello my name is Fabulous
(HMNIF) – amid an extremely busy and
challenging life.

She said: “The fast track course was intense,
with a phenomenal amount of study, but I
chose VU because at the time, it was the only
course available that offered something for
students who wanted more – for those who
knew they wanted to head into management.
I wanted to create opportunities, so this was
the path forward for me.
                                                      Jacinta Richmond on the beach with her daughter, relaxing away from the pressures of work.
“While at VU, I thoroughly enjoyed the
marketing subject, and as a result, no                                                                                          But as Jacinta says, it’s not just about making
                                                    And “doing what she loves” ranges from
matter what I have done in my career since,                                                                                     money it’s also about supporting others and
                                                    designing luggage (discovering on a trip
everything has come back to marketing, and                                                                                      putting back into your community. Alongside
                                                    to Fiji that no ‘tropical print’ luggage was
especially to branding,” Jacinta said.                                                                                          running her various business ventures, Jacinta
                                                    available, she designed her own luggage
Discovering the power of passion enabled            label ‘Coconut’) and writing and publishing                                 runs fundraising events to support a range of
Jacinta to forge ahead since graduating and         (two books so far), to establishing the Sunshine                            charities and utilises her experience to consult
her business now provides the focus for a           Coast Style Awards – an annual award                                        with charities and school groups and offer
wide range of activities and allows her the         ceremony celebrating stylish people on the                                  advice in the best ways to raise money to
flexibility to follow “whatever takes her fancy”.   coast and announcing ‘Most stylish person of                                achieve their desired outcomes.
Jacinta is driven by the desire to lead a           the year’. This event, which has become a sell-
                                                                                                                                She provides full-time students who have a
“fabulous life, full of passion and enjoyment”.     out event in the Sunshine Coast calendar, runs
                                                                                                                                ‘passion for fashion’, with the opportunity
                                                    one of the biggest raffles on the Sunshine Coast
“If you are thinking about going into business,                                                                                 to experience fashion events first-hand by
                                                    to raise money for a different charity each year.
it is essential to make it something you are                                                                                    taking an internship with the Sunshine Coast
passionate about. Not just excited about, not       Jacinta founded and directs the now annual                                  Fashion Festival.
just to make money, and not just because that       Sunshine Coast Fashion Festival – a week of
                                                                                                                                Jacinta also gives events students at Sunshine
is what you have always done or are good            fashion parades and workshops, culminating
                                                                                                                                Coast TAFE the opportunity to work at
at. If you are not passionate, your physical        in a major fashion extravaganza,
                                                                                                                                individual events to gain experience, under the
and mental energy will quickly deplete and it       highlighting the new season designers of
                                                                                                                                supervision of their tutors, in key roles with large
will become just another job.                       local Sunshine Coast labels. The event
                                                                                                                                events companies. These opportunities have
                                                    highlights local talent, showcasing them to
“A few years ago, I realised that the key to                                                                                    often led to paid employment for participating
                                                    residents of the Sunshine Coast, but also
career fulfilment is to pursue the things I love,                                                                               students with large events companies.
                                                    providing a national profile due to the
the things I am most passionate about. My           extensive publicity the event now receives.                                 Jacinta considers herself to be very successful
passions are forever changing and evolving                                                                                      and has a simple way of ‘reality checking’ that
and my business enables me to embrace               She is also a ‘fashion and lifestyle publicist’
                                                                                                                                she is still in the right place: “I check in with
many projects and do all the things I love.         for a number of Sunshine Coast labels and
                                                                                                                                myself each day to make sure I still want to get
My business has always been more about              businesses – creating editorial (not paid
                                                                                                                                out of bed in the morning and do the things
satisfaction on a day-to-day basis than the         advertising) media coverage and supporting
                                                                                                                                I am doing. If I’m still excited and care about
money – although, when you do what you              the businesses with general marketing and
                                                                                                                                what I’m doing, I keep going, if I’m not excited,
love, somehow you start getting paid for it!”       branding – and provides consultancy and
                                                                                                                                it’s time to change direction, because if I don’t
Jacinta said.                                       general marketing services for a range of
                                                                                                                                care anymore, I’m not going to succeed.”
                                                    other businesses.

                                                                                                                                                              VICTORIA UNIVERSITY      7

    It’s one thing to participate in a
    research project as part of your
    studies, but Marketing Research
    students went the ‘extra mile’ when
    they took part in a fund-raising
    charity fun run in winter last year.
    Tanjil Fitzpatrick (Bachelor of Business – Retail
    Commerce/Marketing) was among 90 students
    who braved the cold in August 2009, to survey
    participants of the 27th annual Defence Lake
    Attack (DLA) charity fun run. Tanjil herself also
    participated in the run, doing the 5 kilometres
    around at Albert Park Lake with ease.
    She said: “I have never taken part in a fun
    run before but have always wanted to.
    And, since I was going to be there to do
    the survey, I thought I would see what time
    I could run, so set myself a challenge. I had         From left: Manager of Defence Lake Attack Commander John Goss, Dr Thuy-Huong Truong, Tanjil Fitzpatrick, Alexander Brockway
    a friend joining me in the run, which made it         and Secretary DLA 2009 Lieutenant Michael Kludass.
    even more enjoyable.”
    DLA is a registered charity supported by the        Marketing Research (BHO2285). Students                                       experience how to conduct data collection
    Australian Defence Force (ADF) dedicated to         conduct random surveys to profile the type of                                using the face-to-face interview technique. The
    supporting four charities: KidSafe, RedKite,        person who is likely to participate, determine                               students prepare an actual research report
    Compassionate Friends and Legacy through            their motivation and satisfaction with the event,                            and the student group with the best report will
    the Lord Mayor’s Charitable Foundations. As         and to identify any aspects of the event that                                present their findings to the DLA committee,”
    well as raising money for charity, the fun run/     could be improved.                                                           Dr Truong said.
    walk aims to generate positive exposure for
                                                        School of HTM Lecturer and Unit Co-ordinator                                 Tanjil’s report was selected, along with
    supporting sponsors and the ADF. This year,
                                                        Doctor Thuy-Huong Truong (who co-wrote                                       Mohamed Fahmi and Alexander Brockway,
    more than 2,800 participants, consisting of
                                                        the survey with Marketing Lecturer Romana                                    as the best two on the project, so all three
    community groups and schools, from casual
                                                        Garma) attended on the day to supervise the                                  presented their reports’ findings at Victoria
    runners to athletes, donned their sneakers for
                                                        data collection. She said the activity gave                                  Barracks late last year. DLA committee members
    the cause.
                                                        students a hands-on experience of surveys as                                 were very pleased with the presentations
    Conducted each year at the fun run on behalf        a research technique.                                                        and discussions and presented certificates of
    of the event organisers, the survey forms part                                                                                   appreciation to the three presenters, the School
                                                        “By conducting the survey, students apply
    of the assessment for students who undertake                                                                                     of HTM, and to Dr Truong.
                                                        theory to practice and learn by direct

                                                        After 25 years with Victoria                                                “Her long-standing role at VU is a testament to
                                                        University, Bronwyn Higgs has                                               her passion for teaching and her commitment
                                                        decided to retire.                                                          to transforming the lives of young individuals.
                                                                                                                                    To ensure her teaching materials always
                                                        As one of the longest standing employees in
                                                                                                                                    reflected the needs and ability of her students,
                                                        the School of HTM, Bronwyn has seen many
                                                                                                                                    Bronwyn made significant changes to her
                                                        changes at Footscray Institute of Technology (FIT)                          curriculum each semester. Even in her final
                                                        and then VU, and has contributed tremendously                               semester, knowing she would not be teaching
                                                        to exemplary teaching, research and service.                                the subjects again, she gave her curriculum a
                                                        Marketing Lecturer Romana Garma said                                        complete overhaul,” Romana said.
                                                        Bronwyn’s professional experience in hospitality                            Former student Nichola Robertson (now Senior
                                                        and interest in the history of hospitality in                               Lecturer at Deakin University) remembers
                                                        Australia provided her with the foundation to                               Bronwyn fondly, describing her as “an
                                                        teach hospitality and then marketing. Along                                 inspirational lecturer”. Nichola attributes her
                                                        with others in the School, she also set up and                              own passion for teaching and researching in
                                                        was one of the first to teach in the training                               service marketing to her initial experience of
                                                        restaurant Cityscape. (Sadly, we also ‘farewell’                            the subject in her undergraduate degree with
     Bronwyn Higgs.
                                                        Cityscape when it closes in 2010.)                                          Bronwyn as her teacher.

                                                                                          SCHOOL OF HOSPITALITY, TOURISM & MARKETING

                                                                       Jeynakshi Ladsawut (Master of Business –
                                                                       Marketing) said preparing and sticking to a
                                                                       six-minute presentation was challenging, but
                                                                       this “new-fangled form of presentation” allowed
                                                                       her to enhance her communication skills and
                                                                       enrich her presentation by forcing her to make
                                                                       the maximum use of her available images.
                                                                       “I had to make sure every image counted, as I
                                                                       could only have 20. It was a real challenge to
                                                                       put everything together so that the images fitted
                                                                       into a logical sequence and it was also tricky
                                                                       to time the whole presentation to be delivered
                                                                       within six minutes. But I have learned some
                                                                       techniques to make a presentation short and
                                                                       concise, and how to grab and keep audience
  Jeyna enjoys being a host of an international orientation session.   interest throughout the whole presentation.
                                                                                                                              Roshan enjoys some of the bird life in Australia.
                                                                       “This is an amazing style of presentation –
A ‘new-fangled’ presentation                                           using fewer words makes the presentation less
                                                                       confusing, and gives everyone a chance to            “If you could not say all you wanted in the few
style known as ‘pecha kucha’                                                                                                seconds while the image was on screen, you
(pronounced variously ‘pe-chak-                                        present,” Jeyna said.
                                                                                                                            just had to skip and move to the next slide.
cha’, ‘pa-chok-cha’ or ‘pet-cha-koo-                                                                                        Luckily, in my case all went well – practice
                                                                       Roshan Hapuarachchi (Master of Business
cha’) may mean the death of boring,                                                                                         made perfect”, he said.
                                                                       Administration) said the presentation style
tedious and long presentations.
                                                                       enabled the audience to focus on the presenter       Associate Professor Anne-Marie Hede, who
Originating in Tokyo, Japan, in 2003, a                                and the presentation; needing to concentrate         co-ordinates Marketing Management, said she
pecha kucha style presentation allows each                             less on reading slides on a screen.                  was keen to introduce this style of presentation
presenter to show a maximum of 20 slides, for                                                                               into the unit.
20 seconds each, providing about six minutes                           “Just like the well-known saying ‘a picture tells
of screen time and ensuring each presenter                             one thousand words’, this is certainly true in the   “Pecha kucha blends art and science into
delivers a punchy and exciting presentation.                           pecha kucha style. This is quite a remarkable        one. Students have to think innovatively and
                                                                       way of presenting in a very limited time – it is     creatively, yet they still need to present their
Almost 80 postgraduate marketing students                              short and simple which keeps the audience’s          work based on fact. Pecha kucha is really a
recently explored this fast-paced presentation                         attention 100 per cent,” he said.                    reflection of marketing – which is also an art
format which has now become a regular style                                                                                 and a science!”
of presentation in the Marketing Management                            Roshan said the pecha kucha presentation
course (BHO6505). Participating students                               taught students to present only the most relevant    She said students in Marketing Management in
report that the concept is challenging and                             information in the most precise manner, in           Australia, Malaysia and China will all be taking
makes the unit’s presentations exciting.                               order to keep to the timeframe.                      part in pecha kucha presentations in 2010.

But Bronwyn’s relationship with students                               More recently, Bronwyn has been a regular            teaching and marketing and sharing her
extended beyond the classroom; she founded                             contributor to Marketing magazine; her               teaching materials. She has trained up to 50
a club for hospitality and tourism students and                        articles were informative and usually covered        full-time or part-time academics in her time at
alumni in the 1980s called CHATTS. Along with                          cutting edge information on what was                 FIT and VU.
the students, she organised events to create a                         happening in marketing.
                                                                                                                            Her expertise in teaching and curriculum is
sense of belonging to a community for students.                        Romana said: “I recall Bronwyn writing about         well recognised in academia and rumour
She also produced a bi-annual newsletter –                             the impact ‘blogs’ would have on marketing           has it that she has already been snapped
almost single-handedly! She wrote most of the                          well before many of us understood what they          up by other universities to work for them
articles herself, prepared the page layouts,                           even were. For many years she had one of the         while she is in retirement! Which is not at
                                                                       best media websites in Australia, which also         all surprising to those of us who have had
maintained the database, organised the printing
                                                                       generated some commercial interest. Bronwyn          the pleasure of being taught by or working
and did the mailout – all in her own time and of
                                                                       loves a challenge and that’s when she performs       alongside her,” she said.
her own will. Degrees magazine was modelled
                                                                       at her best.
on Bronwyn’s original idea to keep current and                                                                              We wish Bronwyn all the very best in the next
former students and industry informed of the                           “Bronwyn has always been a very generous             phase of her life and thank her for the immense
great work the School does and to celebrate                            person. She has willingly helped colleagues          contribution she has made to FIT, VU and to all
the successes of our graduates.                                        new to academia and more experienced                 her former colleagues and students.
                                                                       colleagues by imparting her knowledge of

                                                                                                                                                                      VICTORIA UNIVERSITY   9

   From property investment and travel              “Ever since coming to Australia, my mindset
   to fashion parades, music gigs, and              has been to try as many things as I can while
   sporting events, Albert Lim is never             I am young, to develop experiences and
   afraid to take on a challenge and                skills so I can achieve success in whatever I
   live by his motto of “try as many                end up doing.
   things as you can”.
                                                    Albert sees his time at VU as instrumental
   Even before completing his studies, he           in getting established in his work and his
   had thrown himself into a wide range of          business and cannot stress enough the
   entertainment and marketing events, including    value of skills learned and friendships
   Melbourne Fashion Week, Sydney Fashion           forged at university.
   Week, Formula One, AFL Grand Final, and
   the Melbourne Cup, and established his own       “The course itself was unique, because it
   events and entertainment business,               allowed me to understand how Western
   Alive Global Entertainment.                      record labels work, how record companies
                                                    find new talent and artists, and to understand
   Since completing his degree at Victoria          the strategies and marketing policies they
   University (Bachelor of Business – Marketing     use to ensure their acts (brands) become
   and Music Industry, 2006 and Master of           phenomenal in the market place.
   Business – Event Management, 2008), Albert
   has not slowed down. He continues to run his     “My most enduring memories of my time at VU
   business, Alive Management Group (managing       are the friendships I made. These friendships
   Taste Immersion food shows throughout the        have provided opportunities for us to travel
   year), four fashion runway parades per year      to each others’ countries and have fun. I am
   (Fashion Revealed) during fashion seasons of     still friends with many of them and they now
   Loreal Fashion Week, June Autumn Winter          support me in my business. Whenever I visit
   Transeasonal season, Melbourne Fashion           overseas, if I have a mate in that country, I not
                                                    only get to catch up with them but they take          Albert takes his turn on the catwalk to receive some accolades for
   Week and the annual summer Christmas party.                                                            a job well done.
   He also has a full-time position as Business     me on a tour of their nation and help me meet
   Development Officer for property consulting      potential business contacts,” he said.
                                                                                                        meet some of the world’s top DJs in the field
   company Blue Leaf Group.                                                                             and people experienced in the industry.
                                                    Albert also said: “Victoria University has great
   Albert’s first challenge was coming to           lecturers, they are really friendly and have
                                                                                                        “Studying in Australia provided me with
   Melbourne. After beginning his studies at        industry expertise. They share what they have
                                                                                                        knowledge, skills, cultural understanding
   Victoria University Sunway in Malaysia, he       learned in their work, the right way to do
                                                                                                        and different methods of business
   came on a student exchange scholarship to        things and even their mistakes! They show
                                                                                                        operations. Being an exchange student
   pursue his passion for the music industry and    in-depth knowledge and understanding, and
                                                                                                        also brightened and broadened my
   complete his degree at VU in Melbourne.          help students learn the right perspective to lift
                                                                                                        horizons – creating a congruent, flexible
                                                    their standards from student to professional,
   “Coming to Melbourne was a mixture of                                                                and wholesome perspective on life and
                                                    which definitely makes a difference when you
   anxiety, fear and fun – I had a strong sense                                                         business,” Albert said.
                                                    graduate and work in the real world.”
   of seeing new things, having a new way of                                                            “My main interest is to help people lead
   life and a chance to leave home on a new         Albert also enjoyed his Work Integrated
                                                                                                        healthy, happy lives. I have this debate
   adventure. I wondered about being able to        Learning (WIL) program, which he said
                                                                                                        with my sister, that saving people’s lives can
   blend in and make new friends, and how I         allowed international students to understand
                                                                                                        be done in two different ways: one is the
   was going to survive in a foreign country,”      Australian workplace methodologies – a
                                                                                                        medical approach (that definitely ensures
   Albert said.                                     crucial element of understanding how to be
                                                                                                        physical lives are saved), but the second
                                                    effective in the Australian workforce.
   But now, five years on, Albert has “loved                                                            is using entertainment – enabling people
   every minute” of his time in Australia. He has   “My work experience at KissFM dance radio,          to become happy and free to express
   adapted to the Australian culture, learned       the top dance radio in Melbourne, was a             themselves, which ensures their life remains
   new methods of study and research, come          fantastic opportunity to not only understand        colourful (and saves their spiritual lives).
   to understand Western ways of thinking,          how a radio station works, but to see first
                                                                                                        “I certainly intend to pursue the second
   both at university and at work, and has          hand how the entire record label industry
                                                                                                        option – there are so many things in our
   begun to make his way in the music and           works. It also opened many opportunities,
                                                                                                        world that we can treasure and enjoy,”
   entertainment industry.                          especially for networking, as I managed to
                                                                                                        he said.

                                                                               SCHOOL OF HOSPITALITY, TOURISM & MARKETING

Countless patrons and thousands
of students bid a favourite haunt
goodbye when Cityscape closed
its doors for the last time in
December 2009.
The Cityscape restaurant, established
in 1986, has been a key teaching and
learning facility in Victoria University’s
School of Hospitality, Tourism and
Marketing. During that time, almost
2,000 hospitality students in the Food
and Beverage Management degree (units
BHO1102 and BHO5522) have cooked
and served an inestimable number of meals,
waited on countless real customers, while
learning the principles and practices of
successful food and beverage management.

Restaurant manager and front-of-house tutor
Pat Hasenrader said the greatest achievement
of the restaurant’s 23 years was that it had
provided an ideal teaching venue for students
to learn food and beverage service.                   The view for which Cityscape was named. Inset: The restaurant closed its doors for the last time in December 2009.

“It had an authentic restaurant ambience,
a wonderful view of the city and gave a             to know their fellow workers in a social                                      Ray was responsible for the back-of-house
positive feeling of a real restaurant instead       atmosphere. As there is no university staff                                   (kitchens) and I was responsible for the front-
of a classroom. Cityscape has been a show           club, the restaurant has also been used as                                    of-house (restaurant and bar service areas).
place for entertaining international and            a replacement for this – we have seen the                                     Professor Linda Roberts also assisted with
local visitors to the university and has been       celebration of birthdays, retirements, change                                 decision making. It was an exciting time –
frequented by members of the general public,        of jobs, and maternity leave,” she said.                                      purchasing equipment and sundries – and we
school groups, staff and students,” she said.                                                                                     very much enjoyed setting up the restaurant
                                                    Cityscape was fully licensed and included                                     with what was then ‘state-of-the-art’ equipment.
Pat said second year students completed             a full dining room and private meeting room
one semester in kitchen operations and one          seating up to 20 guests, serving a range of                                   She said students at the restaurant had to
in front of house, with an average of 50            meals from quick, casual lunch menu to formal                                 learn to cope with all sorts of unexpected
students taking the subjects each semester.         dining options. However, due to changes in                                    events – as well as difficult customers – while
The students learned the practical side of          focus, the restaurant will no longer operate                                  being conscious of tight timelines.
running a kitchen and restaurant from a             as a training facility and from first semester
managerial aspect.                                  2010, students enrolled in food and beverage                                  “Of course, those who are familiar
                                                    management will no longer have a practical                                    with Cityscape would be aware of the
“Learning skills such as customer service,          component to their studies.                                                   front-of-house activities, but there was
problem solving, and organisational skills                                                                                        a lot going on behind the scenes that
also prepared third year students for putting       “Inevitably, some staff feel sad about the                                    was ‘hidden’ from public view. Students
theories of catering management into                closure. It is the end of an era – an important                               were responsible for menu design,
practice, in the Work Integrated Learning           part of the university’s social and meeting                                   costing, portion control, standard recipes,
program. The students were responsible              framework will no longer exist. And the closure                               stock control and most other aspects of
for their own rosters and each student was          also signals the loss of a valued teaching                                    restaurant management,” she said.
rostered for one day as restaurant manager,         venue which has successfully prepared
which I think set it apart from other hospitality   students for a career in hospitality,” Pat said.                              Bronwyn said she was sad to see the closure
restaurants where the tutor is generally in                                                                                       of a facility that “provided a practical hands-
charge,” Pat said.                                  Lecturer in marketing and advertising Bronwyn                                 on environment where students learned about
                                                    Higgs was among those instrumental in setting                                 team-work, coordination, and leadership in a
She said Cityscape had provided a venue             up the restaurant when she began teaching at                                  realistic customer service environment”.
for council dinners, functions for guests of        VU in 1984.
the university, celebrations such as staff                                                                                        “Personally, I think it is a shame that this
achievements, book launches, Christmas              “When I came to VU, K-building and the                                        decision has been taken, but having made
parties and functions for community groups          restaurant was under development, but                                         my own decision to retire at the end of
such as Probis, Rotary and Toastmasters.            construction had not yet commenced. Lecturer                                  2009, it somehow seems fitting that my
                                                    Ray Simonsen and I were responsible for                                       26 years of service to this university have
“Staff have supported the lunch-time service        developing the overall layout, interior design                                been punctuated by the rise and fall of the
as a place where they can relax and get             and purchasing of equipment for the facility.                                 Cityscape restaurant,” Bronwyn said.

                                                                                                                                                                           VICTORIA UNIVERSITY 11

   For some School of Hospitality,                      the equivalent of an Advanced Diploma in either
   Tourism and Marketing students,                      event management or tourism. Students can then
   graduating from their degrees                        complete the Bachelor of Business (in Tourism,
   doesn’t mean having to be in                         Event Management or Marketing) in Melbourne
   Australia, due to a joint arrangement                or at Angell Akademie.”
   between VU and two German
   education facilities.                                Prof. Priestly has visited Germany regularly as
                                                        part of the program for quality assurance checks,
   School of HTM lecturer and previously Off-Shore      student assessment, teaching visits and to attend
   Course Co-ordinator Professor Ian Priestly was       graduation ceremonies.
   instrumental in establishing the off-shore student
   program which began in 2006 and involves two         Prof. Priestly said students from Germany had
   schools in Germany: the International University     been articulating into courses in Tourism and
   of Applied Science (IUAS), in Bad Honnef, and        Hospitality Management since 2002, from both              ‘Off-shore’ VU students celebrate their graduation in Germany.
   the Angell Akademie, in Freiburg im Breisgau.        partner institutions, and many students from both
                                                        still come to VU to complete their degrees at           International Programs Lucia Sauer (who was
   The course co-ordination of the Angell               Footscray Park.                                         representing both the German institutions). The
   programme has now been taken over by
                                                                                                                initial idea developed and five years later the
   Olga Junek, who visited Angell Akademie in           He said by offering the event/tourism degree to
                                                                                                                first group of students enrolled off-shore in the
   September together with Prof. Priestly. Olga         the Angell Akademie students in Freiburg, in a
                                                                                                                course in Freiburg.
   hopes to build on the work started by Prof.          manner that minimises the travel of the HTM staff,
   Priestly and to ensure that students studying in     the school is able to draw in significant numbers       “The establishment of the course in Freiburg
   Germany and in Melbourne have a positive             of high quality students who would otherwise            has been a source of immense satisfaction
   study experience.                                    not be able or willing to travel to Melbourne to        as it is the culmination of many years of work
                                                        complete their degrees.                                 and negotiation with both VU and the Angell
   Professor Priestly explained: “The two partner
                                                                                                                Business School. What began as a social
   institutions offer quite different courses. IUAS     Initial contact with the German partner institutions
                                                                                                                drink in 2001, has blossomed into a large
   offers a four-year degree in either hospitality or   occurred in 2001 at an International Council
                                                                                                                operation with benefits, both financial and
   tourism and expects its students to complete one     on Hotel, Restaurant and Institutional Education
                                                                                                                social, for the students and the institutions,”
   year of full-time study outside Germany (in this     (CHRIE) conference in New Orleans, when
                                                                                                                Prof. Priestly said.
   case at VU), while the Angell Akademie offers        Prof. Priestly had an informal chat with Director

   Last year, 235 third-year students                   “Each student team was asked to create a                semester. Students are also asked to present
   were given the opportunity to put                    ‘trade fair stall’, linked to their business project,   to and network with industry representatives
   their studies into practice, and make                and to deliver a formal presentation of about           at various points throughout the semester.
   a good impression on prospective                     10 minutes to a panel of industry guests and
   employers, by participating in the                   academics. Students worked on their business            “Students overcame these challenges in
   Professional Development ‘Trade                      projects over the entire semester, guided and           a variety of ways, ranging from seeking
   Fair’, held in November.                             mentored by their Unit facilitators,” Sue said.         guidance and mentoring from their facilitators
                                                                                                                to developing their own time and project
   The trade fair concept was developed                 The presentations were made to one of five              management systems, and delegating
   to enable Bachelor of Business students              panels, each of which consisted of two                  individual jobs throughout the teams.
   enrolled in Professional Development 3               industry guests, a PD3 facilitator and one
   (PD3): Leadership and Challenge (BFP3001)            other VU academic. The industry guests were             “In general we have found that the students
   to demonstrate their problem solving,                selected based on their industry roles and              enjoyed the ability to work autonomously,
                                                        engagement with the university, and were                and that they rose to the challenge
   communication and teamwork skills and
                                                        provided with PD3 assessment criteria to                provided to them,” Rachel said.
   abilities. The fair includes a networking session
   with industry representatives for graduating         guide their feedback to students.
                                                                                                                She said the trade fair was considered a
   business students to showcase their skills to        Unit Co-ordinator Rachel Simmons said one               great success and feedback from students,
   industry prior to entering the workforce.            of the major challenges faced by the students           guests and academics (both PD3 facilitators
                                                        was the fact that they were managing a                  and those outside the subject) had been
   Unit Co-ordinator for Professional                                                                           very positive. The subject will run again in
                                                        project that ran longer than most average
   Development Sue Johnston said the trade                                                                      both semesters in 2010 and the trade fair
                                                        university assignments.
   fair, which was held twice in 2009, allowed                                                                  will again give students the opportunity to
   students, working in teams, to draw together         “The business proposal and challenge                    showcase their learning to industry twice
   learning from core business and specialist           solution requires students’ attention and               throughout the year.
   subjects and to demonstrate their readiness          dedication for the full 12 weeks of the
   for employment.

                                                                                  SCHOOL OF HOSPITALITY, TOURISM & MARKETING

An ordinary day turned to a terrible
experience for Pio Tagiilima when
the tsunami hit Samoa in September
2009. But even as he acknowledges
the terrible pain and anguish this
event caused, Pio can still see good
having come of it.
Pio (Master of Business – Tourism Management,
2000) has been living in Samoa since
completing his studies at VU and was cleaning
the tour vehicle in preparation for a tour when the
earthquake struck at 6.45am.

“The earthquake shook for about 40 to 60
seconds and it was the strongest I had ever
experienced. I knew at that time there surely
was going to be a tsunami somewhere around
Samoa. I live on higher ground about two miles
inland from the capital city of Apia, so a tsunami
was never a threat to me and my immediate
family, but after the earthquake, I was scared
that someone I know, or someone I am related to          Top left: The beach at Lolomanu before the tsunami struck Samoa. Bottom left: Afterwards. Right: Pio and Dr Emma Wong prior to the tsunami.
would be affected,” he said.

It was about three hours after the earthquake that     efforts and assistance to help the country of                                  University of Samoa which is up on a hill and,
Pio became aware that a tsunami had flooded            Samoa and the affected communities. The pride                                  according to George, was the official assembly
many villages on the southern side of the islands      and sincere love of Samoan people really showed                                point in case of evacuation.”
of Upolu, Manono and Savaii. Worst hit were the        up as they came to the rescue of their fellow
villages in the Aleipata district, which include the   brothers and sisters – whether directly related or                             Emma said they stayed at the university for
popular tourist sites of Lalomanu and Saleapaga.       not – and by holding concerts everywhere to raise                              about four hours and did not know much
                                                       funds and donations for the people affected back                               about the situation in other parts of Samoa
“The scenes on TV and the reports of the tsunami       home,” Pio said.                                                               as the radio gave only limited information.
devastation were beyond belief and I found the                                                                                        The following day she visited the NZ High
scenes of children particularly emotional.             School of HTM lecturer Dr Emma Wong was                                        Commission for a meeting and saw a number
                                                       also in Apia, Samoa, at the time of the tsunami.                               of people who were injured and heard about
“For me, with a loving four-year-old daughter and      She was collecting data for the Pacific Tourism                                how they had lost everything.
an almost one-year-old son, I felt deeply for the      Climate Change Adaptation Project (PT-CAP),
helpless young children who had either died or         funded by AusAID, which aims to develop                                        “Some had family members in hospital and I
been terribly affected. I thought about my own         climate change adaptation strategies for the                                   interviewed an individual whose uncle lost three
children and realised how important it is to love      tourism sector in the South Pacific. Her stay was                              grandchildren. Most people I met who were
them and treasure them in life,” Pio said.             cut short as a result of the event.                                            affected were in absolute shock and didn’t know
                                                                                                                                      how to respond. The most devastating part of this
But despite the devastation, the enormity of the       “I was still in bed when the earthquake happened.                              disaster was that most who died were children.
clean up and the lasting impact the tsunami has        At first I thought it was strong wind that was                                 They couldn’t escape in time.
had on the lives of Samoan people, Pio said he         moving the 160-year-old wooden house I was
could not deny that some good had come out of          staying in. But it didn’t feel right and I realised it                         “Samoa is a small country. All Samoans were
the terrible event.                                    was an earthquake. I went out to the living room –                             deeply affected by what happened. Even if they
                                                       it felt like I was walking on a sailing boat.                                  were not hit by the tsunami they would certainly
“A lot of good things have come out of this tsunami                                                                                   know someone who was. It will take years for the
that I personally admire and am thankful for. One      “Most of the guests were looking at the beach and                              emotional wound to heal, but I believe the strong
is the way the governments (Australia, NZ, USA         the ocean, which was just 60 metres away from                                  community support and their Christian faith will
and others) all came together and contributed to       us. The earthquake lasted for about a minute and                               contribute to their recovery,” she said.
helping people recover, through donations to the       the sea was still calm so initially I thought it would
Government of Samoa. And I also admire the             be okay to go back to bed. But then we heard the                               Emma said she hoped to return to Samoa in
level of support, through donations, that has been     siren and I knew something was very wrong.                                     January 2010 to continue her research.
forthcoming from agencies all over the world, and
from individuals from many countries who donate        “I grabbed a bottle of water and my passport and                               “Samoa is a place you feel attached to very easily
out of love and a willingness to help people           ran outside. Most of the guests had jumped onto                                because the people are so warm and the country
affected by this event.                                the small utility owned by George (the director                                is so beautiful. I look forward to catching up with
                                                       of the Bed and Breakfast), and I managed to                                    the friends I made in my last visit. This experience
“I am also impressed by the efforts of Samoan          squeeze in among them all 26 guests and staff                                  has taught me to live my life to the full because a
people all over the world who put together relief      managed to fit! We were driven to the National                                 lot of people don’t have that opportunity,” she said.

                                                                                                                                                                                VICTORIA UNIVERSITY 13

                                                                      University’s University Arcade, in Flinders             These data set summaries where then used by
                                                                      Street, Melbourne.                                      the students to develop campaign framework
                                                                                                                              proposals for marketing Melbourne’s West to
                                                                      Principal investigator for the project Dr               potential day trippers.
                                                                      Pandora Kay said the students collected the
                                                                      data using a survey instrument developed in             As part of their assessment for the project,
                                                                      consultation with the following key staff at VU         students were required to present the outcomes of
                                                                      and WMT: associate investigator Romana                  their research to their peers and teachers as slide
                                                                      Garma, WMT executive officer Damien Ryan,               presentations. The best two presentations from
                                                                      and WMT board member and VU                             both undergraduate and postgraduate students
                                                                      staff member Professor Brian King.                      were presented by the students themselves to an
                                                                                                                              audience of representatives from WMT and other
                                                                      “The questionnaire used existing scales which           invited interested parties. Students participating
                                                                      had been validated by other researchers,                in the presentations in November were presented
     Slide presentations demonstrate Western Melbourne’s qualities.   but we included additional items to examine             with a certificate acknowledging their work.
                                                                      respondents’ perceptions of the West’s image
                                                                      and their awareness, knowledge and previous             Dr Kay said the data set would be further
   Last semester, undergraduate and                                   experience of the West’s attractiveness as a day        analysed and interpreted by her and her
   postgraduate students of Tourism,                                  tripper destination for leisure experiences. The        colleagues and their findings would be
   Hospitality and Event Marketing                                    survey also investigated visitation and word-of-        disseminated in academic publications to peer
   undertook research, jointly run by                                 mouth intentions towards Melbourne’s West.              reviewed conferences and journals.
   Victoria University and Western
   Melbourne Tourism (WMT), as part of                                “These topics had not previously been                   “This type of hands-on research can provide
   a pilot Learning in the Workplace and                              explored and are of interest to the destination         students with a very real experience of data
   Community (LiWC) project.                                          marketing organisation, Western Melbourne               collection and interpretation, and give them
   The research aimed to investigate how                              Tourism,” Dr Kay said.                                  the opportunity to develop campaigns and
   attractive Melbourne’s West is for Victorian                                                                               marketing plans based on real research. Tthe
                                                                      Data collected by the students was collated             tourism agencies can also benefit by gaining
   residents wanting to take day trips, and                           and analysed by the research investigators
   involved 140 students who surveyed                                                                                         valuable insight into the minds of potential tourists
                                                                      then provided to the students, WMT and other            and receiving custom-designed frameworks for
   random users (18 years and over) of Victoria                       relevant stakeholders, as a statistical summary.        potential marketing campaigns,” Dr Kay said.

   thERE’S NO plACE lIkE hOME
                                                                      Boston, the Czech Republic, Frankfurt and Hong          “Within the US, for example, international guests
                                                                      Kong. During this time, he became aware of              may find that after searching, selecting and
                                                                      inconsistencies in service levels across most of the    adding the details of each intended traveller, the
                                                                      places he visited, at times feeling that he was an      final click to complete the booking leads to an
                                                                      “unwanted visitor”.                                     error message. A phone call to the site operator
                                                                                                                              reveals that only US-based credit cards are
                                                                      “I observed that hospitableness has many                accepted and your business is not welcomed.”
                                                                      dimensions and have now concluded that if
                                                                      a philosophy of hospitableness is not at the            But after six months of travel, Barry said returning
                                                                      core of the host–guest experience, then the             home to Melbourne was an extremely positive
                                                                      relationship between traveller and host will be         experience as the levels of hospitableness in
                                                                                                                              Melbourne surpassed that of most other major
                                                                      negatively impacted.
                                                                                                                              cities he had visited.
    Barry O’Mahony (right) and friends survey the Grand Canyon.       “Hospitableness is a virtue that underpins the
                                                                                                                              “In Melbourne, people are friendly, welcoming,
                                                                      very core of the tourism industry. It is an attitude,   and interested in where you have been and what
   As a seasoned traveller, Barry                                     a culture, a level of enthusiasm, in respect to         you have been doing. Melbourne continues to
   O’Mahony knows a bit about how                                     the welcoming of guests, whether it be into a           make people feel at home. And this is important
   important ‘hospitableness’ can be                                  home, a country, or commercial enterprises such         from a tourism point of view – success hinges on
   and after six months of travelling,                                as hotels and tourist areas. If hospitableness is       creating a welcoming, generous environment with
   he’s proud to say good ol’ Melbourne                               missing, it can make travelling uncomfortable and       genuine hospitable behaviour at its core.
   is one of the most hospitable places                               even offensive,” he said.
   in the world.                                                                                                              “How hospitable a tourist venue is matters
                                                                      Barry said in these days of online promotion            significantly to most travellers, who judge their
   Barry (Associate Professor, Head of Hospitality                                                                            experiences on how quickly they start to feel at
                                                                      and booking options, the experience of
   and Post Graduate Research Co-ordinator)                                                                                   home and welcome, and an initial impression,
                                                                      hospitableness, or lack of it, can begin even
   travelled during his long service leave to places                                                                          whether positive or negative, can set the tone for
   such as the Middle East, Dubai, Los Angeles,                       before a potential traveller leaves home.
                                                                                                                              the rest of the holiday experience,” Barry said.

                                                                                      SCHOOL OF HOSPITALITY, TOURISM & MARKETING

                                                                  The conference, now in its fifth year, explored         better place. What barriers do we need to
                                                                  the many possible interpretations of this phrase        overcome? What relationships do we need to
                                                                  through academic papers and practitioner                develop? How do we work together to make
                                                                  presentations. An estimated 80 people                   things happen? How do we go about making
                                                                  attended the conference over the two days.              positive changes in our own organisations and
                                                                                                                          beyond?” Dr Binney said.
                                                                  Twenty-nine papers (out of more than 50
                                                                  submissions) were presented at the conference           Guest speaker Nancy Lee, Social Marketing
                                                                  and topics ranged from commercial social                Services (Washington) with more than 25
                                                                  marketing and encouraging sustainable                   years of professional marketing experience,
                                                                  practices into business strategies, to exploring        special expertise in social marketing,
                                                                  what we know about green products and                   marketing in the public sector, research and
                                                                  consumers’ apparent reluctance to buy them.             planning, delivered the keynote address.
                                                                                                                          Other keynote speakers were Gill Walker
                                                                  Dr Wayne Binney, who co-chaired the                     (Evergreen Advertising and Marketing),
                                                                  conference with Swinburne’s Professor Linda             John Thompson (TAC), and Sarah Davies
                                                                  Brennan, said the 2009 conference was “truly            (Melbourne Community Foundation and Kids
                                                                  unique” and “exceeded our expectations”.                Under Cover).

  Dr Wayne Binney (left) and co-worker on the project             “The way the conference combined the latest             Many thanks to Dr Wayne Binney and
  Ashley Sievwright congratulate themselves on a job well done.   academic developments with experienced                  our colleagues at Swinburne University of
                                                                  practitioner viewpoints set this conference             Technology for their work in bringing off a
‘Sustainable social enterprise’ was the                           apart. All the speakers were passionate about           very successful conference.
theme of the 2009 International Non-                              their topic, and they shared that passion with
profit and Social Marketing (INSM)                                conference attendees.                                   For copies of the keynote presentations,
Conference, co-hosted by Victoria                                                                                         including an audio file of Nancy Lee’s keynote
                                                                  “They told us of their successes and failures           presentation, and links to all the academic
University and Swinburne University
                                                                  in leading a social enterprise in the twenty-           papers presented at the conference, go to
of Technology at VU’s Queen Street
campus in July last year.                                         first century. They challenged us in relation 
                                                                  to our present efforts to make the world a

                                                                  “Initially, I decided to go part time because I was     QV Store, looking after customer service, payroll,
                                                                  going to complete a Co-operative Education              rostering, working to strict budgets, managing
                                                                  (Co-op) year in Los Angeles but things changed          a growing business, and being responsible for
                                                                  and I decided not to take up the position. Instead,     increasing sales. The only real disadvantages of
                                                                  I took six months off from study to work full time.     part-time study for me has been my working hours.
                                                                                                                          I work a four-week roster which includes weekends
                                                                  “But then, naturally, I got a taste for the money and   and our trading hours are 9am to 9pm. With a
                                                                  didn’t want to go back to full time studying! I was     rotating roster each week and long shifts, it does
                                                                  lucky though, I had an opportunity to work full time    make it a little difficult to do group assignments,”
                                                                  at Dan Murphy’s which I decided to take and then        Lauren said.
                                                                  continue studying part time,” she said.
                                                                                                                          She said she could recommend part-time study
                                                                  Lauren said the advantages of part-time study           as an option for people who wanted to continue
  Lauren Busch at work in the aisles of Dan Murphy’s.             and full-time work outweighed the disadvantages         working full time while getting their degree.
                                                                  and she had had many opportunities through her          “Part-time study is very beneficial, as you can get
                                                                  employer, thus allowing her to gain a range of          experience even if it isn’t necessarily in direct line
According to Lauren Busch (Bachelor
                                                                  hands-on experiences while she was studying.            with what you are studying. And you are still going
of Business – Marketing), the key to
being a successful part time student                              “I have been with Dan Murphy’s since October            to be in a better position than a full-time student
while working full time, is being                                 2005, starting as a casual over Christmas at the        who has never worked,” she said.
organised. And she should know,                                   Ascot Vale store. Since then, I have moved on to
Lauren has been completing her                                                                                            But she also said the key was to not take on too
                                                                  become a front-end supervisor, and become an            much, as working full-time and completing two
degree at Victoria University as a                                ‘EASI’ champion, which meant I travelled around
part-time student for five years.                                                                                         subjects per semester is a big work load.
                                                                  Australia for the company helping to implement
“I started my course in 2005 and was full time                    and train staff in new IT systems.                      “You really do need to be organised and
for the first two years, but have been part time                                                                          you need to have a good employer who
                                                                  “Then I became trainee manager and am now               acknowledges that you are studying and
since then and will eventually finish everything and
                                                                  assistant store manager (service) at the Melbourne      supports you,” Lauren said.
graduate in July this year.

                                                                                                                                                         VICTORIA UNIVERSITY 15

                                                                                                                         How you got there?
                                                                                                                         I have always been very ‘opportunity driven’, for
                                                                                                                         example, at 12 years old I already had my own
                                                                                                                         stall at the South Melbourne Market selling soaps.
                                                                                                                         While finishing high school and through university
                                                                                                                         I started my career in the events industry as an
                                                                                                                         entertainer, performing at private and corporate
                                                                                                                         events and being a DJ at friends’ parties. Then
                                                                                                                         later, one of my clients was having a fortieth
                                                                                                                         birthday and wanted me to help organise it.
                                                                                                                         After creating a ‘Happy Days’, 1960s backyard
                                                                                                                         extravaganza, the referrals came and corporate
                                                                                                                         clients followed.

                                                                                                                         After I finished university, I established a cosmetics
                                                                                                                         company called The Body Collection, which
                                                                                                                         contributed a great deal back to the community
                                                                                                                         by way of youth and environmental causes. I
                                                                                                                         sold The Body Collection in 1996 and went
                                                                                                                         on to build the other businesses around events,
     David Southwick and Danielle Russom enjoy the Go-Kurt event.                                                        entertainment and marketing.

                                                                                                                         One of the highlights of my career was being
   Education: Bachelor of Business Retail                           The main focus for all the businesses I manage
                                                                                                                         selected as Entrepreneur of the Year in 1996 and
   Management (1991)                                                is a strong connection to the youth market. I
                                                                                                                         representing Australia in Canada at APEC.
   Born: Melbourne                                                  have always been passionate about working
   Lives: Caulfield, Melbourne                                      with and supporting young people and my              Secrets to success?
   Current role:                                                    businesses help me extend this passion.              I am a strong believer in working hard,
   I have been working in the events and                                                                                 trying everything and having a strong
                                                                    I enjoy meeting customers and creating               determination to succeed.
   entertainment industry for 20 years and run a
                                                                    something new and that’s what has made this
   number of businesses, including ICE Events,                                                                           My ‘secret to success’ is to bring people along
                                                                    industry so appealing – high pressure, deadlines,
   Reality Events, All Points Entertainment,                                                                             the journey with me, whether clients, staff, friends,
                                                                    a need to be innovative, and creating something
   and Stark Reality Marketing.                                                                                          family or even business partners, and to never give
                                                                    new. Probably one of my biggest challenges,
   These business endeavours include event                          given opportunities exist around every corner, is    up. A willingness to learn goes a long way and
   and entertainment management for private                                                                              people tend to admire someone who is genuine
                                                                    learning to say ‘no’, occasionally.
   and corporate clients (event management,                                                                              and asks for advice when needed.
   entertainment, venue management and event                        I have continued my involvement with VU,
                                                                                                                         It also helps to find a mentor, ideally someone you
   styling). They also include interactive team building,           having been chair of the alumni for a number
                                                                                                                         admire or who is in your chosen industry whose
   teamwork and leadership development workshops                    of years and on the VU Foundation, and was
                                                                                                                         advice you will respect, and to volunteer in the
   (based around reality television) and marketing                  acknowledged as one of the 90 legends of             areas you wish to work in, as this not only gives
   services and brand communication disciplines and                 VU as part of its 90 year celebration.               you experience but can open a door!
   processes (including working with youth brands).

   Chadwick, Joel B.Bus Tourism Management
   (2008), Tourism Manager, Central Goldfields Shire,
                                                                    Stadler, Erika M.Bus Event Management
                                                                    (2005) – Event Management and Assistant to
   Maryborough, Victoria                                            the General Manager, Wiener Rennverein,                  Do we have your email contact
   Mrkvicka, Anja B.Bus Tourism Management                          Josefsplatz, Vienna, Austria                             details? Do you receive the monthly
   (2009) – Expert in Cooperation Development in                    Vampatella, Gabrielle B.Bus Travel and                   VU Alumni Email News? A typical
   International Long-Distance Rail Services (Referentin,           Tourism Management (2001) – Associate Director of        issue includes imminent alumni events,
   Kooperationsentwicklung Internationaler Fernverkehr),            Sales, Radisson on Flagstaff Gardens, Melbourne          conferences and seminars, professional
   Deutsche Bahn AG, Frankfurt                                      Wiedemann, Andrea B.Bus Hospitality                      development programs, short courses
   Oppl, Ben B.Bus Tourism Management (2006) –                      Management (2006) – Sales Manager, Hyatt                 and employment opportunities. To
   Consultant, PKF – The Consulting House, Dubai, UAE               Regency Jing Jin City Resort and Spa, Beijing.           get on the mailing list, simply email
   Sikkes, Kathie Grad Dip Hospitality and Tourism                  Wilson, Heath B.B – Marketing (2007) –         
   (1988) – General Manager,                                        Marketing Specialist, Genesys Melbourne, Australia
   Abercrombie & Kent, Australia


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