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Imagique Hair & Spa Launches All-New Website


Imagique Hair and Spa in Plano TX, Professional Hair Stylist in Plano and Frisco TX, Quality Hair and Spa Service. (214)619-2900

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									                       Imagique Hair & Spa Launches All-New Website

 Visit to explore Imagique Hair & Spa’s all-new website, featuring all you
                     need to know about Imagique Hair & Spa’s services.

October 18, 2012 – Plano, TX – Imagique Hair & Spa is one of Dallas, Texas’ premiere salons,
and they now feature an all-new website, Customers now have the
opportunity to view Imagique Hair & Spa’s extensive list of services, making it easier to learn
why customers around the Dallas area trust them with their hair. Imagique Hair & Spa sets itself
apart from its competition by delivering unparalleled customer service, fresh and relevant hair
designs, and a competent staff. They also have a huge list of services, ensuring that you will
leave their salon feeling beautiful, confident and poised. Imagique Hair & Spa is dedicated to
your complete satisfaction.

The new website was designed with the help of Click4Corp, a web design company, and shows
off the high quality work that Imagique Hair & Spa is dedicated to. On the website, customers
can learn about Imagique Hair & Spa’s comprehensive list of services, information about the
history of the company, and specials. There is also a good contact section that details out the
location and hours of the retail store. The website is a reflection of the salon’s calming elegance
and gives visitors a taste of what the salon experience will be like when they visit.

Imagique Hair & Spa offers a full range of salon services, like nail services, cut, color, and
treatments, laser therapy, aesthetician services, and much more, to keep you looking perfect year
after year. When you visit this salon, you know you are supporting the state of Texas, as
Imagique Hair & Spa is a local business. The company is unique in that it offers salon suites—
personalized rooms that let you relax, unwind, and take full advantage of the salon’s many
services. Architectural aesthetic designs and modern amenities enhance the tranquil ambience of
the salon. Let us do the work while you relax!

The unique suite format of the salon allows customers to book appointments with their chosen
stylist and know exactly what experience they will get. In turn, the management ensures that the
standards of the salon are kept at all times. Stylists and technicians have the option of leasing
suites for their services. The salon features dozens of windows that provide natural light, and has
relaxing attributes like calming ambient music, access to state-of-the-art televisions, and
complimentary refreshments.

The salon also features specialty services like manicures, pedicures, lash extensions, and spa
treatments. Come into the salon and experience the Imagique difference. You are sure to leave
feeling fresh, beautiful, and confident. Who can put a price on that? The website also features a
comprehensive directory that allows you to see who is in each suite, what services they offer, and
information about them. This allows you to choose the stylist or technician that is best for you.

Imagique Hair & Spa offers a large selection of services, has very competitive prices, and with
the help of their online presence, you can be sure that you will make the right choice. Imagique
Hair & Spa is located at 8308 Preston Road, Suite 200, Plano, TX 75024. Call them at (214) 619-
2900, and of course, visit them at their fabulous new website,

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