Google Earth Landform Project by xiaopangnv


									           Google Earth Landforms Project
Geography consists of the study of our planet: its climatic conditions, the various land
forms, and the different natural occurrences. It encompasses a wide knowledge base
including the relationship between humans and nature and the exploration of earth sciences.
The study of geography includes the analysis of social, economic and environmental
processes that affect nature.

The geography of a region affects how the inhabitants live and has a strong influence on its
culture and social norms of the people. The geography of a region has a direct effect on the
art forms, the literature, the food habits, jobs and lifestyles. How different would your life and
interests be if you grew up in Aspen, Colorado or Hermosa Beach, California?

Directions: Your job as a novice geographer is to define, identify, locate and then draw
conclusions as to how each physical feature impacts the surrounding areas. You will be
getting acquainted with Google Earth and PowerPoint to display your knowledge.

       For this project you will work in a group of three. Each student will choose 8 landforms;
       each group will be responsible for including a total of 24 of the 26 landforms in your
       final PowerPoint Presentation.
Your project must include:
     one title page with the title of your project, your names, and period

Each slide must include the following:
     title (geographic term)
     two pictures of different locations
         (one from Google Earth from a realistic viewpoint and
         one taken as a “tourist”)
     a definition
     how the feature impacts the surrounding land or
        how the feature impacts the lives of the people in that area
     the locations of each picture
            absolute location (latitude/longitude)
     city, and country)
     your name


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