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									          Airport Retail Trends of Business Travelers in Europe , 2012-2013
“Airport Retail Trends of Business Travelers in Europe, 2012–2013” is a new report by Canadean that analyzes
trends in airport retail and explores how opportunities and demand are set to change in 2012–2013. Furthermore,
this report not only provides a comprehensive overview of business travelers’ visits and time spent at airport retail
stores in 2012, but also showcases average expenditure. Additionally, it identifies average expenditure on food and

This report identifies the product and purchasing trends at airport retail outlets, and the significance of websites in
pre-planned purchases. In addition, this report outlines the key products that occupy the most airport retail space,
and the survey analyzes the most popular products purchased by business travelers at airport retail outlets.
Furthermore, the report provides insight into the key drivers that help promote frequent visits and identifies the
most important business travelers concerns in purchasing at duty-free outlets. Access is also provided to
information categorized by age, gender, annual income, and travel frequency.

                                              In the last six months, how many times have you shopped at
                                                                   airport retail stores?
            Average Shopping Frequency

                                         60         52
                  (In Percentage )

                                         50                                                                Duty paid

                                         40                      37

                                         10                                       8        2                3
                                              3 times or less   4–7         8–11          12–15      More than 15

According to the Canadean survey, a total of 52% and 68% of business travellers shopped at duty-free and duty
paid shops respectively ‘3 times or less’ in the last six months.

The average time spent by a respondent from Europe at duty-free airport retail outlets is ‘23 min’, while the time
spent at duty paid airport retail outlets is recorded at ‘19 minutes’ per visit in 2012. In the last six months, the
average European respondent’s contribution towards shopping at airport retail stores is identified at 7% of their
overall shopping volumes.

Reasons to buy

       Uncover key trends in airport retail
       Explore how opportunities and demand are set to change in 2012–2013 via forecasts of shopping
        expenditure activity, key challenges and opportunities, and growth expectations of airport retail stores
   Gain insight to the opinions and purchasing behavior of travelers and also examine their expectations of
    total expenditure in airport retail outlets and the necessary developments for better business traveller
   Formulate and promote future business strategies based on granular, in-depth analysis drawn from primary
    research across Canadean’s huge European respondent panel

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