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									                         Tips for Android Application Developer

Android is one of the greatest platform in the mobile market. There is a lot to get excited about the
features of the Android OS. What makes Android unique is that it is an open source platform that offers
a great environment for developing applications.
Android apps are mobile software designed for running on the Android operating system, which is one
of the most popular platforms used in cellphones, tablets and other mobile devices. The best Android
apps are getting harder to find in the increasingly crowded Android Market.

Before you start developing apps, be sure for development environment set up. You need to:
    1. Download the Android SDK.
    2. Install the ADT plug-in for Eclipse (if you’ll use the Eclipse IDE).
    3. Download the latest SDK tools and platforms using the SDK Manager

Here are some tips to help you develop innovative Android applications:

Focus on the End User : When you develop an app, keep the end user in mind. Think of what people
need from your app and how they will use it in real life.

Create a Time-line : Being an Android application developer, you have to make sure that you deliver
the app within the time. Create a time-line for your project and build it according to the complexity of
the app.

Target Different Screen Sizes : Be aware of the different kinds of screens of various mobile devices
and develop games and applications that properly fit on all popular Android screens.

Provide Intuitive Navigation : Try to create a user friendly app that satisfies the requirements of

Use the Latest Android SDK Versions : Use the latest Android platform available to keep your
application up-to-date.

Sharpen Your Programming Skills : Keep updating your programming knowledge and skills too, to
sustain in the competitive field of application development.

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