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					Planning Ahead or Planning Now

                                 Planning ahead is one of the hallmarks of
                                 someone who has their life together, but it can
                                 still receive a blow from those who love
                                 planning but are horrible at following through. It
                                 is necessary to follow through on any goals
                                 which you have, or you will not make progress
                                 on them at all. Unfortunately, the perpetual
                                 planners, as I like to call them, can really make a
                                 lifestyle out of what they are going to do, and
                                 never really make any progress on doing those
                                 things. What are some of their excuses and how
                                 can you avoid these pitfalls?
                                  Many perpetual planners make outside
                                  circumstances the excuse for not getting
                                  anything done, and this is unfortunate, because
                                  ANY outside situation or external reason can be
completely accounted for, and not just before the project begins, but it can always
be accounted for while the project is progressing. Blaming lack of progress on
these external reasons is simply inexcusable.
In addition to this, progress takes a backseat when surrounding circumstances are
allowed by the individual to take precedence over their individual decisions.
There must be a knowledge or understanding that your individual decisions are
more valuable and stronger than those of another and of anybody else, no matter
how much you admire or respect them. Otherwise, again, progress can be stopped
by outside circumstances quite easily.
It involves using new muscles in your body and in your mind, so to speak. It
involves thinking and performing in a different way than you ever have performed
before. To stick with your guns and your decisions and see them through yourself
is not difficult, per se; it just requires a lot of focus and determination and self
discipline. It involves fortitude and looking out for yourself. It involves self
respect, because that is required to continually value your own plans above the
advice or urgent pleading of others.
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