Why Bottle Coolers And Blast Chillers Are Important Items Of Equipment For Your Catering Business

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					Why Bottle Coolers And Blast Chillers Are Important Items Of
Equipment For Your Catering Business
If you run a restaurant or any place that sells food and drinks then you will want to make sure
that you have the proper equipment in place to look after it. Drinks are best chilled and the use
of bottle coolers and blast chillers has risen considerably in recent years.

There are many businesses as well as home owners who need the refrigeration equipment at
large. These include bottle coolers which make sure that bottles stay cool and blast chillers
which are mainly used to keep the food cool at home. Bars, refreshment venders and
restaurants mainly utilize the power of coolers while home owners mainly use chillers to store
the food. While each of them provides different benefits, one thing that is common to both is
the fact that they cool down and store the goods. The following article will explain why both of
these appliances are important for your catering business.

Coolers are a necessary piece of equipment for every bar and other catering business so that
refreshments and beers stay at the appropriate temperature. Moreover, they are important for
the purpose of displaying the bottles at strategic locations throughout the bars or restaurants. It
can add a lot to the eye-candy of a business to have attractive display of drinks. It will make
your business stand out from the competition by portraying how groomed and well organized
you are. Customers are usually very attracted to the amazing arrangement of the bottles in your
restaurant or bar, which will add to your sales in the long run.

Bottle coolers come in two different types. There are upright coolers and under counter coolers.
In addition to these two types, coolers are also categorized in sub-categories. These include
single, double and triple door coolers and the choice of each is determined by the needs of a
particular catering business. Moreover, there are coolers with sliding doors as well as coolers
with hinged doors. Some of the popular types of the coolers are Cool Point Stainless Steel,
Sterling Pro, Blizzard Bar and AHT Single Door as well as many others. They are mainly
different in their length and height to meet the requirements of every individual.

Blast chillers are used to freeze and store the food at the appropriate temperature to avoid the
growth of bacteria and to keep the kitchen hygienic. Some of the popular types of chillers are
Foster BFC and Studio 54. Chillers are also arranged in different categories based on the
number of doors and their height and width. There are chillers big enough to fit in a large
spacious kitchen as well as those ideal for a small house with fewer residents.

Chillers are also a common piece of equipment in commercial kitchens. Small kitchens will
usually be equipped with counter top chillers, while large commercial kitchens use tall and
wide chillers big enough to store the food for many customers. Since every kitchen is of
different size, has different space and power capability, the chillers come at various sizes and
varieties as well to meet the needs of every individual.

There are several factors that catering business should consider before buying a bottle cooler or
blast chiller. These include customer's support, quality of the equipment, as well as positive
customer's feedback, amongst others. It is important to do a thorough research before buying
any of the appliances and compare different products and prices to ensure that you get what
you need at the lowest price possible.


When people visit restaurants and bars these days they expect excellent service and food and
drinks that are served just right. If you run such an establishment you need to find bottle
coolers for sale and blast chillers for sale so that you can serve your food and beverages in the
best way possible. Bars and restaurants live and die on their reputations and if you are serving
warm beer then the customers will just go elsewhere. These days chilled drinks are considered
the norm and this has lead to a rise in the sale of bottle coolers all over the world.

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