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Awesome Facebook Tips


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									                  Awesome Facebook Tips

If you are seriously considering or are already using Facebook for your business, you will need to work
with the Facebook Timeline feature. To be successful in marketing your business on Facebook, you need
to enhance the design of your page.
Marketing strategies for Facebook focus less on marketing and sales and more on building community
and brand exposure. The page designs of Facebook for business embellish on this strategy through the
provision of tools that page managers should be aware.
Here are 4 tips for business marketing on Facebook:

1. No Hard Selling
One mission Facebook has is to keep people coming back is not to bombard them with ads. First, Don’t
include a lot of call-to-action links on your Facebook company page and limit the contact info of the
company to be only in the “About” section. You should make the message icon available on your page
but don’t try to message fans unless they message you. Facebook has also altered how companies
should advertise. The concept that it is more valuable to recommend referrals than merely promote a text
ad is something they support. To link to sites outside of Facebook, you can still use text ads and this can
encourage more people to engage with your page or ad.

2. The Popularity of Worthy
Once your page is liked by a visitor, there might be no need to revisit the page. On the other hand, they
might visit to read recommendations and comments about your business that your fans have made. On
the right Timeline column is where you can locate this information and based on their network, this is
unique for every visitor. You want to make sure you always upload links to content that will be interesting
to your fans, so that they will continue to return. You can also encourage them to share your content with
their network using other social networks where they participate.

3. Brand Recognition through
Brand recognition is important in Facebook. Everything from putting up great cover images, larger
images and new tab thumbnails that all point to your brand is essential. Your brand is a visual
representation to what in essence is going to be your company’s second website. Your company’s new
landing page has become the Facebook Timeline which will be responsible for greeting new visitors. To
get ‘liked,’ a lot of this will have to do with the posts in your page, a few tabs, about info and a big image
on the cover. You might want to think about making a story of visuals for visitors to learn more about your
company. Ensure that the story often changes and takes into account your fans interest. Keep in mind
that logged-in fans like staying in Facebook so finding ways to meet your objectives without taking them
out of Facebook will undoubtedly get you far.

4. Using Timeline for Business
Your Timeline offers greater limits on how you can promote posts. You can pin posts on the upper left
hand side for up to a week, before the post will go back to the date it was originally created. There are
unlimited times you can re-pin posts so highlighting a campaign for over a week can be done easily.
Select the post options menu star to highlight your Timeline posts and this will result in your post
spanning columns left and right. You can offer visitors more information by adding historical company
achievements and use Milestones to cause greater brand recognition. Your Timeline can also contain
links to an image, story, description or location.
Therefore, the new Facebook Timeline company features gives you more options for marketing with
Facebook. I hope these tips will help you to take your Facebook marketing to the next level.

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