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									This work was carried out under the supervision of

          Prof. Yosi Shacham-Diamand

       This research work was possible thanks to the contribution of few people. First, I

would like to thank Prof. Yosi Shacham-Diamand for his advice and the freedom he instilled

in me during my research. I have learned many great lessons from Yosi, as a dedicated

researcher, a great teacher, and a free thinker. Yosi offered me his unconditional support

during my research work, and has been a great inspiration. Yosi is the one that 'trusted' me

and encouraged me to do my Ph.D., and for this I will always be grateful. His incredible

patience and optimistic spirit have created an everlasting impression on me.

       I would also like to specially thank Dr. Marek Sterheim. He has helped in so many

aspects of my research work, and provided me with invaluable mentoring. Throughout my

research work, Marek has truly given me perspective, support, and many reality checks.

Marek has been a great teacher, mentor, and friend. Marek has been the pacemaker in my

research, and has always shared his experience, and given me great lessons for life.

       In addition, I would like to thank Dr. Shachar Richter for his amazing support, sense

of humor, and help. Shachar opened his laboratory, and offered me his full support, and has

included me as a member in his research group.

       I would also like to thank Dr. Slava Krylov for his great support. Slava has shared his

insights in various aspect of my research work, and has been an invaluable supporter and

contributor. In addition, I would like to thank Prof. Menachem Nathan for his help throughout

my research. Menachem has given me great advice about my research work, and my future

career plans. He has always welcomed me, and has been a great supporter of my work.

       Furthermore, I would like extend my outmost gratitude to Prof. Touvia Miloh, dean of

engineering. He has followed my research work from the beginning, and facilitated my stay at

Tel-Aviv University. He has always welcomed me at his office.

       I would also like to thank Dr. Ron Zmood for his support in my research work. Ron

has followed my research from its inception, given great innovative advice.
       In addition, I would like to thank Mr. Adi Baram and Mr. Matan Naftali from

SemiConductor Devices, Ltd. I am very grateful to both of them, as they provided me with

their support for the fabrication of my devices.

       I would also like to extend my gratitude to Prof. Shimshon Belkin and Dr. Rachel

Rosen from Hebrew University. Shimshon opened his laboratory, and gave me a great

exposure to biology. I am extremely grateful to Rachel, as she has always been ready to help

during my research work, and taught me great lessons about microbiology. Furthermore, I

would also like to thank Dr. Ron Maron for his support, advice, and sense of humor. Ron

facilitated my stay at the Nano-Science Center.

       Moreover, I would like thank Mr. Ariel Caster, as he offered his knowledge,

experience, advice, and friendship.   I would also like to thank Mr. Hadar Ben-Yoav for his

help with the biology experiments, and his overall support. I would like to thank the rest of

the people in my office. Netta Hendler, Noam Sidelman, and the rest of Dr. Shachar Richter's

group. All of them have helped me produce my work. Netta offered me their friendship and

full support.

       The funding of this work was also possible thanks to the support of the CellProm

Consortium. They provided an incredible access to a network of scientists in Israel and


       Lastly, I would like to extend my greatest appreciation to the Israeli Ministry of

Immigrant Absorption. Even during these critical hours, the State of Israel infallibly proves

that its top priority is a fair and just Zionist cause, emphasizing the absorption of Jews from

the Diaspora, the long-term investment in education, and the overall strengthening of the

social fabric. Thus, I fervently believe in the ideology of this scholarship, as I myself have

been positively influenced by the warmest possible reception. It has been the greatest honor to

receive such scholarship, and will always strive to reciprocate the support of my nation.
This work is dedicated to my family for their support, trust, and love.

                         To my wife, Dalya.
                   To my parents, Jose and Clelia
                     To my sisters, Gala and Lila
           To my brother-in-laws, Sebastian and Emiliano
         To my nephews and nieces, Zoe, Alex, Ema, and Ilan
   To my parents-in-law and sister-in law, Nelson, Stella, and Sheila

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