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									Top most jobs of the hospitality industry

The hospitality industry is very huge. There are a number of designations in the industry or in a particular hotel. As
the industry is expanding, there are more and more jobs open for people searching for hospitality jobs. The top 5
hospitality hotel jobs are of general manager, clerk, bellhop, concierge and meeting and convention planner. Every
job is high paying but the fact is that you need to be trained for a specific time period or have considerable amount of
prior experience in the field.

The hospitality industry is considered as one of the largest and most comprehensive of all. It is growing largely and at
an enormous speed. The hospitality industry contributes roughly 10% to the employment ratio. New jobs open every
day and a number of fresh faces enter the industry every year. A lot of people like to maintain distance from the
industry because of the long working hours. It is said that the pay is very little for fresh people.

If you are also searching for hospitality jobs, the following list of jobs would be able to tell you which section you
should choose:

   General Manager: The general manager is one of the top persons in the industry. They are responsible for
operations, finances, advertising, food, publicity and much more. The salary is excellent but you need a good amount
of experience in the field to get a great pay.

   Clerk: This person serves the guests and takes care of check-ins and check-outs. He/she is also responsible for
answering inquiries and assigning rooms. The salary is great for this section of the people as well. The key factor is
that you need to have experience or prior training in the field.

   Bellhop: This person is the one that escorts guests around the hotel. He/she also takes care of the luggage,
attractions, entertainment and inspects the rooms for any problems. This person is also responsible for your

   Concierge: This kind of person makes reservations for you, buys tickets on your behalf, make arrangements for
taxis or tours etc. and advices you about the places of attraction.

  Meeting and convention planner: He/she is responsible for planning events and meetings of different sizes. The
concerned person takes care of all your requirements during, before and after the meeting or event.

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