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Being savvy on the jobsite


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									Being Savvy on the Jobsite

                                 Being savvy means that you are able to get
                                 everything accomplished that you wish to
                                 achieve and doing it with as limited
                                 resources as possible, living within your
                                 means, and frugally. This is a lifestyle that
                                 utilizes all possible mechanisms and
                                 resources, without indulging in waste or in
                                 shiftlessness. It is important to be savvy
                                 simply in order to have a high standard of
                                 living without having to work that much
                                 harder. This is the key to being business
                                 savvy, as well as savvy in home economics.
                                 Have we overused this word yet?
                                  For some, being savvy equates to always
                                  watching the bottom line. However, if you
                                  only did that, then you would be
irresponsible. The needs of your crew, the capabilities of the people who are
working so hard for you, and the number of employees all have a very
relevant place here. In addition to what you absolutely are able to squeeze out
of people before they start quitting, there is the event of being ahead of time
and under budget with your schedule. Unforeseen events DO occur, and
planning ahead is so much better than finding yourself under-challenged and
past your deadline.
Instead, being savvy should include being aware of many things, from how
your employees are doing in their personal lives to drug and alcohol test
prices. Even the cost of drug & alcohol testing and outside factors which can
affect workflow should be important to you. In addition to that, being savvy
means that you utilize this awareness, along with discretion and individual
respect, to gain time as mentioned above. It means never allowing yourself to
block out the truth. It means never giving yourself extra room in order to not
deal in reality. It means never hiding your head in the sand like the proverbial
ostrich. Being savvy means being aware of your circumstances at all time, and
facilitating the workflow by using this knowledge.
At CMM Technology, we pride ourselves on our own savvy ways, and the
fact that we are able to bring drug testing in Western Australia to new heights.
Check out our Medix equipment, our Oraline saliva drug tests, and our Lion
SD 400 and 500 breathalysers. Call CMM Technology today: (+61) 1300 79
70 30.

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